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  1. Astrologaster is nice and short and worth playing before it disappears. Here's some of what I said back last year. "This game from last year feels pretty contemporary despite being set in 1600's London. A simple branch narrative game it's the audio presentation and voice acting that really makes it. Playing as obvious conman Simon Forman you diagnose patients as a doctor by using star charts. A choral song is played before each patient visits and then you listen to an exchange between the doctor and his patient until he remarks "hmmm....let us see what the stars have to
  2. Vincent being a dick is kind of the point though.
  3. I think you can but you'll have to bunk with the boys if you pick wizard as your class.
  4. Never saw that in Australia! Is it a port of the SNES game?
  5. She might over this. https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/378045/Report_Hogwarts_Legacy_will_include_transinclusive_character_creator.php? Graham is probably blogging up a storm already. It's not going to change my purchasing decision (at almost 50 I'd say I'm probably too old to be playing a Harry Potter MMO but for the teen to thirties market it might make a difference.
  6. Michael Gudinski passed away over the weekend. He was the founder of Mushroom Records and responsible for starting the careers of many Australian musicians. Larger than life he will be missed. Some of his and Mushroom's signings.
  7. Well I'd only really had experience with Dropzone and that weird Strangeloop story. Maybe it's for the best the place was razed to the ground when I got there. The compilation it was on had these other games. Arabian Nights Brian Bloodaxe Falcon Patrol II Lords of Midnight Pyjamarama
  8. The last two...I remember Chickin Chase and Ole by Jawx causing quite the stir in review mags with reviewers saying they were in bad taste. François Lionet, one half of Jawx has the following on his wiki page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/François_Lionet But he also has so it's all good. I tried it but couldn't work out what was going on. Lovely chunky sprites though. As for Knockout I can't comment. I don't think I played boxing games post the 2600 days.
  9. wasn't a big fan of the Forbidden Forest games so when it was mentioned that Amazon Warrior was that but not as good I decided to pass. It's uncanny though looking at this video, makes me wonder if the coder had reversed engineered Forbidden Forest somehow.
  10. No but the soundtrack is great and there's a lot of enjoyment to be had from the 80's nostalgia.
  11. Oh no. Just watching the video was enough to put me off Circus Circus. A cut rate Blagger clone. Imagine spending your pocket money on this! You'd be gutted!
  12. I couldn't bring myself to play Ciphoid 9. It's not often you see a C64 game with no v-synch! One of those games that looked amazing in static shots.
  13. Kikstart was amazing value for money as well. I don't rate it purely because I came in at the second instalment which made the first a bit redundant. 1985 was a great year for couch co-op wasn't it.
  14. Strangeloop was another game I desperately wanted to buy. I came close but missed out. Short diversion. Starting from 1984 I had some incredibly bad times stemming from school. But in 1987 things looked up. We'd moved to a new suburb and I had a new start at a new school. A few days after moving in I explored some of the surrounding suburbs and found the most amazing computer store. It was an Aladdin's cave of C64 software. And they had Strangeloop! In a bargain bin! (I think it was $8, it might have even been part of a compilation.) So I scratched around at home for some change an
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