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  1. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Put this man in charge, I'd buy a ticket to this.
  2. What with that and the very solid Veyron dumped on the start finish straight....
  3. That last race on that track was decent, any of the last 4 could have won till I made it a three way race on the last corner. To be fair to yourself, you did at least apologise, Piquet would have got out of the car and punched me in the throat. Need to fill up my garage, I'll be back in a couple of weeks if work can sod off taking me away from home in that time.
  4. Enjoyed that, the perils of a limited garage, I should have had the alfa for the first course and the skyline for the second. Shonky Piquet esque driving skills by the rip off Williams megane driver I thought......
  5. I'm on but I'm mute such is the level of chaos in our household, I've already had 20 questions off the kids as to what I'm doing....
  6. I was wondering what that cool million in my account was going to get spent on.....
  7. Feel free to add the gimp to you r friends list, I could very well be on for this tonight.
  8. What time? I may be about....?
  9. Damn that game was good. Remember some decent online action with F355, even though you'd just race around and wait to see if your time was faster than your opponent after the event. Must add a Dreamcast to my collection at some point. Should never have sold it off.
  10. I'll bet altered beast is on that megadrive mini, I mean the shit port and not a remastered arcade faithful version. I have fond memories of arcade games, less so of their console versions. You'd think in this day and age someone could just bung a few arcade ports on a console and shovel that shit out to punters. I think my original xbox version of Shenmue 2 is still in it's shrink wrap, might have to have a punt on this update.
  11. What Dirt Rally highlights is how truly sub standard the gravel racing is in GT. It's the only thing I can point to in the game and go 'this bit is a bit crap' I must get the boys racing chair controller setup and give it a go away from the pad, I'll wager it's the dogs whatsits.
  12. My god this is good. I was doing some of the challenges last night, Interlagos in some grp 3 mazda, 6 laps with a pitstop. Aiming for gold of course and went for a pitstop on the last lap. Huge mistake, couldn't get anywhere near the lead Audi, and the Dodge Viper nailed me on the finish line. 3rd's enough for Silver, but I'm trying for 100% gold. Basically you have to pit on the same lap as the lead Audi or you've got no chance, and even then it'll be RIGHT up your trumpet on the last lap. It's got a decent level of challenge. I'll never make the Tuesday night races such is the hectic schedule of my life
  13. IndyCar

    What's the best way to watch this?
  14. Formula One - 2018 Season

    I thought the helmet cam in indy was on the inside of the helmet?? to the left or right of the visor. Not sure where I came up with that.
  15. Decent. Mrs M enjoyed, plenty of LOL's and very fargo esque for me which is always a bonus. I've not seen the new star wars film, so seeing Driver being a little bit redneck should be an interesting diversion..... This is the point where Craig doing another Bond movie is a mistake IMO. Joe Bang was the perfect guise to walk away from it.

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