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  1. I'm 17 points worse off than if I'd just left my team alone, but my team is worth 4.2 million more than it would be. I'm not sure how I should feel about that, however I imagine the downtick in points is largely down to me taking the captaincy of Salah occasionally, rather than bad transfers.
  2. My most listened to artist is a guy that exclusively samples The Simpsons quotes, that someone linked to on here. It's good stuff though, give it a try. My most listened to genre was classic rock, despite not being represented by my top artists.
  3. I find the short pass is the best weapon against cunts standing on the line, and is why no cunt stands on the line in real life. Therefore, short pass is acceptable as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I've scored a couple - I aim just above the crossbar in whichever corner is closest to the taker, decent amount of power, then a quick flick up on the right stick for some topspin. This is the best way I've found to score direct, however it's probably better to see if there's a spare man in the box to pass to first.
  5. I was getting a bit bored of FIFA, so I've stolen @Steely's idea and built an England team. This is how I line up. My thoughts so far are that Owen and the defence are fine, Gerrard and Rice are limited but work well as destroyers, then I'm not getting enough out of the CAMs - I'm unsure if this is the players I've gone with, or just getting used to a new formation having been on a 5212 for a while. Joe Cole definitely isn't worth the coins either way though, I might go for that Edwards signature card instead and use the extra 100k to upgrade elsewhere. As far as where I go from here, I'm planning to swap out Ashley Cole for that EFL LB from the objectives, which will free up more coins to maybe look at Rooney instead of Barnes, and Gomez looks like a dead cert to be upgraded to either Campbell or Ferdinand at some point, probably via either the Bundesliga or EFL objectives CBs. I might need to cheat a little bit with regards to the keeper too, because I don't think Pope's up to standard, and the other English options right now are woeful.
  6. Too late, got some dogshit French LM. Never again.
  7. I made about 80k shifting a bunch of deadwood - cheers lads! I'm going to use some of that and roll the dice on a TOTW upgrade, and definitely not get Messi.
  8. I'm a filthy casual .
  9. I got Casemiro and Busquets from mine, I'm happy with that. Other than maybe getting Neymar, which should be achievable this week if I really want to, I'm not too sure what to do with my team. I'm considering scrapping it altogether and focusing solely on Liverpool players, but that would mean ditching about 400k worth of SBC players.
  10. They fiddled with a bunch of sliders, and let Battlefield fuck up the servers. It's weird, all they needed to do was fix long shots and nerf the keepers slightly, they managed that, and then kept fucking with it anyway.
  11. It's weird, driven passes seem to be more accurate than none driven passes, so I've resorted to using them a lot of the time. There definitely is something fucked with passing at the minute.
  12. I'll be doing Neres slowly, he's there for a while and will be a good place to throw any high rated dupes I get in the meantime. He looks absolutely bonkers, even if I can't link him at any point he'll be a perfect sub.
  13. Nice. For your next upgrade, I'd highly recommend base Barnes for the midfield, he'd be a huge upgrade on either Ox or Henderson. I had a similar team last year, although I had Owen and Barnes in so I could get flashback Suarez on full chemistry as well. It was a lot of fun, I'll probably work towards a similar team again at some point this year.
  14. I watched it, I thought it was great. And the kid's pretty good. He made me laugh in JoJo Rabbit and he made me laugh in this. And even if it was shite, it's not like it's some classic franchise that got ruined, it was 2 pretty good films followed by a bunch of shit ones. Give it a go rather than trying to dissect it.
  15. I've just done maybe 10 of the passing one, got a few 84s and Thomas Muller, which I'm pretty pleased with.
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