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  1. Monster Hunter Wold. Again. After a long hiatus I restarted this several weeks ago and had a fantastic time with it. Credits roll later like 120 hours and I wonder why I ever gave up on this. Got myself some neat weapons, good armour sets, small selection of jewels. Great, now to the so called endgame. And that's when and where I realised why I gave up on this. Ludicrously difficult fights with mechanics that you can barely spec for. I have no jewel that nullifies the roars which means I am stunned often, have not enough fire resistance gear and jewels, can not withstand wind attacks, am chugging health potions like an addict. And that's when I am fighting one monster, when a second one joins the fray it becomes at least double as bad. Now I have an Assignment to kill two purple (Tempered?) Beuzelgeuse. Suggested Hunter Rank is 29, I am 29. Optional quest is to kill Lunestra which I can do with like a 50% success rate. HR is set to 19. Both tear me apart. So as far as I know all I can do now is farm Investigations (which are like super optional quests) and hope for the correct jewel to drop so I can increase my fire resistance or nullify roars. Also, this whole Turf War thing really became a massive annoyance. It was neat the first few times, now just let me kill Lunestra. There's no need to have that wind dragon show up EVERY time.
  2. That’s a terrible interpretation. It looks way worse then it is. If went from 91 to 82 and is at time if writing back at 87. See below the graph for the past 6 months. Steep dip in mid May, two steep dips at end February.
  3. I don’t think that far. I can not in good conscience buy any product from a company that tolerates this behavior.
  4. All much better than A Plague’s Tale surely
  5. Well that’s any future game on the no-buy list. Was looking forward to Diablo 4
  6. I kind of worry about this. If this is a carbon copy of the original, why bother playing? Subjectively I'll get nothing out of it. I know the enemy placement, the surprises, the jump scares, whatever. I played the original to bits, love(d) it. I really hope they mix it up a lot. Mass Effect Remaster works because different classes and different party members guarantee new dialogue options, conversations and choices. Dead Space is linear to the extreme with no player choice. I see no sense in playing the exact same old horror game in 4k/60fps.
  7. Time for an intervention @Flub, no more MMORPGs in your life. Enough is enough ok
  8. Very interesting tech heavy speed run. Great commentary as well.
  9. If you're a magic user you probably have access to Water Veil. Use that, it lessens the elemental damage you receive. You want to engage from a distance and time your shots, he can be rather nimble and dodge your attacks by accident/luck. Also, dodge backwards. His elemental aura is around his body, not his head. Depending on your magic build you can deal out a decent amount of damage. So play is relatively safe from a distance (not too far, you want your magic to hit your target), keep your mana stacked, replenish Water Veil and cast Souls Arrow or whatever magic spell you have. About his aggressiveness, it's a phase. When he's in that phase you might want to focus on dodging and keeping that distance.
  10. Can I have a Krogan duvet cover please.
  11. Hate is too strong an emotion to have towards a videogame. No doubt in my mind I dislike this a lot, what barely kept me going was the story. I forgot to mention this in my post above but the story’s neat as is the world design. There’s some great cutscenes and cinematography. Heck, this’d make an excellent Netflix series.
  12. I agree with @Count Buffalos There's jank (the games from Spiders, Warhammer: Hired Guns) and there's bad. I'd rank this as one of the worst things I've played in ages. Disclaimer that might shed light on why I feel strongly about this game. I lack any paternal instinct. For as long as I can remember I never wanted to have and get kids. I do not hate kids, I just know I am too selfish to have kids. I am not the parent type, I know this and am perfectly happy with this. Obviously, spoilers ahead. I'll not stink up this thread, I'm happy most of you enjoyed it (but seriously, an EDGE 8 ).
  13. The Binding of Isaac. I met a friend yesterday who's leaving thee country and he and I play Binding of Isaac a lot. We had lunch on a terrace and chatted about Mom, getting Repentance, if I had Afterbirth+ and all that. I can only imagine how that all sounded to a complete layman.
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