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  1. Am guaranteed to run the exact same build: voice-of-reason Paragon stealth sniper.
  2. Yes, I updated from the working one (before all the hassle) to the latest one yesterday and all is perfectly well. Saved game worked (I do have PS+).
  3. Get close and hit it with the sword. I was just wondering what the weapon perk/artefact was
  4. Ah, Shieldbreaker. Ok, but I'm confident I did damage through the shield without the Alt-Fire. Also, I've no clue how Overload works. I got the Trophy by sheer luck
  5. So you know those enemies that are shielded by a red bubble? I swear I once or twice had a weapon perk or parasite or item that allowed me to damage enemies through that bubble, and I've never been able to find out what triggered it. Anybody got a clue what I'm talking about? edit: I'm 99% sure it always happened with the Hollowphaser weapon and for the longest time I thought it was the Phaser perk but when I started testing it isn't. It's not Waves either.
  6. No. First things first, you need to be at full health. To the left of your Health Bar (I'm using that now instead of Integrity) are 2 or 3 horizontal bars. If you pick up a regular health orb, you notice how one of those horizontal bars fills up. Fill all of em and you get an increase to your max hp.
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