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  1. Braytech says I've played Destiny 2 for 32 days, so 768 hours? That's probably the most for a single game, and I deliberately haven't touched it for more than a year. Slay the Spire is ~200 hours across PC and Switch. As a series, Monster Hunter is into the thousands of hours. Tri, multiple hundreds of hours. Portable 3rd HD, 100+ hours (set building is not fun in Japanese). I was able to FTP my old save off the WiiU for 3 Ultimate, which turns out to be my most-played at 600 hours (550 on my original saves, 50 replaying it up to G Rank recently). World + Iceborne, 415 hours. MH4U
  2. Cycling through the new elder dragons and Bazel keeps it more interesting, and the new defender tickets are great for melding if you can get a good rank clear on the new Apex rampages if you need their new materials anyway. I'm still drowning in spares from working through my wishlist, as the good decos usually need plates/medullas and the like, so I do that until I have a full roster of melds ready to go, then let them cook while I do the new standalone Apex hunts to get Lazurite jewels, as the rewards from those are crap for melding, especially if you're focusing on the easier Ap
  3. Have you hunted 6 High Rank Nargacugas? Check the materials tab in your Hunter Notes - it's a Low Rank material
  4. It's like when Breath of the Wild came out and you spent ages playing it, then every 3D adventure game which didn't have climbing everything and gliding off the top felt weird. I was watching someone play BotW the other day and it felt weird that Link wasn't wirebugging everywhere. Monster Hunter is one of those games where if I have time to either play it or talk about it, I'm doing the former every time. Most of my posting in threads about it over the years has been because I'm at work (while planning my next armour set in the back of my mind, need to hunt s
  5. The worst network lag I've ever seen The initial 175 should have been a wakeup hit (double damage from the sticky ammo I put there before someone put it to sleep) but you can see the host is frozen when it goes off, then teleports to the left and freezes again. Took about 45 seconds for everyone to sync up again.
  6. It's quicker if you find an Apex which just wants a nap 2021050301371700_s.mp4
  7. I love that the update completely blew open the set building game (and fashion hunting), and that's 95% going after specific monster parts and the new Lazurite Jewels (I've got up to 6 at once from the new 7* quests for Apex monsters if you're after them). My wishlist hasn't fit on a single page for the last 50 hours and my LBG sets absolutely wreck now that skills like Rapid Fire Up which needed a god charm or otherwise-weak armour pieces which had specific skills to work in before are more accessible with decorations, and those god charms out there will just let you stack on coup
  8. A Sword & Shield with 100% affinity, 200 raw and a mile of green (it's Bludgeoner time)? Lots of missing decoration skills filled in and some skills I thought would be 3-slot are actually 2-slot decorations? ALL the layered armour? And the armour set search has already been updated with all the new stuff? My in-game wishlist is overflowing.
  9. Protip: pay attention to the "Advanced" label on the new village quest
  10. Wasn't expecting an Evil Dead story, but there it is in the first episode of the new series
  11. I like to think the scripts are just acronyms and arrows and the cast have to wing the rest, scene from last night: AC-12 DI:A: ARV → AFO → OCG → GSW → RIP
  12. Fair play to anyone for putting 50 hours into Monster Hunter if they don't get into all the set building or learning different weapons I'm almost 100 hours in and today's play session has been hunting Diablos, alone and in pairs, to try to get Diablos Medullas off them, making sure to break the back, cut the tail (with a Light Bowgun, glad it has slicing ammo) and capture them for more chances at that particular part, all so I can make 2 Offensive Guard decorations to finish out the lance set I'm putting together for the Diablos lance (while still trying to get used to all the new
  13. I saw a build someone put together with the Barroth LBG which rapid-fires Shrapnel 2 ammo and made my own version which has 51% affinity when you're just walking about shooting with full stamina, but... you can't really aim it at anything in particular, which makes it boring to play. When you're not doing whatever it takes to not get hit, it's just mashing ZR until the monster dies. The damage is a bit underwhelming compared to a fully specced-out RF Pierce 2 build, but it's enough for ~10 minute hunts.
  14. The final boss isn't another Rampage, and you're so close to finishing the tutorial!
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