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  1. If he wins the title this year I wonder if we’ll start to see sold squad churn to stay fresh. The front three have been at Liverpool for a long time now and I can see one of the moving on into the next year or so.
  2. Some good news on this miserable day
  3. In case anyone hasn't seen it
  4. He won’t be cup tied in the CL a either https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/amp/newsid%3D2589547.html
  5. I always turn my Xbox completely off when I’m not using it. I had both the demo and the game on my external HD and they were both gone but the DLC for FH4 was still their when I went to manage game through the store. Tried resetting it a few times with no luck and I’ve no idea what happened. The game icon was still on my pins as well. I downloaded the game again last night and it’s all working again now but is very odd.
  6. I thought I’d try the update but my Xbox One seems to have deleted the game from my library but not freed up the space after doing so.
  7. Their goalkeeper has had a shocking last few minutes.
  8. It’s not due the dirty air of the cars in front is it? If you’re within 1.4 seconds of the car in front the dirty air can affect you. I had fun in the Spa Gr4 races last night in the Mustang. Starting at the back the races were just as dirty as the Interlagos races last week but with more track limit penalties than crashes.
  9. That was one good thing about Interlagos last week. while the 911 and Lambo had the fastest times there was still a good variety of cars on track. Gr4 just means everyone is driving the Megane.
  10. Daily Races last for a week now with the change happening on a Monday. I agree with. @fretnoise the Interlagos races this week have been especially dirty. I think it’s just the track because it’s short and has a few heavy braking areas but I didn’t have a race this week without multiple yellow flags and cars spinning and ghosting on the main straight. I even managed to pick up a 3 second penalty for knocking someone off track when they spun across the front of me barely grazing my front bumper. Hopefully the circuit selection is better this week but it’ll probably be Suzuka again.
  11. Leicester will comfortably beat Man City. But Liverpool lost the title last year when they lose against City so as long as they don't lose the Boxing Day game I think they'll stay on track.
  12. Agreed, I won't start feeling relaxed until Leicester start dropping points.
  13. United have entered their 90s Liverpool phase. Managed by a former player they play well against the best sides but cannot beat lower table teams.
  14. Nice tactical foul from Perreira, you'd think City fans would appreciate that.
  15. Leicester City will have a field day against City if they defend like this.
  16. As long as they don’t tire there’s more goal chances in this for United.
  17. Pep going mad about VAR never gets old. That was a definite penalty, Silva just took him out.
  18. That Som goal is almost as good as the George Weah coast to coast classic, the difference being that the defenders at least tried to tackle Weah whereas Burnley just stood off him all the way.
  19. They did Rome already in AC Brotherhood I can’t see them going back.
  20. No one here cares about the CWC but is very important to overseas players so I’d expect an argument if Klopp had tried to leave Mane, Salah etc at home.
  21. More shocking defending.
  22. Ally McCoist is brilliant on co comms. So much better than Hoddle who seems to be everywhere,
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