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  1. Haha! That link I sent you is good. They seem to update stuff whenever a new translation comes out. would heartily recommend the Ganbare Goemon games that recently got translated by the same group!
  2. I just patch rom myself as it’s dead easy to do (lunarIPS .exe), but yeah, there is a patched rom about. It’s the Near version. I’ll pm you a link!
  3. I’m currently playing through the recently released patch for Bahamut Lagoon. Although I completed the original in Japanese at the time, I never really got on with the original translation so never got past the first few battles. this new translation is very polished, though and I thoroughly recommend it. It’s got quite an intriguing story so far and evolving dragons is good fun. If you have an interest in classic square games and like SRPGs you’ll get a lot out of this one!
  4. No problemo my man! Both should be fired soon and I’ll be glazing a ton of stuff on Monday
  5. Also new shapes. These are pretty big too
  6. Yes! so, I made some bulbous mugs but these are using stoneware clay and I couldn’t get any black clay because of delays due to brexit. but, now I have managed to get some finally and have thrown a few so the project is underway! Here are some pics of the sizes I’ve been working on because you said you fancied something larger
  7. Been reading up on this for the last few days and it seems amazing. I have a few questions for people: 1) how easy is it to set up? 2) if I buy the board from pi hut, what else do I need? (I have pads, micro sd so guessing an hdmi, case, fan?)
  8. I recently bought a raspberry pi 4b from this forum and it’s ok. It’s running emulstionstation. Some of the emulation was A bit rubbish in mame so I tinkered with it abd ultimately kind of screwed it up. Sound disappeared, fixed that, then disappeared again (it had been intermittent since the start anyway) so, I did a full reset on emulationstation and it got rid of the options and mame no longer works and I can’t seem to find an option to restore this menu. im pretty useless when it comes to messing with Linux and I don’t have the time right now to mess around with
  9. I’ll have a look tomorrow to see if I have something similar and pm you with some pics.
  10. Awesome I’ll make them first. It takes a while as I have to throw it, turn it, fire it, glaze it and then fire it again so will probably be a month in total if it all goes well. is that ok?
  11. Sorry for the delay here! a large, spherical mug I could do for £24 inc p&p.
  12. Yeah. Exactly. No VR, but for me seeing it in this mode made it much clearer. it could just be my preference though.
  13. Yeah. On mine, it has a ‘1’ on it. It’s the second HDMI from the left at the back of the box. You switch HDMI out goes into there.
  14. no, not a joke! you can rig your VR up to anything with an HDMI output and if it’s for a system that isn’t design for 4K and the game runs at 60fps it’s a pretty sweet way to play. Just swap the HDMI 1 input in the VR box with whatever system you want to play on. Easy. totally Recommend ikaruga on switch (currently on sale too). Seeing the game like this is a brilliant way to play (in my opinion). snes mini is also good.
  15. Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but rigging this up to a PSVR headset if you have one knocking about makes the game way more fun and helps you make less mistakes because you can understand the geometry a bit better.
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