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  1. How the rest of the world is punting that NSX around Brands like that is a complete mystery
  2. This. I didn't like it as it just seemed too much of a monsterous thing to take on. However, it rewards risks in places and it's many twists and turns are etched permanently on my brain.
  3. If I was bobbie, I'd be buttering up some of those wec teams for the start of the new regs....
  4. If that was a goose we'd be fat.... My father in law had a couple of Chinese Geese a few years ago, now they really were a right pair of cunts.
  5. I've played Minecraft with my kids. Right up to the point that we played survival and one of the buggers decided to switch the world to creative, robbed everything from the world and flooded my house with water. Never again.
  6. I did get a slap in the balls today with a bog standard audi tt though
  7. Nope, I find that taking a couple of days off usually results in me getting something decent instead of the most bland and shitty cars. If I get another atenza gr3 this week I'm likely to lose my shit. Most interesting car I've had of late was a Renault 8 Gordini.
  8. I find that NSX to be another car that is a complete handful.
  9. How long was that blue and white roller trying to re-set itself and then.......BOOM!
  10. If only they could sort out the rest of the car.....
  11. Last lap, leading race.......yards short of the finish line:
  12. The gr2 at brands is a bit of a rollercoaster, a very frantic lap on the short course. I suspect that'll be a sub 40 second lap that takes top honours....
  13. Could we not just pile into an empty server from the server list?
  14. 4 laps listening to that Mazda is about three laps too many.
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