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  1. It’s all a bit Sven’s England isn’t it. Good at the start of game, run out of steam after half time with substitutions making little or no difference and then the opposition inevitably equalising near the end of the game.
  2. I hope they didn’t put all of the best jokes in the trailer because they aren’t great.
  3. But they won’t even though it would be good for both parties. It might even help extend Kane’s career because he won’t have to play all the time because City have the depth to allow him some rest during the season and don’t need to rush him back from injury every tune.
  4. If this goes through (it won't) who will Spurs panic buy on deadline day this time because Levy has drawn the transfer out as long he can.
  5. This won't be available in the UK will it.
  6. They still need to fix the terrible off camber corners in the final sector that stop cars following each other and that Tilke put in as a ‘challenge’ to the drivers.
  7. Poor guy is always injured.
  8. It’s a blow to Scotland losing such an important player.
  9. ryodi


    Max Chilton leads at Road America! He needs to stop again compared to the cars around him but still it’s good to see him on page one of the timesheets.
  10. I think Max is favourite now. The Red Bull is rapid, Max is on form and he has a teammate who stays close enough so Mercedes can’t do what Red Bull did today. Max has a 12 point lead and it should really be more, Mercedes need to sort themselves out.
  11. I hate PDR. The Austria double header will be very interesting because Red Bull are always strong there.
  12. It’s going to like Monza 19 with Hamilton burning out his tyres behind Max and Bottas finishing second because Hamilton needs to pit again.
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