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  1. What has happened to Origi? He looks completely done, no hunger, no confidence, no anything. Sad to see.
  2. The Imps are in for a long night, I fear. (Used to live in Lincoln, so have a soft spot for them.)
  3. Grujic, Shaqiri, and Origi? Surprising, would have expected all 3 to be on the verge of leaving.
  4. Last night I got "Thou" and "Amper" straight away, but it took me far too long to see "Quick", and I simply didn't know "Green" at all. It did seem a harder than usual episode, to be fair. I was close on several, but don't think I actually got any connections. I knew they were Skodas, but didn't know the order, plenty of close calls like that. I generally make a couple of them per episode, but wasn't in the running last night.
  5. Disney+ has a placeholder for it, but it simply says 2020. Looks great, that trailer completely sold me.
  6. He spent the whole game scratching his arse because he had a Werner in his pocket.
  7. Justice served, that was never a penalty.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad the right decision was reached. I'm saying the ref should have given the red to begin with, because it was utterly crystal clear. But, that's 2 today where they have overturned their own yellows, so if this how it goes from now on I'll take it. Wonder how we'll make use of the extra man? Time for Thiago? EDIT: YES!
  9. Has to be a red card! Surprised this even went to VAR.
  10. HHHHNNNNNGGGGG! It's so bloody beautiful. I'm seemingly now terrible at Sunshine, my girlfriend was giggling at my attempts to just jump onto a rope, when I used to practically speedrun such things. Yet to step back into Galaxy, but first runs in 64 and Sunshine make me almost weep with delight.
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