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  1. Started a new game so that I could see any improvements to the "new player experience". Excitement builds as the game builds the world (on PS4). I spawn... in to a high Radiation and Toxic world. Promptly die from radiation exposure while trying to get my scanner working. It's good to be back.
  2. For some reason (insert conspiracy theory about Twitch streamer MS moneyhats here), Minecraft appears to be having a resurgence at the moment. Many popular streamers and YouTubers are starting new series, and there's a big focus on multiplayer server content. Having two kids they're now wanting to play this a lot more, so I'm getting dragged in myself to play along with them. Anyone else?
  3. It is great, and makes for good streaming. When it was in Early Access, some good channels appeared doing "Let's Play", but most seem to have evolved to focus on YouTube individual videos for specific tech or ONI solutions. It would be great to see a good "Let's Play" similar to your Save The World series.
  4. The last few times I played, did have the same sort of experience described in the RPS article. Everything starts off all unicorns and rainbows, all fun, base building, oh-isn't-it-funny-they-need-to-poop etc. But quite quickly starts to break down in to oxygen management, heat management, hygiene management, power management, wishing-you'd-planned-rather-than-organically-grown-the-base reconstruction. This in turn (at least for me) turns in to a race along the tech tree looking to technology to solve my current problems, but only introducing new ones. Maybe there's a philosophical undertone in the game, and that my duplicants should be content with their lives of sleeping on a basic cot, pooping in a latrine, and eating plant bugs. I normally end up in a "this is too hard" frame of mind, turn off, and when I turn back on I get hit with this wall of emergencies that made me stop playing last time. Sometimes I carry on and try to nut through it, but sometimes I just re-start because for me at least the fun is in the starting-out, building, exploring, and slowly progressing technology. Don't get me wrong, ONI is a great game and I think it would appear to a broad range of people. However, one of the effects of an extended Early Access period with an enthusiastic and passionate community who are DEEP in to your game and its systems, and who are full of "bright ideas", means that you can often end up with a very rich and complex game with very advanced simulations and interactions, but which only appeals to a very small niche of the overall player base. The team has done a good job of trying to balance this out with a game that's easy to understand (at least at first), and easy to get going. But be aware that it takes Primary School/GCSE principles of physics and chemistry, and makes a pretty complex game out of them. It's fun.
  5. I played quite a bit of it during Early Access and really like it. It's like a mixture between Little Computer People and Dwarf Fortress. I think this RPS article sums it up well.. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/07/31/oxygen-not-included-review/
  6. What would be really useful is a table in the OP which lists: ForumID, twitch/YT URL, and some indication as to whether they're actively streaming. Then it'd be quite easy to go round and follow them etc.
  7. After the initial "love in" for this game, is it still worth getting in hindsight? It's in the PS Store sale at the moment. Also are any DLCs highly recommended?
  8. I'd agree with this. Did an hour or two with my two boys (8 and 10) last night and it was great fun. I need to go read up on the special move, move linkage etc. because it's confusing for us at the moment.I think single player would be boring to be honest, but for 2+ people on a couch, it's good fun.
  9. I've played various official F1 titles which I enjoy, and wanted to try a different game's version of open wheel racing. I'll get the credits together to buy Super Formula in Gran Turismo Sport, but in the meantime I've played Formula A in Project Cars 2 and really like it. I like the simulation model and it also feels fun and engaging. Is the Gran Turismo Sport version of open wheel similar to Project Cars 2?
  10. Project Cars 2 is cheap on the PS4 in the Summer Sale at the moment. Not sure what the UK store price is, but it's equivalent of just over 10 quid here for the Deluxe Edition and about 8 quid for the standard.
  11. The World needs a cross between Dragon Quest Builders 2 and The Sims 4.
  12. One of the Warframe streamers I watch was talking about his encoding last night, and said he does 720p/60. Reason being the fast movement etc. His stream looks really good to me.
  13. @Dudley @fretnoise thanks. I'm not at all fussed if it's "real F1", just that style of car. I wanted to compare the simulation with F1 2018 to see which I enjoyed more. I might play it to get the credits, but try an online race first.
  14. I've been playing quite a bit of F1 2018 recently as well as Project Cars 2, and wanted to compare the "F1"-like model of F1 2018 with Gran Turismo Sport. But I can't see how to obtain the cars in-game -- the appear to be 1m credits, which I don't have. Is there something I'm missing? I have noticed that I can join an online event at the moment which is the "Super Formula".
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