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  1. I wonder why on earth they’re making it harder, that sounds like one thing that isn’t needed. The difficulty is one thing that has made me pause in buying it.
  2. Comparison price was £45 for reference, if you’re happy to use a vpn etc.
  3. I don’t think Returnal will make a blind bit of difference to that, I doubt Sony ever thought it would be a huge seller on release but to perhaps have long legs, I’ll certainly buy it relatively soon if it drops a little. If something like GT7 bombs then Sony will definitely take notice but what are the chances of that. I guess Ratchet & Clank is next up, although I don’t know if that’s been a big seller previously, I’ll consider it in or around £40- £50. As many have said just buy in at the price that suits you, market forces will dictate. Perhaps that means waiting a little l
  4. Stick the damage on realistic, unless you have the jeopardy of wrecking your car it’s a relatively average racer imo. If you put the AI on expert I think you’ll get much more of a challenge and probably have to tune (basic stuff) and upgrade your car to compete. I think it could do with the ability to scale the AI much more though as per F1 game for example.
  5. Wow, that’s quite a leap from my post. I’m simply wondering how two games priced £10 apart will be perceived in the future. But you can’t ignore the fact that if Returnal had been absolute garbage then it wouldn’t have been as good value for money (Destruction All Stars - but at least they had the sense to back away from that). And sure MS could take the opportunity to go aggressive on pricing and charge £39.99 or lower for Halo but that’s probably not in their interest as it will devalue GamePass. I’m also interested to see the impact GamePass has on the sales of Halo,
  6. It would yes. That would be a £20 difference and therefore the gap is a bit wider, so more to consider.
  7. Why’s it not comparable? Anyway it’s my own musing so feel free to ignore it.
  8. Returnal is getting a bit vilified in here at £70, with a few (sadly) hoping for its demise, yet the overwhelming enthusiasm for it can be felt in its thread. A new IP, something that takes inspiration from other games/genres but also feels quite unique. I’m sure many feel it’s value for money. I’ll be genuinely interested to see what people make of Halo Infinite @ £60 (yes I know it’ll be on GP but we all know that argument and you can’t ignore that it’s also for sale). Is this going to be a tired/comfortable sequel coming out of a bit of development hell or a GOTY contender that
  9. The £100 cards tend to come in stock on a daily basis and are 15% off, there are just less of them.
  10. It was £55 on at least two separate occasions with Boss deals in the run up to release, £58 yesterday as someone mentioned it on here.
  11. The adaptive triggers do change a lot as your car takes damage which is cool. I think the haptics convey grip fine but not enough the difference in surfaces, hopefully they tune that a bit for the full release.
  12. Seems par for the course, not sure why Devs aren’t more up front about it, they must know the question is going to be asked.
  13. I expected load times to be quicker (is it quicker than PS4 version running on PS5 SSD?) and I’m not overly impressed by the haptics but I’ll reserve judgement a bit as I’ve only tried the one race on dirt. Felt a bit of lockup on the left trigger when braking which was nice though. What I do like is being able to jump straight back into an event using an Activity Card and it all looks great etc.
  14. That’s a shame if they haven’t used them to the same degree as WRC. At least haptics sound good, do they change depending on surface feel too?
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