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  1. Clipper

    Star Citizen - Fishing for Space Whales

    I don't think it's a scam. A man who is incapable of scoping a project and goes over budget and over deadline unless forced to buckle down has finally ended up on running a project where he can piss money up the wall endlessly as he has a fanbase who will fund him forever (well for now at least). The fascinating part is how far it will go before it collapses it'll end in tears either way.
  2. Clipper

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    fogging you say I was very fond of the playstation back in the day and played it endlessly! I can see the appeal of this mini but its not for me this time. I have an original playstation and original games and it does me just fine. With nes and snes they are both machines where collecting the original hardware and games is expensive and long winded so a mini was a simple choice for me. I can still get playstation discs pretty cheap and the hardware is still cheap to get hold of.
  3. 16/9/2018 - session 3/54 - Strangers in a Strange Land - day 3 (122)
  4. Rancent's Wares is the name of the recommended trader with the discount - He resides in the GRand Souk. 50xp each for picking up some clues and hooks with good RP.
  5. Can I just check my maths - we are on day 3 of new campaign and I believe it is day 3 of the death curse? So -3 Hp to old party? Or did death currse start 1 day earlier?
  6. Clipper

    Moto GP 2018 Season

    it shows he doesn't have the emotional stability to race. I know that in motogp when they come off it just looks like they slide a bit and then get up and run after the bike... and many times they do just that. But it can be deadly. And doing that to another rider is just appalling and could lead to a death. Kicking out is one thing but messing with brakes which WILL fuck up bike stability is unforgiveable. He needs to get helpfor his emotional lack of control/anger and he needs to be gone from the sport permanently.
  7. Clipper

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    I think we need a thread called 'Misinterpret a Videogame review to make it worse than Hitler! (Bonus points if you haven't played the game)"
  8. Its late so no complaints about grammar and spelling please 9/9/2018 - session 53/2 - revelations and teleportation - day 2 to 3 (121-122)
  9. writeups - I thought I'd stay up late to satisfy our ... fan... Note session number is split now overall campaign session followed by session number for Tomb of Annihilation. Similarly days are numbered from 1 for Tomb but also number in brackets for the overarching campaign! 3/9/2018 - session 52/1 - meetings - day 1 to 2 (120-121)
  10. Hang on - did you send the party off without telling them about Artus Cimber and the Ring of Winter?
  11. and next week our new player @Aeglos joins us Writeups are a constant niggle for me but I will try and do them and I know I am way behind... I find prepping more important than doign the writeups but I know I need to keep track of writeups as well.... I can never recall the nuance of the RP which makes them a bit dry as well. hohum
  12. the naivete is coming out brilliantly though! Love it...
  13. no XP this time - very story heavy but some cracking RP all round I thought Love the LVl 1 reaction to a cloud giant in the hall Edit- Roscoe - I like idea it was typical tourist party blundering into a temple and saying "hey heard about a curse?"then finding out its where the local artisans hang out
  14. you imagined it - 80xp each

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