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  1. Sorry probably slightly off topic but I can't stop laughing at this and didn't know where else I could share the lols. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254722579607
  2. The suggested location is by the IR sensor but technically you can put it anywhere. But yeah, if you put it there the IR sensor still works.
  3. IPS are £28 on AliExpress. #Aliexpress £27.92 38%OFF | IPS Full Screen LCD Backlight kits for Nintendo Gameboy Color ips backlight lcd for GBC Game Console LCD screen with glass lens https://a.aliexpress.com/_d88Ynlx
  4. Don't get ripped off on retrosix! I've probably got some knocking about I can send you for cost of postage.
  5. Retrosix are massively overpriced. It actually annoys me. I understand they are trying to make a living from it but they are bordering on ripping people off with their mods. All the other bits they sell you can easily import from AliExpress for next to nothing too.
  6. He's not working at the moment. Can order parts but not doing consoles. Plus any of these sites (see retrosix also) put on a large premium. Personally I think their builds can be a bit overpriced but I appreciate it can be more reassuring than taking a punt on eBay.
  7. @sir stiff_one go for the one I linked. Mid July is only 6 weeks away and I couldn't guarantee parts would arrive in time. AliExpress give up 50 days in normal circumstances. The mod he has done is exactly what I would do. Looks like an original shell too rather than a cheapy Chinese replica. When it arrives just check for responsiveness of buttons. Some early ones had issues with protruding shell parts hitting the replacement PCB which meant you had to trim it down otherwise buttons wouldn't respond properly unless you mashed them hard. Or message him and check he's aware of that issue.
  8. @sir stiff_one I literally just sold one on eBay!! Posted it yesterday, d'oh. Depends how quick you need it. I could build you one but parts from China are taking quite long at the moment. There are some decent guys selling them on eBay. They charge a few quid more than I would (as this is probably their business as opposed to a hobby!) but basically this is exactly what you want: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133402099818
  9. To be fair I would want to shift that @watusi White with off-white??!! LCD wise the white, green and yellow are the easiest colours on the eye...if you go for for an IPS mod you can cycle colour combos by pressing the contrast wheel.
  10. Fair price. Thing is with the backlit/bivert mod the parts are actually dirt-cheap but the difficulty level/time required is high. Opposite way round with the new IPS mod. Piss easy to install but fairly costly (about £45 for the screen/front assembly alone)
  11. Not sure Joe does commissions these days but he is a very sturdy modder and a good egg. @sir stiff_one my oldest of buddies. Have you seen the new IPS modded DMGs??!! They make the bivert/backlight mod look like a Vectrex in comparison. There's still an old school charm about the old mod but the IPS screen is absolutely stunning.
  12. Yeah but then saying that, I found The Last of Us sewer sections Bioshock-esque but I absolutely loved that game. I think it was because there were genuine extended periods of respite from it all though. Not just a safe room occasionally with a shitty plant and fluffy music. I have absolutely zero chance to play games in the day which makes it worse. Only time I can play them is late at night when I'm on my own
  13. OK gotcha. I guess I never really appreciated the GC version as a genuine remake, more a sprucing up... but point taken, I suppose it was. I may grab the HD version first then before I go for RE2
  14. Nope, haven't played it. Last Resi I played was 6 I think? Definitely played 5 and obviously loved 4.
  15. Also what's all this RE1 remake? That never happened properly did it? It was just an 'HD' version?
  16. Obviously I've played all the originals but how scary is RE2Make or whatever it's called on a scale of wee to poo? I'm not easily scared but too much frantic tension can ruin a game for me. I gave up on BioShock all those years ago because I get fed up of crapping myself whilst trying to fend off some maniac traveling at the speed of light straight at me.
  17. I like the idea that he still uses doors gracefully and fully as intended.
  18. I can't remember much about the original...but did you get some kind of weird noise/signal that Mr Handsome was about to jump out of nowhere and absolutey scare actual shit out of your anus? Or was it a complete surprise? Asking for a friend.
  19. Das

    Nintendo Switch

    Will that entail frantically tapping the screen like some kind of impatient lunatic? Probably not one to play in public.
  20. Yeah see...that doesn't sound good. If you/someone had been tinkering and THEN it didn't boot it could be a short (something touching something else that it shouldn't be touching!). If it's just randomly happened then this sounds terminal to be honest. A chip has probably popped. If it was just a fuse it would likely have been in the PSU but you've swapped that out and still no dice which makes me think this is more sinister. Of course, I could be completely wrong!
  21. I agree with Jei that initially it sounds like a short but be interesting to trace the fault back to when it first occured. You've probably told me before @Camel but my memory is shot! How did it very first happen? Just went to play it one day and it was faulty?
  22. I think you are right actually as the only place I could fine a matching controller was via a seller in the US
  23. I've got the Sega Sports version...which seems to be identical to this but with different stickers? Have put GDEMU and UK PSU in mine.
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