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  1. @DC Lemon I am you. Kids have adopted the Switch as their primary and I was content to grab a game every now and then... I now have a Lite, Zelda and pouch (hopefully) being delivered from Shopto on Friday.
  2. PS4. I joined a game in the same area/ boss and the two of us had it beaten on the first go. That's why I was wondering.
  3. I'm so shit at this. Not even sure if it's a boss or not but the Horror in the Sewer is just a roadblock for me. I cant keep the mob at bay while taking shots at it. Is the idea that you keep leveling up by replaying the first area or is this just difficult for single players or am I just unfortunately shit?
  4. Saw this last night and pretty much agree with the comments already expressed. A bit of a disappointment after the first one. I also thought the style of direction and the musical score seemed quite different in tone from the first movie; and not necessarily in a good way. If I hadn't known better I'd have thought it was a completely different team who made this.
  5. I've not seen any carry over, certainly not on the PS4. @Ketchup definitely more like 2. To be honest though I quickly got into 2, so much so that I'm struggling to remember much of 1.
  6. had a quick go on the PS4. More of the same (good) but they already seem to have just as much if not more content. Looks stunning too.
  7. Well don't I feel like the tit! A love heart to you!
  8. Thanks. Seriously? Is that a constant requirement or does it just check in periodically? The whole notion is this is their portable, portable system. Surely they want to encourage multiple SKU ownership? Or is this good old Nintendo?
  9. Genuinely sorry if this is a dumb question or one that's been answered a thousand times already. If I get a Lite, can I have accounts on it and my "main" Switch and download and use my market games or are they locked to one console?
  10. I'm really looking forward to this. Looks a little different and the dev diaries seem to suggest that they're genuinely trying to set this up for longevity. I also noticed though that its vanished from the Playstation store. No idea why and no comment from the Devs.
  11. Any further comments towards the enemy AI? Most of the videos I've watched made it look pretty basic with a combo of stand still and shoot in the open mixed with rush straight at the player.
  12. Yeah, just watched it in 4K. Somehow knew absolutely nothing about the story. I thought it was great. So much so that I let out a little "ah fuck" when it ended... I'm presuming a sequel is unlikely? How did it do in numbers?
  13. Paid. £10 for the lot or £1.70 per song.
  14. I last played Destiny when The Forsaken came out. I'm presuming that the subsequent season pass content was all date constrained, I.e. it's no longer available if I took out the season pass now? Or is the content still all there for me to work through at my leisure?
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