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  1. Speedball 2 c64 lemmings c64 Incredible stuff when you consider the games in 1982 were the same system.
  2. there was an update that wasn't posted here - I can't get link to work Test batch arrived and all assembled and tested with some issues but not ones with manufacturing. First batch of 1000 keyboards to arrive in UK for assembly end of december and first batch of 1000 cases to arrive "shortly after". SMS to assemble those. Then two more batches of keyboards and cases to arrive at 3 weekly intervals to allow for SMS assembly and shipping in batches. EDIT - FB group has post saying test issues are sorted and first batch of keyboards are in the country - maybe an update imminent
  3. mines a 1070 with i7-7700k (not overclocked) 16gig ram with a 10ft amazon basics cable I get smooth performance once it settles down (it always jitters for a couple of minutes when I first connect which is annoying) The machine itself cost me 1400 two years ago no idea what it would cost now as it is quite old (altho at time pretty high spec and cpu is still pretty good one I believe)
  4. The surviving original ghostbusters are meant to appear in this aren't they as their original characters? If that is the case it is a very brave trailer to pretty much not feature them - not go for the cheap nostalgia. Yes I know they used car and props etc but kept their powder dry not showing the original actors. Braver than Force Awakens was , it splashed Han all over the trailer Loved it - cautiously optimistic!
  5. for those who don't send character sheets can I have up to date ones inc this session just gone please. either discord if it is a link or pm me the pdf etc
  6. I had minotaur arcade vol1 give me that message on "quest link" once but a stop restart of steam cured it
  7. does crossbuy work boths ways - if I buy on quest can I play on PC etc... as I have a link cable.
  8. sorry missed this reply... I am using amazon basics cable and no extension cable. No jitters or anything. As for comparing it to Rift all I can say is (not having used a Rift S) it looked at least as good as my old rift did.
  9. ok so not as bad as we thought 8th and 15th we only have one missing. 22nd we have two missing (ironically the 1 date Rikku has free) Obviously things do alter so I will prep something either for 22nd for the 3 players or for any changes in plan meaning we are 2 down.
  10. well that is nearly all the doodle entries just waiting for one @The Hierophant
  11. correct yes - i included tonight in the doodle for completeness that was all. And I had no intention of putting anything together for tonight as I only thought about it yesterday when I was mulling over all the date issues (and deciding we needed a doodle )
  12. ok lets see how bad december is going to be... that's right it is time for a doodle! https://doodle.com/poll/draxmd2xrfvw3ybz for @Rikku @The Hierophant @MDY @Mogster @Hexx Now if there are lots of sessions with two missing I might try and rustle something up for 3 available players (or see if anyone from other thread wants to join in) as a 1-2 or 3 shot etc. Options I am thinking of 1) New characters exploring a part of the Giants mystery in Storm King's Thunder - sort of hop back in time there were chunks of the campaign we didn't do... so could see alternative take on different adventurers 2) Go back to old characters and give them a mini-adventure with excuses for those missing etc. Maybe the Fire Giant re-visit that was planned with the Cloud Giants. 3) go back to level 1 and start the new introduction adventure maybe one from yawning portal campaign book (although I might need to trim!) 4) One shot I homebrew for the occasion Anyway just some thoughts I have bobbing around as I am hearing a few throwing dates around
  13. scanning around it seems mileage varies ALOT. In contrast I get no jitter at all once it settles down on connection and I don't see much in the way of smeariness etc to visuals. LAtency seems ok, virtual desktop quotes 40ms of latency to the HMD when I use it. Certainly I don't notice any when I swing my head around rapidly. I used to have a Rift and I can't see difference between it and Quest. i don't have a rift S to compare. I am on an i7-7700k with a gtx1070 and 16gb of ram
  14. didn't say it was a "problem" as such. It is just pointless to anyone who liked the originals as noone who was involved originally is now involved just some "names" to plaster on the box. And whilst they don't say it is from the bitmaps they still use their logo on the box/splash screen when they have nothing to do with it. it would be like our Pink Floyd Tribute band (who bought the name Pink Floyd) releasing a new album. It might be obvious it is not them but for the fan what is the point of it. The Ip itself is meaningless as it has been divorced from the creative element that made us love it. Back in the day if you bought a bitmaps game you'd get certain things, certain qualities. If you buy a Rebellion/Bitmaps game now you get a facsimile at best. The label ceases to have meaning.
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