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  1. I've switched my team up again, it always feels like something isn't quite right. I've tried swapping Talisca and Firmino, as at the minute Talisca seems to be scoring most of my goals from Firmino assists, but it didn't work out. I also got fed up of my wingers again, so I tried Willian for a couple of games (shite), and now Coutinho (also shite) which has let me use Kroos, who is sex. I'm yet to find a winger that I like, but I find wingerless formations just get too cramped.
  2. I think Silver 1 is the first rank that your TOTW player pick isn't capped to 84 rated as well. You still won't get what you want, mind.
  3. Nice one gooner. I tried looking it up last week but couldn't find anything.
  4. How's Firmino not in there with his fangs, and Ribery with his slasher face? Anyway, Biscuits, Mandzukic and Veratti look good, rest shite. Fair assessment?
  5. Bailly red card and some shitty keeper I never heard of. I'll never use either of them.
  6. It does cost more to do the SBC - however, about 100k of the cost is tied up in TOTW players, of which I'll have a bunch of untradeable ones from the weekend league clogging up my club going unused. The packs from it are fairly substantial as well, so will help to recoup some of the cost. I should leave it, honestly, as it will still eat up all of my rewards for the next month, but I'm stupid, and I'll at least make use of the card at the end of it.
  7. I did the same, got Rashford, Falcao and then a load of shite. I'll use the shite in SBCs though. Just waiting for my weekend league stuff now, going to make a start on the icons SBC with my untradeable shitty TOTW players. I figure with the pack rewards, and the fact that I really want Overmars, it's probably worth it.
  8. See, I'm loving normal Miranda, but I think with defenders it's just about finding what you're comfortable with - for instance, I tried Koulibaly, supposedly one of the best in the game, and thought he was a big pile of shite. Dybala's worth a try, I'm playing 433 and find that I'm not relying on the wide CMs to defend anyway, so it doesn't matter too much what their stats are like. He'd have strong links to Sandro and Costa, too.
  9. Handanovic is great in goal, I think he's much better than Neto - you could throw him in, and use Miranda ahead of Gabriel for a strong link. This should also push Nainggolan to full chemistry as well. Other than that, start saving for Icons I guess.
  10. My experience was completely different - I played him on the right in a midfield 3, and he's by far the best midfielder I've used. He was scoring, assisting, and putting in a shift defensively as well. I guess the argument against him is his lack of pace, which could hurt in a 2 man midfield, but he's the only reason I'd look to force a La Liga hybrid again.
  11. So, Sterling is pretty much nailed on for TOTW. I haven't looked at his price, so it might already be too late, but when a player is in TOTW, their normal version goes up in price as well due to the lack of supply. If you were so inclined to make predictions like this, there's some coin to be made - get in early though, to minimise the risk.
  12. @tenrou, have you tried Firmino? He's scored 25 in 24 games for me, and I'm usually shite at strikers with my goals tending to come from midfield or the wings.
  13. Hang on - you don't get all of them? Fuck that noise!
  14. Don't know about you boys, but I'm fucking going for it. Those 5 in the same team would be pretty bonkers.
  15. With my team settled until any TOTW improvements arise for it, I've gone for a couple of low key investments - Sabitzer TOTW for 30k, and Barkley TOTW for 25k. I'm hoping to flip them for 15k profit at the weekend, which I'm basing on little more than Neto's price fluctuation last week. Not much, but this is my trading method going forward, and will obviously give greater returns the more funds I can pump in.

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