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  1. I reckon Qyburn at King's Landing has something cooked up for the army of the dead. He's pretty clued up about that kind of stuff. So no immediate Winterfell fight but then Cersei doing better at King's Landing than expected.
  2. Got a feeling the army of the dead won't actually attack Winterfell but just contain everyone there while the NK goes off to do other things.
  3. You make it sound dangerous. Might it cause premature blindness, panic attacks, or even PTSD?
  4. From the videos I've seen it all looks like very standard open world gameplay. This doesn't mean RDR2 won't be a good game but it will be a very expensive and beautifully crafted iteration of the genre rather than anything revolutionary. Be interesting to see what everyone thinks of it.
  5. Depends how old they are and how mature. I saw a girl being taken out of the screening by her parents because it was too much for her. She can't have been much more than ten though so she shouldn't have been in there anyway. It's a very affecting film because the beginning establishes that the soldiers are very real relatable people and then when things get nasty and you see a load of dead bodies in the mud it's hard to take. You have to watch it yourself and decide bearing in mind what you know about the intended audience. I would think that 13 is the bare minimum but then I wouldn't be surprised if some adults find it too much.
  6. I saw this last night. It's amazing how the old footage has been brought to life -- not just the people but the action. There are shots of mines going off lifting great domes of earth into the air, guns firing shells that shake the tiles from the roofs of nearby buildings, and tanks chugging across hellish wasteland squeezing the mud from their tracks. Even if it was all done today in cgi, I'm not sure they would be able to get so many of the little details right. All the narration is made up of recordings of veterans and knitted together to tell a story that is funny, exciting and horrifying. It has tremendous emotional weight not just because you know it's real and the immersiveness of the colourisation, but because of the cleverness of the film making. Even if it was all in black and white it would still be brilliant. My only criticism is that it might be a bit too exciting. You don't get much of a feel for the the interminable attrition that WW1 was. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen if you can. I saw it in 2D so can't comment on how good the 3D is.
  7. labarte

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    I loved Origins and bought all the DLC. I was concerned this would be a reskin of that game but it sounds as though it's more than that with genuinely different gameplay elements. I'm not ready to dive into another AC marathon just yet but will no doubt be diving in later on after the inevitable Ubi patch fest has fixed all the stuff that will probably be broken on release.
  8. labarte

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    It was all pretty predictable though wasn't it? If you strip out all the Star Wars stuff it's a standard heist movie that's been done a million times before. It's not a bad film by any means but if you don't try and tell a very ambitious story the least you can do is make it feel coherent. It's basically just a space western but then Han Solo is a space cowboy so that's fine I suppose. Rogue One was a darker more ambitious story that was harder to tell. The result is more convoluted but it's also more interesting imo.
  9. labarte

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I thought this was OK, as others have said the Star Wars 'universe' was realised really well. However, I wish they'd left out some of the sillier fan service bits, which just detracted from the story by being implausible.
  10. labarte

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Yeah, they killed off too many characters for either this or something equally silly to happen in the next film. Still, Infinity War was bloody good. It made sitting through some of the crappier MCU films worth it.
  11. labarte

    Do/did your parents game?

    It was a sunny summer's day. I was six years old and playing the garden. My father burst out of the house, 'I did it, I did it, I blew up the Deathstar!' 'Wow!' I said, 'What happened?' 'Fireballs came out of it and destroyed my ship.' he replied, his voice laced with indignation. It was then I realised that blowing up the Deathstar was just the beginning.

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