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  1. if that is all you are using for then I'd argue that it is overkill to have a Next. This is a hobbyists machine. I got in at 175 but didnt use it so sold it on. Buying it to just play spectrum games is quite the niche thing to do.
  2. i dunno 2020 year is teaching me that most news is bad Let's hope PS5 bucks the trend
  3. I dunno - no news is good news I think! Just need price and release date and launch titles.
  4. Yeah AAAs would be a shit move AAs is where it's at EDIT more seriously AAs are better - AAA rechargeable you'd be looking at 1600mah battery (2x800 ish) whereas you can get nearly 5000mah for the AAs - that plus AAA rechargeables are a faff as not many things use them and if they do they are usually low power draw like tv remotes. AAs you will use for all sorts.
  5. yeah my head was on wrong regarding that comment broker, as Pob says it was funny. (I didn't pos this post of yours incase you think I was possing you calling yourself an abrasive twat )
  6. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    That is pretty shitty - can only hope they root it out fully. Their output at times did have a "laddish" quality to it - more in keeping with 90s than noughties. It is a shame as I quite liked the idea of two firends just starting something up that goes massive. But without decent guidance and HR there are pitfalls all over for a bunch of friends branching out into more and more stuff - that kickstarter disaster and the whole setup seemed too chaotic at times.
  7. Apologies I didn't spot it as a joke... you are sometimes aggressive/abrasive in posting style and I think it takes away from your point sometimes. I will readjust my humour detector.
  8. Clipper

    Nintendo Switch

    just out of interest what is the issue with it being a Yogscast game? I haven't seen their content in ages have their been problems? Simon Lane always seemed like a very pleasant chap.
  9. just the usual antagonistic baiting bullshit posting style I see I actually agree with your point but the needlessly abrasive baiting shite in the middle is just dreary
  10. I love how we go from Halo delayed this is very bad for the Series X launch to... PS5 will be getting Demon's souls and GT7(ha!) and LoU2 patch at launch Xbox will be sold off as a brand Never change rllmuk
  11. you know the simpsons gif of the pig flying through the air "it's still good it's still good" yeah... that! This is a massive blow to the Series X launch - there is no other way to paint it. Halo at laucnh OR a couple of games that noone heard of. When did MS last launch without a proper first party title? I'm still buying it but based very much on "jam tomorrow"
  12. i know - that's why I posted my remark
  13. In terms of Halo - it is for the best In terms of Series X? - v bad news unless they have 1st party games at launch to announce that previously haven't been mentioned...
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