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  1. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    You had me puzzled at first...then I spotted it!
  2. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Try the free demo out today, for a week.
  3. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    There's a fairly extensive single-player mode, and more if you buy the octo expansion (although it's not super-easy). No voice chat in the basic game - just 'Booyah', 'This way' and 'Ouch' emotes, so no great griefing there. Most annoying is the post-splat view of the opponent who splatted you, who will take great pleasure in bobbing up and down in victory. There's the *very* occasional off-colour picture posted in the plaza, but you can turn off the option to view other peoples posts there (basically, you can draw profile pics and they appear in the plaza of people you play against. I've seen maybe a handful of pics with dicks/swear words drawn in them over the last couple of years; mostly seems to be kids drawing sweet pics about how much they love splatoon; oh, and memes ).
  4. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Join usssssssssssss....
  5. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Even better - from Nintendo in a later tweet:
  6. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh, that is a nice offer - all of the game modes and a week's online sub. I mean, the 33% off will be offsetting the sub that you need to play online, but it's a decent slice of demo.
  7. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Really? I wonder if it's just the solo stuff or if they'll let you try out some Turf Wars. Because you really need to play the online game to know what it's all about. Edit: looks like all modes. You really should...
  8. Quite, a mid-tier game with heart and soul does it for me.
  9. smac

    Batman: Arkham Knight

    I also really disliked the 'defuse the bomb' challenges, where you had to use the batmobile to defend a specific area against waves of tanks turning up.
  10. smac

    Splatoon 2

    Yeah, that's annoying - If I get splatted when defending our open goal, and respawn after the super drops at our goal, I always check the placement of the rest of my team, see if one of them has made an end-run. Clam blitz is about all I play now - the other modes just don't seem varied enough. This was the first splatfest I have ever missed playing in - always managed to get in at least an evening's play in before, but this was the first time I was on the road for the duration. Still, I got three snails for simply choosing the winning side. Uhhhhhh... I wasn't surprised at that vote - Harry Potter has a lot to answer for.
  11. smac

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Like I said, diminishing returns...
  12. smac

    Stunt Car Racer

    Oh, man, the anticipation of the landing when you overcooked the approach and you just knew you were going to crack your frame.
  13. smac

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Hah! That's probably where that memory came from, then. I suspect we talked about it in here when he died a few years back - one of a kind, for sure.
  14. smac

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    I stand corrected - Thompson Twins? Wow. Completely forgotten that - my first thoughts were Frankie, Journey and probably Kiss. And a vague feeling that Frank Sidebottom might have been in a music-related game, but he's not really a rock star.
  15. smac

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Frankie Goes to Hollywood have to be one of the first.

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