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  1. The Accent Point and click adventure about the trials and tribulations of a scotsman in London.
  2. Not played it since the PS2 game. Forgot how brilliant it is.
  3. I'm enjoying this and am a few hours in but I think I will hang off and wait a month or so if they are adding things to the console. I am starting to notice a while bunch of really annoying shit though that I'm surprised made it in.
  4. This is why I sold mine. I would rather buy another next year and hopefully they have a revision not get the coil whine issue again and ffix the OS issues I can't stand.
  5. I'm thinking of buying a PS2 just to play PES 5 but no idea if it will look half decent on modern TVs. Has anyone done this in recent years? If Konami had any sense they would release PES 4 or 5 as a budget title. Just give me all the fake names to get round licensing. Still light years better than current football games.
  6. Played a couple hours and really enjoying it. Shame there is no online matchmaking though. You can only play with friends.
  7. Started on The Ascent. Like what I have played so far and can see it getting even better once I start getting more upgrades.
  8. Playtest invites are going out. I got an email a while ago. I'm currently in a very very big queue . Play times are at 1pm on a Tuesday or some shit.
  9. I remember there was a Official PlayStation Magazine with both Colony Wars and G Police on it. I bought both the day they came out. PlayStation demo disks were amazing. A few more PS1 games I bought because of demos Music 2000 (fuck I adored this) Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver TOCA Touring Cars Ridge Racer Type 4 Rage Racer. There's probably a lot more I bought due to demos but these stand out.
  10. Ha, noticed that as soon as I posted.
  11. Oh and don't forget Dirt 4, Grid, F1 2020, Dirt Rally and Dirt Rally 2.0 are coming to EA Play/Game Pass Ultimate from August 10th. What a month overall.
  12. Art of Rally is supposed to be brilliant. Hades, Art of Rally and Katamari alone make it a great month alone. And more will come!
  13. I have. Doesn't change the camera. I 100% have the settings inverted. (for everything)
  14. Anyone been able to sort out the camera so its inverted yet? Im put off playing the game because i just cant fix it. I think its a bug.
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