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  1. https://www.smh.com.au/culture/movies/star-wars-alien-back-to-the-future-designer-ron-cobb-dies-20200922-p55y4u.html
  2. Too late to edit now but I meant the next Elder Scrolls / Fallout entry.
  3. Even if MS were to release the next Skyrim on the PS5, why wouldn't they do something like this. PS5 Edition (Better on XBox) There's as much chance now of seeing Skyrim or Fallout on PS5 as there is of Animal Crossing.
  4. YES! Looks like I'll be getting an X (and when my old TV dies it will give me a reason to upgrade.) For the record, this is why backwards compatibility is important!
  5. OK, I went PS4 last gen and fully expected to go PS5 this gen. I have loads of 360 discs I want to still play, is the BC the same as the gen of XBox just gone? (Where you throw in your disc and they download a new version into your library?)
  6. I think Sony console owners like myself are hanging onto the quote about future Bethesda titles being decided on a case by case basis. Of course the cases in question are likely to be Xbox Series S and X, not PS5.
  7. Classic Phil Spencer. Microsoft just killed the PS5 as surely as the PSOne killed the Saturn at the announcement of its price point. I love Spiderman but...
  8. Where's @Boozy The Clown? Collating all the gifs surely for his entrance. As for those of us holding out hope Bethesda will still be releasing on the PS5? Yeah, it'll happen the same day Forza is released on a Sony platform.
  9. This is a canny move. A game changer. I know at least two people who will now buy an X-Box instead of the PS5 because of this. If they nabbed Square and Bioware my partner would be demanding we go for X-Box instead. And given they own Double Fine as well and have backwards compatibility going back a way we might be switching.
  10. It's looking like it's going to be a long hot summer where I am (when it's too hot I can't use the PS4 or PC during the day) so I'm saving up Sunshine for some Christmas gaming
  11. Really! https://www.ign.com/articles/rayman-creator-michel-ancel-says-hes-quit-video-games-to-open-a-wildlife-sanctuary? Can't say I blame him.
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