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  1. If you follow the storybook segments the story in Galaxy is very sad as well if I recall correctly. I'm 25 stars in now, done the first Prankster Comet and which was a time trial. It isn't as easy as it was on the Wii because my fat finger block the Lite screen when I'm touching the blue teleporting points and then trying to press the next one before Mario falls away.
  2. Thiago on for Henderson. Hopefully we can break Chelsea down.
  3. Right decision, You’ve got to at least try to hide a tackle that cynical by clipping his heels, rugby tackle like that was always going to be a red.
  4. Mane kicking it again Sissoko's arm in the CL final was ahead of the curve. The shanked shot by Ayew that hit the United defenders arm yesterday was ridiculous and it's just going to get even more farcical until they decide to change the rule. Also apart from Palace every Premier League side seems to have forgotten how to defend this weekend.
  5. Rumours this morning about Wolves being interested in Ox but apparently he’s not going anywhere.
  6. Ayew has been awful today. It was yet another shanked penalty he’s somehow going to get away with.
  7. That’s a bullshit penalty.
  8. It's going to be fun watching Kane yell at him for not passing the ball.
  9. Sunshine has it's issues but it has enough moments and looked so good (the water effects, the sunshine ) that I cannot hate it. I still think they put the water pack in because the open worlds they created were difficult to navigate and making a mistake could send you so far back that it was an easy way to save yourself if you made a mistake. Sunshine arrived a year before the Sands of Time and this was Nintendo's solution to easing some of the difficulty in 3D platformers.
  10. United are definitely going to get a penalty is this match so I expect at least one goal.
  11. The first time he’ll have worn the yellow jersey is the final day of the race, what a time trial.
  12. I knew putting them in the normal Nintendo store would be too much to ask
  13. I thought this might come back and haunt me. He’s been a class apart in both games so far.
  14. The controls of Mario are fine and I did see credits in Odyssey, I just lost interest searching for moons after I hit 250. Switching between the games in this trilogy is a joy because you can pick a world, look at the title or what the intro flythrough shows you an be on your way whereas Odyssey is return to exactly the same start point in an unchanged world and then look for markers on the map or pay Toad to tell you where you have to look which gets boring after a few hundred moons. Back on topic, I can understand needing the touch screen to select worlds in Galaxy but requiring
  15. Playing each game reminds me how much I enjoy the 3D Mario games when each stage has a focused goal but you can find other stars / shines on the way. Odyssey which I thought was fine but nothing amazing is a boring collect-a-thon in comparison.
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