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  1. Tourist


    Gamewith is great but I think they only really reflect the most popular decks. The best success I ever have tends to be with niche decks that I find in random places. And of course there is always something to be said for playing meme decks in unranked. I think my favourite decks are still carabosse/bats blood and nephtys shadow, neither of which are ultra competitive right now but still a lot of fun to play!
  2. Tourist


    Is it available here? Can't check in my phone... Check out this video "Checking out Shadow of the Tomb Raider" http://www.twitch.tv/twitch/v/312277651?sr=a&t=13974s
  3. People I've chatted to today: Kenny Omega Daigo Umehara Fuudo Justin Wong Who wants to touch me?
  4. Tourist


    Daigo and fuudo are streaming now!
  5. Holy fucking shit. That trailer is amazing. Posting this before I realise that the whole of rllmuk is like, yeah whatever. Guys get a grip. Marvel guys please don't fuck this up.
  6. Oh wow. Never knew. For this reason alone this film gets my endorsement. Anything to do with kieron just makes me feel very... Sexual. In a good way. Not sure that anyone would be happy with my endorsement though given my propensity to run counter to the rllmuk movie mind...
  7. Tourist

    Recommend me a brand for gaming laptop

    I ordered mine and the keyboard was crap for starters but also it just slowed down horribly. It had so e sticker boasting about how fast it starts up - but after coming on it would take a good while before the OS started, and opening any sort of application would take ages. Then windows ten came along and fucked all the drivers and I was never able to get the mousepad to work properly again. Then I spilled wine on it.
  8. Tourist

    What's the origin of inverted Y axis controls?

    I remember a talk at a GDC event where the halo/microsoft Devs discussed the tutorial (and the way inverting the axis is built in to it) and they reckoned that according to research conducted by Microsoft it is fairly hardwired - most people only tend to be comfortable one way and not the other.
  9. Tourist

    Recommend me a brand for gaming laptop

    On the other hand, I will never buy Asus again after my last laptop from them!
  10. Tourist


    Here is that budget swordcraft deck: https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.2.5zWm2.5zWm2.5zWm2.5-Hb2.5-Hb2.5-Hb2.6LFJi.6LFJi.6LFJi.5-HbC.5-HbC.5-HbC.5-Hbq.5-Hbq.5-Hbq.6HOkc.6HOkc.6HOkc.6SojM.6SojM.6SojM.6Sw1o.6Sw1o.6Sw1o.6LCtS.6LCtS.6LCtS.6Sr9c.6Sr9c.6Wcs2.6Wcs2.6Wcs2.6HMI2.6HMI2.6HMI2.6LG2Q.6LG2Q.6WiTQ.6WiTQ.6WiTQ?lang=en# If I get Juliet in my opening hand I always swap her back in - round table assembly is in the deck to draw two Juliet's on turn five. And I almost always use Celia on turn five for her storm effect - if you have any other followers in play she returns them to hand and gets +1 attack for each. Mostly the goal is just to attack the enemy leader, swarming the board with smaller followers until turn five when round table assembly, Celia, or dragon knights can all do a bunch of storm damage. Oh, also for coins, remember to log in every day!
  11. Tourist


    Play through your daily missions. Play the grand Prix matches every day when they are on. Play through the single player story. Play room matches against different opponents. Beat the AI training matches on the hardest two difficulties. There are other achievements that give you coins, like reaching a certain level with a particular class. You can also liquefy cards to get vials that you can use to create cards. If you go to the card screen there should be an option to do that. I only ever liquefy extras (ie. any cards where I've got more than three copies which is the maximum allowed in a deck). There is a button which does that automatically. Then whenever I'm desperate for vials info through and liquefy any animated extras. A lot of people like to keep the animated cards because they look so nice but they give you extra vials so liquefying them is one way of getting enough for a competitive deck. There are a few places you can look for competitive deck lists, like gamepress or bagoum, or Reddit (or gamewith if you can read Japanese). Manasurge also post a regular tier list. You could always try a few out and see if there are any top tier deck lists that you are close to having enough cards/vials for. I often just try out the deck codes and save out a bunch of decks making a note of how many vials each one would take to complete and then just complete the ones that are the cheapest. Some of the current top tier decks are a little expensive but there is a decent aggro forest craft deck that is fairly cheap, and I have a decent budget swordcraft for rotation. You could also Google 'budget decks shadowverse' or something.
  12. Tourist

    Recommend me a brand for gaming laptop

    I'm looking for a new laptop right now (see the 'spilled red wine in my laptop' thread...). All my googling seems to point to dell as the best budget gaming option.
  13. Tourist


    A couple of things! This deck is pretty effective in unlimited right now and it's fun to play: https://shadowverse-portal.com/deck/1.6.6YBRY.6YBRY.6YBRY.63dOW.63dOW.63dOW.63gJY.63gJY.63gJY.6F3pC.6F3pC.6F3pC.6F6FS.6F6FS.6F6FS.6MkXc.6MkXc.6MkXc.6YFqo.6YFqo.6YFqo.5_pzw.5_pzw.5_p-4.5_p-4.5_p-4.6MlGA.6MlGA.6MlGA.6FB7o.6FB7o.6FB7o.6YDOY.6YDOY.6YDOY.6YFr6.6YFr6.6YFr6.63i_Q.63i_Q?lang=en# Hope the link works. Basically it has a ton of cards that do damage to yourself as well as your opponent;then a few finishers that do damage directly to your opponent, some of them in proportion to how many times you've damaged yourself; and a few cards that draw other cards. The other thing is that if you haven't noticed there is a new expansion arriving at the end of the month. I personally spend the month before a new expansion not spending any coins and just farming as much coin as I can from my daily missions and grand prix/arena matches so that when the expansion hits I can blow it all on card packs. Just FYI!
  14. Tourist

    Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    Spelljammer surely. Couldn't choose a year I started playing
  15. Tourist

    Best CCG on iOS?

    A lot of fighting games are playing it. Fuudo was third at Evo and he's a grand master in shadowverse. Xian has qualified for the seao contenders cup in shadowverse and if he wins that he'll be through to the world grand Prix which has a million dollar first prize.

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