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  1. Somebody projecting a forcefield over the Newcastle goal. Both our fullbacks should have scored!
  2. We must blame VAR, though. If it can't overrule a referee decision that poor, but can spot a big toe in front of a shoulder, then it needs reworking. We have the tool, and we should use it, because otherwise defenders will keep on pulling players all around the place. Pick them up on it, and they'll stop. Mariner should be shown the footage in public, and be made to say why it wasn't given.
  3. There's only one monster I really want to come back - Qurupeco. That's the one that tipped me over the edge from "Great game" to "Something special" when it summoned Rathian and made me near shit myself. I rarely complete games, tending to move on to the next Zeitgeist title while halfway through. I usually get to 90% or so in MH, but Iceborne made me push across the line. And now, I'm so glad, because last night I finally soloed Deviljho for the first time ever. I've been close, usually getting it to limp off when it appears in another monster's fight, but I just put myself to the task with "The food chain dominator", and didn't even cart once. Even though it's not technically Iceborne, I wouldn't have bothered if I wasn't looking for MR versions of existing things. Game of the year, easily!
  4. I'm clicking all the spoilers and absolutely salivating! I beat the MR Jagras last night, I have such a lot ahead of me. It's wondrous.
  5. Holy ... Master rank is tough! I initially assumed that it would be a new selection of areas, with LR and HR. Didn't realise that everything would be such a step up. I was in the last 10 minutes when I finally put him down, having used all 10 Mega potions and crafted 10 more. At least I can take solace in the fact that most of the hits I took were due to not seeing the monster, either because it was under the snow or hiding behind the Popos. Really looking forward to Master rank versions of monsters I'm more familiar with, after the Elder Melder gave me a quest to fight a Great Jagras which I assume will be lots of fun and less "Fuck's sake!" than snow shark was. I don't really want to grind Beatodus, so I'm hoping there's some better armour that I can get fairly easily early on. It really is like being a newbie in Tri all over again. Well played, Capcom.
  6. Just a personal preference. Think of it as a self-imposed challenge, a remnant of the days I had some skills. But you're right, it really does make no sense, and this is why Teostra and Vaal Hazak were dispatched in a single 20 minute session earlier!
  7. I've bought it, despite still not having completed the base game. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and ignore my rules for only going online once I've soloed something for those 3 Elder Dragons, because I want to see the new stuff so much! Which means that reading stuff like ... .... makes me feel a lot better, because that's where I am right now. I can imagine there are plenty in the same boat.
  8. Bottom line, this is an excellent Direct even if they end it now!
  9. Looks absolutely amazing! I always thought Raj looked a bit like a cartoon monster up untiil now, but this incarnation clearly means business.
  10. Added you both, reciprocate if you wish by pasting 1680925131080123 into your games. But I warn you now that I'm nowhere near those seemingly insane levels you guys have got to! I've barely played, to be honest, literally just started chapter 3. It's a fun enough game, but it seems to lack depth early on. That being said, there's also plenty of potential, and I imagine that co-op could be pretty good.
  11. File 2 completed. Wow, this is amazing! What starts off as just a mess of weird shit tearing your gaze into 100 directions soon makes sense once you get the hang of things. Knowing where to send your Legion, and when to take control, elevates the combat into something utterly unique. It looks crazy, and feels impossible, but reveals an instinctive flow very quickly. I mashed File 1, but I conducted File 2!
  12. Just completed the opening bit, don't really know what I was doing for large chunks of it, but was loving the mayhem! Platinum are just special, this makes even Bayonetta look pedestrian.
  13. Trent totally meant that!
  14. I don't agree. They're chucking it long upfield whenever they get it, which makes it look like they're gaining territory. There's not much threat to them, though. Can't help feeling they'll be knackered by the hour mark.
  15. I presume we've all seen the new trailer by now? No? Ah, in that case ... here you go! So that's the zappy puppy as well as the big bad boomer. They just need to add Gore Magala and that'll be everything that ever walled me in the one game.
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