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  1. NexivRed

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Well, no time like the present! You PC? Console? Nintendo DS..?
  2. NexivRed

    The Baking Thread

    Changed it up a bit because I made enough frosting in total to re-plaster the fucking Taj Mahal. But the sponge. Was. Excellent. Utterly springy and melt in the mouth. Oh, and I put a pinch of Maldon salt in the buttercream. Best thing I’ve ever done!!
  3. NexivRed

    The Baking Thread

    I’m baking today. Red velvet, (but not red) with whipped dark chocolate ganache filling, dark chocolate ganache buttercream crumb coat, and whipped white chocolatier ganache frosting. Cake is in the oven. No idea how this one is going to turn out, as this recipe asked for all wet ingredients to be mixed together till curdle-y in appearance. Then to just fold in the dry so as not to ruin the chemical reaction. But curdle-y....yeah....dunno lol.
  4. NexivRed

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I have just finished the whole series again. Died
  5. NexivRed

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Hot damn, that was awesome! Going to see it again on Friday.
  6. NexivRed


    Anyone on PS4 fancy putting up with me? It’s taking longer than normal for me to get even half decent at this because survivability is so hard. I need practice with FPS and I’m not getting any
  7. NexivRed

    Fear the Walking Dead Thread

    Really enjoying series 3. It’s really confusing that the daughter looks like one of the women from TWD. Especially now she’s wearing a trucker cap.
  8. NexivRed

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    No words.
  9. NexivRed

    What Remains of Edith Finch

    Probably about halfway through this. It’s awesome. I love how you can begin speculating right from the start, even with trying to work out the family tree. And seeing all the DODs. So far my theory is We’ll see how it turns out!
  10. NexivRed

    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

    Finished the game and read this https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/kotaku.com/what-the-heck-happened-in-everybody-s-gone-to-the-raptu-1724934829/amp which was good. It never occurred to me that was
  11. NexivRed

    Everybody's Gone to the Rapture

    Oh god. I just finished Lizzie’s chapter Sad Panda.
  12. NexivRed

    Have you ever designed a tabletop game?

    I came up with an idea I thought would be fun for me to play with my kids. It was a race to the finish style game that gave you the choice of visiting three locations to collect items needed to battle a randomly selected boss at the end. The challenge of the game centred around deciding when you wanted to attempt the central boss. The number of places to move wasn’t too large to allow people to execute their choices (next location or boss) fairly quickly. At each location, a task was to be performed for a “keeper” of that location (question/action....I hadn’t decided on this part yet), and rewards would be received. They included, but weren’t limited to: • armour • weapons • magic items • health (food) There was also the possibility to acquire small amounts of currency in the game that would allow you to purchase items at the bazaar. Spaces on the board could offer the opportunity to pick from a stack of cards. When you reached the “boss”, you’d turn over the top card of a small, sufficed. A monster/creature/evil person would be shown requiring certain items, (and in some cases, an amount), to defeat it. If you held the required items, you won. If not, the card would be placed at the bottom and you would return to “the village” starting point. You get to retain your items, and could choose to go straight to the boss again to chance your luck, or you could choose to acquire more items. The right balance needed to be created so there was decent length to the game and every player had a good chance to compete. I’d only find out through mock play throughs I think. I got as far as designing the basic layout of the board, choosing the theme for each of the item areas and naming them. I designed the image for the frozen mountain. I even created two plasticine models for the “keepers”, a merman for “The Suken Betty” and a yeti for “Mount Frostfingers” I think it was called. A dense forest was the third location. A major thing I wanted to do regarding the game was to have many physical elements. My dad created a board game when we were kids that had cards and coins and treasure and it was truly great. So in this one, players would control a little adventurer piece. They would each have an envelope styled like a backpack to put their items in. Items would be actual laminated/plastic-y representations of themselves. So a cut out image of a shield or cloak or apple. Coins would be pretend coins. Some of the bosses and rough attributes that quickly sprung to mind were: Ogre - requires the following: • Metal weapon • Defense item/armor • +5 health Banshee - requires the following: • Magic item/weapon • Potion • + 1 health ...etc etc. So you can see the fine detail of including a varied amounts of items, whilst still giving the chance to have the right things, was key. I think if a main goal was laid out; that is, visit each of the three locations once and buy something from the bazaar = 99% definite chance of boss destruction, that would make sense. Then it’s up to the player to play through, or to chance it. If two items were obtained from each location, and food and potions were easily afforded at the bazaar, (maybe other items if you’re lucky enough to get a large amount of coins), I think 7 or 8 collectible items could work. So yeah, a rough idea. I won’t tell you what I named it because I was informed, (after they stopped laughing), that it was dreadful. I’ll see if I can dig out the bits I’d made already though.
  13. NexivRed

    Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    Binging the whole lot of Season 2 right now. I fucking love this show; proper pleasurable. Plus Barrymore dropped the C-Bomb. She’s so fuckin’ hot, funny and clever. I think I love her in everything.
  14. NexivRed

    The Walking Dead!

    Christ that was meh.

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