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  1. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I'm on the other side of the world, having moved to New Zealand a couple of months ago. Thankfully, the streaming service here puts anything at home to shame - BeIn Connect streams every league game live for about £10 a month, and Champions League games show just after they finish. Slightly surreal watching big European games at 10 in the morning with your breakfast, but I've still been buzzing all day. Can't wait for the final now.
  2. Keiths_Dad

    Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    I think it was Timesplitters 2 that had unlockable games for your time splitting thingy (it's been a long time, I can't remember the specifics). The snake clone was particularly addictive.
  3. Keiths_Dad

    Shenmue 1 and 2 coming to PS4,XB,PC

    Yeah, play Super Hang-on instead of pining for time skip. Unless you spent all of Ine-sans money on gacha toys and cat food, of course.
  4. I was big into Dreamcast in the year or so after Sega stopped production, and I remember Tokyo Highway Challenge 2 being highly priced. Then, someone found a load of them in a warehouse somewhere (not knowing they were there probably caused it's scarcity), along with a bunch of copies of Evil Twin, and Aerowings 2 if I remember right. My local indy got boxes of them and sold me THC2 and Evil Twin for 15 quid each - unfortunately, they were both a bit shit.
  5. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    How come you're second, then?
  6. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Third best, Riise number 1.
  7. Keiths_Dad

    Magic: The Gathering

    I prefer draft to sealed, as while it's still dependent on luck to a certain extent, building your card pool does require some level of skill. Of course, it's a lot easier grabbing one person to play sealed with than it is to get a table of people together to draft. How is standard right now? I played about 50 games (rough estimate) with a UW God Pharaohs Gift deck before Christmas having not played standard at all for a year or so, but the amount of mono red and energy decks were exhausting. Have the bans helped in that regard?
  8. Keiths_Dad

    Help me pick Ten PlayStation games

    Demo 42 (I think? The Metal Gear Solid one, in any case) is well worth picking up if you can find it. It had a collection of Net Yaroze titles on it. As for actual games, I think anything I'd suggest has already been mentioned.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this all the way through, but It's very lowbrow, but there's not really anything wrong with that, and it does it very well.
  10. Keiths_Dad

    Playstation Vita

    I'm a bit late to the party, but how is the Xcom port? I've just started Enemy Within on Xbox, but I'm flying to New Zealand in a few weeks, so I'm thinking I might dust off my Vita and jump over to that instead.
  11. If anyone feels tempted by the Magic games, Magic Duels is already available and free to play. Arguably the best way to learn Magic too, should you find yourself aching to waste all your money on fucking cardboard (but hate Nintendo).
  12. Saw this earlier, and whilst I enjoyed it, it seemed a bit all over the place, There were some fantastic performances throughout as well, with the aforementioned Abbie Cornish being the exception. Well worth a watch, then, but it's not as good as I'd hoped.
  13. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    West Brom at home in the 4th round. I'll take that.
  14. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Mahrez and Donnarumma. Both would be eligible for Champions League as well. Unfortunately, it seems that Mahrez was never happening anyway.
  15. Keiths_Dad

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    African Cup of Nations. Posted it then remembered it got moved to summer. So yes, we should buy all the Africans before anyone else cottons on like I have.

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