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  1. He's wrong. I dip into 2nd gear at turn one and 3 for the briefest of moments. If it's good enough for the top of the leaderboard it's good enough for me....
  2. So I've seen it on FB where someone will post the same sort of jubilent nonsense that I've been getting up to with 'overwinning' in the screenshot. I've no idea how you do it, and I can't find any reference to it anywhere. Typically, since I asked the question, I'm now get pushed into A ranked driver dailies and doing well to hold position. Actually fuck that, I'm getting a shoeing. Also with drivers that have set a 1.04 as their laptime. My optimum is now a 1.05 dead, so I think I might have to give it a go as @fretnoise is getting a whiff of my time....
  3. Just curious, what is the requirement to achieve 'overwinning' on the dailies?
  4. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Who givrs a shit about the noise of the engines in these cars? They all sound the same, BOP away, let them do more to the aero.
  5. That's what I keep telling myself, and everyone else. However, if it happens it keeps that fire stoked right up.
  6. I seem to recall a similar problem a few months after the launch of the Switch with a 'what do you mean there's no stock??' it's not really a new thing, but it needs to fuck off sharpish. I can see there being near constant outages all year, probably more so when they actually release a dedicated must have PS5 game. Happy to wait, but like I've said, if GT Sport drops in the next six months and I'm unable to buy in then I'll be pissed.
  7. Fuck CEX, new or otherwise it's not something that should be encouraged.
  8. Bt Shop just says 'we have had our allocation' however Base.com are still doing the 1p thing for stock, so I've gone with that on the off chance that GT Sport get's a release date this year and I get to avoid the bundle for consoles that will come as a result....
  9. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Well, Max's dad doesn't run the team or call the shots from the pit wall, so that's one less thing to have to cost five places on the grid.... Max might get a shoeing.
  10. Just depends who has decided to come out and play by then....
  11. Indeed, roll on 2022 when there's a full grid and I'll be off to Silverstone to gawp at them in the rain.
  12. Daily race A, I think I'm in love. Not just the car but the track. I was moaning about race craft and consistency, this is the perfect place to dial that in. The more the evening has wore on, the better and more comfortable I've become with it. I could drop a mid 1.05 with my eyes closed right now. I still think I'm going to have to go faster, my lap is sliding out of the top 300. Brake balance aside, I think there's only the diff setting to play about with.
  13. It's gt sport, it's what we do, it belongs firmly in said topic.
  14. Probably going to get further round Le Sarthe than the race car
  15. I'm guessing the road cars must have calmer aero and other such taming of said vehicle, because without the livery, I'm not seeing much of a resemblance:
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