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  1. I always wondered what a Verhoeven Running Man would be like.
  2. Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be From game if it didn’t have footage leaked
  3. Random clips keep appearing https://streamable.com/ykc5u5 https://streamable.com/p9t4wb
  4. I came to this off the back of the excellent Borderland 3, so it was always going to be a struggle. There's good stuff here but it's also painfully generic and I found myself getting bored of the scenario almost straight away. It's a shame as I'm a really big fan of People Can Fly. There's not that much difference between this and Remnant, which again I enjoyed but got bored of quickly. The powers were good fun and I found myself using those more than the actual weapons. Might come back to it later in the year, will see how it pans out. EDIT: The opening is
  5. District 10 is finally in the works, with news from Neill Blomkamp that he, Sharlto Copley and Terri Tatchell (who co-wrote the original as well as Chappie) are working on the sequel to the 2009 picture. Nothing else is known about the project at this time, but it's been hinted at (and anticipated) since the surprise hit of District 9. Since then, Blomkamp has struggled to maintain that earlier promise, with Elysium and Chappie both disappointing. He then moved on to short films, and there was talk at least one of them would be made into a feature. He was also heavily involved in
  6. Have you seen Cage's Lord of War? If not, that's well worth a watch.
  7. The Running Man isn't a great movie, and I absolutely love it. I must have seen it 20 times at least. IIRC, the book is much, much darker Major Spoilers
  8. Looks to be more a cult this time, than inbreds.
  9. I know he did tonnes of great work, but I always loved him for Dragnet.
  10. Oh man Be sure and seek out Rituals. Stunning movie.
  11. What a great haul - and a great thread!
  12. There's a new light gun rom dump out there (I think it's been out for a while). Looks to be an independent arcade game from around 2011 called Friction. No story, no intro just straight into the action. Plays like most on the rails shooters, few different weapons and three levels to choose from. Gunplay is solid enough but the game doesn't have any personality at all. It can played via mouse, and runs on the Demulshooter emulator (which was included in the pack I got). It also has gore on and off settings and lets you play at 1080p.
  13. Anyone seen Psycho Goreman? Two kids find the ultimate evil alien in the backyard and discover the gem that controls him. It's made by the guy who did The Void (great first 40 minutes, great effects, then....) and it's a bit all over the shop. I'm struggling to make it through the first 20 minutes despite it seemingly reviewing well. Less a tribute to the 80s, more one to the early 90s.
  14. Bloody Hell was good fun, enjoyed that a lot. The lead had a great confidence and charisma that really went a long way. I wouldn't say it's strictly horror, and does have some laughs. However, there's plenty of blood and I think if the film didn't have some kind of comic foil, it had the potential to be incredibly dark. I mean, it is incredibly dark, but it's very well balanced. It's not original but it knows the material, and knows how to play it to its best potential. The only thing I'd change (major end spoilers)
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