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  1. Depends how much effort you want to put in. If you can be bothered to sort them yourself, CardMarket might be the way to do it. It's a lot of hassle though, potentially posting out cards individually. Other than that, I've sold cards to Troll Trader Cards before, and whilst you still have to sort them and type them in, you can at least send it as one package. You won't get as much for them that way, though. Alternatively, you could find a shop that sells single cards and pop on with them. There are Facebook groups for selling cards, as well. If it was me doing it, I'd pick out any
  2. Almost 2 weeks on, this is still my strongest team. I have an untradeable Sancho that I'm using as a sub, and I've just bought Headliners Ings as an investment, as well as being good to bring on when Aguero gets knackered. I tried De Bruyne in place of Partey, and whilst he's definitely better, I don't think he's 100k better, so he's gone. Currently sat on 170k, and whilst there are players that I can buy that would be upgrades (Mane, Salah and Van Dijk), it's very expensive to get them for what are only marginal gains. I'm also in Division 2 right now, so clearly the team is strong enough as
  3. I literally forgot about this game week. I had a plan all thought out ahead of time, but then I forgot about the deadline completely and ended up with half a team. At least I won't lose points changing my team back for the weekend.
  4. The pad charger thingy is in stock at Very. I've ordered one, hopefully consoles will start popping up soon so I can actually use it.
  5. I only got the game at Christmas, I was waiting for the PS5 to be back in stock but 22 quid on CDKeys for the Xbone version was too tempting. I rinsed the icon swaps for the packs, got fairly lucky with those, and I'm sitting on this team now, I switch to a 4231 in game with Aguero dropping back to CAM. I'm wondering, do all the good players just do Weekend League now? After being stuck in Division 5 last season, I've found myself in division 3 this year.
  6. I'm looking for myself, there's a rumour that Game will have some on the 31st, but they were also rumoured to have some on Christmas eve, which they didn't. Realistically, I think we're looking at mid January.
  7. Well, I liked it. Not as good as Wipe, but I got a few laughs out of it, particularly from Hugh Grant.
  8. My missus is working tomorrow, so we've done Christmas today. I've opened Spiderman MM and Demon's Souls, but no PS5 . I'll be getting one as soon as they're available though, and she got me Hyrule Warriors so I have something new to play now. For the first time in years, I've actually got a decent bit of time off work this Christmas, so I'll be getting a fair bit of gaming in. I have Mario Galaxy and Crash Bandicoot 2 on the go right now, but they won't take long to polish off. My in-laws have also given me 200 quid (!) specifically to buy games with, so I'll be getting Disco Elys
  9. Spurs will be challenging for the title for sure, I've not seen anything there to change my mind. Fuck me though, they're miserable to watch. Finishing aside, that was a great performance for us. Jones is just getting better and better, I'd have him in my first team even when everyone is fit on current form.
  10. So close to goal of the season from Jones there.
  11. I think that one was fair enough, he jumps and makes his body bigger by throwing his elbows out. Shot was on target otherwise. Hugely lucky to get back in this, though, we've not deserved it.
  12. Dreadful performance. I think the compressed nature of this season is having a real effect, they mentioned before that we've already played 9 more games than Fulham so far, and United and City were both dogshit yesterday. From a neutral's perspective it's a good thing, but as a Liverpool fan it's frustrating watching us be so inconsistent.
  13. Supposed to be used for clear and obvious errors, so why is it taking this long? That ignores the fact that it's clear and obvious he gets the ball.
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