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  1. Reflowing a cpu, or indeed any chip that is soldered to a circuit board, means you roast the chip with a heat gun to the point where the solder that attaches the chip tto the board becomes liquid and you can then remove the chip or replace the chip. Your sort of unbonding it from the board. An example of this being used to repair consoles is with the PS3 and wiiu which had dodgy hdmi chips on the board. They sometimes needed to be reflowed i.e the solder need to be melted so the chips could be replaced with new ones or just moved slightly to sort the connect out when the whole thing cool
  2. I did that as well. She took about 20 sniper shots to the head as well the fucker.
  3. It a pretty big game so you'll have a damn good time.
  4. 42 quid at shopto is the best I've seen.
  5. Oh god are you in for a treat. Brilliant game.
  6. Looks bloody brilliant. That is being bought. Also helps that I loved 3D world. Such a good game.
  7. It was the xavier SOC's used on cars. Tegra class. Typicaly they run at 10 or 15 watts which is the same as the OG switch uses when docked.
  8. One of nvidias mobile chips does have tensor cores on it.
  9. Ghost titans! It seems that the total number of titans we killed last night was actually too high to the tune of around 50 ish. You see as some people jumped in they had problems and logged out or were disconnected. This resulted in them appearing in the system but not actually being there so to speak so they are effectivly Ghost titans that, while we shot them and killed them, were not actually in the system. This has happened before so while it's annoying for us it wasn't entirely unexpected. So they they only lost around 100 ish titans. Just the third largest amount ever
  10. The great Turkey shoot. Last night was bonfire of the titans and a total fuck up by our enemies in PAPI. There has always been one constant in Eve, if you cram a lot of people in one system and then try to jump a whole load more people into the system then the server can only move them so fast. It's just the nature of how the game works and how fast the server can process data. There's nothing new about that. We in the imperium know this and our enemies also know this...or so we thought. So last night we decided to get in the target system of M2- first. We knew th
  11. 100 enemy titans dead to 0 for us. And many more to come.
  12. We have now killed well over twenty titans and the enemy leaders are saying that CCP has messed up and will be reimbursing everyone who lost a ship. However this simply isn't true because this is not CCP's fault. This is their fault for jumping into a system with 5000 people waiting to kill them. We are also now being told that they have been to log off as this went very tits up.
  13. Update! Enemy forces just made a mistake and cyno'd in multiple titans too early and are dieing. 4 Titans dead so far and a fleet of Onyx class ships is being wiped out. So far today PAPI have lost 9 titans and nothing has really started yet. Correction! It wasn't a mistake they just jumped 600 titans into systems and it has started to be a bit of a Turkey shoot. They are slowly loading grid and becuase we are already on it we are killing them.
  14. It's a live stream by our guys. At the moment we have around 4400 people in the system on our side while the enemy has yet to really log into the system. They do have a very large number of people in their staging though. If I was them I wouldn't risk the jump in. I have a feeling that may just happen. I think they will forget about this and just scream "LOL made you form" etc. If they don't log in then the keep is safe and we go home happy.
  15. Holy crap this will be a record breaking fight. I just do not see how the server will be able to handle it. Goon staging currently has over 4000 people in it preparing to jump some four hours before anything starts. And they haven't even pinged for more numbers yet. "This will be a huge fight won't Spartacus?" "It's bigger than that Pulsemyne, it's large. If you've got a history book at home then throw it out it's worthless. The history books will now have to be rewritten." "Really what will they say?" "Internet nerds shot each other. Everything else will be a footnot
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