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    Colton Herta wins another one and is a future champion if he stays in IndyCar. Newgarden a deserved champion and what started as a procession because a really tense race on a track it is difficult to overtake on.
  2. Good point, there were a few moments where they would have played the ball back to the goalkeeper if Alisson was in goal but with Adrian they always try to avoid doing that if they can. Adrian had a good game, made some important saves and avoided making any potentially disastrous mistakes. He definitely proved a very able substitute while Alisson is injured.
  3. Hanging on in the second half and Salah continuously trying to dribble through the defender was incredibly frustrating, but a win is a win onto the next game.
  4. Lucky escape, Chelsea have been the better side since the goal.
  5. He works for the F1 Channel so probably something to do with the F1 Debrief he does for that channel. Ferrari are on a roll. Do we think Mercedes will recover or are they going to stagger over the line Brawn GP style. Russia has long straights and 90 degree corners so I expect Ferrari to be strong there and in Mexico and the US. Red Bull always go well in Mexico so it's only Japan and Brazil I think they will win races in the last part of the season.
  6. Bottas knows he's the luckiest driver in F1 because if Mercedes had more notice that Rosberg was retiring he would never have ended up in that seat and now he's there and their main driver likes he's safe and won't do anything to rock the boat. Leclerc sees a hasbeen who he has been outperforming for most of the season so I expect his response in Russia to be interesting.
  7. Bottas qualified fifth and binned in on Friday, knows his place in the team. Russia is his best track so hopefully he’ll be closer to the sharp end at the next race.
  8. Leclerc is pissed but being screwed over by Ferrari strategy to let Seb win is what they do, they did it to Kimi at Monaco a few years ago. Mercedes need to do better in Russia but it’s a boring Tilkedrome with a huge straight so I expect Ferrari do do well there as well.
  9. This is how they’re going to finish, Leclerc isn’t getting past Vettel and Hamilton isn’t getting past Max.
  10. Grosjean proving he's been kept for his technical knowledge and not his racing ability.
  11. Mercedes has ballsed up the strategy,
  12. Leclerc has gone and another disaster for Renault.
  13. Just completed getting Gold in all of the mission challenges and just have the circuit ones to go. But I struggle at the Nürburgring Nordschleife with my fastest lap currently 8 seconds away from the Gold target, it's just too long for to memorise and I've never enjoyed driving on it in any racing game I've played it has been in. You get a gift car for each stage of the challenge mode you get gold in and for getting a least a bronze in all of the challenges on one stage but none of the cars are any different / rarer than what you get from the daily workout gift so it looks like I'll just have to keep grinding credits to buy the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe 64, only 8m credits to go.
  14. Leclerc to crash into Hamilton at the start and Vettel to win the race.
  15. Ferrari pace that no one was expecting.
  16. Same as the Switch. I top up credit on Switch and use it on 3DS.
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    Season finale at Mazda WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca this weekend. Qualifying from 9.30pm tonight on Sky Sports F1 with the race Sunday from 7.30pm The corkscrew looks absolutely terrifying in an open wheel car.
  18. The benefit of keeping a 3DS is that the games on it are never going to available again as they were originally released until the 3DS Mini comes out in 20 years. Dual screen gaming is dead and second screen use is mostly restricted to menus but that's why I'd never get rid of my 3DS.
  19. Fair enough. They seem to have just about every variation of MD released so you might find it there. https://www.play-asia.com/search/mega+drive
  20. @Jazz Glands Play-Asia currently have it in stock but with shipping and import fees it'll cost you over £60 https://www.play-asia.com/mega-drive-mini-tower/13/70crmd
  21. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a goalkeeper go for a header and miss as badly as that.
  22. Kubica our at the end of season so at least one seat is available.
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