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  1. Coutinho is the answer to a question we're not even asking. We don't need him, but he'd obviously improve squad depth, so why not try to get him on loan? As long as everyone knows he's a bench option rather than a guaranteed starter, I don't think he'll break the good thing we already have, and he certainly won't weaken us. Alternatively, if we can sell Lallana to fund the transfer, then go for it.
  2. I have to agree,it's worth sticking with the grind to get past level 20. Timed challenges alone change it up enough, but multiplayer is pretty good.
  3. I've quit trying to curb my excesses. There's just so much stuff in the eShop these days that I no longer put the right amount in my account, and instead drop £50 at a time.
  4. I have to clear level 20 to play multiplayer. And, I'm bored out of my mind at level (or is that course?) 13, despite being able to play as Dr. Bowser. I had hoped this could become my new timewaster, but I really do feel like I'd be wasting my time playing it further.
  5. You can set it to be "at least", but not "at most", sadly. I can't imagine it's a tough change to implement, but similarly can't imagine why anyone other than me would want it in the game!
  6. Had what I thought was a great idea for a lev ... sorry ... COURSE .... this morning, only to find that there is no way to do it, because there is no way to set the Clear Condition I wanted to. My hope was to litter the levels with coins, but have a "Collect 0 coins" rider, which isn't possible. (Hopefully they update it to allow more customisation of the clear conditions.) However, this in turn has led to the realisation that I can subvert my own subversion of the normal gameplay, and now I really want to go home and work on it! Levels ... No COURSE is hard for the person that made it, because you have to Clear Check it before uploading it. It's really difficult, though, to balance what you know against what somebody else can't possibly know beforehand, which leads to a lot of players just piling on the challenge instantly, and not thinking about any kind of pacing. It's early days, though, so sooner or later the kids will all have moved on, and the "Here are 10 billion Bowsers" courses will drop down the rankings, and the genuinely clever and interesting courses will top the most popular tab. At least, that's my hope, because I didn't stick around long with the first title. Perhaps the spreadhseet needs more tabs? I suggest we add a "Here's a course I played that I think is brilliant and you guys should play it, too!" tab at the very least, but over time there could be much more nuance?
  7. Kind of. I didn't realise that there can only be 1 sub-section, I was hoping to do a longer side-scrolling section, (so the easy bit at the end was meant to be slightly more restful), but then I found that I had nowhere to put it, and didn't just want to make another dropdown bit. So, I'll do another one at some point, which I will plan a lot better! But, thank you for the feedback, I can't wait to see what kind of times people are putting up.
  8. I did a speedrun level! Managed to reel myself in a little, and hopefully the experience will help me out in the switch hell level I can't quite finish off. 0LB-F5Q-4RG Looking forward to seeing people demolish my own time on this. And now I have 2 levels uploaded, I should even be able to find the time to work through the already seriously impressive spreadsheet, which I can see filling a huge chunk of my weekend.
  9. @carlospie Radobann is definitely a shock to the system at first. Of course, there is never actually a reason to commit to 1 weapon, and if you can git gud with Bow or Hammer/Horn then Radobaan becomes a bit of a cakewalk. It's the next bastard you're going to have to worry about, although Long Sword can tear it a new one quite rapidly anyway. That's the joy of the game, for me, how each monster really is a unique challenge. I've never had any problems whatsoever with some that others have had nightmares about, but struggle every single time I get anywhere near Zinogre. But then, you could always just learn Funlance (no, that's not a typo) and wreck any shit that comes anywhere near you. It's my safety weapon, almost feels like cheat mode against some of them. I didn't get time to try the new stuff out in the Iceborne Beta, though, so don't know how much morre OP it's gotten.
  10. To those who are able to maintain a focus throughout completing a course when there are millions of ideas running through your head ... HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS? I can't discipline myself, and so have several projects on the go, none of which are going to get the time they probably need to make them polished. Such is my curse!
  11. This is bloody brilliant! Everyone in this thread should play it.
  12. All of that would be amazing, and give me a reason to bother installing the Switch Online app on my new phone. As it stands, until just now I forgot it even exists! But, this seems to be typical of the Japanese mindset when it comes to online in general, to be fair, and it's not just Nintendo that make these odd decisions. Xbox Live pretty much nailed how online should be done, and it has kind of spoiled us all, because I can remember having to have several different server tools installed and a list of usernames in multiple games, many of which didn't persist beyond a single session anyway. It once took me 3 days to arrange an online match with a chat-room friend, for example. I don't know about "Follow", but I was looking at the leaderboards earlier, and you can definitely list all the courses made by a single player from there.. Presumably that same information exists for every profile.
  13. The thing it needs most is a way to find courses made by friends. That would be my top priority, although I suppose adding a favourite creator is almost as good.
  14. How does one add a feedback to a specific area in a level? For example, I would very much like ot put an angry face at one distinct point in @ann coulter's level, but I don't seem to get that option. Whereas, I noticed they were all over @GokouD's Gusty Gardens 2. Is this set by the creator? I promise, I will play all the levels posted here, but I downloaded 5 so far and if I have to play rather than download, then that's how I'll do it from here. (Might also explain stat differences, actually. Download allows you to play offline.) My own first level is a remix of one of my old ones - YY4-TS7-S1H. Hope you enjoy!
  15. When the hell did I forget how to play Mario games? I jump too far, too soon, or too often. I've got all the momentum control of a hippo falling down a hill. And I'm ignoring 30 coins because "Yeah, sod that!" I remade one of the levels I uploaded in the first game, and can't even complete it to upload it! I'm hoping it's all because I was just very tired last night, and will do much better today. There will be thousands of levels that I'll never be able to complete, thousands more that I won't even try. And none of this matters, because the story mode is already amazing, and I'm only 15 levels into it at this point. The game is genius. Even in this tiny corner of the internet, we're seeing variety in levels made. Multiply that by millions, and it's a literal festival, a celebration, an explosion of creativity. I feel it will be the zeitgeist game for the next month or two, as well, so enjoy the ride!
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