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  1. No, no large corporation does. If what they do makes money they'll keep doing it. They like to look cuddly sometimes, so you get a Phil Spencer type character wheeled out but they don't care about gamers only about their wallets. Obviously they want to keep you spending on their product (I won't use the phrase they want to keep you happy because again they don't care) so they might do some consumer-friendly stuff but it isn't about caring about the customer. If a company has a diverse portfolio then they have decided that diversity will bring them more bucks or bucks from a wider c
  2. I never said that I said the fucking opposite it is not my problem if you don't understand it. and with that I am done with this.
  3. The point is your example is shit as he has no meaningful rights to that game to lose! Those "rights" were stomped on by a zombie company. TxK is a perfect example of IP trolling to the max and denying people games (like TxK) by sitting on IP they had nothing to do with creating. A large publisher preventing small developers from earning sales on their products they created... now where have we heard that before. I'll be charitable and assume you didn't mean to post twice in a row to respond to me. I don't appreciate that.
  4. He has no rights to TxK as it was tied up by "Atari" so your example is still not that great. His only rights were to the actual piece of work that he was not actually allowed to sell anymore because the "rights holder" stopped him, taking away his rights to sell his own work! I would say that there is a good fucking case for "atari" to having lost all their rights as they are a zombie company who have about as much to do with creating "tempest" as I do. Add to that he is probably perfectly happy for it to be pirated so people get to play it! Do you think it is ok to pirat
  5. You couldn't have chosen a worse example. If his work is not available for sale Jeff Minter often says he is happy for it to be played/obtained. He says he wants more people to play his games hence the low prices. He hosted roms of his old games for quite a while when they weren't commercially available. In fact he is on record as saying (back in the day) that he wasn't bothered about people copying games only those that profit from it. I would be surprised if he gave two shits about anyone copying and playing TxK now it is no longer available, in fact he would probably support it.
  6. where is best place to get one. Do CEX have any quality control on how good the consoles are (I dont use CEX) otherwise is it chancing your arm on ebay? Seems like it doesnt matter wehat the firmware is becuase all can be done but 3.60 is easiest.
  7. Sorry but due to work volume this week I cannot do friday night session. Apologies but two go live customers in as many months is very unusual. We will reconvene next Friday as normal
  8. don't forget "Saltmarsh continued" starts on sunday Character sheets and backstories please @The Hierophant@MDY@Hexx@Totile@Mogster@Nathan Wind we will be meeting on the Roll20 Saltmarsh campaign
  9. Hey all just making sure you were all ready for tomorrow night. Just checking as it is Easter obviously and although I doubt many have plans it is worth asking @Graham S@Spatial@Benny@Seamonster@bridger
  10. Watched the finale utterly hilarious tosh Unless Melanie returns I doubt I'll be back for Season 3. The first season was great and the second had one standout episode with a couple of decent ones then it descended into panto. Bean is certainly earning his wages. Worth watching til the end (for differing reasons).
  11. Also note that when we discuss tomorrow we will only be discussing the class you want to play. usually we start a campaign not knowing anything but this time we can discuss class... if you want to blurt out anything else feel free but I just want us to have something to talk about regarding party makeup. And if we end up with a party of 7 wizards so be it - noone is to feel like they have to change their choice and think they can't say they want to be a sorceror beacuse we have two already. I can balance a campaign for any mix of classes and a campaign with all martial or all heale
  12. Thanks for the messages so far on the 4th level character you would like to play if Saltmarsh continues. @Nathan Wind@MDY@Mogster - if you have any rough idseas for class etc then let me know - if not no problem we can discuss tomorrow. Tomorrow session is a talking shop as I don't have anything prepped as we don't know what direction we are going yet. I have decided on when Rango, Gazes, Breek, Ollie, Hob, Tyron and Vigil return no matter which way we go - they return 2 yrs after they left (Not Rango obviously he arrives many years after he left) - this giv
  13. As we only have 4 I don't want to lose momentum by having 1 down and 1 late on an early session. How does everyone feel if we skip this week accordingly? Not ideal but I think it might be for the best?
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