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  1. I thought it was now clarified as a timed exclusive and will eventually be on the XSX?
  2. Any news on the console release? Its getting pushed regularly on the XBOX and PS4 YouTube channels but I cant see any date for a release. Quite fancy this as something a little different.
  3. if you're required to have a FB account in any way I'll be giving it a hard pass. That's the same reason I wont buy an Oculus. I mean, FaceBook?? Anyone under 30 thinks its for old farts (I'm 49 by the way so no hate, please)
  4. Hmm, first world problems and all but after 8 days of it being sent out from The Games Collection, I still haven't received this.
  5. Straight from the Shark's mouth.
  6. Yup. Got it pre-ordered. Looking forward to something a little different.
  7. Seems to be sold out in quite a few places.
  8. 244 for me. Steady climb since purchase.
  9. I'm quite intrigued by this. Looks beautiful and quite relaxing. Does anyone know if there's going to be a demo released?
  10. I was actually just looking forward to people visiting my Island and hopefully helping someone get a good price on their 'nips. It did actually make me laugh when I saw them taking the bells. My youngest daughter thought it was hilarious! I quite like the idea someone had here about an "open garden" where we can take turns at visiting each others islands. It was great that a few people came to me tonight but I noticed that no one saw the maze I'd lovingly built; probably as thy were all being too polite to spend too much time there, in fear of holding up fellow 'nip sellers
  11. Closing my gates in 5 minutes but will reopen if anyone needs- just PM. I think most people have already cashed in this week.
  12. I know. I'm busy tonight so couldn't manage to respond to PMs but thought I'd just leave it running and open for peeps here.
  13. No idea. I've only put the code up here so...
  14. Just saw a visitor hoover up the bells others had left me! I almost admire the cheek.
  15. I have 555 bells per turnip. Will try to keep this open as long as possible. 79S46
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