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  1. Reading the above, I must have done pretty well to beat Act 3 on my first ever run! Got this on Game Pass on Thursday night and loved it, lost my entire evening on Friday to it (without managing another successful run, definitely a case of beginner's luck), and bought it on Switch on Saturday morning. I've now managed wins with the opening 3 characters, going forward am I best going after Act 4 on the default before doing the ascensions? I managed to get to Act 4 with the Ironclad, but just got destroyed immediately with my completely glass cannon build - I think I ended with 2 upgraded Demon Forms and 2 upgraded Limit Breaks, but very little in the way of blocks.
  2. 87 rated right now. If he gets another IF he will go to 88. There probably isn't much to be made on it unless he gets 2 more IFs, but given how poor investments have panned out this year, I'll give this one a crack as it seems relatively low risk.
  3. Moreno is currently 28k, with the cheapest 88 player being above 30k. If he drops any lower, I'm investing in a few and holding on for another In Form.
  4. Not me, if I bother at all I'll get to 10 and have Koeman. Missing out on the first 6 really killed my enthusiasm for doing them.
  5. Clearly, the goose has been stealing votes from elsewhere, and managed to sneak them onto Benny's spreadsheet. HONK!
  6. I've got to play a bit tonight, Kante is lovely. It goes without saying that he's the best player I've ever used in FUT. I'm using him as the central CAM in a 4231, and he's gotten himself 3 goals and 4 assists in 5 games (2 of which were first half rage quits). Minor downsides are his 3 star weak foot, and I'm having to play him on 8 chemistry to accommodate Paulinho. I've gone with Prime Owen up top, and he's great too - 5 goals and 2 assists in the same 5 games. His first goal was the quintessential Owen goal as well, riding on the shoulder of the last defender before a deep lying midfielder releases him, allowing him to sprint towards goal with the ball and then slotting it past the keeper into the bottom corner. He might have ended up tarnishing his legacy by playing for United, but this is 2001 Balloon Door Owen playing for Liverpool, and before I discovered that the boring cunt has only ever watched one film in his life, so it's all good.
  7. Probably, but I'd be skint. Better to leave it until I've had a couple of Divisions rewards come through, even if it will be slightly more expensive.
  8. If I tapped out all of my funds, I could do it, but I'll leave it for a bit. It's too expensive really, and his 86 will do me for now.
  9. No Alexander-Arnold yet, but there is a 95 Hazard for 1.3 million. Not for me, thanks.
  10. Trent got POTM, his new card is 88 rated. If it's 150k or less I'll go for him, his 85 card was solid with a shadow on it.
  11. Mbappe would be nice, but I still need a link to Hazard - until I can switch him for Neymar, French league strikers are off the table, unfortunately. Same goes for Ben Yedder, who looks damn sexy with that 5* weak foot. Looking at Owen's stats, I think I'm going to go with him and give him a sniper, which will nearly max out his shooting and dribbling. I'm also looking at 93 De Bruyne though, his relative lack of pace is a bit concerning, but his other attacking stats are insane. If I went that way, I could also look at swapping Hazard for the LM Son, which might be fun, although I'm not sure if it's actually an upgrade. The really frustrating thing about all this is that I'm in fucking Benidorm at the moment, so I'm not going to get to play with my new team until Sunday at the earliest. I can't wait for all the salty cry babies to send me abuse over Xbox Live when Kante tears them a new one.
  12. On reflection, I think you guys are right, and I just got swept up with TOTY fever. I'll go back to Ter Stegen, and get a new striker instead. Anyone have any suggestions at around 600k?
  13. I've bought Alisson now, because why fucking not? Kante has replaced Barnes, so I've used the money from selling him to buy the best keeper in the game. Thinking this is how I'll be lining up from now on, with everyone except Paulinho on 10 chemistry. I'll be taking a CB from the swaps, so my next buy will probably be prime Owen to replace Griezmann.
  14. Spent a little over 150k doing the icon SBC after exhausting all my shitty gold guys, and got Trezeguet. Pure garbage, but he'll strong link with Kante at least. I'd recommend doing this if you have a load of rubbish kicking about in your clubs though, especially as I effectively haven't played FIFA for about a month so some of you will have loads more trash than I started with. I also went through some great players like Firmino, Fabinho and Walker getting there, who in hindsight would have been good for objectives, and I've still got Jesus and Maddison IFs who might be handy for future SBCs.
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