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  1. Gomez booked for something that happens to Salah 10 times per match. The way defenders are given free reign to manhandle him really does frustrate me, but if he ever dare actually go down then he's pilloried as the worst cheat in the world.
  2. We took our foot off the gas when we were 2 up, and should have killed them off. Williams is doing well going forwards, but he's clearly not a left-back. Far too much room for the cross to come in, but that doesn't take anything away from the finish. We'll pick it back up, get another goal or two, hopefully early enough to let Elliot get a good run out.
  3. Well ... This could be a quite interesting night!
  4. Firmino and Henderson have made a huge difference, bringing some hunger on to the field with them.
  5. We're just not working hard, final balls are a bit lazy. Can't say I blame the players, but I think I've seen Van Dijk put more passes off target in 45 minutes than in all other games since we bought him. If we wake up at all this game is there to win, and Trent at least ended the half looking like he was finding his range. Minamino for Origi, Shaqiri for Ox. Both have something to prove.
  6. Just think of all the joy we've given to Man U fans tonight. Finally, they've had something to cheer about. Their biggest night iof the season is their local rivals, who are 21 points ahead of them, beating their biggest rivals who are 34 points ahead, after said biggest rivals have already won the title.
  7. Time to wake up. We're playing this like a pre-season friendly.
  8. It was a penalty, but Sterling had hold of Gomez for ages beforehand. No worries, we've been the better team anyway. We can still win this one with a 10-minute burst.
  9. Keane's hair means I'm happy regardless of result!
  10. Oh, those things! I saw a Twitch account using a "Switch Up" controller while they weren't actually there, but no idea how easy it would be to get one or use one. Assume is some random Twitch streamer can do it, any of us could!
  11. Not sure what you're asking for, here? Audino, maybe? They're not in this game.
  12. Not hugely impressed with those raids, I think I'd just prefer random if I'm honest. Mostly, though, I just don't want to see stamps for raids that then tell me "No communication partner was found", because that is just downright ridiculous. I completed the IoA Dex, and now I'm not sure what to do. Grinding for watts to get "something beautiful" in the dojo? Maybe I'll battle enough Sharpedos to commit genocide on the species. I already can't see where the rest of the Digletts can possibly be hiding, but there are, quite astonishingly, still more than 50 of the little buggers out there! Shiny-wise, I think Lycanroc will be my next aim. It's beautiful! I got a wild shiny Skwovet, which ... okay, it's a shiny, but IT'S A DAMN USELESS SQUIRREL. Other than that, it's a long wait for the Crown Tundra.
  13. The Gigantamax event being over is good news. The Zeraora event being over is better news! One day, they will be able to show me only badges for raids that I can actually get into on my feed, and that will finally be the best news.
  14. After the 2nd match of the season, for me. Beating Burnley 3-0 was just business as usual, but Southampton at St. Andrews had the potential to be the first speed bump. We hadn't played particularly well, and we conceded. If Southampton got the draw, we couldn't have complained. But, we rode it, and with nothing spectacular happening I felt we showed a solidity, and a will to win when talent let us down. It certainly set a pattern, with a few matches that could have ended very differently. Most will cite the Leicester game, which was a wonderful performance, but I think the more effective and ruthless Liverpool we saw set my own mind at ease.
  15. Just thought I'd remind everyone that WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! It still feels amazing, and we should drink this in for as long as possible!
  16. I never played Mr. Driller before, and am in the same boat. All I see is "GO DOWN THERE FASTER THAN THE BLOCKS FALL", but it only gets me so far before I'm squashed. Going to have to learn the actual way to play, I guess. But at least I now wish I'd played it before now. The only thing that bugged me was the never-ending animations, but I discovered pressing + skips them.
  17. I love this team. I love this thread. I love everything right now!
  18. Bloody hell, Brad, even you can start enjoying this!
  19. We are massively superior, and it shows. Palace set up to frustrate just like Everton did, but Robertson and Salah made short work of that plan. Just need Bobby to score one, now!
  20. This is already far better than Sunday was!
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