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  1. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    Careful now, a decent race there is a bit of a stretch..... In case you were wondering the last time a decent race was held there was 1991.
  2. I'll upload a part of the ring race in a few days, the opening miles were very much
  3. The Spa race in almost all it's glory, we join the race as @McSpeed gets spectacularly bummed by gtsports stupid penalty system in what can only be described as an error strewn race.... nice camera work at about 1 minute if I do say so myself. And as for those not making the soft tyres last.....lol, 3 lap stints
  4. Monday night forum racing, delivers in spades.....again!
  5. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Didn't hurt him my balls, he was blowing out of his bumhole by round 4!
  6. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Can you imagine how wound up Fury would be if he was forced to get into the ring with Wilder instead of AJ as his next fight?
  7. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    Just watched it, Wilder looked ruined by the end of round 4. If Fury can stay on the rails, he can execute any plan against any fighter. If I was Wilder I'd avoid a rematch, if I was Joshua, I'd be shitting bricks.
  8. marsh

    The Boxing Thread

    For 273 Fury looks lean, I hope that he hits Wilder so hard his legs turn to trumpets. That still might not be enough to win it.
  9. What @Varnsen said, you want to be all over those apex's and humping those kerbs. There's normally no gap there like that.
  10. marsh

    Formula One - 2020

    If anyone other than mercedes win a race this season, it'll be a miracle.
  11. Looks like the Hypercar concept could be dead in the water, with stroll taking a share of the F1 aston link up, the planned wec venture is in doubt. I hope redbull who have largely built the cars, decide to run them.
  12. Yep, that was amazing. I get the impression it could have gone on like that for quite a while. IRL, I'm not really a fan of any porsche, except maybe a 968 club sport, however in gt sport if you want a safe pair of hands as such, you can't go wrong. Dragon Trail is also probably the only circuit that should be built in the real world.
  13. Amazing, bottle that and sell it we'd be loaded. Stands up to repeat viewings:
  14. Wow. Lost for words at that second race. Mental.
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