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  1. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    16 Blocks (2006) Washed up cop Jack Mosley is asked to take a witness downtown to testify in some random case. Little does Jack know that the witness is Eddie Bunker, who is set to give evidence on a police witness tampering case, and cops involved will go to any length to stop him making the court appearance. I can't even recall seeing a trailer for this back in 2006. I seem to remember that Bruce Willis was in need of a hit and this was a minor one. It wasn't a bad film by any means, but Willis was hard to like, and even when doing the right thing, it was difficult to give him much sympathy. Mos Def, as Bunker, played a good part, and I was curious as to the choice of voice and actions. He seemed to be autistic, but this was never mentioned, explained or even used as a device in the movie. It could have all been a voice and an act. The action was sparse but the picture never really let up once Bunker and Mosley met up. They made a solid, if unlikely partnership. David Morse was OK, but it was a very one note performance. And for all the people and places in New York, it started to get a bit far fetched when he showed up at just the right place to intercept the duo yet again. They also used the old 'you'll think we're in one place, but really in another' sequence one too many times as a device to get out of a situation. The picture dragged in a couple of places too, and entered a kind of fourth act when it should have been wrapping up. That said, it was entertaining enough, and made a change of pace for Willis not to be the good guy action hero we'd known from the likes of Die Hard. Good to see so much of a busy New York too. Richard Donner was fine on directing duties, and it's the kind of thing he could have easily directed with his eyes closed. Decent enough entertainment, but nothing that special.
  2. I liked this episode a lot The change of
  3. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Bob Ross - The Happy Painter (2011) A short documentary on the legendary painter Bob Ross, exploring his childhood, adventures into art and the success of his show, The Joy of Painting. This was a lightweight but enjoyable documentary on Bob Ross. My sister and I used to watch his shows in the 90s and often ended up falling peacefully to sleep. He had such a calm and cool demeanour. His skill was amazing and the shows were always good to watch. Even now my kids know who he his through me showing them his programs on Netflix. There isn't a great deal here that people won't have already known about Ross. There's a few talking head interviews with a narration. Bob's partners on the show feature quite heavily, as does his production team at the time. Notably absent is his son. The show tracks his childhood, military service and his work with Bill Alexander, a German painter who had a show similar to what Ross would go on to produce. There's information on his first venture, how they struggled to get noticed, and got the Joy of Painting going almost by chance. There's no skeletons in the closet, with the divorce from his first wife getting little more than a line or two. It's more a celebration on what he was like, how he became popular and his endearing legacy. The footage of Ross is a mix of archive and voice over, with the footage being quite poor at this stage (he started the shows in the very early 80s, with scant regard for archiving or preserving). Still, it was good to see those first episodes and how little the show changed over the years. He seemed a genuinely good person who never let success taint him in any way - to him it just meant he could get his love of painting out there to even more people. A very slight, but enjoyable celebration of a wonderful character. edit: Wow - this was the 150th movie I've seen this year.
  4. Goose

    Your retro youtube videos

    That was great. I assume Yo Joe! is in part 3...
  5. Goose

    Best three films from this list of 15?

    The short movie that inspired Cargo is great. I enjoyed The Ritual, great initial atmosphere.
  6. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Thank you - hopefully the choices have been getting better of later (though there's some tat still in there). Hopefully won't get burnt out - I've seen the On The Buses trilogy more than once, so I can probably get through most things
  7. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Deja Vu (2006) A ferry explodes, killing 543 people. FTA Agent Doug Carlin is called in to investigate and attracts the attention of a special FBI program with the ability to 'see' into the past. Using the tech, they find the killer but are seemingly powerless to stop him... This was a cracking thriller that I'm kicking myself I didn't see before now. Great cast, really good plot and a lot of tense moments. I think that no matter how far fetched the plot of a movie, if you've got Denzel Washington in there, he can make anything work. The science behind the whole seeing through time is as hokey as anything but it's a great device. The use of what seems an incidental subplot worked well too and brought everything together. Credit to the late, great Tony Scott, that he could make scenes of nonsense tech dialogue and looking at maps on screens both interesting and suspenseful. Washington was very good, with strong support from Paula Patton, Val Kilmer and Adam Goldberg. The fairly workman like plot quickly developed into something else as it moved on, and while quite far-fetched, the fact that all took it seriously, and backed it up with good action sequences and quick fire dialogue, made it all work. It moved at a quick pace and made a nice change for a movie to be set in New Orleans over the like of New York or Chicago. I don't think any of it bears close examination but as entertainment goes, it was a lot of fun. Made me miss Washington and Scott working together too. A thoroughly enjoyable movie. [My thanks to Commander Jameson for the recommendation]
  8. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Time Lapse (2014) While investigating an absent neighbour, three friends come across a strange device that appears to take photos of their living room. They soon realise that the machine has the ability to take photos 24 hours into the future. As long as they're in the photo the next day, they know whatever they do, they're OK.... This had quite an interesting concept at heart and the mystery of the photos each day added a good level of tension, with each one revealing a sometimes odd turn of events. Using just a couple of locations was smart too, it made the plot easier to follow. However, while the story was decent enough, the three leads let the picture down. Their acting was fine but they were quite unlikable, more so as the picture went on. As their actions became more desperate, it stretched the credibility, particularly the character Jasper. It reminded me very much of Shallow Grave, which wasn't that dissimilar at the core. The other thing was that it dragged in places, and when it should have been wrapping up, there were more plot strands thrown into the mix, and one character's motives seemed incredibly blinkered. A shame because the idea was sound and the initial execution was also good but the messy motives and actions took a lot of the fun out of the picture. Toward the end it also seemed to be breaking its own rules, though that could have been how I interpreted it. The idea was solid, and played out differently it could have been a better film. I think your enjoyment may vary based on how much you warm (or don't) to the key players.
  9. Oh man that was great. Could have done with that five years ago. Will need to watch the rest now.
  10. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Terminal (2018) In an unnamed station a man waits for a train that may never come. Two hitmen take on a job given to them by the shady Mr Franklyn, while the night supervisor wonders around, cleaning up and setting things straight. And into this comes Annie, with secrets of her own. Now this was an odd one. A noir style drama with little in the way of content, splashed in neon with a quite unhinged performance by Margot Robbie. Set in an unnamed and deserted British station, at an undisclosed time, Robbie plays the femme fatale Annie, who is hoping to take care of two opposing hitmen to secure contracts from Mr Franklyn. Elsewhere, Simon Pegg plays a teacher who doesn't have long to live, and Dexter Fletcher and Max Irons play a hitman duo, waiting on a job. In a supporting role is a made-up Mike Myers, as the station's porter who knows just when to show up. Style-wise, it looked good, with some great shots of Robbie in blue and red. The overall look of the picture was distinctive, with the dark station clashing with the harsh neon lights. But it's odd, slow-paced and initially quite confusing. The story cuts between the teacher, the hitmen, Mr Franklyn and Annie, and it's hard to keep track or get a sense of time (or purpose). Robbie flits in and out of most of the scenes, playing different versions of the same person. She's trying a cockney accent and sometimes it works but other times it seems quite non-descript. She looks stunning, if not a little too Harley Quinn-esque. More so as the picture wears on. Fletcher's foul mouth hitman is annoying, and Max Irons was quite woeful. Myers seemed to be having fun but felt quite out of place with the goings on. Pegg was alright, if a little over-dramatic. However, the efforts of all seem to amount to very little. There's too many conversations, the Alice in Wonderland metaphors and quotes are done a bit too much. No one is really likeable, and the finale, while not quite predictable, is still easy to see some way off. The soundtrack, credited to Newton Faulkner, was interesting, and reminded me a lot of Massive Attack's kind of work. As above, the picture has some great shots but it is very much style over content. It's interesting too because in the thread for the movie we mentioned it felt very much like a film shot a few years ago, released now to capitalise on Robbie's recent successes. Looking it up, turns out it was shot in September 2016 and has probably been near finished for well over a year.
  11. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    No I'll give that a go. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    Vantage Point (2008) While giving a speech in Spain, the President of the United States is shot. Shortly after, a huge explosion rips through the plaza, with a second explosion heard in the distance. Agent Barnes, recently returned to service, is left to pick up the pieces and stop the terror plot before it goes any further. This was quite a good little thriller, with a stellar cast. It utilised an interesting idea, with the same seven or eight minutes told from the perspective of multiple characters. These then intersect into each other's story. So we start off with Sigourney Weaver's TV news controller, then Dennis Quaid's Agent Barnes, Forest Whittaker's US Tourist and so on and so fourth. Each version of the story adds a little more to the plot, and what seems like an assassination attempt soon becomes something much bigger. It's a good device though the film does perhaps retell the events one too many times. Alongside Quaid we also have William Hurt's President and Matthew Fox, as a fellow Secret Service agent. The cast are generally fine but because they're only afforded around 8 minutes of time, they don't really get chance to develop beyond a few lines. While many feature in each other's version of events, they're often as bit players or in the background. When the film finally stops looping the event, we're treated to an impressive car chase leading to a slightly disappointing climax that relies quite heavily on chance and coincidence. Still, the plot moved along at a good pace and the rewinding device was used quite cleverly to add layers to the story. A decent enough thriller, even if the plot tries a little too hard at times.
  13. Bloody hell that looks good.

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