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  1. Goose

    A movie watchers blog

    For coma/flashback stuff, you'd have to go some way to beat The Medusa Touch.
  2. Yes - certainly the main issue. He became firm friends with Sandra Bernhard, and they're still close to this day.
  3. Without looking it up, I think he switched to TV some time later. If you want a bit more insight into it, have a read of Richard E. Grant's With Nails. Edit: Yes, Lehmann has worked exclusively in TV since the release of 2007's Flakes.
  4. Goose

    PlayStation VR

    Impressed as I was with Beat Saber, this evening I set up the Aim controller to play Farpoint. Aim controller wasn't having it until I reset it and tried a different USB cable for pairing. At that point it worked like a charm. Initially I wasn't as impressed by Farpoint, which I think is because I was just sitting and observing what was happening. The ability to look around the craft and the see the planets and such was a really well done sense of scale. However, once on the planet the sense of immersion was incredible. Walking around that desolate landscape was so well done. The way you move, the way the on screen gun mirrors the way you're holding the Aim. The sound of the wind and the dust storms, it all helped put you in the place. And then creatures appeared. I nearly fell over the first time one of them jumped at me. The aiming and sound effect as you shot was amazing. The way you can hold the aim controller up and actually look down the sight and shoot - it felt right and how it should be. The sound of the creatures emerging from the ground, and knowing they're anywhere around you was exhilarating and terrifying. At one point I nearly clocked my wife with the Aim when she came over to tell me our daughter was asleep. She even asked me if I was ok after I began heavy breathing! The graphics aren't great but that sense of being there, of seeing the landscape where ever you looked overshadowed any shortcomings. The only real issue was needing to re-calibrate the controller, which I had to do 2-3 times. This may not be the future of gaming, but it's a hell of a path to wander down. The controller was great to use, very responsive and easy to get to grips with. I really would love a Point Blank or Virtua Cop/House of the Dead game.
  5. Got this today - finally. Sure I preordered this in July/August of last year .
  6. Such an awesome movie! Completely agree.
  7. I maintain that Deep Rising isn’t a great movie but is incredible amounts of fun. Tempted to add The Relic as well.
  8. Hudson Hawk is excellent. Some great dialogue, awesome villains and just plain ridiculous, you Eddie Munster Looking Motherfuckers.
  9. Goose

    PlayStation VR

    My wife just played four rounds in a row and deemed it the best game ever.
  10. This looks decent enough. And I was very impressed with Pattinson in Good Times.
  11. Goose

    PlayStation VR

    Beat Saber - Are you fucking kidding me! WOW!
  12. Great to hear that music in the trailer. In other news - they are looking to cast four teenagers - 2 boys and 2 girls. I hope this won't become an extended cameo for the original team, followed by 90 minutes of teenagers making jokes about being slimed.
  13. Split this off into its own topic as it does genuinely seem to be happening. I can't see them getting Bill Murray back.
  14. Goose

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Trailer is due online late Thursday / early Friday.

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