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  1. ummm if you look it up in the guide you bought you would find out it was a fearsome beast probably more fearsome than anything you have faced so far. as for the jungle trudge - I'm not giving anything away by saying that the campaign book is a little "randomy" so I have homebrewed some stuff and borrowed chunks of stuff from other places to ensure variety AND if you went a different route a different thing would happen. Just wondered how it felt playing it. Travel is hard because you want to get from major place to major place but it isn't very iteresting to skip between them with a few random monsters maybe. Certainly there was plenty of laughter sunday night and a bit of intrigue so as ever I just like to get a bit of feedback.
  2. It is added for flavour as they spot and dive they do seem to be heading to errick/triceratops part of clearing as you roll initiative I'd love to explain how the jungle travel stuff works as it is quite clever.... just hope it appears as a fairly organic developing journey through the thick jungle of Chult There is a danger that it ends up being like a Fighting Fantasy Book - Today you meet this encounter what do you do
  3. good news - 9 dinosaurs are flying down right now - and you can try to make freinds with them
  4. definitely xp for stirges, wolf spiders and pterafolk was 510xp for each party member
  5. Clipper

    Clockwork Orange Remake

    That is the rumour which noone close to Kubrick really believes - how would it get sooo far through production and noone pointing out the missing chapter? The alternate explanation is that Kubrick didn't really put much stock in the authors of the source works he adapted. Go and see his views and treatment of King and Clarke and indeed the relationship he had with the writer of AI, Brian Aldiss. He felt that the stories he told on screen were completely different to that in the books and they are two very different media so whilst an idea might work in a book (hedge animals for example) they wouldn't on film. He often cut huge amounts of dialogue as well preferring the imagery to tell the tale. And so the theory goes that he didn't like the tone shift of the last chapter or the way it so neatly tied itself up so he ditched it and left the ending open and more downbeat. When I read the novel I felt the same way, the last chapter annoyed me. But then I had seen the film first.
  6. we will be sticking to the Tomb of Annihilation campaign fro the next session hope to see you all then.
  7. ok no worries just had a bad run of luck there hope you get the work sorted and hope that everything is ok Mogster. We return next week. I might switch us back to old campaign given the break as, with work calming down, I can devote some time to prepping it. Will let you know on Wednesday,
  8. sorry to hear that but not to worry... As i say when we had 5 players in past we would continue with session if only one was missing. So it depends a bit on Heiro's commitments today I guess. So everyone stay tuned...
  9. ok no problem just let us know when you can if just one player is missing I will be tempted to continue with 4 as we used to when we had a party of 5+ but happy to listen to opinions on that... but lets see what happens All is good here and so we are on for Sunday in Chult (as I havent had time to prep for the old party). Hope to see you all then...
  10. Clipper

    Dave Perry is back...

    shouldn't comedy songs be funny?
  11. Clipper

    Bottom : An Appreciation

    Sorry to go all comedy nerd on this but just to cover off the ridiculous "attitudes to women" and "sexism" point. There are two parts to this. First is that the protagonists of Bottom utterly fail with women inc organ failure (not THAT one). Therefore they are sexist but they are the butt of the joke. Now secondly this excuse is often used for Benny Hill and other such bawdy 70s/80s humour saying its ok cos Benny is the butt of the joke... And then someone points out that the girls are scantily clad and it is titillation and sexist anyway. Crucially the second point does not apply to Bottom as they never pandered to the scantily clad girl to make their point. In Bottom Richie and Eddie have utterly ridiculous attitudes to women and the women concerned are dressed pretty demurely even when in bed or "seducing" Richie.... no titillation at all. Richie (and to slightly lesser extent Eddie) cannot function around women and treats them as a foreign species instead of people. They are a weird alien to be seduced to join them in the bedroom where he is not sure what will happen. The tragi-comedy is that his personality is so flawed even his sexism is faulty. See when he tries to be sexist , the bar scene during the pub quiz is a perfect example, he is almost beyond sexism into some tragic human failure. Similarly with the countess where the failure goes beyond even that to physical organ failure (although he did sell a kidney ). Look at the scene Capwn mentions explicitly - the peeking under the bed clothes and the pictures taken. there is NO titillation and the actress is barely seen - we see far far more of Brian Glover. The grotesque nature of the situation and scene neuters the "sexiness" and makes us realise what a tragic pair they are. Therefore the regressive attitudes are used to display the tragedy of our "heroes" AND not used an excuse for titillation. I personally thinkt hat gives Bottom a clean bill of health on the progressive attitudes scale. Finally as you might guess I am a huge fan of this show. The slapstick humour but also that undercurrent of tragedy and pathos even in such broadly drawn characters. It is a genius piece of modern comedy and I don't think anyone will equal the cartoon violence to tragedy/pathos quotient in my lifetime.
  12. thanks all and if it doesn't go well you might well hear about it
  13. really sorry guys but work project going live on tuesday has dumped a rather large load of data fixes on my desk tonight and I need to get them out of the way. It is a fairly big deal so I can't put them off. After Tuesday my life becomes less complicated.
  14. Clipper

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    For info - he requested his account nuked as I recall Seems he can't stay away or craves a new start but can't stop the other stuff.
  15. Clipper

    The Best Videogame Player In The World

    i can honestly say this approach is bound to appeal to people here. I often find that insulting people's tastes is the best way to engage with a community. Espcially if you do it by countering it with a single source which is a niche vanity project website that barely anyone respects. It stands to reason that fan(atics) of icycalm are of a similar ilk to him. I wish him and you well with the project.

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