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  1. BubbleFish

    Nintendo Switch

    Works out as around £55!
  2. BubbleFish

    PlayStation VR

    The video ends saying it came out in October last year...
  3. BubbleFish

    Nintendo Switch

    Any idea why it's so difficult to get the Skull & Co Gripcase? I've not read a single bad word about it but other than a store in the US and one in Australia, you can't seem to buy it. We're they having production or licensing issues?
  4. BubbleFish

    Nintendo Switch

    No active Bluetooth on your phone, a soundbar, TV? I used to have issues until I realised it would only happen while docked next to my TV. I then remembered I had a Samsung soundbar connected to the TV via BT. Switched it off and the problem went away.
  5. Is it true that there’s no way to start over with this game? I played at least a year ago and would love to start over as I’ve no clue where I was with the story. Can’t find a way to do so though.
  6. I completed the whole of Jak and Dexter without realising until the very last collectable orb that there was a running jump which covered longer distances. The number of F Bombs I dropped playing that game...
  7. BubbleFish

    Nintendo Switch

    Any recommendations for grip cases? I get cramp after 30 minutes play and most of the cases seem to have "bumpers" which look like they'd help. All much the same? The Orzly one looks OK.
  8. BubbleFish

    Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

    Apologies if this has already been answered, but why on earth would they remove the 3D World levels? Future DLC?
  9. BubbleFish

    Space Hulk Tactics

    I can’t imagine what a rush is like. It barely gets 30fps when it’s just your squad in an empty corridor!
  10. BubbleFish

    Space Hulk Tactics

    Genuine question, do you really think so? On the Pro it chugs along, animation is basic and there doesnt seem to any weight behind the shooting- in my opinion. I was really looking forward to it but left very dissapointed. Are you playing it on the PC? Is it perhaps a bad port?
  11. BubbleFish

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    Looks incredible. Only Kojima could make my dream seem normal in comparison to his bat-shit crazy ideas.
  12. BubbleFish

    PlayStation VR

    Battle zone is indeed, brilliant. Rock hard too. It was my birthday yesterday and my wife and daughters bought my a VR and the Farpoint gun pack!
  13. BubbleFish

    Legion - X-Men TV spin-off

    Anyone know what's going on with Fox on Sky with this? They've only shown 2 episodes so far. I just thought. I really hope my series link isn't screwed up...
  14. Mother Fucker! I just sodding bought XCom in the sale as I thought it would never come to Plus. This is the week after I re-bought Diablo at full price only to see it get a 50% discount the next week.
  15. BubbleFish

    Dying Light

    That's a thought, actually. Do you think that's why they aren't updating it but keeping the interest high with the constant drip feed of content? I've not seen any specific news about a sequel but it would be great to see.

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