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  1. Just finished it myself... 15 hours as I made of point of doing all the side missions etc. Loved it, the last fights were spectacular (spiderman) and the game was as smooth as butter and pretty amazing (spiderman) at times. Surely the next one is going to have both spideys (or more) in one big game. By the time I was done I had a fully powered up Miles (bar the 3 slots reserved for new game +).
  2. I was playing it this afternoon to see if there were any improvements, convinced myself it was definetly smoother.
  3. Ah, is that the tower Knight, 1-2. I was hoping I had still to discover a shortcut... Not looking forward to do that journey again after lasting only 5 seconds longer than that thing in the opening/slash training level....yeah, I am not the best at these games.
  4. It is the PS4 one I bought (digital) and it does give me an option to upgrade, will look at in the morning again. Edit... Just copied this from the PlayStation blog. "You may have also noticed that we’re offering an Ultimate Edition of the PS5 game. This edition includes Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for PS5. If you do purchase a standard edition of the game on PS4 or PS5, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Edition later for $20. If you purchased the PS4 version of the game, you will first need to upgrade to the PS5 version of the standard edition using the upgrade path
  5. Really? It asked me if I wanted to upgrade but haven't tried it, I bought the full package digitally on PS4 hence my reluctance to shell out 70 quid on the bloody thing again.
  6. So... Are people just playing PS4 games from an external, I have been, just wondering if you need to put on the 5 to get any improvements (days gone for example). I have tried GTAV from an SSD, they haven't released any improvements yet, but from my drive, after you get by the non skippable bits when it's loading, hits 10% and yer in.
  7. Looks like my campaign progress has stalled as apparently the data is corrupt.
  8. There is a cardboard box that made me chuckle.
  9. Well...they certainly did not polish up the ps4 pro version at all...how bad does this look compared to MW and even COD MW remaster...maybe trying to capture that CRT look (yeah, thats it). Multiplayer seems decent, and I have said that about very few CODs since MW2.
  10. I have done that, GTA loads up in about 30 seconds now from mine on the PRO.
  11. I was checking this out last night, you can buy the remaster for the additional £20 when you have just the standard Miles.
  12. Beta feels better than the alpha, but it is one ugly, ugly game. Going to take a lot of polish to smarten this up.
  13. I spent a lot digitally on PS4 this gen and its that really all I was interested in.
  14. I gave up on sunshine previously because to rotate the camera right you had to move it left and to add insult to injury you could not invert up and down either, why do the Japanese continue to torture me, I have been playing like this since the ZX81 and Spectrum...this used to be the dafault setting for games until some hippy got put in charge...probably.
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