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  1. Grealish gets soft fouls, because he has incredibly good close control of the ball and is tricky with his movement, which makes defenders make clumsy soft fouls. It must be incredibly annoying to play against, but he is being fouled. Yes he has to sell it, but every player in the game does that now. It's amusing how much he irritates other fans.
  2. The moment this side comes up against a top tier side, such as will happen in the next round, it'll be carnage.
  3. This second half is absolutely turgid.
  4. Play Grealish, things happen. Southgate's bizarre hatred of him is utterly insane
  5. Mings dropped seems to be a common theory. Arguably the best performing player in the 2 games thus far. But he doesn't play for Manchester United so...
  6. Villa to sign Julian Alvarez, apparently. 20yo Argentine winger/striker, from River Plate. Out of nowhere, assuming it goes through.
  7. Ah Brad Guzan. What could have been.
  8. Indeed. I've no doubt Southgate is itching to put Maguire back in. But Mings has been genuinely top rate in these games, so fair play to him. And as a Villa fan it's nice to have one of our guys in the side and doing well.
  9. Mings might be the best performing England player across these 2 games.
  10. A white not found in nature.
  11. Last season's Baggies shirt had sex with a Villa shirt, while a Trabzonspor top watched.
  12. Arsenal. They can't even pay a mascot.
  13. I may be biased, but I can see why a manager might be wary of going to Spurs. It's going to be a grim job. You're going to be tasked with breaking into the CL teams again whilst your squad needs work, your star player is probably off and there's no money. There's probably another job that has a higher degree of a chance at success of some sort without the inherent difficulties elsewhere.
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