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  1. In order Room with red marble floor East Sarcophagus. The vestige within this sarcophagus offers the dark gift of Sykane, the Soul Hungerer. Sykane’s gift is the power to raise the recently deceased. This dark gift allows its beneficiary to cast the raise dead spell as an action. After it has been used three times, the dark gift vanishes. OLLY TOOK THIS West Sarcophagus. The vestige within this sarcophagus offers the dark gift of Fekre, Queen of Poxes. Fekre’s gift is the power of spreading disease. South Sarcophagus. The vestige within this sarcop
  2. quoting myself but saying that I think for the dvd release and certainly for one repeat showing they stitched it all together into a "movie" ANd for another repeat viewing they put it into 3 hour long episodes so that just goes to show - something - I guess
  3. Dead Set did one a day (not streaming it was a C4 "event" I know) and that was a superb choice when I rewatch it I always take a few days over it as the show really suits the structure.
  4. I have now playtested this with my 9 yr old son and this is a great game for £17 (that inc postage) - for the younger player but the play mechanics surrounding drawing tokens from bags and adding tokens to bags is definitely engaging for the up to "tween" age(kill me now for using that term) It has limited number of scenarios which is a real shame but great fun to play as a team. Still instock and well worth a punt at that price.
  5. DM's perspective (if you need one) Yes it is full of crazy death traps and dinosaurs of all types AND some great characters strewn all over the place. if you like the sound of that you will not be disappointed - althoug the crazy magic stuff didn't really materialise for our campaign. There are maaaaany ways to run this but they can broadly fall into two categories. There are many that say do Port Nyanzaru then cut out/speed through all the "boring" jungle encounter stuff and go straight to Omu and do the city and tomb. To me that is a way to do the edited h
  6. My issue with it is that dropping a whole season at once can disguise the weaknesses within a series, season or concept. It allows tv series to follow the videogame defence of "oh just give 5/10/15/20hrs then it gets good" or "oh the story dips in the middle 5 hrs but then it gets good again". It encourages long story arcs with slow development. This can be a good thing but also can encourage padding and self indulgent nonsense. I have watched series that drop in one and I watch them and certain episodes are just mostly empty fluff that could be excised. This will be an unpopular o
  7. I just fast forwarded thru the bad bits and rewatched the good bits - so yeah EDIT - more seriously though why on earth would I put myself through that pain again!
  8. (looks at the Craig-era films) I'd say it was a realistic assessment
  9. I watched a brief bit of footage and the frequent death seemed to spidery things that just emit green goo when you shoot them. I have to be a bit careful as he plays online with his friends and if he plays it and tells his friends? Well they pester their parents to play the new cool game that they heard about. And the parents aren't all as videogame savvy as me and often just go with ratings so I get known as the parent who lets my son play 16 rated games and their kids give them grief One downside of Gamepass and all the games being "free".
  10. man pegi ratings are a bit all over the place aren't they? I considered Deep Rock Galactic for my 9 yr old son for a bit of coop after watching that trailer and thought oh it iwll be a 12 so I will play it a bit and see what I think (like Fortnite which I did allow him to play in the end) - but nope its a 16 for "frequent death"... I mean Minecraft has frequent death!
  11. a 10 point scale lacks conviction 5 point scale is the sweet spot. You have a dead average point and two markes either side to indicate levels of positivity and negativity - any more than that encourages woolly thinking Anyone giving a 7/10 should be ashamed* - it is the 73% of review scores *when I wrote DVD reviews I had to use a 10 point scale and I hated giving 7 out of 10
  12. Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion man
  13. Compensation - the best you can hope for it that they might give you back access to your games and you should thank them for it!
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