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  1. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Internal memory out of the box; any micro SD card is an expansion on top.
  2. smac

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Yakuza Zero Nier Automata
  3. Usual question; if I want to get back into this, what's the download/patch size?
  4. smac

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I might get another Shantae; although I haven't sussed the trick to taking down one of the dungeon bosses in The Pirate's curse (3DS).
  5. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    That's the one - cheers, man. I used to alternate between the two when I lived in Finchley, when not heading into town. Almost made up for having to endure the Northern Line on my daily commute *shudders*.
  6. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Whut!? I never found out about that place. I'd have been all over that like a rash. As well as Adam's World in North Finchley, there was a decent tabletop/board gaming shop in Finchley Central, too; can't remember what that was called. Virgin Games centre was also a hangout when they took over the old Games Centre shop on Tottenham Court Road - before it got completely absorbed into the main store and just became another entrance.
  7. smac

    NieR: Automata

    Yeah. Now you truly get it.
  8. smac

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    Jeez, I was forgetting all of the various games I picked up in offers, 'just in case'... Spiderman, Witcher III, Yakuza 6, Astrobot VR, DQ XI, Ni No Kuni 2, Octopath Traveller. I'm going to emerge blinking into the watery, January sun like Gollum, some time after XMas...
  9. smac

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    That's my other option - I got it cheap in the Black Friday sales, and I haven't started it yet, so...
  10. smac

    What are you playing Christmas Day?

    I think a replay. Probably The Last Guardian as I played it last XMas. Get a new tradition going. Maybe a VR-fest; get it set up and left set up.
  11. smac

    Beyond Good & Evil 2

    Yeah, this. And this. Ah, well, certainly not Day 1 for me.
  12. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I used to work around the corner from the CEX; think I went in once. Otherwise, spent a bundle in Micro Anvika on various 16-bit and PC hardware/games.
  13. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Actually, thinking about it, as a small kid growing up in the 70s, there were no arcades in town to hang around in. At the seaside on day trips, yeah, but there weren't many videogames to play. Being in my teens in the 80s, mind, was awesome. Golden age of arcades - like, every other week you'd be playing some other classic minty-fresh, and then something would come along that simply blew you away. [Edit: 'goring up in the 70s'? ]
  14. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    That was probably the one - I was over 18 by the time I used to hang out in That London, 'though.
  15. smac

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Not forgetting when I was in m'late teens, every chippy and pub had at least one arcade cab, and pubs usually had one or two cocktail cabs. I recall more than one evening spent underage drinking while playing two-player Galaxian to death.

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