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  1. They already are. If you look at the Origi goal in the CL final and Spurs defenders were going to block it with their hands behind their back because refs no longer consider distance when punishing the offence.
  2. The number of soft penalties in this World Cup is ridiculous. They saved the US yesterday and saved Netherlands today.
  3. Exactly. The inferior team is going to go through,
  4. Another bullshit penalty.
  5. A VAR penalty after the final whistle would have been fun. Best team won. Canada didn't offer a lot going forward and barely managed a shot on target.
  6. First show on target and Sweden score. Great finish after a really nice pass to her.
  7. Sweden Canada has not been a classic so far.
  8. With how easily the USA having been going down when tackled in this match them winning another penalty was inevitable.
  9. Letting Benitez go and not signing Rondon does not bode well for their chances next season. But worse sides than them have managed to stay up.
  10. Ferrari had the better car for most of the last two seasons and a combination of strategic mistakes and Vettel bottling it cost them the titles. This is the first season since 2016 where it is really only a fight between the Mercedes drivers.
  11. I'm not sure how he can argue, he overtook Kimi with all four wheels over the white line driving over the blue run off area.
  12. Oof. I was listening to the 5 Live commentary with Hope Solo and Rachel Brown-Finnis where they went from happy England were winning to disbelief at Cameroon's reaction to the offside to them all just willing the game to end when that last bad tackle went in.
  13. Looking ahead I think Norway have to be favourites in the quarter final. They have shown a lot better control of the game so far and have made none of the silly mistakes England have been capable of. Neville is going to have to sort them out if he wants to win that match.
  14. That was a leg breaker tackle.
  15. She clearly decided with the current score it wasn’t worth the hassle.
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