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  1. First Blood This is one of the films I will watch on TV every single time I see it on. And it's always enjoyable. Just a really good film. All he wanted was something to eat ffs. 5/5 Clarifying note: I actually watched it on now tv cinema pass this time.
  2. Snowpiercer Saw this on prime a while ago and didn't watch cause I thought the premise was daft as fuck (still do: Bioshock but it's a train) checked it out cause the director has some mad hype right now. It was it really good. Could have been great if they'd tightened it up a bit here and there but but whatever. Tilda Swinton playing the human equivalent of the Tory party. Superb. She's always amazing in everything and it's never the same thing twice. 4 delicious and nutritious protein blocks out of 5.
  3. I'd feel like an idiot if I paid to watch Conor vs Khabib 2 (purely from a stylistic viewpoint) and that's without even getting into the fact that McGregor hasn't done nearly enough to earn a rematch. But I'd feel like a fucking scumbag for paying to watch Conor vs Diego. It's unseemly as fuck. That Diego is still getting fights at all is fucked up, but throwing him into a hometown gimme fight for McGregor where there's a massive chance he's gonna get badly knocked out would just be too gross. Horrible shit like that happens in the sport all the time but that would be the straw that broke the camel's back. McGregor has seriously gone down in my estimations for even putting that shit out there. To be fair though he had already dropped miles. What's trying to manifest a little gimme fight after all the other shit he has done.
  4. If this happens I'm done with the sport.
  5. What are some shows or films that you loved that for whatever reason never took off or hit the way they should have. My suggestion: Ignore the shitty music choice in the trailer (nothing like that in the show). I like Kanye but was a shit choice for this trailer. It's really good. It could have been great but they went a bit overboard here and there. The cast is epic. And it has one of the greatest villains ever in it. It's on Netflix.
  6. Have you seen Chef? A universe in which Jon Favreau has tanked Sofia Vergara and Scarlet Johansen... And he isn't even rich in it.
  7. I wonder how with it or not he was, and for how long. My biggest fear is my mind going but still being alive for a long time. Imagine if by like 91 he was gone and they kept him around all this time without him having any control over his own life. Shit thought to have at the passing of a Hollywood legend. I'm Spartacus.
  8. Uncut Gems Very very shouty and fast paced and I didn't particularly enjoy most of it. The last twenty minutes or so was pretty great though. Hard one to score. 3/5
  9. Wow. Thank you. An honour just to be nominated etc. Who's picks came highest in the top 10?
  10. Yeah I noticed it was particularly bad for her scenes and could imagine they were forced to do so after Carrie Fisher died. But the whole film was like that. Instead of filming any of the scenes with a wide angle and showing everyone it just showed a zoomed in shot of whoever was talking saying a line or two. Cut next person's line or two. Cut. And so on. Maybe they done it throughout just so the Leah scenes would be consistent with the rest. Still horrible to watch though.
  11. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker The way this was put together was complete fucking ass. The content wasn't terrible. But it was edited together by a fucking a moron for a moron audience. Cuts every three seconds, which isn't terrible during an action sequence but even in the conversational scenes: cut, cut, cut, cut, cut. At no stage did I get the impression I was watching two people just talking, it felt like two or more monologues that were spliced together into a conversation. 1/5
  12. Just finished rewatching the first batch of this season. Legitimately anxious about starting the last batch. I've loved this show so much over the last five years. The idea that it's gonna be over is too much. Was already in a bit if a depression anyway. Fuck. Unless something goes horribly wrong this is my favourite tv show ever. Nothing comes close to touching it in terms of the emotions it has inspired.
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