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  1. In terms of VR (2nd edition or whatever it’s called) what are the issues with the breakout box and PS5, is it just 120fps or does it affect 4K/HDR too?
  2. With Astro Bot can you save mid-level (other than via rest mode) otherwise isn’t launching a level just the same as launching your save? Granted it’s not Quick Resume but I find rest mode is adequate for that. What I’d like to be able to do is create/pin my own cards e.g. WRC 9 has a card for the weekly challenge but not the daily so I’d like to create a shortcut for that.
  3. Yep fair point, just seems like an unnecessary restriction/complication that only harms multi-player in an already small fragmented player base. It’s very difficult, creating DLC tends to split the already small player base further and therefore harming the product but is essential for something like ACC. I wonder how the Automobilista 2 approach of a high cost one-off payment that basically gets you everything (I think) has worked out and what % of players went for that?
  4. Hmm, I feel putting tyre model updates into DLC is a bit of a change, I thought Kunos always tried to keep the base game the same and add tracks & cars as DLC.
  5. I did wonder if that was an effect for Ford heated windscreens (they have wire mesh in screen), does it happen on all cars, I tend to use bonnet cam? I particularly like the surface changes, really well done. I’ll send out a few Friend Requests to the people on here I’ve seen mention WRC 9, will be good to get some people on friends leaderboards.
  6. Feels like they’re fragmenting the multi-player base even further which I’m not sure is a good idea.
  7. Platinum/100% today, what a wonderful game, brought back so many good memories.
  8. Your PB is on there too but it’s been bugged since day 1. It’s really strange that they’ve neglected that whole side of things.
  9. Your best times are tracked under Driver statistics, not sure if it saves both GT3 and GT4 times as I don’t have the GT4 pack.
  10. Nope, Astro Bot has run flawlessly. Maybe try a database rebuild?
  11. Keep saying it enough and you’ll convince yourself
  12. In the end I plumped for WRC9 over Dirt5, £21.50 using some ShopTo PSN cards was too good to miss after the positive reports on here. The DualSense is fantastic, the triggers and haptics are used in a much more subtle way than I feared they might be which is great as straightaway it just felt right, no real adjustment needed. Hopefully Dirt5 will get a discount in the run up to Xmas and I’ll pick that up too.
  13. @Marlew scratch that, they’re not showing as free now. However I have bought this standard edition.
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