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  1. They did it because they saw everyone else do it. If it was due to COVID they’d have done it last season. City winning the title 12 months after the last one when they’ve been top most of the season hardly justified it.
  2. City have now won four of the last five titles, Liverpool are the only team stopping them from Bayern type domination by at least making the title race close. It’s going to take Newcastle a few years for their oil money to build a title challenging team and Chelsea have lost their blank cheque book so unless Haaland destabilises City next season they are probably going to win the league again.
  3. At least a team no one cares about won the title. Onto Paris to make it a cup treble.
  4. It’s done now, Villa aren’t coming back from that. Not that it looked like Liverpool were going to score again in this game anyway.
  5. Yes but Russell was still losing a second a lap to Max and Charles before Max had his off and let’s be honest if Max had working DRS he’d have overtaken Russell as easily as Perez did. How do you know Hamilton had a mega driver?
  6. Perez is about to get the full Mark Webber treatment. He’s going to be moved over against this season If Max is behind him and RB are not going to bother hiding the favouritism.
  7. They used it once in the WRC coverage and it hasn’t been seen since.
  8. Bottas tyres are dead and will happily take sixth place.
  9. Barring a safety car that’s the end of the excitement.
  10. Softs and Hamilton is up to seventh,
  11. Act of God, not Max’s fault.
  12. Thanks, I tried that and it didn’t work. In the end I had to restart the console to get it to register and let me complete the challenges.
  13. La Liga are going to sue PSG if they renew MBappe. (translation from Reddit)
  14. The Meyers Manz weekly challenge isn’t working for me. I bought the car from the Forzathom shop and the challenge refuses to register than I’m driving it.
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