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  1. He’s literally the best thing ever. I don’t know how he manages to tread the line of excellence so well without plummeting into contrived, but he pulls it off.
  2. Well....all of this needs to happen now, and I’ll be really really cross if it doesn’t. The dragon should be Drogon. Raegal will snuff it at WF but be paramount to ensuring some of them live. Except Jaime needs to be more important.
  3. Hmm. The NK was created using dragon glass to defend the Children of the Forest from the First Men. I wonder if that will be significant at all. Weaterosi from north of the Neck and the wildlings are all descended from the First Men, but people like Cersei are mostly descended from the Andals. Maybe old Valyria (Dany and also Jon now). Be funny if he literally just runs like a program, and if/when he comes up against the Golden Company and twats at King’s Landing he’s like, “eerrr ERROR!” He might also be looking for the Three Eyed Raven so he can go back to the point against the tree where he was created to see how he can undo it. I also think the only way you can destroy him is to remove the dragon glass FROM him. Not attack him with it.
  4. I’ll eat my hat if Davos isn’t attacked by that little girl with the scarred face. She’ll come at him as a wight, but all he’ll see is Shireen...
  5. ^^^ that, basically. I think it’s worth pointing out that a fair bit of time has gone by between the end of S07 and S08E02. I’d say at least a couple of months. And there’s no fast travelling, as scenes from different parts of the continent are not necessarily happening in chronological order. J&D to Winterfell, Jaime to Winterfell, and in the meantime Euron to Essos and back. If Cersei is pregnant then I wouldn’t be surprised to see her with a bump next time.
  6. Also, fuck you @Harsin for making me SING your whole post in my head I tried to just skim read it, but the brain was having none of it.
  7. I think his death/non death will definitely be linked to which identity Snerr chooses to side with. Bran can’t see the future. He’s not a Greenseer like Jojen was. Think the directors have been heard saying he can’t. I think he’s just a symbol because people (viewers) understand a leader casting orders better than a mindless horde. He doesn’t even exist in the books.
  8. I wonder if the Night King’s motive is that he just wants to die. He was kidnapped and given eternal life as a cold zombie. It sounds shit. And the only way he can put an end to his shitty life is to tap into the Three Eyed Raven who now happens to be Bran. A completely selfish and personal motive always makes more sense than total world domination.
  9. The god worshipped in The H of B&W is “the many faced god” which I feel implies they’re pointing out there is no real god. Statues of all the gods worshipped can be found in The H of B&W; the Lord of Light is only one of them. It’s kind of the purest place in Essos/Westeros regarding religion and ideas around life/death, and I think you’re meant to feel that Arya is stripped back to basics whilst there. Kind of purified and removed of any emotion that would distract her from what her goals should be, (for example, removing Beric from her “list” and bearing no grudge against The Hound), and then discovers who she really is there. I think Jaquen’s smile was the “aha” moment. What happened was meant to happen all along. That was his plan; save a girl who was surely gonna die, and give her a life.
  10. I’ll add that I think the arch would work better if she allowed herself to soften more. Maybe act like the teenager she still is. The scene with Nymeria, and when her eyebrows went up and her facade broke seeing Jon; we need a bit more of that. A few more meaningful glances between her and Gendry would have helped ease us into that scene I think. It seemed very clinical, which it didn’t need to be because it was obvious she liked Gendry before leaving Westeros.
  11. Arya had no place in the world and no role. She didn’t want to be a lady. She couldn’t be a knight. Her father died and she had to run for her life, taking on the role of a peasant boy. When she meets Jaquen, he sees all this and decides to put her on a path to get an identity. That’s why she’s tolerated at the House of Black and White. That’s why The Waif dislikes her. She’s a little project of Jaquen’s, and he knew she’d leave; returning home as SOMEone. It’s a reversal of what usually happens at The H of B&W. This. Her identity is a Stark. One of the wolf pack. A defender of her family and house. She doesn’t need to have the identity of an assassin to be able to use her skills. She’s just really good in combat now, and a specific kind. The kind a smaller person needs to be good at. So she can actually bring something to the table. She’d never have managed that if she’d stayed in Westeros, even with Syrio.

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