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  1. Movies of the 90s

    Fave 90s: Jurassic Park 90s Tip: Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. Forgotten 90s: Sneakers (all star cast!)
  2. Knightmare Teletext game

    Fucksake, eaten by a polar bear. Seems being in my thirties doesnt make me any good at Nightmare... Sidestep to your left. YOUR OTHER LEFT. *dead*
  3. Sure. Send me a PM with details. I’ll do it overnight some night.
  4. TurboGrafx Slash Screen

    Sorry for the wick reply. Was caught doing something else as I was typing it out. Yeah. Find the correct bios and see if it shows anything up.
  5. TurboGrafx Slash Screen

    Try an emulator?
  6. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    What game?
  7. BT Wireplay

    Still think this would be great fun.
  8. My collection has come from wanting to play some old game. Buying the console and said game - which leads on to a few other games. Then something happens, like we have a party or friends over for dinner. It’s all packed away then a few months pass and the same thing happens again: different system different game. Repeat for 10 years. Im worse with new games. I’ll have a bunch arrive when I’m really busy in work or at home and never get around to starting them. They sit, unopened and worth less than what I’d just paid for them so I can’t bring myself to flog them for 50%-80% of their value. Eventually they’re cleared away. Repeat for 10 years. Point generally here is, all the old consoles and games I have tend to be consumer grade and the games well played. I do like consoles boxed but am not so fussed on the games, so long as they work. Ie. I paid for an original version of rapid reload, unboxed. I did however play it to death. I was bought, as a very thoughtful gift, Castlevania SOTN. Which I made a point of plaything through. I’m not a fan of people buying to collect not even try. That said, I’ve ended up with a weird dichotomy of games. Old well played ones. And semi old games unopened.
  9. I live in Belfast. A ballache to get all my gear to one one of those events only to cart half of it back.
  10. I'm actually about to shift all my gear, ranging from a boxed woody 2600 right the way through to a xbox one / ps4. I'm not sure how about going about this, I'd rather just shift it all in one go, but we're talking about 7 or 8 large ikea containers worth of crap here. Whats the best way?
  11. Old PC speed question.

    They’re both 66mhz fsb
  12. Old PC speed question.

    They are. The original ones particularly as they had no L2 cache. The 333 was the first redesign though. Ive just bought a 333mhz so can do a benchmark now.

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