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  1. Rock solid 30fps in all modes
  2. I agree so much I'm posting a wonder red gif
  3. It was announced before E3 but was really low key.
  4. DK is great stuff and the bosses aren't that hard. Just pattern recognition really. There is also an easy mode as well.
  5. Nintendo always iron that kind of thing out at the end of a games development.
  6. Looks like some graphical improvements have been made to the engine as well. Seemed to be more texture detail and improved lighting. Not too surprising considering they have had time to work on the engine and take more advantage of the switch and its extra memory etc.
  7. Interesting video showing the differences in the Witcher 3 between PS4 and switch. Looks like an amazing job was done to get it running. Changes seem based on amount of textures and their quality, cut down lighting and shadowing. Geometry detail seems about the same. Foliage has also been cut back quite a lot. Still it's impressive stuff and it looks like they may have all the game and DLC on a cartridge with no extra download.
  8. Do remember that when they talked about Scarlett and said it was "4 times the power" well that is a terrible metric to use. Firstly It's CPU will be way, way better than the Xbox's. Those jaguar cores were shite when they were used years ago, Zen 2 is massively better. Meanwhile, the GPU is based on Navi and that should, at the most, provide the same sort of rasterization power as the 1080 did. Also saying that the machine can do ray tracing in real time is just a bunch of talk as current machines could do that, they just cannot do it well because, unlike RTX cards, they don't have hardware designed to run ray tracing specifically. Navi can do ray tracing, just not well, old 10 series GTX cards can do ray tracing...just not very well. Despite this big jump in power you might not actually feel that it is such a leap because you burn huge amounts of power when rendering stuff at high resolutions. Thankfully though the extra power does mean that we might see the back of dynamic resolutions.
  9. God that match was shite. Horrible football from both teams.
  10. I wondered that as well. Could be the camera picking up screen refresh now and again.
  11. Yeah. Emulation typically comes with a more hefty overhead than the power of the original machine. The switch in mobile mode is roughly the same power as the wiiu so emulation is a non-starter. It's a much better option to port things, especially when you have all the original code and assets etc.
  12. Yeah breakthrough seems the much better mode for this new map. Although if your a pilot then conquest is quite good as there is plenty of space for turning and bombing targets. The points are quite close together so it's good for that.
  13. pulsemyne

    Quake II RTX

    Hmm...wonder if I can fish out my old Quake 2 pc disc. Got to be around here somewhere. You get all the levels redone if you have the full game. The free version is just three levels. Also...
  14. Last one was 30 percent discount for the likes of Zelda and Mario which isn't too bad. Don't think you're ever going to get them at 20 quid.
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