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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Ah, I was looking at Horizon Chase in the Steam Sale - having given up on Drift Stage I was keen on finding an alternative...
  2. The depressing thing is that we used to have mini breakthroughs in multiplayer experiences that received regular updates when it was the likes of UT99, Q3A or Counter-Strike - nobody cared about a massive "living" world a la Destiny or Anthem - just a few balance tweaks here and there. It's that difference in the multiplayer experience that makes me reluctant to claim that single-player games are the only way forward - we can still have less ambitious multiplayer games. On the other hand, that time and money spent creating content for a service-based online game could be put towards richer and deeper single-player experiences, and I believe those experiences still offer tons of value when you think about things like build variety in Souls, chalice dungeons in Bloodborne, customisation and optional activities in Persona, etc - there are people who will put tens if not hundreds of hours into single-player games if there's enough to do in them.
  3. My favourite scrolling shooter is also one of the most impenetrable shooters I've ever played, so I won't nominate Iridis Alpha. In all seriousness, I'd go for a classic series (e.g. R-Type, Gradius, Parodius) and then one of the classics from that series (I was always fond of the odd-numbered Gradiuses, original R-Type, Final and most Parodius games...)
  4. Qazimod


    40% off (now £8.99) on Steam until the 9th July. https://store.steampowered.com/app/504230/Celeste/ If you don't already have this, it's definitely worth picking up. Even though I'm terrible at the optional stuff it still ended up at the top of my GOTY list last year.
  5. Qazimod

    Best New Music 2019

    This is quite a nice and moody bit of D&B with a neat change in tempo later on - the rest of the EP's okay too
  6. Yeah, I very rarely go for the whole new game plus stuff, even with games I love, but having Axton drop two sticky shielded turrets that had rocket pods whilst all the buffs were going on was very satisfying.
  7. I have a feeling I haven't updated my wishlist in months. Then again the PC isn't my primary gaming box so I should find plenty of things by simply browsing. (Also I'll happily spam everywhere to tell people about my favourite games that have been discounted. ) 6pm edit: looks like the store page was live for all of five seconds before I tried to navigate somewhere and got a connection error 7pm edit: my wishlist was up long enough for me to see its discounts, at least. Tempted by 80% off Aaero, 85% off Absolute Drift or maybe 20% off ZeroRanger... 7pm edit 2: picked up ZeroRanger and Aaero!
  8. I would have liked to put in more time but had way too much other stuff going on! Then again, I admit that it did feel a little limited (in terms of modes and things) which may have made me less inclined to play - we would have had more luck if it was Tekken 3 or SF Alpha 3 Max or something - they're drowning in modes. I'm still up for other 32-bit adventures (although 8 and 16 are always fine ), but maybe in other genres?
  9. Amazing work; thanks for the footage Re. your question 31 seconds in, I guess it’s frames per second rather than refresh rate, but that’s still pretty good!
  10. I'll die before I give up my 360 slim with Outrun Online Arcade. Er, even though I have 2006 on disc for PC...
  11. Hoeworld Strategy game where you explore the outer reaches of space to find the best gardening equipment Tory Commander Dreamcast shooter where you take control of Conservative MPs and aim to be the last one standing whilst chaos ensues around you
  12. Hotel Dusk - seeing a completed jigsaw on one screen and being asked to flip the puzzle over to see a message on the back... by closing the DS. You then open it and see the flipped puzzle on the other screen. It was a great way of utilising a feature that I assumed was just there to tell the DS when to go to sleep.
  13. I had something like this when I first played Persona 3 - I had bounced off a lot of JRPGs before but with P3 it wasn’t just “that’s genius” but also “why don’t other JRPGs do this?” For instance: Linear dungeons with more granular difficulty curves - one of my earliest JRPG lessons came from me getting destroyed in a new dungeon in FFVII, bitching about it in college the next day and having my friend tell me to go back to an earlier dungeon and grind. However, sometimes the difference in difficulty would be such that I’d have to pick between battles I can’t win and battles that gave measly EXP rewards - less of a difficulty “curve” and more like steps. P3’s answer was to have one dungeon with literally hundreds of rooms in the form of Tartarus, so you could find a sweet spot between challenge and reward much more easily. Elemental weaknesses that are worth exploiting - the “one more” and “all-out attack” systems are great. Often with JRPGs, using the correct element usually just results in a slightly bigger number popping out of the enemy, but in modern Persona games you can exploit an elemental weakness and then your character will get an extra action... which could be used to exploit a weakness on a different enemy, and so on. Exploit everyone’s weakness, and you can do a special attack for bonus damage. However, your party members are just as susceptible to this system as you are, so there’s a nice layer of risk there. Social links - just hear me out, okay? I know that on the surface the social link system is very “go out with your waifu” but I feel like it solves a classic JRPG issue where the protagonist goes out of his way to win over a character that the player can’t stand, or acts like a jerk towards a character that the player actually likes. By creating optional character arcs that the player chooses to see, they have more agency over the protagonist, or at least the illusion of more agency. Other games do this a little bit - invisible paths in FFVII deciding who Cloud will date - but I think it’s a smart way of handling that dissonance between player and character. Well, until that goddamn beach scene in Persona 3, anyway...
  14. Do you mean the prison? I think that you have to kill people in the club otherwise you'd have the "GO!" arrow showing up immediately... For the prison, as long as the stealth indicator is green you're good, so just take it slowly... @ZOK - bullet deflecting is shown in the first minute of gameplay; see 0:23 in the below video. Also time-slowing is shown at 2:50 - note how it's the same button prompt shown in the top-left, and the gauge depletes as you hold the button. It doesn't spell out the associations you need to make between prompts and actions, but hopefully by making the associations it's straightforward enough.
  15. @Treble I'd be interested in framerates on PS2 Persona 4 (via PCSX2) if you're able to "find" it - the FPS on my desktop fluctuates but stays relatively high... (EDIT: if you have an original disc it's fairly easy to create a "backup" with MagicISO or whatever) Or how about Rez (DC or PS2)?
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