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    I play video games, I buy and listen to music of all sorts, I mess around on an acoustic guitar, I own video capture and editing software, I randomly dance around at any opportunity, spend time out shopping for more music/games/film or seeing folk...the usual, really.

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  1. Qazimod

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    At the peak of Friday lobby hype I loved the SFIV games, but eventually I got distracted by Shiny New Things. Even now I end up dropping SFV for DB FighterZ, and then ditch that for 3S on the Anniversary Collection. I do have Ultra IV on PC and PS4 if there's ever a revival, as well as the PS4's Anniversary Collection.
  2. Qazimod

    What type of retro fan are you?

    I don't collect, and most of the time I emulate stuff, but I do sometimes like to track down sixth-generation stuff (particularly GBA and PS2) as there are still a lot of games that I missed out on originally (I was late to the party for Yakuza, Persona 3, FFXII etc), as well as individual titles I have fond memories of.
  3. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    ~Wow, That Got Dark~ With Yukino left fighting her shadow and no way back, our options are to press forward (or die trying), and grind near the Trish's Spring. Stairs to B5F are just to the west of where we saved, and as we explore further there are more traps, such as the floor tiles that deplete everyone's SP. Nice. We find another doorway and as we enter the new room we find ourselves in an enclosed hallway. A small boy materialises in front of us briefly before the screen goes white and we get another flashback. Remember in my update on 8th February where the party played the Masked Circle game in their youth but locked Maya ("Big Sis") in the shrine so that she would never leave? And how they also threw Senpai Kun in there because he was the only one who was against the idea? And how the shrine was allegedly burned down by an arson attack (which we never ended up seeing in the flashback?) That flashback was pretty fucked up, but this new flashback revisits the memory. Here, Eikichi and Lisa are begging "Big Sis" not to leave, and SK and Jun/Joker are only giving everyone the ellipses treatment. Again, Lisa hatches a plan to lock Maya in the shrine, and Jun continues protesting - "We have to let Big Sis go!" Lisa then says "To make sure she can't go anywhere... We're gonna kill Big Sis, right?" and meanwhile inside the shrine Maya is banging on the door: "Please let me out! Please... Help me, Jun-kun!" We then see a persona being summoned by one of the group, before the shrine is set ablaze. The younger Jun cries out: "Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Big Sis!" and the flashback ends. Well, god damn. No wonder Maya reacted so badly to fires created by bombs earlier in the game, and no wonder Maya's shadow was so hostile in that earlier encounter. I thought the Nazi stuff was beginning to get a little fucked up but now we have full-blown child arsonists. However, flashbacks aren't necessarily accurate memories, and we might not have the whole story here (also, attack animations are so simplistic it's hard to tell if the fire was the persona's doing - it's entirely possible that something else caused the fire before a summoned persona could do anything)... Back in the Caracol area, the party see an image of the younger Jun materialise before them; sobbing, he says "Big Sis... I'm sorry... I'm sorry! I... I couldn't save you..." Eikichi and Lisa try and bring Jun around to the truth - that SK tried to help Maya, and Eikichi and Lisa are the ones to blame. Maya then speaks to Jun and tells him that she's alive, but Jun isn't buying it, and vanishes from the scene, leaving behind a "Raspberry flower" item. Maya reckons that Jun knows the truth deep down, but maybe the truth is being twisted by the whole rumours-becoming-true thing. We proceed through the Caracol dungeon until we reach another hall and another flashback, showing Maya, Jun and SK playing together. As Maya and SK fade from the flashback, Jun turns, as if he's facing our party, and tells us how "Big Sis" promised to play with him and SK... but we took that promise away. After the flashback we gain another flower item - an "Aster Tataricus" - and make it to B6F. It's worth mentioning that Caracol is getting a bit much with its floor traps - there are a lot that deplete the party's SP, and so I kind of have to hope that I can level people up (to replenish their SP) before things get bad. I eventually find a door named the "Rings of Time" and save in a new save slot for now... EDIT: oh, and I went back to check the descriptions of the "flower" key items - the Raspberry flower has a meaning of "deep regret", and the description suggests that Jun may be aware of a "false memory". Meanwhile, the Aster Tataricus flower has a meaning of remembrance, and the description says that Jun needs SK's help. Hmm. Senpai Kun status: Lv43 Playtime: 37h33m (adjusted for levelling etc)
  4. Qazimod

    Norwich Fortnite Fyre Festival

    Crazy how this didn't gain traction - I thought Norwich was the epicentre of the UK's competitive Fortnite scene I imagine groups of local friends probably have "Fortnite parties"* that are more fun. *are they a thing? I'm too old to keep up with these newfangled crazes
  5. Qazimod

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Doh, I was only googling for a concise bit of text to quote that reflected the stream content (to avoid the "I'm at work can someone tell me what the clip is" comments.) I can't say it's a site I've heard of before. EDIT: if it helps, I've amended my post to remove the quote and link, and added my own summary.
  6. Qazimod

    Best implementation of the worst features

    God Hand had some of my favourite QTEs. Setting aside the cringey ass-slapping and shit, they generally felt pretty natural and didn't overstay their welcome, allowing you to get right back into the action.
  7. Qazimod

    Gender Diversity / Politics in games (was Tropes Vs. Women)

    Meanwhile at Evo Japan, it's been reported that a demonstration of Dead or Alive 6 was pulled from the stream after the people controlling the game got a bit carried away with DoA's free-moving camera and jiggle physics, zooming in on body parts and generally showcasing cringe levels of perviness. A Twitch clip of the kind of free-cam activity going on can be seen here (content warning: free-cam usage in a Dead or Alive game.) Oof.
  8. Qazimod

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Meanwhile trained security guard Barney has all the durability of a paper bag in the first game...
  9. Qazimod


    Re. Naoto - P4 has always had a weird “conform to the norms of society” problem with certain arcs. So Kanji tells his shadow “it ain’t about guys or chicks” and that he just fears rejection, and this is enough to satisfy his shadow. It’s literally “no homo tho”, despite everything about the design of his shadow and dungeon. Meanwhile Naoto’s shadow reveals that her relationship with male officers was uncomfortable - “they made you cry... yet here you are, mimicking those same men...” - so the solution is to, uh, discard the identity that you’re comfortable with? I love the series, but you could easily rewrite a lot of the weirder character arcs and it wouldn’t take away from the solid gameplay elsewhere.
  10. Qazimod

    Best implementation of the worst features

    Symphony of the Night had a good “stripped of your powers” sequence near the start...
  11. Qazimod

    Let's Play: Persona 2: Innocent Sin

    It's no good. I'm going to have to get out of the Caracol area and back to the Velvet Room, hopefully gaining some levels along the way. I did some experimentation between updates and I may have an idea, but I haven't put it into practice yet. In my last update I did a manual save in the middle of Caracol so before I do anything else I have to fight my way back out to the surface. I get out, head to the nearest Velvet Room, and summon the persona Heimdall (Sun arcana) - this persona repels electric attacks; one of the main things that was killing my party during the previous boss attempts... particularly Yukino. As a helpful bonus, once it's fully levelled up I can get Magarula (moderate wind attack on a group of targets) and Ice Breath (moderate ice attack to multiple targets) so this may help bring down the health of those adds. With all the skills unlocked, I leave to heal up at a clinic, save again and head to the boss. Magarula costs a lot of SP to use, but it deals around 150 damage to two of the foes in the boss encounter, and twice that to a third. I imagine in reality it's one of those "each enemy is weak to a particular element" battles, but soon enough the three foes are reduced to one, and the remaining foe is defeated after a few more rounds. We all win and level up, then Yukino checks on Anna. Anna asks why Yukino cares about her, and Yukino reveals that there was a time when she wished everything would disappear, a time when she didn't know why she should keep on living. Before she can finish her thought, Shadow Yukino enters the scene! She reminds Yukino that originally she wanted to be a photographer, but she also wanted to be a teacher like Ms. Saeko - however, reality got in the way of her dreams. Yukino gets the message, and turns to Anna: she tells her that even when things don't go the way she wants, it's important to keep going rather than wishing everything would vanish. Yukino then faces Shadow Yukino and tells Senpai Kun to get out of here and find Jun/Joker...and she throws down against her shadow as we flee. After the scene fades out, we find ourselves on floor B4F, so we're not quite done with Caracol just yet. Happily, there's a Trish's Spring here that heals for 40'000, so we can do some levelling here. The other important thing to note is that Yukino is no longer in our party, so we'll have fewer negotiation options... Oh, also the Heimdall persona I had just created was assigned to Yukino to protect against electricity. But it's fine, honest! *twitch* EDIT: also, from what I can see there is no way to backtrack from B4F for the moment, so there's no opportunity to tweak equipment or even visit the Velvet Room. And I've already saved. Eep. At least this means I won't have to negotiate (because how will I make use of the cards?) unless I just want to end a battle... Senpai Kun status: Lv42 Playtime: 35h42m (adjusted for levelling etc)
  12. Qazimod


    I wonder if there's any overlap with the Persona games in terms of writers - I love P4 but god knows certain character arcs could have been handled better. (EDIT: IMDB links. Only a bit of overlap with Hashino and Tanaka - hmm...)
  13. Qazimod

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    PSN discounts on Tekken 7 and DB FighterZ this weekend: 60% off vanilla T7; now £15.99 50% off "Rematch Edition" T7; now £29.99 60% off "Ultimate Edition" T7; now £39.99 47% off vanilla DB FighterZ; now £24.99 57% off "FighterZ Edition" DB FighterZ; now £29.99 52% off "Ultimate Edition" DB FighterZ; now £39.99 Offers end at 11:59pm on the 18th. https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2019/02/15/playstation-store-weekend-discounts-start-today-tekken-7-dragon-ball-fighterz-more/#sf207826969
  14. I've never owned a Wii U but I need to play TMS and Bayo 2. They'll both end up on Switch though, right? Right? (Although I don't own a Switch either...)

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