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  1. Listening to the new Sleaford Mods and yeah, its okay, sounds like Sleaford Mods with a couple of guest singers. That's about all you can say about it musically. Jason sings a bit more than raps. Maybe the beats are more developed. Lyrics about Brexit and the tories. Just dunno if I've got the energy to process these kind of subjects in my music as well as everywhere else. Kinda need complete escapism right now. I can never get past the feeling that they absolutely peaked - and what a peak - with Jobseeker, and everything beyond that will never have the same energy or impact. No ma
  2. Also putting any unused water back inside the taps.
  3. Viagra Boys album is decent but not sure if it's going to have any legs. Could have done with fewer tracks and the filler edited out, 40 minutes is too long for an album like this - it lingers a bit where it should have been a quick, violent, in and out, like the Eighties Matchbox classic album Horse Of The Dog, 25 minutes of perfection that left you wanting to play it again immediately. New tracks from Sleaford Mods sound really good, looking forward to the new album on Friday. New Tindersticks is always welcome. Album February.
  4. Thanks for that. I liked the small levels because they felt more relatable and creative, in a way. Booby-trapping the barbecue, shooting the neighbour's dog, poisoned doughnuts, the setting in the cul-de-sac, it was so immersive and darkly funny. The bigger levels didn't have the same pull for me. A celebrity add-on would be amazing. Presidential assassinations, killing TV personalities onset, arranging deadly car crashes for footballers, that kind of thing. DLC1 could be Trump, Holly Willoughby, Lewis Hamilton. Who wouldn't love that?
  5. Very inspiring title. The Medium. Really makes you want to play it, doesn't it.
  6. Haven't played much of the modern Hitman games but did enjoy the old ones - do they still have small levels like A New Life from Blood Money? Always preferred that kind of tight, enclosed level to the bigger spaces which just felt overwhelming and complicated to me.
  7. BC Camplight - Shortly After Takeoff. I would've voted for that.
  8. I've enjoyed ownership of my Series X immensely over Christmas. Playing Borderlands 3 on a 55" 4K OLED in resolution mode and Christ, I felt privileged be to sat in front of that. Truly eye-melting, beautiful and spectacular visuals, wild, bright saturated colours, intense lighting that looks like real neon, so much going on but everything vividly clear and distinctive. Just a truly awesome experience to lose yourself in all of that. Game itself is incredible. Despite not appreciating the presentation of Forza Horizon and still finding it pretty cringey in places, the game was won
  9. The boss fights are the difficult part of From games and the reason why so many people bail on them. I love From's games but hate the boss fights, I only push through them because I love the exploration, world, and combat with the regular enemies. The rest of the games aren't difficult at all, it's just the bosses. None shall pass. Before Sekiro came out, there was talk of how bosses would be roaming an area and you'd be able to stealth them, push them over cliffs, or use your own cunning methods to despatch them if you didn't want to engage them in a traditional boss fight. That t
  10. I don't think Halo has ever been about showcasing what the Xbox can do. It was a visionary, completely never seen before experience on consoles when it first came out, and you had to own an Xbox to play it. Now it has technically been eclipsed by every other platform and if anything looks dated and a bit silly in terms of its design, but after caning the MCC and Halo 5 on the Series X I was reminded that the Halo experience is still very unique to the Xbox platform and not something you can experience anywhere else. I'd definitely missed it. Would I put MCC on to show someone what
  11. Yeah really good call on these. They're really cinematic and mysterious names. Can we have remakes of all of these please actually? Even back then, Fractalus was more of a game than No Man's Sky will ever be. All that tech, wasted.
  12. This game is cursed. It just won't end well for the developers or Halo's audience. Imagine how maddening and crushing it must be to be working on a project as huge and important as this, only to have the direction and timeline of it completely fucked because of some feedback on the internet. I really believe that 343 should have stayed true to their original vision and then tweaked the game on release, rather than shitting the bed and delaying because of some stupid fucking memes. Heaping even more expectation on it by delaying it a year isn't going to reduce the amount of pure negativity that
  13. Ended up buying the posh version with all the DLC in the sale. Despite the humour and the characters - and they are a particularly awful cast this time around - I really, really love Borderlands, and this version is peak Borderlands. There's something so completely addictive about the gameplay loop even though you're doing pretty much the same thing over and over again. The variety of approaches to any situation, build variety, weapon variety, skills, mods, your level, there are so many variables that can influence a firefight that it always feels fresh and exciting. If you keep fa
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