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  1. Goose


    Been watching more of the cut content videos. I’m amazed at the amount of work that has gone into not only restoring some of this content so we can see in-game what it would look like, but also how much work From put into things, and then chose not to use. The snippets of dialogue, completely unused NPCs and minor (and major) enemies, is amazing.
  2. Came to post pretty much the list! I’ll contribute Triangle.
  3. 211 is truly, truly awful. Mom & Dad is ok, not as good as I'd hoped. The Trust is actually alright, quite enjoyed that.
  4. Apparently The Colour Out of Space is batshit body horror crazy. However, when Cage is off the screen, it suffers somewhat.
  5. I was interested, enjoyed the first, didn't mind the second - then Joe Pantoliano showed up! I didn't know he was returning. Excellent.
  6. Ben Wheatley has signed on to direct the sequel - due March 2021.
  7. I'd like to add War Inc. The John Cusack movie that sort of acted like a sequel to Grosse Point Blank, but wasn't. Truly disappointing.
  8. GotG2 is up there for me. But I think The Matrix Sequels top the list. After the wonder and amazement of the first movie, the sequels were bloated. i still maintain there’s an excellent two hour movie in there somewhere. Maybe one day Topher Grace will edit it.
  9. My daughter is 8. She was a little scared but mostly saying things were gross (the kitchen battle) than saying she was frightened. She made a Gizmo slideshow after watching it.
  10. Gremlins - 5/5 My youngest wanted to watch something scary, and I think this walks the line just perfectly, for someone her age. Still a wonderfully funny movie. And Mrs Deagle could be up there with Clarence Boddicker as best villain of the 80s
  11. Bronson is bad ass throughout the entire movie, Mr Majestyk. I'd also add Walter Matthau in Charley Varrick.
  12. Goose


    Years later and they're still finding (and partially restoring) cut content
  13. Saw an interesting shot from the trailer that reminded me of something....
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