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  1. One of the top picks by Media Molecule is a game called Art Therapy. It looks a bit high art. Ignore the look of the game tile. Play it right now.
  2. Feb 17/02 Art Therapy (PS4/Dreams) You are an artist. A misunderstood one. You've just received a letter from the local gallery saying that your art sucks. You leave to take it up with them pausing only to bring...but that would spoil the surprise. Trust me, just play it. A very enjoyable three minutes. 16/02 Art's Dream (PS4/Dreams) It's pretty much a demo for what you can achieve in creating in dreams but it's a long demo game (three hours maybe) with it's own achievements so I'm counting it. It's a pretty impressive showcase of what dreams can do switching between 3D platformer, point and click adventure and a retro style 2D shooter. Art himself comes across too ernest at times and too much of a dick in other places. And the plot seems a little hodge podge (in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the engine no doubt.) But it's great in a couple of spots, the art and sound direction is top notch throughout. At worst it's like an interactive episode of MTV's Liquid Television. 12/02 Juanito Arcade Mayhem (PC) Bought this on a whim in the steam sale and it's pretty much a cartoon version of Pang with all the levels being retro themed. Even on easy it was incredibly hard in some levels, I would have loved an auto-fire for those of us with aging hands. Even so it wasn't a bad way to spend two hours (on and off over a couple of weeks.) 08/02 Wolfenstein 2:the New Colossus (PC) (plus The Freedom Chronicles DLC) I just had to pick this up on sale post playing through The New Order and The Old Blood and I loved it. I did get stuck in some of the levels this time but really I was here just for the story and the world building and this did not disappoint. It's in terns tragic and shocking and satirical with some amazing set pieces it would be criminal to spoil. I even went back post game to assassinate some Nazi generals and play the DLC, neither of which is essential but worthwhile for those wanting a little more. I was won over by this and can't wait to play the third in the series. The DLC is very pulp novel in feel and each focuses around what in the main game is enabled by gadgets. The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe cast you as a professional quarterback who can burst through some walls like the Kool Aid Man. The Diaries of Agent Silent Death is played as a stealth / James Bond style spy thriller and the last episode The Deeds of Captain Wilkins is pure GI Joe on stilts. It's a bit too expensive for what's on offer though. 03/02 The Outer Worlds (PS4) I generally love Obsidian rpg's but this one left me a little cold after a promising start. I loved the setting, it had a fantastic start and Pravarti is so lovely. I just didn't warm to the other characters at all. I think part of this might be because I preceded playing this by playing Death Stranding and Wolfenstein, both games that made you feel very much in the environment while in this I did feel a bit like a floating camera. Frustrations included a clunky inventory, some very samey quests (I completed two major quests in two different places using the same solution which was disappointing.) The loading times between areas are incredibly slow. And I almost never complain about loading times. I didn't get on with the combat as well as I do with VATS and spent most of the game getting my sidekicks to do the shooting for me. My biggest issue? It looks very pretty but very busy. There's so much on the screen that I'd never spot potential hazards until it was too late and would sometimes have trouble picking out enemies among the landscape. Also the big text patch did nothing to the text in the inventory which was where I needed it. I still enjoyed my time with it but it's not going to be the most memorable thing I played this year. Still my partner is doing a run through, maybe watching her playthrough will cause me to re-evaluate. In short good but not great. (Weirdly it reminded me a bit of how I imagined Liberation on the CD32 would look on a modern system.)
  3. I'm really enjoying this although a lot of this is down to seeing Picard somewhat buying into his own saviour status and not having the social capital to back it up along with the waning of his diplomatic skills. I mean what the fuck was he trying to achieve with
  4. Also The Tall Guy. The trailer is awful so I'll link instead to an excerpt from the bad taste musical contained within the film. Elephant.
  5. My biggest guilty pleasure. This forgotten gem.
  6. The 80's was all about finding weird movies in the weekly section when nothing else was available.
  7. Hopelessly outdated now (your phone can do everything and more than Edison Carter's smart cam, support team and Bryce's equipment combined now.) But I love it.
  8. Spoilers. Seriously don't watch if you don't want certain things revealed.
  9. Weirdly enough I was coming in to post much the same thing. Although despite being the best part the Native American chapter is kind of problematic. But it was a great break from the awfulness of the rest of the story. Mind you if you don't mind the game getting ultra-dark you can probably have a lot of fun taking all the bad decisions and becoming the modern version of Carrie. Also Beyond Two Souls is worth a play if you're a fan of Stranger Things. There's some interesting parallels.
  10. Just finished playing through Juanito Arcade Mayhem, a neat retro themed Pang clone. And by retro themed I don't mean pixel art. This was going to be a cartoon orginally and they've kept that cartoon look for the game. Mind you even on easy it suffers from difficulty spikes and it really needs an autofire option to spare old hands
  11. This looks like it will solve my problems with the port that came with Wasteland 2 in regards to juggling text files and my lack of success getting it running on an 8 bit emulator.
  12. I could actually identify with that a lot. Some people can end up becoming incredibly good in a niche field and then when they're let go they end up being fucked, especially if they're black balled. And as others have said she was able to get a prefab away from anyone else, I'm guessing that replicators could take care of most of her needs. But her saltiness is incredibly understandable. She'd supported Picard's political agenda and then was left high and dry. The repercussions for him was to be exiled to his vineyard in France still adored and isolated only by his own hand. It appears she was isolated due to political and social factors and that can have a big impact on quality of life.
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