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  1. I'd almost pitch a few quid on her coming back as a cyborg of some sort. Look kids! Another cool action figure that didn't actually do anything!
  2. Thinking about it, Palace also used to wear claret and blue because they sought advice from Villa when they first were established and got given some kits. They then kept the colours even when switching around the design until they ended up going to full on red and blue (a Barcelona connection I guess?). If nothing else, Villa were bloody influential in the early days of football. Probably helps that we were also the biggest club around at the time.
  3. Villa had the colours first. Burnley adopted the colours because at the time Villa were the dominant club in the country. West Ham supposedly have the colours after a coach won a bet against a Villa player that saw them get a set of kits and they just kept it since. I'd guess Scunthorpe have a similar story to Burnley. Why Villa chose claret and blue in the first place is more open to discussion. The club didn't always wear the colours. I believe the first kit was black for instance, and over the years the exact shade of claret and blue changed - originally the claret was closer to a chocolate brown. The switch happened a few years later. The most common stories behind the colours were that they were chosen to reflect the colours of Hearts and Rangers, as the club had a strong Scottish connection with William McGregor and so on. The other story I know is that the tiles of a pub local to the club at the time, the Crown iirc, had tiles in the colours and the chairman liked the combination so went for it. The Scottish connection is possibly more likely given the lion rampant on the badge as well, which has been part of the club's badge even prior to the colours.
  4. No worries. As I said, Ant-man and the Wasp isn't 100% vital, so don't drive yourself mad trying to fit it in. It's not like Endgame doesn't make sense if you've not seen it. Once you've seen Infinity War if you can't fit in Ant-man and the Wasp but want to know the 'important' bit post in here again and I'll give you a 2 liner that gives you everything you need to know ahead of Endgame (and to be honest doesn't markedly spoil Ant-man and the Wasp either)
  5. All you need from Captain Marvel is knowing who she is and what she can do really. The film is an origin for her mostly and doesn't really matter to Endgame. If you've watched a trailer for Captain Marvel you should be alright. Ant-man and the Wasp ideally you'd have seen, the film itself isn't that important to where Endgame goes but it's post credit scene directly ties into the opening act of Endgame. It's not 100% vital, but you'll have a few moments that will be a case of 'just go with it'. My girlfriend hadn't seen Ant-man and the Wasp before Endgame and was fine with it.
  6. Sacked guy - Newton Pulsifer. He's the ancestor of the Witchfinder that died at the execution of Agnes Nutter. He was shown as a kid trying to fix a computer and causing a blackout. He's not the kid with the dog. The kid with the dog is the Antichrist. He was the one that got muddled in the hospital. Glasses woman is Anathema Device. She's the ancestor of Agnes Nutter whose family has followed her predictions for generations. She was shown as a child learning the predictions and being told it's foretold she'll be important in Armageddon. She is the woman that was hot by the car.
  7. The suits always look shit when the first set pics appear.
  8. Its made me more interested as well. I love Taskmaster as a villain. The costume looks shite but you can see the stylised skull and he's wearing a hood, and you can see it's gone for a bit of a mix up of a modern take on his classic look and the Udon look.
  9. Looks like Taskmaster will be a villain in the film.
  10. Asylum is the most rounded, it is a very tight game with very little fat on it anywhere, but it's also the oldest and the most slight. It's basically a Metroidvania in 3d. City takes Asylum and evolves it, expands everything. Combat has more moves and more challenge in enemy type. The world is truly open. Traversal is much more important. But it feels a little flabbier than the first and the open world feels a bit perfunctory. Knight is City with fancier graphics and even more expansion on its combat etc, and the Batmobile, whose mileage varies (boom boom). Personally didn't like it. Take it out and it's better game than City, but there's a lot of it being used. If you get on with it though it's excellent. They're all worth your time but I think only Asylum will be remembered as a classic. It has an atmosphere and cohesiveness that the others don't quite match.
  11. Inspired by the RG Nu Gundam I decided I wanted to work on the MG Nu Gundam ver Ka. I love that Gundam design, and it's a wonderful kit. Bloody hell. I built the Nu Gundam well over a year ago and then it got boxed up during house renovation last year. I'd forgotten how many parts it has. I spent literally hours just sticking stuff on clip sticks. In the end I had enough of shoving tiny pieces on sticks that I've started to just do batches of pieces at a time. There's still probably a hundred odd bits waiting to get attached to sticks. It's an incredible kit but it's one that requires more effort than many others because there's just so much of it. Hopefully get it all base painted over the next fortnight or so. Then come the decals, which, being a ver Ka, will be in the hundreds as well. The RG Sazabi is still happening. I decided to enter a group build online with it and that has meant I want to use some new techniques on it potentially so while those get practiced I'm working on other bits. Very much looking forward to it though, I've even been tinkering with colour schemes on some 'lineart' pictures of the Sazabi, which is a first.
  12. I might need to rewatch the stream to catch that... Glad to see Abbie's vlogs are back. They're completely pointless but it's an interesting glimpse behind the scenes. The tech guys appear to be barely able to keep the thing going. Unfortunately Ben features heavily doing such important stuff as... Sitting. And eating. At least the more senior guys offer something in either management or insight, Ben just uses up resources it seems.
  13. Sadly Ben can't be turned off
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