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  1. Blimey, many participants in t he Spa TT. I'll do well to hold on to 4th place looking at some of the names behind me.
  2. Has the new mazda gr3 resulted in another sizeable download? Contemplating slumming it in the dailies but if I've got to do an update, I'm not sure I can be bothered to donit tonight.
  3. Amazing. Jerry is hardly in it and then totally Jerry's the whole thing. Why no shleemypants? The interdimensional floating time cop testicle must have been itching for a part with that many shifts through the infinite universe?
  4. It' not really good, it's absolutely batshit mental. Why did it need turning into a tv series? It's a fantastic stand alone piece of cinema.
  5. Well, that's a timely heads up as I've been slowly ambling through this...... I take it this is key to any sort of progression?
  6. It would also knock any support series on the head, my understanding was that the F2 teams were expected to run at the samd time, many of which are also British.
  7. Just a thought........oval racing, in karts?
  8. Good stuff guys. Let us never speak of oval racing and my hosting duties ever again....
  9. I think I still have the PC version of Half Life on disc somewhere....
  10. So I watch the video and just past the PS3/360 comparison is a version on Android.... u wat mate? I'd kick the boy off his PC and fire it up in steam (my own account ironically)but, he's just turned 13, stands 5 foot 6, physical enough in a rugby tackle and I will have to fight him for it. I don't even think I've played blue shift? Wish me luck...
  11. I have acces to it on the xbone, is that a better punt?
  12. I started trying to work out if I had a console version of this knocking about.... Transpires I have it on the PS3, that'll do right? Is there anything really unsuitable in here for a modern teenager? I'm thinking that my kids would benefit from playing the series especially as one of them has played quite a bit of portal.
  13. They'll be closing down that fish market next....
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