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  1. I realised something was wrong about 30 minutes into fighting the first Glavenus you meet in a mushroom gathering mission, and ended up running out of whetstones and having to gather materials to make more potions, but after exhausting all my other resources I managed to cap him and get back to base camp to end the quest with 2 minutes to spare. Speaking to Bherna Gal afterwards, she said something along the lines of I should have captured the Glavenus so everyone could take a look. I was so enraged I forgot to take a screenshot. I checked Kiranico and on that quest he
  2. It's this one: https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Chapter_14_(Three_Houses)/Protecting_Garreg_Mach When I tried it earlier, it said the objective was to rout the enemy, but that Wiki page says you can kill the commander. I thought I was done when one of the allied units sets the map on fire, then some tiles on the bottom of the map are highlighted and the enemy commander tells his forces to flee, but they still all charged towards me, killed most of my units and one of the enemy flying units went up the map to the protected area before I could get Byleth anywhere near the commander.
  3. Are you fucked in this if you're at one of the bits where you have to do a battle but most of your characters are chronicly under-leveled? My 10 year old got this for her birthday and all I know about it is from helping her with a couple of battles, both of which came down to skin-of-your-teeth last character/last turn victories. Now she's at one with a recommended level of 27 but most of her characters are ~20, so they do basically no damage and die in 1 or 2 hits to everything. Her Byleth takes almost no damage and one-hit kills almost everything, but the battle she's
  4. I got curious and it turns out it's easy enough to make your own version of this on the PC, but with 60fps widescreen Mario 64, 60fps Mario Sunshine with non-inverted controls and button-to-spin Super Mario Galaxy with the pointer on the right stick, wonder if some cheeky sod will put together a PC launcher equivalent to Super Mario 3D All-Stars
  5. Gaijin hunter's trailer analysis is well worth a watch, so many little details called out and info about how Japanese culture has informed the design of things:
  6. I got so excited a little wallpaper came out: And Generations is currently the cheapest it's ever been on the eShop but I'm really not supposed to be spending anything because literally every dollar could matter this month. fuck
  7. Anyone else playing this? It's a bit like Immortal Redneck/Ziggurat, but all your shots and reloads have to be done in time with the soundtrack. Like when you used to tap out rhythms with shots in Rez, but as an actual gameplay mechanic instead of just making your brain feel good. https://www.bulletsperminute.com You'd expect it's important that the first level has a good soundtrack, and it does
  8. The drift handling in this is a delight. I wasn't looking forward to the AI from some of the early impressions here, and yeah it sucks when they manage to PIT you head-on into a wall, but more often than not they just make me start drifting, adding to the boost meter, so they do keep that constant risk/reward feeling up for most of the race until I boost away after the final corner.
  9. Being able to watch spoilers for the next episode is a positive?
  10. I can understand wanting weekly hype when you're broadcasting on multiple different networks around the world in the Fuckloads Of Ads For You format, but is The Boys actually on TV anywhere?
  11. Worst to least-worst problems with it: The trackpads were interesting to have on a pad and ok for mouse-y stuff, but they were bad if you needed a d-pad and diabolical if you needed a reliable camera stick, which made it unusable for any third-person game where you'd normally be "steering" or otherwise making small adjustments by easing the right stick out from the centre. The too-small buttons were also too close to the right trackpad, which you'd keep brushing when trying to press Y or B with anything flatter than the very tip of your thumb. The shoulder b
  12. Audio Partridge is always numero... one, and this is no exception. reading the credits at the end
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