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  1. The formula 1 thread feels safe. Not many people here.
  2. I’m going to ask some very simple, possibly stupid questions then. Why is racism political?
  3. First time they mentioned the corner, during the qualifying I think it was, and I just went, “YOU’LL NEED A TRAY”. Was Lewis’s t-shirt really that “political” in nature? I know everything surrounding the prevalence of police officers shooting people of colour, and the political ties so to some people it’ll be “OF COURSE”. But I just mean the words. Asking for the arrest of the police officers who shot her. With everything that subsequently happened with the case (officers being fired and suspended.) I don’t think it even had the #BLM on it. It was just asking for due proce
  4. If it had been Verstappen then I’d have been my same, boring, look at the facts self. Actually, the fact it was one of the Mercedes cars he took up the pack is surely more impressive than any of the other cars, due to their issues with overheating in dirty air? And Bottas did fuck all with exactly the same car. Sometimes I think he’s great; when he’s almost matching qualifying times. Other times I realise he’s no Lewis, as he is totally limited despite having the same machine.
  5. By the way, I don’t just think he’s a once in a lifetime driver, I also think he’s a very good person. If there has to be someone who constantly wins, I’m glad it’s him. So you’re way off.
  6. Except I literally did. So why are there such strong Hamilton fanboys that you can completely ignore part of what I said? All I said was he didn’t technically go from last. If he had come from 20th and ended up 11th, it still would have been incredible driving. I just prefer things to be accurate, and to note that four drivers were missing from the back is important to state.
  7. From 16th to 7th. No shade on the drive he did, but four DNFs put him in the points, surely. And Bottas did shit.
  8. Perhaps the difference between me and someone else then, is my opinion of the driver doesn’t cloud my personal analysis of the facts. I don’t disagree with that description of him. But I wouldn’t “back” a driver regardless. That just leaves your future analyses open to easy dismissal. Or is this a Hamilton echo chamber, where any criticism of him is expected to release an allowance of passive aggressive mockery. (I’m over it btw. I’m simply using those words in an accurate, descriptive sense. Not in a poor fucking me; I’m so hurt by it all sense.)
  9. No you fucking didn’t and you know it. Fuck off with that shit.
  10. I remember looking at the time gaps a number of times and seeing him gain time on Max that Lewis didn’t maintain. Probably not the most accurate way of assessing it, but it didn’t seem like Bottas was struggling with pace.
  11. Oh, I’m sorry. Did my hot take singe your ego? I think you’re confusing defensive with “writing a response”.
  12. Responds with passive aggressive tear. Nice.
  13. Doesn’t help a male dominated sports thread feel very inclusive to women. Is it appreciated how much guts it takes to try and join in with a discussion like this when you have little experience of a sport you enjoy compared to others? I’m allowed a fucking opinion. And if you think it’s fucking stupid, then think it’s fucking stupid. Making sure I’m aware you think it’s fucking stupid in a fucking passive aggressive way is fucking unkind.
  14. What the fuck is this tone? Why are you mocking me with your replies? You can disagree with me thinking Hamilton got P2 through tyre strategy rather than driving yesterday, but why do you have to do it like this? I don’t like it.
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