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  1. I loved it. loved Picard getting to say goodbye to his friend after a lacklustre goodbye previously. Loved the big confroontation and the unsurprising squeezing of a certain someone into a Starfleet uniform. Loved it. Flawed? fuck yes ... massively flawed! pew pew was rubbihs and yeah pick holes in it til the day is over... BUT... loved it? fuck yes!
  2. they weren't going to attend e3 so their reveal plan was not connected to any June dates originally anyway.
  3. which of the board games is that - I was considering getting one.
  4. just a note - checking back on the session it is obvious Breek did not know that Hob was unconcious. I will try to remember, but when Rikku returns after "bedtime" can people drop msgs in chat etc top indicate any nasty changes in circumstances
  5. Thankyou that would explain why one of my son's friends cannot join his realm! In the current situation I sorted out a realm for him and his mates to play on and one cannot accept the invite. Jesus! you'd think they'd sort out this petty shite.
  6. is there? when you go to the gamepas thing and list all - doies it? cos I scroll thru and think Im seeing about 100 icons - am I missing some?
  7. I corrected myself - Halo and Halo 2 are not BC... you have to get MCC to play them. The original Xbox BC titles list for Xbox One is pretty random it has to be said! I was pleasantly surprised at the Bioshocks getting BC as when they announced remastered/collection for new gen I was expecting them to not bother with allowing BC for those titles. as for PS4 not having BC due to cost and not due to wanting to force you to buy everything again. I agree... but it is a nice side effect for the accountants and profit counters though
  8. you can play gears on BC I think can't you? Halo was two gens back so harder I guess
  9. If it were 100% BC then I would have gone for Xbox One first this gen and then PS4 later... but instead due to the BC decision I decided to keep the 360 and buy PS4 and then 1 yr later got Xbox One. Resogun was worth it too.
  10. yes fortunately MS were playing catchup after the disastrous launch and they had to rethink approach and give the consumers plenty of "stuff" to turn the ship around. If they hadn't have been then they might have gone with the "buy your old faves again as remastered classics" tactic
  11. and the PS1 couldn't have BC as it had nothing to be BC with. edit - cue some wag pointing out a Sony machine prior to PS1 - the Sony MSX maybe
  12. citation neede.... oh never mind just write them down on your notepad
  13. Last gen it was the Xbox that had less teraflops and less ROPs and CUs (whatever they are) and the cry went up from some saying that it was no matter because the power of the cloud (hiving off physics processing) and secret sauce and ultra fast on die esram would mean that it wasn't less powerful than the PS4 and it would have revolutionary new types of games due to power of cloud - it was less powerful This gen the PS5 has less teraflops and less ROPs and CUs (again huh?) and the cry goes up saying it is no matter because the inbuilt SSD and higher clock frequency for CUs will mean that it won't be less powerful than the XsX and it will have revolutionary new types of games due to fast SSD! We'll see I guess.
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