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  1. Droo

    Dave Perry is back...

    As an aside: what do you mean by that, or is it a joke?
  2. Droo

    Doom - 25 years old today

    I also had dreams about playing it before I had a PC. Weird!
  3. Droo

    Gaming patches are taking the piss

    Am I the only one who just plays the game and doesn’t bother updating it, at least the first day?
  4. Droo

    Dave Perry is back...

    Bet they’re his daughters.
  5. I owned it but can’t seem to see the option to Download it again. Same with afterburner.
  6. Droo

    Dave Perry is back...

    judging by some of his recent interviews he doesn’t really play games any more.
  7. Droo

    Console start up sounds

    the only sound that mattered to me in my early teens. The clackidy clack of an old hdd and the obnoxious beep of a pc speaker.
  8. Droo

    Console start up sounds

    What were they thinking?
  9. Droo

    Dave Perry is back...

    Looks a bit drug fucked? No?
  10. Droo

    Games that get under your skin

    Mud2. Really got its hooks into me as me as a teenager. It’s almost impossible to explain why. Nutshell version is the fact it was a proper multiplayer experience, it’s world building was slow but amazing and it was impossible to cheat without learning things for yourself. (Edit- this was 1995ish)
  11. Droo

    Lucky finds to look out for in Japan

    I picked up some odd stuff from Book-Off bargain / clearance bins. Got a famicom for about £3. Some Saturn games etc. I’d just go have a hoke about and see.
  12. Probably think it’s new tech.
  13. Micro machines, surely.
  14. Droo

    Octopath Traveler - Square Enix's Octoposse

    Its a three hour demo (at least the prologue one was, maybe that’s changed?) im about 22 hours in, Ive given up on at least half of the stories. I’m only invested in the dancer, the knight, the thief and the mage/scholar. It can be quite slow to level which is a pain and the gameplay doesn’t seem to change at all over time. I also find gaining money being a pain, so buying new gear seems to often be out of reach. Eventually you unlock a high level skill, but it’s only usable with a full boost: maybe someone can enlighten me because with boss fights you need to break them quick and over and over to ensure you don’t die and with everyone else you tend to not get as far as a full boost. I really don’t know the point of these skills. They’re also usually boosts.

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