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  1. I wonder if this current trend of sequels, remakes and reboots will ever end.
  2. Is this dead online (PS4)? I can neither summon nor get summoned. Level 111, have some fully upgraded weapons, I'm in Ng+2, haven't seen an summon sign and invasion sign or any signs at all in I don't know how long. Definitely human, definitely have network set to global with no password.
  3. I wasn't sure whether it was better to split them or do them as one. Mostly decided to keep them together because it was hard to split them. Put a gun to my head I'd say 1 was better but not by much.
  4. Lets hear everyone's rankings: 1. Pulp fiction 2. Django 3 Jackie Brown 4 . Kill Bill 1+2 5. Once upon a Time in Hollywood (this is likely to change with repeat viewings I suspect I'm gonna like it more) 6. Reservoir dogs 7. Hateful 8 8. Inglorious Basterds 9. Death proof And if we're considering films he wrote but didn't direct True Romance and From Dusk till Dawn would be 2 and 3 respectfully.
  5. I think a big part of why it was so funny to me was the way it subverted my expectations. I didn't know it was a counterfactual going in to it. So I was expecting the Tate Labianca murders to play out, and a character that the film spent a good amount of time establishing as wide-eyed an innocent and very likable and also heavily pregnant to be brutally murdered along with her friends. So I was watching with a sense of mounting dread, and when it got flipped on its head it was a big relief. I also think the way the fight was choreographed was incredibly slapstick. I think for some people the gore has gotten in the way of that and they couldn't see the funniness cause they were so shocked by it. That kind of violence in a film doesn't bother me at all, so I was just amused by the fight and then I couldn't believe how over the top the effects were. And the juxtaposition just made it even funnier. Also how did you not know the kids were cult members? It wasn't clearly spelled out, but that whole scene at the ranch wasn't a bit weird to you? Also them planning to kill everyone in the house and make it "witchy maaaaan". Even if you didn't know they were cult members you should have known they weren't just some innocent kids.
  6. He was tripping his balls off though. And they had a gun and knives. I thought it was perfect. If he'd just been some random non badass you would have known exactly how it was gonna play out. Conversely if he hadn't been tripping between his badass self and equally badass dog you would have been confident he was gonna fuck them up. But the way it was done you just didn't know what how it was gonna go down.
  7. That fight scene at the end of the film was fantastic. Funniest ten minutes of film I've seen in over a decade. Maybe ever. It would have been great without the graphicness. Just the way it played out was hilarious on its own, but the combination of that and the really bloody, graphic, visceral gore somehow made it all the more funny. And then the very end where De Caprio breaks out a military grade flame thrower. Superb.
  8. Might get a sequel after all.
  9. Demon's Souls. I wish they would remaster it. Honorable mentions: Silent Hill. Alan Wake. Limbo.
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    Always the way.
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