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  1. Droo

    The C64 Mini

    I think both. I think the cheapy one is a 2
  2. Droo

    The C64 Mini

    Yeah. Tried a cheapy one and two decent Sandisks. Nothing is recognised
  3. Droo

    The C64 Mini

    Why can't I get USB access to work? I've tried a few USB sticks too...
  4. Droo

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Panzer Dragoon Saga??! ... I’m thinking you’re thinking of Orta?
  5. Droo

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Quick, weird question : I have an original release PS4. If I upgrade it to a ps4pro will the UI run smoother? it does my head in how choppy the store is.
  6. Droo

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Hey guys. Thinking of picking up an xbox one finally, having had a PS4 this entire generation. Wanna give me the forum lowdown on 5 very good exclusives I need to pick up?
  7. Droo


    Any tips on this? Gonna go for a steak tonight, im often too scared to attempt medium rare. Also. Nice ideas for a rich gravy? Generally good recipes anyone would suggest?
  8. But of a weird one this, but I was chatting to a guy in work today about how, back in the nineties I was able to procure (and I can't remember how) a copied CD full of disk versions of many popular pc games at the time. I'm almost positive it was called "voodoo" something or other, and to install the game you had to select each individual zip file - each represented a disk) and extract them to a c: folder and/or onto blank 1.44mb disks. The actual front end had some work put into it. It was fairly user friendly and, in my memory at least, was reminiscent of those trainers you'd see at the start of an amiga copied game... I'm just wondering if anyone else had these, where they came from, who made them and are any of these relics still around these days?
  9. Droo

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Weirdly, it's now available. Read the sample, seems good, gonna pick it up later (on the kindle). Mammoth for dinner, though.
  10. Droo

    Sci Fi recommendations

    It was the kindle version?
  11. Droo

    Sci Fi recommendations

    It says out 19th June. Looks good though!
  12. Didn’t we do this recently?
  13. Theres probably a good market for this generations Sensible Soccer. Im not a football fan but used to love Soccer on the NES, Italia 90, Adidas Power Soccer. Fifa bores the tits off me cause it’s too much like, you know, football...
  14. This, along with Tekken and ridge racer were my first three games on the PS1. So it holds a special place place in my heart. Its nkt not a bad game. But is broken because if you do a long pass towards the oppositions goal from just before the half way line you will always score.
  15. Adidas Power Soccer. I dont regret it for a second.
  16. Droo

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Was wondering that myself.
  17. A gaming Luddite, if such a thing exists? youre going to see generations of people like this soon I reckon. “Back in my day games required a controller...” etc
  18. Droo

    Neo Geo Mini

    Wee joke
  19. Droo

    Neo Geo Mini

    ... they do have Blue’s Journey but no atop Hunter or spin master.
  20. Droo

    Neo Geo Mini

    They’re missing best SNK game of all: Koudelka.
  21. Droo

    Neo Geo Mini

    Spotted this, this morning, on the old news feeds: I must admit, I like the form factor. Very reminiscent of the old defender/scramble games. £50-£100 I reckon I’d pick one up!
  22. Droo

    Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    It was the super fast sleek one. Crap handling though.
  23. Jesus, I'm not sure if this has been posted before, but in doing some research for the 32x thread I stumbled upon this: http://www.cinemassacre.com/AVGN/Nes_Nerd_videos.html Now, some of the videos are quite abrasive and aimed maybe more at an american sense of humour, but some really stand up, The Mega CD / 32x videos are quite funny and the Intellivision / Collecovision videos are really really funny, particularly the former: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/32245.html I really think you should watch a few of them. The whole 'the bubbles are coming need to find the... FUCK!' bit really had me in kinks.

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