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  1. What are you playing on? I have never had an issue signing in to my own game and playing single player. (xbox) Addionally, turn off crossplay. I had much better games last night with it off. Still not perfect but much better. It even says crossplay is a beta feature. Didnt notice that before.
  2. Or get stuck in the sand. I laughed at that.
  3. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    How much are they charging for it? I'm happy to wait to try it on gamepass.
  4. There was a 4gb update last night and its fucked the game for me. Some of my mods just don't work anymore and the handful of games I played with others were a laggy mess. Even when I reran a couple expiditions there was lag and I also got annihilated within minutes on a exhibition tier than I coasted through a day earlier. Going to give it a rest for a bit.
  5. Ry

    Old Age Gamers

    I won't care as much. I won't be following news closely and will probably only play single player games. I go through patches of where every single game I play seems shite. Even if they are supposedly the best thing ever. I would rather do other things than play games most of the time right now and no doubt more so if I even reach 60. Then again, when I'm an old fuck what else am I going to do? It will be the pub, movies and lying fucked on the couch. Kinda like now.
  6. Very tough question. Off the top of my head it would probably be Arnie as he has made my favourite action films ever that are still fun to this day and infinitely rewatchable. But then I realise I need my all time greats and would have to have Di Niro or Pacino. At a push I would pick Pacino. I'm giving up Goodfellas as I need the Godfather trilogy and Heat. I couldn't live without Heat. Ah fuck, how can I live without Daniel Day Lewis? This is too hard. Actress, prob Sigourney Weaver. At least that means I will have the 17 new Avatar films t
  7. I played expeditions for a couple of hours with a couple of randoms last night. It was bloody delightful. Managed to get some quality gear as they were playing at a high expedition level. 10 or 11 I think.
  8. The reason I bought a Ps5 is for the handful of big cinematic blockbusters it will see in its lifespan. They will come again because its worked in the past. My console is never used anymore because I own a SX with gamepass but I know it will be worth it in the end. Right now though.... Its my least favourite day one console I have ever owned. But only because I'm lucky enough to have the two big ones. If they don't up the ante and announce dates for big hitters like GoW and Horizon then I might just consider letting someone else have some fun out of it.
  9. Just watched the 4th episode. This is pish. So much stupid writing and situations that I'm failing to give a fuck where it goes next.
  10. Getting bugger all legendaries now and every purple item is way below my current item so I'm basically stuck with the same gear all the time. Only way to fix this is to grind the fuck out of expiditions and spend the currency on legendary items. I love the game, but I have hit a wall gear wise.
  11. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    I heard its one of the best things ever. I'm about 2 hours in and i don't know what to make of it.
  12. Ry

    Xbox Game Pass

    Honestly, I have no clue. I played about 80hours of vanilla destiny 2 and was looking forward to playing with the upgrades and expansions but I uninstalled it after 20 mins. I couldn't find out where to play the missions or all the other shit going on. Its a mess for returning vanilla players now.
  13. Been after it for a while, but I just can't play at 30fps now. I doubt it will see an update for series x either.
  14. At least the expeditions are brand new areas not in the campaign. Running them on my own is dull though and matchmaking is fucked. I don't see me playing much longer, will get the 1000g and will move on.
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