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  1. Digital. To think I was even thinking about the digital deluxe version with costumes That's a fair point you make and I can not disagree with it, but allow me to elaborate on why I bought this in the first place. I've no interest in Battlefield of Call of Duty, the last time I played a game in any of those franchises was on Xbox 360. I know what they are about and I know I am not the target audience which I am perfectly fine with. But BF and CoD do not score 9's and 10's every entry. Battlefield V: Average 79%, Recommend 74% Battlefield 1: Average 87%, Recommend 96% Battlefield 4: Average 79%, Recommend 75% Call of Duty WWII: Average 78%, Recommend 69% Call of Duty Warzone: Average 80%, Recommend 80% Call of Duty Blops 4: Average 84%, Recommend 88% OpenCritic I know not to bother with these games, judging from the scores it's still a game very much aimed at the target audience. If for example the upcoming Battlefield 2142 scores 9's and 10's proverbially all across the board, it'll trigger my interest. I'm still not the target audience, but clearly this entry is doing something differently or just very right to warrant these very high scores. Different type of game: Into the Breach. Unfortunately still not available on PlayStation and I admit it's not my genre at all. However, according to many reviews I've read and seen it's a game that's like the second coming of the genre. It's unanimously praised which again triggered my interest. Not my jam, but with praise this good it must be something special and I gladly would give it a try. Back to Tales or Arise. Not being facetious here, but what does this do that warrants these scores? Is the standard for JRPGs this low? Persona 5 scores barely higher with Average 94%, Recommended 98% and that's in my opinion infinitely better in every way (but the combat maybe). I think I'm just very much annoyed I spent 70 euro on this. I went in with high expectations, even commented on how very anime it all is 1 or 2 pages back and what I got was a painfully old fashioned tone-deaf blueprint for the most generic JRPG. I'll stop stinking up the thread, instead I'll go whine in the "Abandoned Games" thread.
  2. Can't fast travel because the game wants me to complete this long ass story related dungeon. I should give up, but I paid 70 euro for this so I'm going to brute force my way through it skipping every single dialogue and cutscene
  3. Oh yeah, lesson learned. I was persuaded by the very positive reviews this received so my thought process was “it can’t be that bad surely”. I am sooo not the target audience for this.
  4. Upgraded some of the necklaces or whatever, made a big difference. I'm still very much floating on the surface (no pun intended), nothing grabs me. Opinion: scenes that are meant to be emotional make me chuckle and cringe, moments that are meant as comic relief make me yell "what are you doing? what is this!?", some of the voice acting triggers replacement-shame. It's bad b-movie bad and not in a good way. I should stay away from anime JRPGs and focus on Dragon Quests' and Persona's. Combat is great, the very limited and linear exploring is fun enough. It's a shame the rest of the game gets in the way.
  5. Any tips on area 4 boss? Talk about a spike in difficulty.
  6. I watched a video by Matt McMuscles (from Two Best Friends or whatever it was called), looks like a ridiculous barrel of laughs.
  7. You’re kidding right? This puts FF7 Remake to shame, the sheer amount of sighs and grunts boggles the mind. On top of that, characters do not shut up. Imagine 4 character during combat yelling out all their attacks individually overlapped by random phrases they like to yell. Also, why does a simple “kill 7 enemies” quest pick up come with 40 dialogue boxes where characters say complete invaluable nonsense. Combat is fun, it can look gorgeous (in third zone now, wow). Everything else so far of mediocre at best. How this reviewed so extremely well is a mystery to me.
  8. Man the cringe is real. Am in the second zone now, it’s gets worse and worse. Just witnessed that monologue, fecking hell Game is great, the cringe isn’t.
  9. Where’s the quest log? Edit: Settings -> Activity Records
  10. I need to stop pressing R1 to trigger the area sensitive conversations.
  11. No it wouldn't. In case you missed it, Kratos accidentally killed his wife and child in a fit of rage in God of War 1 which scarred him for life (literally, the white marks on his skin is the ash IIRC). Him being a parent in God of War 2018 in probably not by choice and it's obvious he struggles as lot with paternity. He raises his voice to Atreus, he clearly has to suppress his anger at some points but he never lays a hand on him. There's moments where Kratos halts himself from showing affection. Karats has issue ok and a little brat whining about stuff does not help keep the peace. That said, they both grow. A lot. Give it a chance with an open mind. That said, I tried to do the same with A Plague's Tail and I feverishly hated that so it's fair if you do not like it.
  12. This is anime as heck Two hours in now, blatantly still in the very startie-stoppie tutorial.
  13. df0

    Dying Light 2

    Take your time lads, no one wants another broken, buggy, incomplete mess on day 1.
  14. Not played BF in ages but I am sure that's all scripted. If you want proper destruction with physics, you can't go wrong with Red Faction.
  15. I love it when a game does not pull punches. Two different examples: - Children as enemies. Dead Space 2, Days Gone, Dante's Inferno and Silent Hill 1 have you fight and naturally kill children that are possessed, zombified or whatever else. Dead Space 2 and Silent Hill 1 have literally kindergarten/school areas, it makes perfect sense to have kids there. In contrast: there's no dead kids in Fallout 4. There's schools, there's a live baby in the introduction, there's kids in settlements. So miraculously all kids survived? - Killing off important characters. The Last Of Us Part 2 does this so well without making a big deal out of it.
  16. Youtube thumbnails/descriptions. Justin Wong is a well established name in fighting games for what, 20 years now? Maximilian Dood has infinite knowledge about fighting games. Both provide informative videos about the FGC I deliberately do not watch because of the thumbnails. I hate it.
  17. The currency in Roblox. Think Fortnite Bucks in Fortnite.
  18. I hate The Gamers(tm). Sam Maggs writes the KOTOR Remake. Sam has said that KOTOR (old one) is not her favorite Star Wars game, Sam likes The Last Jedi, Sam used the term "Patriarchy" several times in her tweets Naturally, The Gamers(tm) are very upset. By now you know what type of abuse she had to deal with since the announcement.
  19. PLAYER CHOICE!* *you're required to choose between the xenophobic military faction and the hardcore religious rebels. *until we disregard everything you did and force our own narrative down your throat.
  20. Played through this years ago, felt it was kind of alright for a one time play through. Never bought the DLC but I was always interested in it, so what better way to have it all in one neat package then the GOTY edition for a measly 10 euro (8 GBP). To keep things fresh I went for the opposite of a sneaky sniper build: a heavy weapon tank. As well as using different companions, completing quests in a different way etc. Might as well experience a different Fallout 4. So far: - Minutemen fella does not take no for an answer. No I do not want to help, no I do not want to be general, no I do not want any of it. So I guess I am a general of the minutemen now. - Paladin Danse bugged out. He insists on fighting ghouls that aren't there halting progress of his quest. Google yields results from the day the game came out. God damn it Bethesda. But fine, sure. I did a ton of stuff on the side and after like 30 hours or so I decided to stop by Diamond City. Upon arrival I realised I just did not care. The Railroad, the Institute, the bad guy from there beginning, the stuff with Piper and Valentine. I just can't. Instead I downloaded some mods for infinite ammo and decided to pursue Far Harbour and whatever the robot one is called. First on the list: robots. I meet Jezebel, she asked me a question to which I can answer [sarcastic] (I think, it might be [maybe]), [yes] and [no]. The only way to progress is to answer [yes]. Everything else accomplished nothing. I just can't. I can't even pretend to care about any of it. Oxhorn surely has a neat 2 hour video where he explains in great details everything that happens in Far Harbour and Robotland, I rather watch that.
  21. So I never played this. Looking very much forward to finally experiencing it. Those who played the AWE DLC for Control, how much did that spoil for AW?
  22. No. I pick any default for both genders, alter the hair, change hair and eye colour, add a big bushy beard where applicable.
  23. YouTube recommended a speed run from this year’s AGDQ. Spoilers of course for bosses, items and everything else. The amount of damage output is ridiculous. edit: spoilered for thumbnail.
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