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  1. See above - it is mostly scammers on EBay but it is using an exploit rather than gold conversion - it mentions "stacking introductory offer" in the article.
  2. CHoosing between Premium and Extra - is there an easy way to tell on the lists which of the games are PS1 or PS2 or PS3 - Im not keen on streaming without a download option. The other premium benefits I am not sure are worth it and I'm not sure how good the PS1 and PS2 catalogues are.
  3. Is there a definitive list of contents per level anywhere yet? Just to see what the value us of each tier without depending on trawling they store pages?
  4. I don’t think you can be signed in on two xboxes unless one (primary ) is offline. that’s way best way round is my sons Xbox is my primary so his account can play my games without me signed in. My Xbox is not my primary but if I’m signed in I can play and so can he on his including online against each other. slightly more flexibility than switch
  5. On Xbox my son can play games on his Xbox(not my primary) that I bought with my account as long as my account is signed in. He can play them using hiss account as long as I am signed in. on switch if I am on a secondary switch We have to play using my account , my son can’t play my games as there is no way to register my account as “signed in”
  6. I hate the prequels with such a loathing that I cannot bear to rewatch them. I thought McGregor was a very minor positive in that slurry pit of Lucas' making. Almost utterly without worth as a trio of films. As a result I went into this giving almost no fucks about it. It is a decent show with some good action at times and some great Star Wars fan service. It reminds me of Force Awakens in that way, some new stuff and a bunch of old stuff to give us oldies a bit of nostalgic fun. as I said before , it was Super OK
  7. well as you often tell us that you are not a real doctor but are a real shark I can only assume you are talking from a position of ultimate authority.
  8. Shoot the escape capsule anyway , it's not like we are paying by the laser!
  9. Yep these are all valid ways to overcome the challenge and it is the point of TTRPG. However the point being made is can't it be something other than regressive themes like racism? Does racism have a place as an obstacle to overcome or should we be trying to be less "lazy" with our campaigns and find obstacles that aren't regressive and fall onto isms. I am not sure I have the answer which is why I threw it open on here as I found it interesting. I think if a DM is upfront and if all players in the group are happy about the use of such themes then there isn't an issue as such (I was very clear about my use of that sort of thing in the Strahd campaign). But I think it does leave open the question of "should we still use this stuff". (and yes Doctor Shark there have already been moves to make certain races less stereotypical - Goblins can now be "good" and Orcs can be a part of the world and not simply a "Baddy").
  10. This situation popped up on twitter and gave me food for thought. I won't link as , to be honest I can't recall where I saw it a few days ago. It has stuck with me a bit and struck a chord with me as I have run the Strahd campaign. Someone is playing a character who is a Vistani (for the uninitiated, buy Strahd, but also VIstani are an analog for Gypsy in this vampire/Dracula themed adventure). THis player was told her character could not enter a town/city as her kind are not permitted* - the rest of the party could but she couldn't. Now outside of the sessions the player told the DM that she wasn't comfortable with racism being depicted in the game and it should have no place anywhere including D&D campaigns. He disagreed and she left the campaign. THat is fine everyone wants to play a certain way and some are more comfortable with certain elements being present than others. People pointed out that DM runs campaign and maybe he wants to run a campaign that has conflict like that in it and she said (backed up byu others) that there was no place for racist themes in campaigns are all and it should be an aspiration to not use those elements. She said that campaigns can have conflict etc without using regressive ideologies. Now the Vistani in the original campaign are pretty much caricatures that fit most of the racial stereotypes for Gypsy and when I ran it I warned the players that I felt the gypsy stereotypes used were problematic, I might blunt one or two but I wasn't going to sanitise it because it is a Vampire/Dracula adventure and they had the loyal Romany travellers who assisted him etc. I couldn't see a way to totally remove those elements and the players agreed. But it has given me pause for thought, should conflict in campaigns (more subtle than goblins attack humans) not use regressive stereotyping of a race to make the point? Or is it a valid part of a campaign narrative. I am a bit split on it as I can see the point. Obviously campaigns need conflict and racism is one way to flavour your villain or "big bad". But we can create conflict in so many ways in our campaigns why should/would we lean on lazy stereotyping of racism or sexism to do it? As I say I haven't really I think the worst I have done is lean on stuff like tiefling being "devilspawn", tabaxi being referred to as "cats" in a derogatory way etc. (in taverns etc around less worldly NPCs ). Anyway the tweet has niggled at me for a short while so I thought I'd bore you all with it * I think the worst crime here is forcing the party split as the town is important or forcing a player to miss out on RP stuff in town** ** Also I can't recall a town in that campaign that is that biased against Vistani. The only possible candidate in the far west has a Vistani hiding out there!
  11. To avoid writing walls of text about my thoughts on this... I don't always agree with them (that is an understatement) but I think the Red Letter Media guys pretty much mirror my own thoughts and at different moments I agree with each of them. If you don't watch/like RLM then I can sum it up as it is "Super OK"
  12. Pie in the sky we all know iD engines don't allow you to talk to the monsters
  13. Your opinion is noted, no further boredom is required. Edit -that example image you give is pretty funny though.
  14. Ok then Nathan Drake (mid 30s in UC3), hell even Joel is 50 isnt he? My point was that it has nothing to do with tech reasons in my opinion. The reason that there are fewer women characters between 30 and 50 with larger roles is similar to the reasons for the same disparity in Hollywood movies. the number of mismatched age companions in videogames is in line with Hollywood and it is good to see this remake at least start to address that.
  15. Given the way they got their fingers burnt I'm not sure they'd go back to it. Have Nintendo ever returned to a hardware idea once it failed? VirtuaBoy was a disaster and Nintendo don't touch VR now, Gamecube was their last attempt at a "power" console and now they don't bother trying to match the others. I suppose at a stretch you could say the N64 failed partially because it stuck to cartridge and yet Nintendo returned to cartridge with the Switch.
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