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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.
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  1. A Short History of Late Cinematic Racing Drama. For the family! Days of Thunder Cars Speed Racer
  2. If Grandstand LCDs count then yeah, I have Afterburner, Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Karnov. Technically they're not just "mine"; they were shared in the family... although I think I bought Sonic 2 with my own pocket money?
  3. Various house moves have trimmed my “collection” down a bit - there’s nothing older than GBA and PS2 titles in there (and I buy games to play rather than to sit on and sell, so there’s no monetary attachment.) The daftest thing is that I don’t even have a PS2 now…
  4. I don’t know if this is but I basically ran into him and had some proper attempts during the final day of the beta. I think the time pressure added to the usual stress I experience with these games so I was trying to rush him down and got destroyed for it. I did get pretty close though; without the time limit I could probably get it down.
  5. February 22nd - seems like they picked a nice quiet time when nothing else is coming out...
  6. I'd love to see a *check notes* dark fantasy action RPG without bosses from From - just to see if they could pull it off. Or maybe there are "bosses", but instead of fighting them you could set certain events in motion, like with Alfred and Annalise in Bloodborne. You could accept quests and form alliances. Or you could uncover secret routes to circumvent bosses, or give yourself a bigger advantage when you do take them on. In fact, my biggest hope for Elden Ring is that you have enough choice in the open world to avoid being left with one joyless boss encounter. Maybe eventually you'll exhaust alternate routes, but I'd like to think that doing so would put you at an advantage.
  7. I haven't played it in years so I may be misremembering, but I feel like there's a lot of suggestion without much actually being shown. There are some iffy photos that are sent to Vincent but the player has to make a conscious choice to see them, and there are maybe scenes where someone is naked but it only shows their back... but from what I remember you're never really ogling arses and boobs. (I haven't played Full Body either so I can't comment on that)
  8. Wordle isn’t! I mean, everyone and their mum seems comfortable admitting they play it… Tetris and Minesweeper are probably pretty safe as well. Making something optional doesn't really matter when it's still there. You can play Killer is Dead without doing any creepy gigolo stuff, play Persona without romancing anyone, and there are probably weird Yakuza minigames (I haven't played all of the games) that you can miss entirely. But they're still in there.
  9. Bayo is kind of knowing in its sexiness, but be real - if you were browsing at work (uh, in 2010) and someone had posted a gif of the pole dance or Joy’s unique torture attack, would you turn to your boss and say “but it’s empowerment tho”?
  10. Playing Neo TWEWY last year made me feel a little awkward, but not for any boobs or violence. Instead the street lingo and internet speak made me feel like an old man. I've seen people point fingers and say that the dialogue is "cringey", but it's so close to your typical Twitter and SMS vomit that the criticisms feel like a self-own. I was absolutely fine with how "current" the dialogue was, but sometimes I felt like I wasn't hip enough to appreciate the game. I was the embarrassment. Meanwhile, I can easily identify with Yakuza 7's washed-up geezers.
  11. I'm juggling Destiny 2's next DLC and Elden Ring in late February (and beyond) - since I won't always be in the mood for a massive loot grind or a nails-hard RPG, I can jump from one to the other depending on what I feel like.
  12. I’ve dabbled with clicker/idle games but never really to the point of addiction or spending money on them - they’re just something I leave running in the background. As for loot games; sure, I play Destiny but the loot collection is only worth pursuing because things like the co-operation, the mission design and the tactical options (which buffs to use, what elemental damage is covered, which ability cooldowns need improving) create a satisfying experience by themselves. If the fundamental shooter gameplay was crap, no amount of shiny exotics could keep me interested.
  13. I'm embarrassed by how much time I spent with Animal Crossing before I sold my DS collection. "So what do you do in the game?" Uh...
  14. #3 and #4 were limited time betas, ffs. 96 hours in total recorded for the year, and NTWEWY accounted for more than half of that. Although I was playing more PC things last year...
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