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  1. I'm glad Salah has picked a new spot for his penalties. Idiotic foul by Luiz.
  2. Sokratis should get an assist for that.
  3. Have you watched the replay? Sokratiss was pulling VVD's shirt so much VVD missed the goal and it was Sokratiss arm that stopped Guendozi challenging Matip.
  4. All of the Arsenal defenders holding VVD's shirt allowed Matip to score. If he'd missed you'd hope it would have been a penalty.
  5. Lucky to get away with that Henderson mistake. Really need a plan B for attack as well, Arsenal are easily heading away all of the crosses into the box.
  6. 8 minutes, majority of possession and not a single pass back to Adrian.
  7. I think this might be the year Ogier's dominance ends. Citroen have given him a car so bad even he cannot drag it to race win and unlike Neuville Tanak is not going to bottle it from the championship lead which is looks likely he is going to extend at the end of Rally Germany this weekend. Even Meeke has kept it on the road this weekend so far after binning it from podium positions in the last two rallies, I still think he will be the one to miss out next season at Toyota when Katsuta is promoted.
  8. OK, I didn't know enough about what happened to me so I always remember him as a player who came from nowhere, had one incredible season and then disappeared. Kepa should have saved the shot from Pukki BT Sport employs lots of terrible analysts but Chris Sutton has to be the worst of the lot.
  9. Or he's the next Michu. But he has a season of good form in the Championship as proof of his quality and not being a one season wonder.
  10. I'm 30 hours in now playing on Normal / Casual and I do like the game a lot but I cannot get over how familiar it feels to Trails of Cold Steel. There are a lot of the same story beats and both games even have one exchange student and so far I think I enjoyed CS more. Due to how small the text is when playing handheld I've played the game docked and apart from some pop in it's been very solid so far performance wise.
  11. I think Vinny has finally had enough of Dan’s dumb questions.
  12. The Spectacular Spider-man cartoon from from 2008 was until the release of Spiderverse better than anything else the character had been in. It was killed off by Disney when they acquired Marvel.
  13. There's about to be 3000 very unhappy Rangers fans. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49449628
  14. ryodi


    Just watched the onboard now. The camera perspective on the broadcast did make it look like he cut across Rossi but Sato was holding his line.
  15. I'd take a Bakalar only podcast of the Bombcast at this point and Bakalar isn't the best when he has no one to bounce off.
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