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  1. It's a 70 euro game that contains microtransactions as well. Good going Sony. Got to make back some of the those hardware costs somehow.
  2. I watched a video recently and noticed two warp areas on certain stages that I never knew existed. On a seperate note I finally broke down and bought this...then spent two hours on Mario 64 and falling in love with it all over again. It's pure charm and happiness. It's astonishing looking back at just how much nintendo got right with the game. At the time when I got my launch day n64 and mario I thought that the game was just amazing but looking back at it some 23 years later and reliving all those peices of brilliance just makes me appretiate it more.
  3. You probably used a koopa shell to glide across the sand and up the pillars.
  4. Bloody hell that's an impressive list. Quite surprised at how many americans are involved.
  5. Back in the day it was one of the major things that made me hate sunshine. It was horrifically badly designed. The camera is also a pain in the arse in hotel delphino.
  6. So it seems that the digital only machine will be in far less supply than the disc version. Seems like sony are making a big loss on those machines and just choosing to pretty much paper launch that one and look good by offering a cheaper machine than MS series X.
  7. Maybe at first for the few games they are currently making but future stuff...not a chance. Why spend 7.5 billion to get no advantage out of it?
  8. Also this doesn't really effect Nintendo that much as MS are happy for stuff to come to switch so Doom Eternal should still make an appearence.
  9. That xbox series S deal looks a better all the time.
  10. It's reasonably easy job with one exception, the ribbon cables. They are a pain in the arse and break very easily. As for the sticks themselves I'm not sure but they are probably pretty generic.
  11. The reason sunshine feels odd is because it was rushed. At the time nintendo changed focus to try and release games on time to help gamecube sales. They abandoned the idea of polishing something to the nth degree to met a release date. After sunshine and Wind waker they changed back. Sunshine had a very short development time for a Mario game (18 months reportidly) Just think though. During one E3 show they had playable demos of Sunshine (which ran at 60fps), Zelda and Metroid Prime. What a fucking line up.
  12. Well cards are up on some sites. Ebuyers went up and instantly sold out...
  13. They didn't shit the bed. They got out of the bed though and pissed on it a lot. And hears the thing that annoys me more than anything. They posted all that info after the show because they knew that only those who looked into it would get pissed off while everyone else would go "Ps5 Has Spidey! 399 dollars wow!" They duped people into thinking they were getting good value while knowing that they could charge whatever the fuck they want because people are tied to their store. Even better is charging so much for a game that probably cost about 1/3 of development that something like the la
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