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  1. Finding the gr2 with the wheel and pedal setup is a right handful at autopolis, I take it that it's normal to not get on with every car type when you make the change? Gr1's at interlagos for the tt are enjoyable, must try and get below 1.21...
  2. The new regs have dragged Peugeot back into the fight. Should give me something to point and laugh at....
  3. Many thanks, that's brilliant and I'm certain there's a film in that somewhere...... Watching it in half hour chunks due to internet issues. Would rather read a book about it too.
  4. Still no internet after ten days. No chance I'll be on. Gutted. Hope regular racing returns soon @McSpeed Before you ask, a 3g connection couldn't handle the psp version of GT let alone this!
  5. Is there a decent book about the Brawn GP miracle? I was just reading a short article in this months evo and it appears to be an astonishing tale.
  6. Downloaded the update, internet still way to fruity to venture online. What I will say is that a wheel and pedal setup is a revelation. Transforms the game in my opinion, and I've done many laps with a pad. I'm fairly confident my lap times should improve.... Might have to get some different pedals for the t150, just a tiny bit meh.
  7. To be fair to Jacques, he's become much more of a bellend than the cobbler ever was.
  8. Bottas, this decades chumpion. See Rubens and Massa for reference.
  9. Which is ironic given that he was probably a more successful away from Ferrari than he was when he was there. As for the Lewis comments, I think they'd shoe Russell in there in a heartbeat. The lads talented, mature, and quick. Probably able to win out of the box too.
  10. I've not even been able to download the update yet! Get up that pole Mr BT man!!
  11. Run that list of mega successful Italian ferrari drivers by me again.....
  12. I've not done the update and it's highly unlikely I'll be on for the rest of the week. Big storm down here on Friday and Saturday appears to have trollied our internet connection. No fix on the horizon until Thursday. On the upside, I might just get a chance to adjust to a wheel and pedal setup!
  13. Game was lost when Sinckler walked off the pitch. Shame.
  14. We all need a panto villain, I wasn't a fan of Senna's attitude towards the rest of the grid at the time. He's just got a bit of that shithead attitude that may serve him well at some point.
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