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  1. More recently, Haven is quite a looker:
  2. Times are coming in on HLTB and completion screenshots are being posted on reddit, and it looks like it’s more than 6 to 8 hours. I’m taking the times with a grain of salt at the moment (at least until more data is recorded), but I would have expected many more times to be recorded by now if it was the length of the original...
  3. For those who don't want to watch, this guy basically says that whilst Microsoft showed their latest box and told people about what it could do, Mark Cerny told people what PS5 could do but hasn't shown the console, and from that he assumes that Sony is having "hardware problems with the PlayStation 5". To substantiate a claim that forms the basis of his own content, he then quotes about five paragraphs from someone else's website here: https://comicbook.com/gaming/2020/04/02/ps5-playstation-5-sony-rumor-console-overheating-power/ - again, if you can't access this, I'll add this in spoilers below: As an aside, most of this quote refers to information that comes from "a variety of sources" - a twitter user and two journalists are mentioned, and the paragraphs end by saying that "the source in question isn't the most reputable." The YouTuber then goes back to comparing Microsoft's console showing to Sony's absence of a console, and comes up with his own theory that they've designed a console which has components that aren't suited to the design, and which is subsequently having overheating issues. He wraps up by saying that Sony will fail if they delay things too much. It sounds like a lot of speculation backed up by rumour and limited sources for now, so it's probably best to wait and see. I'll be entering the ninth generation from a neutral standpoint for now, and whilst MS have definitely been more active in showing their console I'm not sure if we should be reading too much into content that's based on personal speculation and potentially unreliable sources.
  4. I made it to the Haunted/Monster Island thing on the C64 version but got greedy. I also had one run where I found the 7 diamonds, but not in order oh, and I'm getting back into the rhythm of scaling the level with rainbows created mid-jump arc but it's still pretty risky. Also I forgot how insane the special item system in the original version is - you're essentially getting mini objectives in each level that reward you with extra perks https://strategywiki.org/wiki/Rainbow_Islands/Special_items#Special_Powerups
  5. Oh man, the new cruise ship boss is for real. I mean, every boss has had some new features added to their moveset or phases, but I kind of scraped through the stuff I knew and got bodied by brand new things. It's all knowledge though - once I knew what was coming I could prepare more easily. And there's one new twist in the final part of the battle that's pretty scary - don't click below if you don't want to know...
  6. I’m playing on Normal difficulty - even though I’m moving through the game pretty quickly it still kicks your arse if you’re too complacent. One returning boss you find towards the end of the cruise ship (but before the calling card) caused a lot of problems at first, but I used a lot of -kaja and -nda skills to make things more manageable. I’m rarely one for cosmetic DLC but I did see some of the costumes and battle themes and they seem pretty decent, so it’s tempting...
  7. It's that t- - wait, that's my line. Anyway, this months bundle includes Etherborn Lightmatter Turok Kathy Rain Earthlock Details are at https://twitch.amazon.com/tp Install instructions:
  8. Hmm. I've cleared some of the most painful and long-winded gimmick sequences that were in the original game now (airlocks, mice, etc). To be honest, I don't think I had as much trouble with them as I did back in 2017, and I was even wondering if my memories of finding them boring had been exaggerated in my head... However, they still kind of take the focus away from the dungeon crawling a tiny bit too much P3 and P4 had gimmick areas too but they were over much quicker. I'm not completely done with the cruise ship just yet, but I know that things get interesting again after it's done. And there are a bunch of Royal-specific plot threads that still need addressing... EDIT: and once again, changing party members mid-battle has saved me a bunch of times, so it's worth getting some shogi in with Hifumi
  9. I've tried it on the C64 version and it's much easier to pull off whatever I'm thinking of. You don't need additional items at all, but what you can do is jump and place a rainbow before you're at the top of your jump arc, then he'll be standing on the rainbow momentarily and so you "get your jump back". Repeat until you're at the top of the level or you start messing up your timing.
  10. How have I not accidentally done this yet?
  11. Street Fighter coverage may never be the same. All the best for the future.
  12. Some versions have a few silly things you can do with the rainbows, like getting the yellow potion (faster rainbow creation) and the shoes (faster movement) and then mashing jump&fire and scaling the level ridiculously quickly. Also you can stand in one spot and “stack” rainbows on top of each other (just keep hitting fire whilst standing in place) and then make them all collapse on a boss for big damage
  13. According to the internet, I should be in the clear now, with time to spare, so you're right. Without detailing specifics of the confidants, my general advice for anyone is to get friendly with Takemi so that you can get those SP Adhesive 3s and clear those later palaces in as few days as possible. Although I pretty much did that in vanilla too! EDIT: also I'll probably use one or two extra save slots just in case...
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