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  1. I've come across this in a game recently too, so it's likely to be a switch game. Hollow Knight? A Dragon Quest game?
  2. If this is anything like Wario Ware DIY I'll be all over it!
  3. Gilliam Theatre, Terry's Lever Watches, Brian's Soap, they're definitely Python fans!
  4. I thought about correcting the spelling mistake in the title of the thread but I quite like the word 'featuting' now.
  5. I have a fondness for Ghostbusters 2; I got it for Christmas on the Speccy along with a defective joystick that wouldn't go up*, which made the first level impossible to do. *Up registered as the fire button and I didnt figure it out for a long time.
  6. Arrow (arrowfilms.com) have an Easter sale on, lasting until April 19th, and there's some great stuff in there, including stuff from Second Sight and Third Window.
  7. If you just want to try out Pac-Man, you could buy a month's online sub for £3.50
  8. This was great until I was doing really well one game then my WiFi went wrong and I disconnected and now I'm in a proper sulk.
  9. Childbirth is pretty funny.
  10. These are going to be rarer than hens' beaks!
  11. I've been poking about in the dark corners of the eshop and found a surprisingly good Souls-inspired metrovania-lite called Grimvalor, in which you run around a bunch of loosely interconnected levels fighting monsters. There's also some Bayonetta/DMC flavour to the movement and combat as you can fling yourself all over the place, dodging enemies and using the traditional light and heavy attacks to do damage. It's obviously been made on a budget as the graphics are more functional than spectacular, but it feels really fast and smooth, if a little simplistic. There's a fairly generous demo
  12. Collider. Like the large Hadron one but a small backpack one.
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