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  1. New Video - Final Destination - I also included a really well done fan made video for the recently announced sixth instalment.
  2. House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn has now been dumped. Originally it was only working with Teknoparrot for those who have a patreon key. However, it can be run without TK at all. I had some trouble with the controls but finally got it working. Works well too, and looks very crisp.
  3. By a country mile it has to be Stardew Valley. Absolutely charming, addictive and mostly relaxing. I bought it as the kids had started playing it but they soon gave up. I think I’ve lodged over 200 hours into somehow, and still not finished the game on my main save. Pure brilliance.
  4. Goose


    I hope Audrey Tautou appears at some point - From visionary director Jean-Pierre Jeunet
  5. New Video - The Omen Series. I cannot stress enough how great the original movie is. Major Spoilers if you've never seen them before (especially the fourth, forgotten movie which gives away the ending of The Final Conflict)
  6. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? And you can start buying virtual land from tomorrow! Apparently not a joke or spoof idea. Nor an Onion article or the work of the famed Peter Molydeux.
  7. They have just announced that they’ve hit $400M in funding, to date.
  8. It almost, but sure it isn't, sounds like Gymkata.
  9. Not sure where to put this, but I'm making a series of videos featuring all the trailers from a specific film series. I did Halloween a few weeks back, and this time I've gone with The Exorcist.
  10. Playing the one shot adventure, or whatever it's called. I know it's a way out yet but it seems to lack a lot of the polish that BL3 had. The world isn't anywhere near as vibrant or populated. The gimmick of being inside some kind of D&D game is quite fun, but I imagine that'll quickly get tired. It wasn't too bad in this game, and Tina doesn't annoy or interrupt as much as I thought she might. However, apart from genre tropes, and a chest or two with D&D dice, this is really just medieval Borderlands. Did I read that this did begin life as a BL3 DLC? It's fine for what it is, and I liked playing it, but it doesn't seem to build anything new into the game. Still interested enough to check out the final product though, as I really like the universe they've set up.
  11. This is the future of Duke! Duke in a Post-Brexit Britain!
  12. Not sure if it’s been and gone or mentioned here - has anyone seen Antlers?
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