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  1. god yes for loads of Americans the 2600 was their introduction to videogames. They sold approx 30 million and released in 1977. I know loads of people point to NES as a console which sold 60million but it wasnt out in NA til 1985 and not with us til 86/7 By comparison c64 sold between 10 and 17 million (started in 82) and the speccy 5 million ish I beleive ( from 82 ish excluding the clones).
  2. Clipper

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    nope sony have not allowed this new edition on PS4 and it wasn't going to be on PS3 or 360 anyway.
  3. fixed - I'd forgotten it was just severely wounded that caused Foehammer to run out. ]EDIT - I did wonder how you were downed by two rocks as it wouldnt do enough damage as I was certain one had missed.
  4. 10th June - Session 46 - TPK? - day 92 cont. As I say not blow for blow accurate but I think main beats are there storywise.
  5. 3rd June - Session 45 - Preparing for transport - day 89-92
  6. me too I mean obviously I know where it goes in the immediate future as in where it starts... intrigued to see where it goes.
  7. I should remember most of it as it was a 90 minute battle. It won't be exactly round by round but I have the main beats in my head.
  8. Ok that sunday night I was buzzing so much my rough notes writeup simply says "TPK".... eeek. I will do what I can - still another to do before I get to that one!
  9. 20th May - Session 44 - Penned in - day 89 cont. XP was 5100 - VERY close to level 10, much closer than I thought. Don't think it tipped you over though? Otherwise we'd have to rerun the last fight!
  10. Can I have updated character sheets please with complete inventory so I know what gear you had.
  11. I'd love to see him back but not if it is anything written by anyone even slightly connected to Discovery.
  12. Apologies to our 1 fan I have been super busy involved in being in a play and adding that to work and prepping this I haven't fopund time to do the writeups there are 3 sessions missing and they will be uptodate by next week. However do not expect lengthy writeups as I only have rough rough rough rough notes! You will be upto date before the crucial next session
  13. ummm tricky really I don't usually use much.. DMSGuild is great if you dont want to homebrew extra stuff and are looking for other stuff to slot in. DungeonPainter is very good for putting together basic maps (very basic in my case!). http://donjon.bin.sh This site is handy for giving you jumpin goff points creating random towns and shops etc. If yuou struggle to think of names of NPCs it is handy. However if you use that make sure you prep properly and work out who these NPCs are otherwise they are empty ciphers and you may as well call them NPC1,2,3 etc. There is a possibility that someone you create like this might become part of the plot moving forward or even take a BIG part (Look at Mercer's campaign to see characters who have endured and he has freely admitted he came up with them at random. Gilmore being the most famous) apart from that have google on hand when you dm to check into particularly tricky rulings. However don't be afraid to say "ok not sure but this seems fairest way to handle it so we do this for now and if we find out later its different we will change it"
  14. Clipper

    Death Stranding - Kojima at it again

    once you recognize the secret reason for my obsession and her inclusion, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.

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