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  1. Found this online the other day and got it printed over the weekend.
  2. After the success of Murphy's Dolemite is my Name, Netflix have secured the rights to the Beverly Hills Cop series, and plan to make the fourth installment. I reckon this could finally happen. Edit: Bloody hell, I started this thread in 2008.
  3. Well hey, if you want to know about Gremlins - http://www.80fromthe80s.com/2015/03/gremlins-cute.html
  4. The plane! The plane! this is not. Blumhouse add a horror spin on the TV show (which ran for 152 episode). As with The Invisible Man trailer last week, this one contains a lot of footage and jump scare reveals.
  5. And Primal is on Video on Demand in some places now
  6. That looks really good - interesting take - but I feel like I've seen the entire move now. I don't know why (well I do) studios continue to do this.
  7. Likely be shown on five screens for 2 days to class itself as a cinematic release.
  8. Looks pretty good - just beware there's a lot of footage
  9. We still play it semi-regularly but after the initial release on the PS4, they left it to die, with barely any new releases at all. They did a token gesture of getting some of your old songs over from the PS3 but yeah, I don't think they were prepared for all the problems that would cause. I think pushing it to mobile as well, made sense, but didn't work half as well. There was something cooler and more fun about singing into the microphone than holding up your phone. We still play with a pair of wired PS2 mics.
  10. Robert Evans, legendary producer of the likes of The Godfather and Chinatown, dies aged 89 https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50214521
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