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  1. Was there something like this in The Ice Storm?
  2. Yeah, my Mum says the same thing.
  3. I played through the first couple of levels of Duke 3D last night and the only thing I saw was the framerate got a tiny bit chuggy when there were mirrors onscreen.
  4. The solution is clear! If there are matchsticks involved then it is a puzzle, otherwise I don't fucking know.
  5. Yes, it is as nuts as ever!
  6. The Doom Patrol Twitter account posted a new season 2 trailer with lots of massively sped up footage and it looks like there will be some more awesome Grant Morrison baddies appearing.
  7. You've got the best version of the game!
  8. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories fans rejoice, for Netflix are now showing another three seasons right now! It's a bit convoluted, but the 2 seasons subtitled Tokyo Stories are actually seasons 4 & 5 of the show, and it's only recently that Netflix got the rights to show the original 3 seasons. Just search for Midnight Diner (without the Tokyo Stories bit) and you now have another 30-odd episodes of gentle gastronomic drama for your delectation.
  9. I've been watching some videos of Burnout Paradise and it looks pretty rubbish compared to any other version, including the original 360/PS3 versions, all low-res jagged and shimmery so everything in the distance looks like a smudgy mess, and whatever filters they added for the remaster makes everything look murky and dull. Disappointing. EDIT: It's still 60fps though, which is nice.
  10. The most interesting things to me about this game are the difficulty and accessibility options. It sounds like Naughty Dog really went the extra mile in making a game that anyone can play, no matter the circumstances, and that's something other devs should really be learning from.
  11. Dead Space the first really put the shits up me back in the day. I remember playing it at night in a big empty house and then crapping myself going down to the kitchen, sure that when I turned the lights on I'd get scrubbed by a necroblob. Amnesia was another one that scared me. I remember creeping through the darkened castle finding some objects so I could break open a lock, hoping that mister happy face didn't find me, then when I managed to get the lock open I heard him go 'bleh' behind me and I ran all the way back through the level and hid under a table.
  12. When They See Us is a must watch, especially in light of the current protests.
  13. I bought the massive itch bundle and played through this tonight. What a beautiful little polished gem of a game. I'd be quite happy if Nintendo decided to make the next smaller Zelda game like this.
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