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  1. Have the 'Rayovac' and 'Nokia' logo's been shopped in there? We don't get the quality of rogues in F1 that the late 80's early 90's churned out. Vijay was the last one that managed to stick about for a bit, and Story lasted a handful of races. There must be a formula series out there where all these thieves have ended up? there's a book in that kind of shit alone.
  2. That pedal upgrade is the point where I put the pad down, the stock t150 pedals are absolute tosh imo.
  3. Well, it looks painfully close in aero to the life f1 car. I can't quite place that helmet though it seems familiar... Not Patrese, Morbidelli or Martini.
  4. marsh

    Fall Guys

    My boy has started playing this, a refreshing change from the usually hugely violent and toxic environment he subjects himself to online. I approve to the point where I may just download is on ps plus.
  5. I'd go for the Subaru coloni test mule for 1988 based on the roll over hoop. Car an absoulte pup, engine a total nail. Only tested and never ever race after they found out that it neither worked or went very fast.
  6. Bet you piss it by the end of the week, I know I've got half a second in that lap. I would add that I was absolutely steaming after my internet dropped out at Bathurst, so it might have had a hand in that lap at Fuji and certainly my approach to the second race. Elbows out, three wide, bellend racing corvette? yeah why not! it wasn't just that but the race I had with gt3will too at the same circuit. I was still pissy about Bathurst after driving 150 miles to my job this morning
  7. The same Lambo engine they dumped in the 'works' team Lotus? My Lawnmower smokes like that on startup too
  8. marsh

    The BTCC Thread

    If hyundai bag a win here....
  9. @McSpeed you got a job on the side picking Pirelli's tyre compounds?? sounds like a monday night in GT Sport!
  10. Yep he did, but that's only because they don't have a flag for 'you are shit! move over!'
  11. Well, I figured 'crunch' talk was a bit too much...
  12. Wow. How does that car clear the ride height check post race? I knew things would sauce up if I went for a piss. Thank my bowels.
  13. Moaning about safety car speed? isn't it about time that pace car was at least to a GT3 spec?
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