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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. @StoooTube played with it a while back, I think. I was curious about it, but it sounds like a bunch of hoops to jump through and I don't know if my PC's any good.
  2. I played a demo of Carrion a while ago and it was ace, so I'm looking forward to that. Olija might be fun too.
  3. This blends almost too well, as one melody gets lost in another - Madonna's Holiday vs Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up: https://rave.dj/7vZtxfsk-fOS5w
  4. It’s a 12 page article, with 5 pages of body text and the rest being titles, captions, big pictures.
  5. I recently revisited a Kirby's Adventure save I had on the RS97 and managed to reach the ending. It's still such an awesome platformer - the presentation is great and you can have lots of fun with the abilities.
  6. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1283220/Devolverland_Expo/ Not tried it yet, and it could be little more than an elaborate ad, but it may be of interest to Devolver fans?
  7. The vocals jumped all over the place here but it's so daft that I wonder if it's an improvement Nelly vs Dre & Snoop - "Next In Episode": https://rave.dj/Z8zvJo5RyaU5RA
  8. Intro is weird but it eventually gets there Benny Benassi vs PSY - Satisfaction Style: https://rave.dj/64ua09MTwF_kLA
  9. I went back to my post-game save the other day and grabbed the additional music discs. I recommend doing this after you've finished the game because finding them is a lot easier when I'm not really doing it for trophies, but I do like the soundtrack and was disappointed that I initially missed so many! Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have a guide because even with my spoilered thing you still need to do quite a bit of gameplay if you want to find some of them...
  10. I hope we get to climb radio towers, liberate outposts and run into vehicle convoys (although I skipped 5 so they might have relaxed all of that...)
  11. This is more like design theory than “lazy devs” but I’d love to see Metroidvanias hone the art of map-making. Imagine that you come back to SotN after months of playing other games and you see five or six paths on the map which disappear into unknown territory. Which paths haven’t been explored? Which paths need a new ability before you can cross them? Which paths have a boss encounter which stopped you last time? Which paths have a locked door? If you haven’t played in months you may feel like walking back to each path just to get your bearings, which could take forever. And the games don’t even have to babysit the player - there could be tools that could be used to do the more intricate mapping yourself. I heard that some newer Metroid games have “pins” you can use on the map, which sounds like a great compromise. Also, I think Indivisible uses certain icons for walls and surfaces that can be broken when you have the necessary ability, which is nice. It’s just that for a genre where mapping is such an intricate part of each game, there are some maps that could do with a few more features...
  12. Even as a fan I generally find the whole “X meets Souls” shorthand unhelpful (unless I’m using it facetiously ) so I enjoyed Sekiro (and BB) way more when I removed all subconscious “Soulsborne” comparisons from my mind. Not everyone can do this because the offputting Souls stuff - that’s absent in the other games - is purely personal to me, but even judged as its own thing I enjoyed it. The posture system could be pretty satisfying when you got the timing down, the skill tree was way more interesting than stat-levelling, the movement is very liberating (especially when you can just run from a general when things are too much), you don’t have to think about equip load or stamina and Wolf actually has something resembling a personality. If you really want comparisons to From games, I had more fun with BB and DS3 than I did with this, but Sekiro still ended up in second place when I did my list for the GOTY poll.
  13. Had this random idea a moment ago Latch Brothers - Latch Brother Bounce x MIA - Fire Fire https://rave.dj/0kW4wlQUatH3CA
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