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  1. After ordering my racing setup (first ever wheel!) I will finally be able to play with you guys. Will need to get grinding single player and get some cars It's going to be weird having to learn manual gears lol. In my 30 odd years playing racing games I have always been automatic. And I don't drive in real life (not allowed l, sight issue) so I don't have experience. Probably be a couple weeks until I can play though. Doesn't arrive until Tuesday and I won't be at home the Monday after
  2. I have spent enough, don't tempt me!
  3. I ordered the challenge. Seems its my best option due to house size.
  4. Picked up the T150 with T3PA pedals for £150 second hand. Seems a decent deal as the pedals seem to go for £80-100 on their own. Just need to find some foldable stand now. I think the playseat will be too small for me.
  5. If I could get this for below £200 it would be absolute steal. Modded pedals and the seat.
  6. Out of my price range. I'm just waiting on Thrustmaster to make some statement on what current wheels will be compatible. Then I will buy the T150 if it is.
  7. The triggers are the same design as PS4 pad. So yes, they will be shit.
  8. I have decided to wait until the manufacturers release a statement saying what will work and what won't. But the T150 is top of my list from what you guys said (although most online reviews say the Logitech G29 is better)
  9. Ry

    Fall Guys

    Had a couple of games, came 5tg then 3rd. Great fun. That Hex game at the end is brilliant. More strategy than you think
  10. Ry

    Fall Guys

    Nah, can't get in a game after about 20 attempts
  11. Ry

    Fall Guys

    Is there no way to invert controls on PS4?
  12. I bought a 3 month sub off eBay for it.
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