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  1. ScummVM is what you're after: https://wiki.scummvm.org/index.php?title=Nintendo_Switch
  2. If I say "Slitherlink Switch" 3 times in a mirror will it magically happen? Edit: OMG, someone's made a homebrew version: https://gbatemp.net/threads/slitherlinknx.521843/
  3. If you have an insatiable hankering for new characters the PC version has official mod support and there a bunch of new ones modded in.
  4. Slay The Spire is - and has - a Time Eater
  5. Patch notes for v1.1 and confirmation that "Free DLC containing a 4th character and additional content" is on the way Lovely stuff.
  6. Dark Souls Remastered for A$5.69 because I have the original, yes please!
  7. PSA for new players, turn Fast Mode on in the options.
  8. The Wii made you see the light (the crosshair).
  9. This right here is what makes the Steam controller the worst controller ever.
  10. Yes, if you don't have a way to avoid the debuff or gain more focus it's a gamble that you can finish the fight before your orbs become useless.
  11. The current best speed run is just shy of 29 minutes
  12. There's something in common about all your posts, I can't put my finger on it ಠ‿ಠ
  13. I hate runs where you never get any energy relics, came down to the last card on Donu & Deca in a Silent build where I had stacks of poison and just tried to defend until everything died. The Meat On The Bone I picked up early on saved me all the way through the third act.
  14. Keeping your deck slim is lethal with the Ironclad. I got an early Armaments so upgraded it ASAP and went with a block + Bodyslam build. I never managed to pick up a Barricade but I removed Strikes from my deck at every opportunity and turned down enough non-synergistic card picks that my defensive card draw was good enough and I only needed to heal at the last campfire before taking on the Awoken One. Between drinking all my strength potions and the couple of strength cards I'd picked up continually coming back into my hand while I was blocking, I took down his final form in a few hits. Being able to spend all your energy on blocking then wrecking faces with as many 0-cost Bodyslams as you can draw is It feels much more stable than something like an energy + Whirlwind + strength build where you're vulnerable to getting taken out by unlucky draws on defense-checking fights before you're strong enough to wipe them out.
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