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  1. 379 up for grabs at the moment! I'll be idle, do what you feel is good. https://turnip.exchange/island/223e555a
  2. Redd has been to Flapston twice so far, but I've never seen Celeste. I don't even know what I'd be looking for, where would she be? I do wish the observatory was in the game, because it was fun creating constellations like "The Great Beard" and "Lina Minor", and even better when a random new one appeared after someone visited. Actually, that is what is bugging me about this version. The internet has led to a reduction in the more organic sharing we used to get. Sure, everyone is visiting everyone else, but it's all about collecting. I used to love it when an animal referenced something unexpected. Nobody writes on message boards now. Nobody puts designs in Able"s. (Except me, I do it every chance I get!) And, while the game is still beautiful, the experience is a little poorer. Here's hoping they add more ways to cross-pollinate ideas, because that is what made so many fall in love with the game to start with.
  3. If anyone fancies getting a Jock dog, Mac is in boxes in Flapston. Leif is selling Hyacinths and Lillies, and there are plenty of spare fossils and recipes near the airport. Pietro is in the tent, but apparently you can only invite from your own tent. Dodo code = 2X3PT
  4. I'm travelling to @Paulando, but not for turnips. I need 1 Giant Clam, so came here looking for open islands!
  5. Thank you. I left 99k bells, and would have posted on your board, but the constant flow of visitors coming and going made it impossible!
  6. I know I can only buy 1. What I want to know us if 2 others could visit my island to take advantage of definite genuine paintings. (Moody and Dynamic.)
  7. Does anybody know if it is possible to buy from Crazy Redd when visiting someone? I ask because he is selling 3 genuine paintings this morning, at least according to the guide I read, and I can only buy 1!
  8. I'll take either at this point!
  9. Bought at 100 following a decreasing pattern last week. Currently showing 10% likelihood for the large spike patterns, after 87 this morning and 82 now. Fingers crossed!
  10. Here is my current frustration ... At least I'll know soon if it's going up or down!
  11. I may hit 618 this week, according to Turnip Prophet!
  12. 459 4MSHY I have stuff on, so will be idle. Sorry, that means waiting times, but fill your boots!
  13. I'm good for fruits, thanks. Leave a Custom design in Able's, if you like!
  14. Dodo code of 0P01M, turnip price of 125 bells. There are probably better out there, but if anyone is desperate ... @Popo @SweatyTravolta
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