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  1. reboot or with original cast because if the latter, we have that now like it or not. You aren't going to get original cast RD the same as it was nearly 30 years ago reboot? maybe
  2. ooh I did listen to a couple but didnt realise they had done a few! The ones I heard I was disdappointed in some of the voice work - ummmmm it was an early one though I thing so might be better later on will dig them out, sadly I have amazon music not spotify grrrr B7 is just a great idea for dystopian scifi that isnt done elsewhere but Survivors was so deliciously bleak. People who like Threads should watch it as it is unremittingly odd and bleak! Survivors 1970s spoiler
  3. vinyl lovers

    been eyeing discogs to pick up one of those when i have an order worth making that will add in the cheap single Lovely cover and a great tune.
  4. ok in order I will correct the writeup as you are right those are things I left out and do need to be there. The king offered you a magic item of your choosing but he did not get any further with that offer so you don't know the detail. Also your characters don't have a DMG I have ruled that wings last 1 hr in total combined use I dont agree with them being 1hr or 1 use.
  5. Session 38 - Complications - Sunday 11th March - Day 78 Great session! Note that my new method of doing scratch notes and then fleshing them out is a new thing so please do point out any missing parts here. However I cannot do the RP justice here - you really had to be there to experience the Foehammer/child moment and the Yakfolk tossed over the side moment XP 11,300 2825 each which I think puts 2 of you over the the 9th level barrier - but don't level up til next long rest
  6. Arrrgghhh people read the write up??? Damn, pressure is on! Instead of writing it after the session which takes time late at night I now do notes after the session then flesh them out on a Monday lunchtime, but no time today! Will do it tomorrow , well that is the plan!
  7. Yep, I did play 2nd but didn't come across them. 5th monster manual doesn't have them and stats are only in the campaign guide as far as I know
  8. yes it is - I said along battlements and 4 flights down and then a long corridor so it is a fair distance For reference Heirophant mentioned Yakfolk arent in 1st/3rd edition. I can reveal now they are a new creature/race specifically created for this campaign
  9. ahem you insighted him when he said he would "look after the child" And found him to be lying I maybe should have been clearer as he was lying. His lie could have been "will run off and abandon child at first opportunity he sees" or could have been " dont give a shit about child and wont look after him" or could have been "will murder child" all are equally lies Superb session I thought, lots of surprises and being honest some decisions landed in your laps (by chance) that I wouldn't want to take as a player
  10. Dungeons & Dragons Thread

    there are ways to speed stuff up but the system just isn't "fast" if the DM is providing vivid descriptions for all the attacks then he could scale that back and use it more sparingly, I have done this and use less description stuff - just enough to give flavour Ensure players know where they are on the initiative tracker and prepare and be ready instead of waiting til their go and then saying "oh um yes errr". DM should push players a little to keep pace up, stuff like "ok that hits roll damage" "22 damage now 2nd attack" basically prompting players to keep it moving instead of waiting for them to act. With attacks by the enemy the DM should roll quick and decisive, if an enemy has two attacks and you know they are against same player then roll them together and say "ok that is a 13 and a 17 to hit" and then roll the damage as necessary. Lots of little things really.
  11. Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game

    not that we know of. He was working on it on Oculus at same time as he produced the PS4 version to extent that it sounded like it worked on PC. Certainly not long after release on PS4 there was talk and footage of PC version being ready. Then he moved on to T4k with Giles - which was as far as I can tell a strip down and rebuild/reboot of TxK. It is possible that the PC version is "done" and was done at the time but it sitting waiting for exclusivity window to end, but noone knows how long that is.
  12. Hey I have arbitrarily decided that everyone should know who Michael Mann is and also that they shouldn't know who Edgar Wright is... Because Michael Mann made Heat which is very popular and Edgar Wright made some films that I associate with Simon Pegg. Oh and here is a list of popular films where I do not know not know or care who the director is. That is perfectly clear so we should move on you are right Ok then so Pixar films, which is your favourite
  13. Who is pretending and hasn't seen Heat?
  14. Good rebuttal! Mind you I just read the drivel you wrote about "kids films" a few pages ago so this is a step up from that at least.

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