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  1. I saw Karl Kennedy play a live gig in Liverpool. He was shit, and he played Wonderwall twice. Cheap beer, though.
  2. Looking around, that seems to be the solution. Not an elegant fix, but it will do, thanks.
  3. That looks awesome, thanks @Mitchell. I'm weary of putting anything homemade with magnets near expensive tech, but they look easy enough to swap in and out as is.
  4. I've just had my first go on Beat Saber - absolutely superb. Quick question for other Rift users though - my girlfriend will want to have her own save file on it, but I can't see how to do this. Is there a way, or am I just going to have to put up with her disrupting my progress?
  5. I mentioned him during the Bundesliga restart, but seeing as we're talking transfers, I'd love to see Julian Brandt as a Liverpool player. Realistically though, I think we're looking at squad players to fill in at the back, and maybe Thiago if the rumours are to be believed. I can't see us selling both Shaqiri and Wilson this season, so if one goes the other stays, and Jones, Williams and Elliott all see some more game time.
  6. Yeah, this is fair. Referring to Batman, for anyone that didn't see the post this is in reply to. I think a combination of being claustrophobic and it being my first proper VR experience added up to make it more than it was. I'm still not touching Alien with a shitty stick, though. I played it normally a couple of years back, and although I got bored of the gameplay loop before it really got going, I've no intention of revisiting it with VR goggles on my head. Further impressions from my first few days - I'm not entirely convinced I've managed to find the sweet spot, and the closest I can get make it very uncomfortable as it pushes my glasses right into my face, so I'm looking at getting contact lenses. Oh, and I punched a wall playing Superhot, so I'll have to wait until I move into a bigger space to play that. I'm changing the room i have my office in in a couple of months though, so that will get sorted.
  7. I've just played Batman and...
  8. So my Rift S turned up today, and I've managed to set it up in between work. I've measured my IPD at 68.5, and changed the settings to that - should I be expecting everything to be laser focussed, or is it supposed to be a little bit blurry still? I'm wearing my glasses with it as well, should I be? I'm short sighted, if that makes a difference. I'm pretty impressed with it though, I had fun playing with the robot and his NES cartridges and his 3D printer.
  9. Just a heads up if anyone's after Trover, it's in the Epic Summer sale, and if you still have one of the 10 quid vouchers it'll cost you little over a fiver.
  10. That looks amazing, perfect for showing it off to people as well. Thanks!
  11. I read earlier we get 40 medals to hand out as we like - 23 of the 40 were accounted for already by players who had made 5 appearances, with Jones and Elliot (2) the only players who have played without getting to 5. Despite this, 2 of the extras have already been assigned to Jones and Elliot anyway. I get what you're saying about keeping them hungry to earn one properly, but they've been a part of the senior squad and will have contributed in training, so I feel they deserve it. It's like the third choice keeper at a World Cup getting a medal - an example being Pepe Reina in 2010, nobody begrudged him a medal because he was a huge part of the squad despite not making an appearance. If we concede a 4th though, fucking none of them should get one. Fucking slackers.
  12. I've just ordered a Rift S from Very, can't wait for it. I've only had a couple of quick goes on any VR, so it's pretty much like getting a new console. I've managed to get Creed, Superhot and Batman for about 18 quid all in, I'll be adding Trover, Moss and Beat Saber before too long as well. I've seen that Google Earth has a VR thingy for free, so I'll be grabbing. Are there any other free games or apps I should look at?
  13. This is classic Simpsons, it's 3 jokes in one. First, he sees Bart and leaves. Then he has to ask if it is Bart - and then he goes in anyway.
  14. I had difficulty between that and what I plumped for, along with a couple of moments from Last Exit to Springfield. The Simpsons was near perfect for a good while, before it all turned to shit.
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