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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.
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  1. A small update to the discussion - I finished NEO: The World Ends With You this week. Well, the main story bit at least - there is a post-game that I've yet to look at. Anyway, both NEO and its predecessor have quite a nice approach to difficulty options. I like a JRPG or two, but I was getting rocked by some of the later encounters in NEO. However, you can adjust the difficulty at any time from the pause menu, and it's not a permanent black mark against your game save. So I ended up dropping the difficulty to give myself an opportunity to figure out a boss, and then I'd reload my save and bump the difficulty back up when I wanted an "honest" run. You can temporarily increase the difficulty (e.g. to Hard mode) too, and this will result in better drops during/after battle. It brings to mind the daftness of the "you cheated not only the game but yourself" meme. Often players aren't necessarily "bad", they just need a less stressful environment where they can acclimatise to an event. I loved Bloodborne and Sekiro but there's always that hilarious moment where a boss comes running at you for the first time and you're thinking "okay dude CHILL; give me a fucking minute."
  2. Downwell Curses ‘n’ Chaos Rhythm Doctor Just Shapes and Beats Unbeatable: White Label Shudder Riptale Luftrausers Dustforce E: Steam links added.
  3. BioHock Pretty much the same game but instead of Splicers you’re facing drunks with a penchant for German wine… Ape Legends Primate battle royale
  4. I've "finished" this now, although there are some things that unlock after the credits. I ended up levelling up about ten times between my initial attempt and my second (winning) attempt, because the first try was so one-sided. There is an insanely good mashup you can get eventually, and it helped me during a lot of the late game, but you've really got to work on racing to get your groove meter filled up in time. And I was mostly using powerful pins with slow cooldowns so it was even harder to get beat drops. You might have guessed, but I've enjoyed this. I do still think that the difficulty spike problem is a bit crap and maybe there were ways it could have been managed better... but then at the same time I refused to drop below Normal difficulty because I'm a stubborn idiot. I don't think I'll play a massive amount of new games this year so this will safely end up somewhere in my GOTY list, and it's easily an improvement over the DS game. (I'm annoyed that there's no hour count on the save file though - it's always a useful reference when I want to replay things! )
  5. £7.21 (63% off) at Greenman until 4pm tomorrow: https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/slay-the-spire-pc
  6. I’ve got no attachment to Zool, positive or otherwise, but I don’t think it’s really relevant - studios have taken forgettable names from yesteryear and built fun experiences from them with the most tangential references (I’m quite fond of the 2012 Giana Sisters game myself ) And the Sumo Academy association is promising, I guess. We’ll see.
  7. Also, it doesn't hurt to mop up those bonus objectives and get as much out of the arena rewards as you can.
  8. If I recall, Unreal Tournament (or "UT99") had a pretty decent demo - offering a bunch of playable maps in various game modes (including awesome maps such as DM-Morpheus and DM-Phobos.) Even when we had a lowly 56k connection and were left with bot matches it was still a lot of fun. I think Q3 also had one or two demos - the one I remember had Q3DM1, Q3DM17, one of the Q3TOURNEYx maps and maybe something else. DM17 on its own provided a lot of fun.
  9. I haven’t tried the Dive gold stars yet. I think I’m at the end now, judging by the name of the chapter and the boss I’m facing. I’ll need another big grind and/or shopping trip though - there are a few phases and it’s hard to make my resources last. Generally I think the game’s good, but it can be grindy and/or punishing depending on how much (or rather, how little) preparation you do before key encounters. The same observation could be made for the original, I guess. The story has made it worthwhile though - certain plot and character moments will make fans of the original happy.
  10. These should be available to claim now. As always - if you claim on the site, try and take a moment to verify that the games are claimed on the app.
  11. I played Bloodborne at EGX and probably got about as far as the bonfire gang before meeting my end. Couldn’t have pre-ordered it any faster.
  12. I think PC Zone covered Deus Ex with a simultaneous review and demo - it was basically all I needed to see in order to know that it would be pretty special...
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