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  1. You’ve missed the cut off for this week man. If you were to qualify now it would apply to next week.
  2. That’s me for today, promise.
  3. Loyle Carner produced my Madlib. What more do you need.
  4. Lots of time for conscientious rappers; I like this guy.
  5. Makes sense. I haven’t been around here or posted in here for like ten years lol. I honestly found so much amazing hip hop thanks to these threads back in the day, so many of the great recommendations I picked up here has shaped my listening habits ever since! I will try to post the occasional track in the hope of giving something back to the community here!
  6. Did I kill the chat?!
  7. Cesinha looks a decent useable card tbh.
  8. the current batch of upgrades are a bit lame. But I can see why they haven’t gone a league specific one this time due to such low number of 80+ cards in Ligue 1. The premium Ligue 1 just doesn’t look great value to me but I guess if you’re doing them you can Chuck the non rare golds towards the Ligue 1 individual team SBCs. My club is so bare atm I won’t be grinding these upgrades at all.
  9. The AI definitely employs some questionable tactics and will frustrate you but they have some glaring defensive weaknesses that you can definitely exploit.
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