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  1. Shadow of the colossus. Dark souls. But most of all probably a game almost none of you will have played: MUD2. Still the most captivating game I’ve ever played in my whole life.
  2. At the car boot this morning a lady tried to give me a pair of shorts with a button missing. She was raging when I didn’t want them. No videogames mind you.
  3. Found this thread off the back of another, can’t believe its 5 years old!
  4. Cause it was a one-off bulk buy and required everyone to effectively preorder.
  5. I laughed that your username is one in the photos.
  6. Just found these photos, for future reference for anyone who may care!
  7. You don’t seem to have Myst for that matter.
  8. Do they have to be old old? Or is it just a decent puzzler? https://store.steampowered.com/app/288160/The_Room/
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