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  1. Then the only advice I can give for Fist 2 is don’t backwards somersault just after you’ve moved to a new area (where the music changes.)
  2. See if you can find a bug fixed version of it, there's a couple of nasty ones that can destroy a playthrough.
  3. Wow, I remember this. I played this a lot 25 years ago. Now....um....the music is nice I guess?
  4. So do games now. Physical, digital and now subscriptions. Just this week in a thread about a podcast about C64 games I've been able to tell people where they can buy right now ports of The Castle of Dr Creep and Karateka, both 35 year old games. The long tail is there if the market wants to take advantage of it. Heck, it's a cornerstone of Microsoft's backwards compatibility on their new console. Can play old games, can sell old games, can rent old games. There are secondary and tertiary markets in gaming now.
  5. This reminds me of my experiences with VVVVVV and Celeste. I wanted to play through VVVVVV but my reflexes were no longer up for the task. I put it aside. A few years later I heard they'd added some accessibility options. I played around with it and found that by dropping the running speed of the game by 30% what was previously impossible was now challenging but doable. I was able to complete the game in just over three hours, got 10% of the achievements and enjoyed it a lot. Could I have gotten all the achievements by dropping the game speed more? Sure. But it would have changed t
  6. Game of the decade. After completing it over and over I ended up raising the heat levels to make it harder and harder each run until I uninstalled because I was skirting close to the risk of becoming obsessed. Unlocked 100% of achievements.
  7. Hades has a god mode that gives you buffs that go up by 2% per death to a cap of 80% which is almost perfect. (I'd love a mode where every successful run lowers the buff by 2% until it floats around your actual skill level.) For me though it changed a game where I reached an impasse into a game that was still quite challenging but enjoyable rather than a grind.
  8. In the podcast Karateka was compared to Fist 2...it's going to be an interesting one to talk about because while Karateka is the better game and more fondly regarded by most I suspect my take will be different.
  9. You mean Loco / Suicide Express / Black Thunder? I really liked the demo of Phobia I got on a covermount, was sad the full game was just never distributed in any of my local stores.
  10. The last one on the list here is a massive influence on modern game design in terms of borrowing from cinema. I first saw this in our school computer lab on the Apple 2. It would be 1993 before I got my own copy to play, the original disk sold to me for $5AU as a car boot sale. Even though I'd moved onto the Amiga emulators weren't a thing yet (that I knew about at least) and I was happy to rinse this. This is a pretty simple game. You start on the left of the map. Your goal is on the furthest right of the map. The only th
  11. Oh it's definitely a case of ambition outweighing ability. I'd counter with at least it's playable unlike Dough Boy.
  12. Cops and Robbers is technically the worst game here. But it's not the worst game to play from this selection. No wait. Hear me out. When I was a kid this game was legendary. Partly because it was so bad. Almost so bad it's good. "You need to see this, it's the worst thing ever," went around the playground along with copies of this one. Here's the thing though. It has bad sound effects. It has incredibly bad graphics. But this is a game brimming with ideas. Some of them are odd ideas. Like "Hey, did you know the ghost from Pacman is gu
  13. William Wobbler. This is an easy pass for me, as it's a game that doesn't appeal to me for loads of reasons. -It's a Tony Crowther game. (I just didn't get on with his C64 works at all, something about the feel of his games didn't gel with me. His AMiga stuff on the other hand, fantastic. Some of the best on the platform.) -It's a prize game. Like Quo Vadis, the Pi Man games and Eureka, I saw them as being too hard to play for enjoyment. (And also the prizes were UK or Europe exclusives so tat wasn't a draw. -Instant deaths. What's something nice
  14. I think a lot of reviewers ran into the same problem I did which is how much do you say about the game when discovering what it's about it part of the fun? If you aren't worried too much about spoilers try it with the wiki. It ruined a lot of the surprises for me but it enabled me to work out the game play loop and at least admire the elegance behind how it's put together. If you want to play something modern that involves playing around with HUDs and systems No Code's Observation is excellent (and it's up on Gamepass right now.)
  15. I've talked before about the big dump bin in my local department store full to the brim with ex-Activision, Electric Dreams and Lucasfilm stock at the bargain price of $10AU each. (The price of a budget game at the time.) May as well have been NeoGeo prices for me back then. This was another cover I looked at in vain. I never ended up finding it although a couple of years later I would get Hacker 2 on a covertape, a story for another time. Having played it now I'm sure I would have loved it back in the day. I was a huge fan of Wargames and Max He
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