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  1. Flams

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Thats just the discord website
  2. Flams

    Destiny 2 PC players

    tried this but link was invalid! So far I'm getting on ok. Getting better in the crucible and plodding through the story. Its all coming back to me!
  3. Flams


    My brother and some friends went to the recording of the last episode, apparently that final task went on for almost 20 minutes and was glorious. Hope that shows up on the you toobs.
  4. Flams


    That was great! My daughter has no clue about undertale, she saw me playing this around halfway through and has sat next to me whilst I read out the words and she had an absolute blast. She was devastated when it finished. Excuse to play Undertale again I guess!
  5. Flams

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Great, will do. I presume all my ps3 stuff/characters are non transferrable?
  6. Flams

    Destiny 2 PC players

    Oh this is getting serious
  7. Flams

    Destiny 2 PC players

    I will be joining you all soon hopefully. Used to play Destiny on PS3 but stopped after the first DLC. The install is taking FOREVER to download though, is this normal? I've used this for Hearthstone and WoW previously and its never been this bad....
  8. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    Apologies to anyone I've missed a lucky eggs opportunity with this week. Had 1 best and a few ultras sneak by me
  9. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    Sorry but I got very distracted. I've sent you a gift, 8pm?
  10. Flams

    Pokemon Go

    yeah go on then, will you send one or shall I?
  11. Mandalorian The Night Garden
  12. Found myself a copy of King of Tokyo for £3 at my local charity shop. Am I on to a winner here?
  13. Flams

    League of Gentlemen

    Ruddy Marvelous
  14. Flams

    League of Gentlemen

    I couldn't get tickets as the cost was too great, I'm hoping they do a dvd of this at some point!
  15. He already died in that one where he woke up in a sumbarine.

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