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  1. Let us know how much The Duke would be as well? Shipping to sunny Belfast!
  2. Their site crashed when I put my payment details in, so requested them again. I got confirmation of one order, but the payment's been reserved twice.
  3. That sounds good to me, and I've written a LOT of KS updates. Honestly though, if someone's going to come in and complain at this point, then you've presented a good rebuttal as to why you're not changing things at this late stage.
  4. We had a few demos through the day, picked up after 2pm, then we had a bunch of folks arrive when we announced our new game. It's a lot of work for not much return though.
  5. I shall contact the licensing company immediately.
  6. Thanks @Paulando - you're saving my butt here edit: You have Sprocket! Super jealous!
  7. It's a bit easier now with the 1.1 rules (where you get to keep any Clear Memories you can't use at the end of a round).
  8. Yeah, but there's a new bundle which offers a LOT. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/asmodee-play-with-friends?hmb_source=navbar&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=tile_index_1
  9. @moosegrinder Dude, I know you're after guitars, but I have an effects rack if you want it as well?
  10. Thanks @Yiggy - that was me just dropping off a bunch of bells for you
  11. And yet GenCon are *still* insisting that they're going ahead, the absolute fucking loons.
  12. Yeah, I think it'll be best to use Turnip Exchange. Will sort it out in a bit. For now though, back to proper (less fun) work.
  13. Jesus, that was absolute chaos. Steph had to close the island because her brain was fried. Over 60 different visitors! Going to open up again in a bit, sorry if folks didn't get a code yet.
  14. Yeah, one run each is probably best - she's getting a lot of folks visiting from her own friend groups, so if folks could limit to that, it'd help.
  15. OK, I think the easiest way is to PM a code to folks so that she doesn't get bombarded? Give me few minutes, I'll send them out in order. edit: Oh, Steph says if folks have any coffee related things, that'd be nice. She's opening a cafe as Brewster is nowhere to be found. Also, feel free to explore the island, she's got some weird stuff hidden around the place including some cursed gnomes. (Also, if anyone has a gnomes, they're also acceptable!) Second edit: first invites sent, I'll send the next batch (starting with @Keyboard Koala in a few minutes)
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