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  1. They should change the rules more often. Lots of battling through the field, cars making two or more pit stops, the ugliest McLaren ever and barely any crowd reaction shots.
  2. I think streaming services have learned that binge watching isn't good for gaining new customers. Releasing it over a number of weeks helps build word of mouth whereas releasing all episodes at the same time means people move on too quickly after watching it. I watched Solo A Star Wars Story last night and that is an ok movie that was not as good as Rogue One.
  3. The full race will be on YouTube once the stream has finished.
  4. Thanks to everyone who visited, hope you got what you wanted. Anyone who is looking for cardboard boxes should check the recycling box, I've got two in the last three days from there.
  5. No problem, I'll leave it open until you can visit.
  6. Dodo code is 6TTR6, it'll be open until 11.
  7. Framheim is open if anyone wants to visit. Mabel is in town and there is a speed punching bag and mama panda bear in Nook's Cranny. I'll be afk but help yourself to any fruit you want.
  8. You may as well play Royal which is an extended version of the original with new locations and characters but the same main story. The updates aren’t always popular, I know some people didn’t like the changes in Persona 4 Golden, but if you’ve never played it before you may as well go for the complete version.
  9. Thanks @CovisGod and the entry to your town from the airport is incredible.
  10. @CovisGod Did you order an AC Switch for me? I don't have any arcade stuff to trade but do have some gold I can offer instead. Or a toilet I've just got from a balloon.
  11. There's a fax machine and mini cactus set in my Nook's Cranny today if anyone wants to give their office an 80s look.
  12. That will only happen in the Premier League if all of the other leagues in UEFA do the same thing otherwise they’ll fall out of sync. I still expect them to finish the season.
  13. ryodi

    Nintendo Switch

    I assume it's a port of the Gamecube game that never came out here.
  14. The Pixar deal was the only thing keeping them afloat in the early 00s which is why they bought the studio.
  15. Nostalgia overload for people of a certain age I had a few of these cards, never had the album but the Pro Set logo itself is giving me flashbacks,
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