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  1. Well the backstory from book one is closing in on completion and I've managed to integrate things quite well. You see the seeds of Belm's distrust of the ECCIB and Central. You also get a sense of their attempts at trying to control Belm, to bend him into the person they want him to be. It never really sat right with me that the first book just says "Oh they lie to Belm and he distrusts them". Now you see just how they have lied to him and why they do it. So, yeah I'm still writing this stuff. It just takes an awfully long time to do it. Book one now has probably gone from 180,000 words to around 240,000. Bringing it in line with the second book size wise. The third will probably be about the same.
  2. That's not controversial at all! Anyone who fails to recognise the brilliance of the game is simply a tasteless bastard!
  3. I thought they couldn't but apparently they can, albeit there is a cost involved https://www.retrorgb.com/n64rgbcompatible.html You're probably much better off using S-video as the N64's output for that is actually quite good.
  4. WTF! No more going through the menus to get to it! What a patch.
  5. Not really as you can train any skills no matter what race your character is etc. As for starting well you'll get a tutorial somewhere in high security space and starting running missions given by agents. And yeah I'm still playing this after 15 years. God knows why.
  6. Holy shit it looks way better on portable mode with anti-alaising off and no sharpening.
  7. Seems quite a small patch as well.
  8. Switch patch is out! Downloading.
  9. Just checked my old GOG save on my PC and see that my Geralt was wearing a rather nice red number. Pity my save wasn't furthur along than my switch one but hey ho.
  10. The new switch patch also apparently has GOG cross saves as well. As for the graphics options, well we knew they were in there with the hack. Cannot wait to get back into this, Took some time off it to play Luigis mansion and Yooka Laylee.
  11. Series 3 and 4 are noticbly better as well. Manny cotto was brough on as show runner and did a much better job.
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