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  1. All in all. It doesn’t look dreadful.
  2. What a weird start of a conference talking about a dead family member. really really odd.
  3. Where in gods name do I find diamonds?
  4. Nice jumps in graphics between these generations.
  5. I’m an old school, need to buy the game on disk, sort of fella. im not sure how common I am any more though.
  6. Do we think the digital or disk based PS5 will sell better?
  7. Real life and being an adult often suck.
  8. Hey guys! I picked this up today; it’s really really good and maybe one of the scariest games I’ve played in a while. but: im totally at a loss for how to start the game. any basic advice?
  9. I read Sleeping Giants before. It was just okay. Didn’t feel like reading the sequel.
  10. So I read Recursion and Dark Matter back to back. both were fairly good, but both struck me as a book I feel like I could have written, if that makes any sense? can anyone recommend me something in the same vein?
  11. No doubt it’ll be remastered soon anyway.
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