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  1. It still shits mad orbs with top tree if you fire it into the middle of where the waves of enemies spawn during the Escalation Protocol final boss, and if you fire one in front of an altar enemies are currently spawning from in Altars of Sorrow, you're all but guaranteed to get your super back before it runs out. With bottom tree you get a few extra shots. My guardians are all colour-coordinated with their emblems for season's eve, and my non-mains each have 62 completed weekly and daily bounties on them ready to turn in for season pass XP (plz no wipe bounties, Bungie)
  2. Winning decks? Is this in the right topic?
  3. Eriana's vow is amazing for anything with tough shielded enemies, particularly Nightfall Ordeals (check out the 980 solo run someone did of The Scarlet Keep with it), which is why it's baffling that activity don't give you any progress on the catalyst. Just as well it wrecks Envoys in Gambit Prime.
  4. They need to ditch glimmer for mods completely and add a proper, Monster Hunter-style loadout system, or at least add changing mods to the API so Destiny Item Manager et al can add one instead. Now that having custom builds is more feasible, switching between them manually is a pain in the ass, especially the modding part.
  5. I haven't played one of these since Halo 2. The campaign feels a bit.. meh so far.
  6. This last Iron Banner has been the worst for bounties, as always ability kills can get fucked on anything but an Arc Battery'd-up Titan, and the one where you get progress for killing people alongside your teammates has been replaced with weapon final blows only, which can also be a bit of a slog as it pits you against your teammates for final blows (as did a lot of the triumphs for the Undying title) or encourages you to try to split off and take more one-on-one gunfights, which goes against the spirit of the game mode. They both took me a full 4 hours with my Hunter this time around because I forgot to lower my light level for bonus progress. It felt so good switching over to my Titan, sticking a 750 power weapon on to bring him down to 950 light and getting umpteen% progress on the ability kills bounty in most matches.
  7. Sweet. what's your steam id? Mine's jbscript
  8. Meta guns are well and good, but the Halfdan-D I just got from Banshee with Outlaw & Rampage goes CHONK CHONK CHONK CHONK all moon long.
  9. Literally sweaty, that Izanagi though, what a gun.
  10. Just the 980 Nightfall left to do to get ready for the Undying title when the Undying Mind arrives. I've done this week's 920 a couple of times as part of a quest for the last of Eris' ghost buddies and that got hairy enough Most of the requests I've seen on the PC LFG discord won't let you in without Izanagi's Bugged Quest Gun or Divinity. Does anyone here play late on the PC? It's 11pm in the UK when I can start playing during the week.
  11. Wow, the triumphs which need final blows in the Vex Offensive are the absolute worst.
  12. Randy's is brutal in Momentum, it's not a one-tap, but critting for 140 is enough when it fires that fast and has that many bullets in a clip. I'm at 96% on rapidly defeating opponents including a grenade launcher kill for the Mountaintop, feeling sweaty every time I get heavy I've failed a few times to the walker in that forge, whatever they've done to it if you don't keep heavy you're screwed. Edit: that was brutal, a 4 kill streak with Play Of The Game to tip me over the edge:
  13. I switched to Fighting Lion and Play of the Game to grind out the rest of the kills/medals for the Randy quest and now I just have the double kills to finish for Mountaintop too
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