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  1. The Truman Show Another one in a long line I've went into with too high expectations after reading praise for it here. Was decent enough like, but I wasn't blown away by it. Probably would have been much better at the time. 3/5 Oh Brother Where Art Thou Not quite in the upper echelon of Cohen brothers films but still great. 4/5 Hannibal Well directed and acted but the writing is just shit compared to Silence of The Lambs. 3/5 (All three in Netflix)
  2. Watch this between 3.20 and 3.25 to bear witness to the greatest background artist in the history of cinema.
  3. Don't try to tell the arseholes in the main thread that. Some of them are trying to deny it even happens. Along with other brilliant observations like the combat system has had "a complete bloody overhaul" since the first game.
  4. Yeah someone dissagreeing with the hive mind must either be trolling or a just failure to meet your lofty expectations of people. That's reasonable.
  5. Some of y'all haven't played the first game in years and are misremembering. Ellie had her knife in the first game, only Joel needed shivs, "The combat has had a complete bloody overhaul" we're just gonna have to agree to disagree here, very lightly tweaked, fair enough but a complete bloody overhaul is laughable. New Weapons? One new weapon. The rest are ostensibly just reskins. New enemies? OK. I'll give you the stalkers. The shamblers are basically just bloaters, the wall enemies are completely fucking pointless beyond the first jump scare. And Fuck it, I'm downgrading it from really good to just good. Also I played it on the hardest setting. Done the original on grounded mode a few weeks ago so this was a walk in the part comparatively.
  6. I love the work benches. And am going to build one.
  7. Most of the serious gameplay flaws revolve around the stealth mechanics. The stealth kills are incredibly loud and other enemies never notice. And while you're creeping around all stealthy friendly AI will sometimes walk right past or right into enemies. Now they obviously knew this was a problem and just had it so the friendly AI's can't fuck up your stealth attempts no matter how obvious it is they should be. This is much better than dopey AI getting you killed but it's still a real immersion killer when it happens. They have improved it very slightly, in that if you're crouched friendlies are crouched same with prone etc, but they still walk right into sight lines and sometimes literally just walk into enemies. And enemy AI is every bit as inconsistent as it was in the first game. There are other flaws too. But those are the most serious. I absolutely loved the first game despite these problems. I really like this too, I'm not saying it isn't good. Just that I haven't enjoyed it as much as I did the first, and it's very disappointing that they haven't ironed out these big obvious wrinkles. Add that to the story being generally weaker, don't get me wrong the writing is still mostly fantastic, the characters and dialogue are really in a league of their own in terms of video game writing: So all in all I've been disappointed by the game while also acknowledging that it's still really quite good. And cunts are crying about it like fuck because when gamers like something no one is allowed to point out it's flawed.
  8. I would have liked them to have fixed all the flaws. Which was my original point.
  9. Can you explain to me how to combat is different?
  10. The best review of the first game.
  11. The combat is exactly the same warts and all (I'm counting this as a serious flaw as they haven't addressed any of the obvious issues that the first had, I could ignore them in the first game assuming time constraints or whatever but for a sequel seven years in the making not to address a single issue is not so easily explained away), my problem with the combat here is the pacing. One long relentless slog of a battle after another. The first game had plenty of skirmishes that were super intense but they were all (nearly all) over relatively quickly. Also the set pieces in the first were infinitely better than in this. As for level design the world was beautifully realised, I'm not faulting it, it looked fucking amazing and was atmospheric as fuck, but relative to the first game it was incredibly limited, I think that's why that superfluous last section was tacked on (it wasn't great anyway). What part of it was better or even comparable to the winter section in the first? It looked awesome but it didn't play anywhere near as well, nor was it as atmospheric.
  12. I am so fucking disappointed by this. Which isn't to say it's bad, it isn't, it's good, it's really good mostly, if it was a new IP it would probably be my game of the decade (not saying much since the decade is six months old but I wouldn't think anything will better it any time soon) but as a sequel it is just worse pretty much across-the-board. And no, not because of the representation of LGBTQ people, I thought that was great. Will withhold full judgement until I've finished it. It might still could turn it around, but I don't think it's going to.
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