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  1. I managed to get the two starters I didn’t have and a Japanese Ditto from Wonder Trading last night. It does feel like I’m cheating slightly because I kept getting Pokemon I did not have which were then added to my Dex so I traded them back straight away because I like catching them all myself. I’m impressed people have nearly or have completed the Dex already, I’m not even close.
  2. It’s the gaming equivalent of a Kevin Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Made for its fans and its exactly what they wanted. If Shenmue 3 played like Yakuza or was a different type of game entirely it wouldn’t be the same but this is exactly what I wanted and I’m happy it’s been made against all odds.
  3. I went from an N64 to a Dreamcast at the time and Shenmue blew my mind. Considering the time of year don't progress through it too quickly, you don't to miss Christmas in Dobuita.
  4. And Citroen are gone I feel sorry for Lappi who was finally getting confident in the car and is now without a drive next season and with just three teams it won’t be as competitive either. I’d also expect this to be the end of Meeke’s WRC career and maybe Latvala’s to if Evans moves to Toyota. Ogier has to be favourite for 2020 now. The Toyota is by far the fastest car and his experience should help iron out sole of the issues they had last season. If he can win it twice in an M-Sport I’m sure he can do it in a works Toyota. It’s just a shame that beautiful Toyota Gazoo livery is going to be ruined with Red Bull branding.
  5. I wonder how long the new manager feel good factor is going to last?
  6. Bizarre that they’d do it near the end of the international break rather than before. Time to get Sherwood in until the end of the season?
  7. Having checked the backer codes were for $80 or more and I only backed the $60 tier.
  8. Vettel just doesn't get away with this kind of move. Leclerc had that swipe at Norris on the first lap where Norris had to swerve to avoid contact and because he did no action was taken.
  9. I've played it for a couple of hours tonight, not really making much progress just wandering around the opening area talking to everyone and seeing what's about. After playing the first two games at the start of the year the biggest change is how weird the open spaces feel. Shenmue has always felt tight and confined to me so having this much open space feels odd. I'm still thinking about not playing it until I'm off work for Christmas when I can dedicate some time to it instead of the odd hour here and there. Shenmue has always been a Christmas game for, I completed the Dreamcast games at Christmas, the remasters last Christmas and feel it would be right to leave this game until then as well. I've waited 18 years, another four weeks won't hurt.
  10. Are trophies not enabled yet, they don’t even show them at all on my machine? I’m playing on a base PS4 and it is loud but nothing as bad as other here have and it’s still a lot quieter than my Dreamcast ever was.
  11. The Kickstarter page is full of people complaining about how basic the backer cover is. But while I do partly regret it when the retail offerings are much more interesting like the UK CE I'm glad in a small well I helped it actually get made. I assume we get the backer codes tomorrow?
  12. Viewing figures don’t matter when you’re behind a paywall.
  13. I’ve only encountered one shiny Pokemon in the wild and I’ve played and finished the Pokédex in all of them since the GBA. I did try the chaining method trying to get a shiny Eevee in Sun SOS battles but gave up at 100. I’ve avoided spoilers for these games but might try to get some shiny Pokemon once I’ve completed the games story mode.
  14. My backer copy has arrived and it’s just the retail release in a cardboard slipcase.
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