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  1. ryodi


    Will Power going full Grosjean in the opening laps. The crash into the wall could have been nasty, luckily his front left just glanced the end of the wall.
  2. Something something always had a race winning car. Still an impressive achievement especially the wins during the Vettel championship years and he's not slowing down. Only six races behind Schumacher's record now.
  3. Max used the space Albon didn’t last week.
  4. DRS will get Bottas past Max.
  5. Being a pit stop behind your teammate is the first towards being booted by Red Bull back to the junior team.
  6. Albon is 12 seconds behind Bottas already, if he doesn’t have a problem that isn’t great pace.
  7. That was all Leclerc’s fault.
  8. It's F1. I'll be surprised if the Black Lives Matter End Racism banner is still visible by the end of the season.
  9. ryodi

    F1 2020

    It's an annual sports franchise, I'm not sure what people expect them to do. Compared to other sports franchises they actually do a lot of updates to take into account new circuits and rule changes. This year also has the completely new MyTeam mode. They aren't going to reinvent it for each release and 2020 was probably affected by them getting ready for the 2021 regulations change that have now been put back until 2022 so I expect next year's release to be similar. WRC 8 does this. You get get unlimited seasons to move up Junior WRC but only three seasons to move from WRC2 to WRC otherwise it's game over. It also has a managerial aspect similar to the standard F1 career mode where you have to manage staff and using XP to improve speed of repairs etc. It's also very similar to the previous release when it comes to the stages.
  10. That’s the second time Pickford has somehow managed to avoid dropping it into his own net in the last two weeks.
  11. Glazed brakes were the reason Bottas was so far back in Q3 https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.disappointed-bottas-says-glazing-brakes-cost-him-shot-at-pole-position.6POTh6PFhUTmlcYHuorQjW.html
  12. The five subs rule is really going to help City next season, their squad depth is unreal. Watford winning today means the bottom three are locked for me, I wonder if Howe will stay with Bournemouth for their inevitable descent to League 1.
  13. ryodi


    Double header at Road America this weekend. Qualifying on Sky F1 from 9.15pm with the race from 10pm. Race 2 tomorrow from 5.30pm.
  14. Salad should have won it and Burnley’s equaliser came from a free kick that should never have been given but you can’t win them all. Burnley played well, Pope kept them in and they got the point. I still hope we can beat City’s points record but the last three games are going to be tough.
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