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  1. Nowhere near as good as Mario Kart 8, however, it's a very good game. Though there are a few things which are a wee bit annoying. The difficulty seems a bit high on Normal mode. The rubber banding is worse than MK8 which is saying something. It's extremely difficult to catch up to first place at times especially when sometimes you hit them with a weapon and they still seem to move forward at standard speed whilst you get stopped for what seems like ages. The drifting. Admittedly I didn't have much playtime on the original CTR as I had an N64 but it just seems a bit unnecessary, maybe I'm just so used to the standard drifting mechanic in other kart racers that I'm being unfair but I really don't like it much. The online. Had three bug filled racers earlier on, one race was just me on my own and I ended up 6th! Hopefully a patch is coming soon. I do like the game though and the amount of single player modes is refreshing for this genre so kudos for that.
  2. I'll pick up the GBA version tonight. Really surprised about the amount of negative comments in the thread, have the updates really made such a difference?
  3. Bit strange one of our most respected coaches left the club yesterday as well. I read yesterday the board are unhappy with our style of football and amount of home wins last season. With our playing squad, we can't play out and out attacking football. We're not good enough for that. It would be the Zola situation all over again.
  4. Really enjoying this at the moment, just completed Snowfall Mountain. I've never really gotten into the series much, which version is seen as the best game?
  5. Not going to lie. I'll be absolutely gutted if Monk leaves us. He's done a fantastic job.
  6. Looks good! Shame we have to wait though.
  7. Another year. Another Wave Race disappointment.
  8. Just started playing this on the Switch, really enjoying it but the loading times and Frame rate issues are extremely annoying. I downloaded an update earlier which apparently fixes some of the issues, makes me wonder what state it was in when first released.
  9. Elseb

    Team Sonic Racing

    I was playing online on the Switch version earlier on there seemed to be quite a few people online. The team mechanic just isn't very enjoyable. I'd much rather they had just made a standard kart racer tbh.
  10. Elseb

    Team Sonic Racing

    Played about an hour of the switch version, it's ok. Really nothing special. It's annoying as I've been really looking forward to it. Maybe it'll grow on me the more I play but it's Nowhere near the level of the Sega All stars games.
  11. I've bought a Magic The Gathering War of the Spark Pre Release box and collectors box with ten booster packs but have never played the series before. Would anybody know of any easy to follow beginners tutorials they'd recommend?
  12. It's been a while since I've been genuinely excited about going to see a film, I'm not expecting it to be a masterpiece but i think it'll be a feelgood movie and I'll leave the cinema smiling. I've been opening some of the Detective Pikachu Pokemon cards recently and I'm really impressed by the look of the Pokemon, Mewtwo looks incredible. There is only one Pokemon which looks different to what i was expecting, not bad, just different. I won't post it's name in case the Pokemon isn't in the trailer released. There is a currently a Snubbull Promo card you can receive from the cinemas, it's fetching nearly £50 on ebay at the moment, ridiculous. Anyway if you do want to see what the cards look like and listen to a man almost thirty having a passion for printed card, the videos are below. I've opened three of the Detective Pikachu boxes in the last week:
  13. Recently opened up a YouTube channel for Pokemon Cards. I open Pokemon Cards, it's exactly how it sounds haha. I've just started to get into learning how to play the actual game but it's taking me a bit longer than I was expecting it too. Need to find some people in my local area who actually play it as I don't think I'm going to be able to persuade me girlfriend.
  14. Does anybody here collect PSA graded cards? Really got into it recently and was wondering whether anybody had some nice collections to show off!
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