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  1. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    I've come to terms with the fact that Skies of Arcadia is getting no further than the GameCube. It and 18 Wheel American Trucker are never coming out to a more modern system.
  2. Thanks. Are there any Pokemon you're looking for in return?
  3. Cousin. I assume this was filmed months before he exposed himself as a cunt on Question Time and Emelia clearly must have owed him a favour to get him on the show.
  4. ryodi

    Formula E

    Mexico is probably the widest track they race and numerous drivers still end up in the wall.
  5. So it turns out I was lying to myself and have just paid for the subscription. if anyone has a spare Meltan and Melmetal that they've transferred from Go that they'd like to trade let me know what you want for them, they are the only two Pokemon that I will be missing from my Living Dex when I complete Sword.
  6. Ings letting the ball go left the goalkeeper looking like a fool.
  7. When it's inevitably reduced what they should do is make City start from the first qualifying round for the next two seasons they qualify for the Champions League so even through they will still make it this will prevent them going on money spinning pre season tours and ruins their pre season.
  8. Reading the summary it seems it was the leaked emails that caught the bang to rights. PSG, Barcelona and Real Madrid creative accounting means there won't be as anything as incriminating lying around.
  9. Which will no doubt be reduced to a small fine once they've appealed.
  10. I wonder how many of those backers got refunds, they were quite a lot complaining when the game was released. I'm happy it was made, not surprised it didn't sell that well and because of that I expect this will be the last game in the series.
  11. No pre season and missing most of January due to AFCON.
  12. There's an update for Bank on 3DS as well. I'm going to hold off subscribing for now, none of the gift Pokemon make it worth the effort and because most of the Dex aren't in Sword/Shield transferring them just means they'll sit on the cloud server doing nothing.
  13. ryodi

    Formula One - 2020

    They are ending the Aston Martin deal at the end of this year. It wouldn’t have been worth the effort to rebrand everything I think.
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