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  1. I always got the impression that Jeff's family didn't exactly live on the breadline either (although obviously not massively wealthy either), owning their own mechanic business, so he's always had a fallback of cash I think. Plus he's out of the SF bubble so his dollar will go further. And the CBS buyout will have boosted his bank balance nicely. Brad is the one that I never quite understood his circumstances. I never got the impression he was on the top rank of pay at GB, but he's always lived in SF while with them I think. His outgoings must be astronomical.
  2. Narrativia, Pratchett's production company run by his daughter and his old PA, are co-producers on the series I believe. If that's the case, either their criticism is a little hollow or the company is just a shell to farm out the rights once in a while and it doesn't really have much say in what happens after that, in which case criticising something they're producers in as being unrecognisable to the works they look after makes a bit more sense.
  3. As expected, it's looking like a popular branding for something else entirely to sell a production company on it. How on earth Narrativia are letting it go ahead is anyone's guess.
  4. Without the characters, that is only slightly better than useless. 'We've done some casting'. ...cool.
  5. Rougher than a badgers todger. I really hate the way Sony makes these films look. Generic high tech lab and then tonnes of soft focus and golden hue. Looks dreadful.
  6. If this isn't awful I'll be shocked. Although it may be worth seeing just for Ewan McGregor going full camp.
  7. Dan going isn't good for the site generally, although personally I thought his persona had worn beyond thin - the ignorant of everything shtick had drifted into irritating more often than funny long ago for me and his ultra competitive thing just often made him appear to be an annoying twat imo. Plus he often fell into that slightly off-putting, completely dismissive of anything but his opinion attitude. Which is made more annoying by the other things, the ignorance etc, and because he appears to have lead a life where he could fall off a building and land on a mattress with a silver platter of money and a promotion at the bottom. But they kinda need the slightly more extroverted personality and it feels like they won't get that somehow with whoever else comes in. Obviously they might, but I dunno... Who else is out there that might come in and be a Dan esque character?
  8. An update on the Zaku Entirely a pissing about project. Fully brush painted besides the primer and base coat of brown, which were spray can. It's not very good but it's all just learning fodder really. Since these photo's it's had some oils added for streaking, tints, washes etc. And some enamels. It currently looks like it's been dragged out of a tar pit. I may have gone a bit far.
  9. In the unlikely event anyone fancies buying any of the painted kits here please drop me a PM. I'm also moving on some new kits - please see my trading topic.
  10. It's difficult. The current format is an agent to make the whole thing less of a negative screed of everything, but it means 3 days of... Well... Nothing. Repeats of discussions they've had all year. But then there are times the old format was unbearable, and even this new take had some of the ill-tempered stuff last year. I think the bigger let down has how they've abandoned any pretense of the jokey side of things they used to do. I used to like the little skits and themed gags they did every day to accompany the awards run down. It felt like they put some effort in and had some fun with it. Now it seems like they're putting in the absolute minimum of effort to bang out filler content. The family fortunes knock off looked like they might threaten to do something interesting this year, but instead it's just been basic to camera lists over b roll. They may as well not bother.
  11. I'm not sure the character is any more flawed than any other. He's just not a character that I can see Radcliffe fitting at all. That's not to say I think he's a bad actor. I don't think he's that good either but for the right role he's decent enough. But a Batman esque brawler he's not, and I don't think he can sell that he's that character underneath. He can probably do elements of the mad side of the character, but that's about it.
  12. Rumours abound that they're eying Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight. Which would be a mistake. Not a role that suits him at all.
  13. They might have bothered to put some effort into the Christmas content this year.. I mean, not much, but some.
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