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  1. Great stuff @todos Perfect weather for some kilchurn mixes. Thanks dude
  2. ^^ Yeah, agree with that. Most of the others can be bought for £1 to £3 quid on Spectrum Facebook groups. The double packs might be attractive to collectors id offer £30 for that lot. Make a chip devalues the whole lot imo from what I’ve seen, the big money is on the last few Ultimate games (Bubbler etc), Deus Ex Machina and some of the Hit Squads (Dark man and Addams Family attract £100 sometimes) but when it comes to the Speccy, prices can get mental!
  3. https://www.neogaf.com/threads/so-a-bunch-of-90s-nintendo-stuff-just-got-leaked.1539351/ just saw this on Facebook. Probably a load of nothing but hey, something to read!
  4. Signed up last night and watched my guilty pleasure “The Black Hole” followed by Tron
  5. I loved it and it also though it looked fantastic. The main cyberman was great and probably scared the kids so that’s an added bonus. sacha is / was great as the master but I do think he may have been watching Ledgers Joker too much.
  6. Enjoyed that a lot. Been a good series so far.
  7. Saw a pretty good yaaarrrr version yesterday and I enjoyed it. Dumb yes but sometimes you need that after a shit day at work. Hamilton is great as is Arnie. It’s better than the last one anyway (I know, worst praise ever)
  8. Saw it last night, loved it. Haters be damned! cinema was half empty though!
  9. My 64 gig card packed up earlier in the year. Apparently they are quite unreliable
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