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  1. Wow thanks for the heads up
  2. Second that - didn’t expect to enjoy it as rhythm games not usually my thing but I was pleasantly surprised!
  3. Hello guys. im having a little clearout of mostly video games but while searching the house, i came across a bunch of hip-hop CDs that i recall I purchased mostly off the back of recommendations from other forumites in the mid 2000s. im going to move them on and wondered if someone can help me put a price on them? They seem to have been small limited run and fairly underground stuff I guess even for the time so can’t find too much on them during a brief initial search online. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thoughts on picking this up? i don’t expect a reprint. Its already £65-85 used on Amazon. Buy the US version or buy the German/French\Spanish?
  5. I’m not new, I was around years ago. I moved to rllmuk when another big forum shut down around 1999. I see it’s still the same forum software provider - perhaps my old account is out there somewhere? I am sure I’ve lost or forgotten the email I used. Probably not been here for 10 years minimum!
  6. Thanks to this thread I discovered SBTRKT which has amazed me, really love it. Thank you.
  7. Forgot to say, deadline early tomorrow!
  8. http://www.2shared.com/photo/NEGRuH5u/_DSC6876_adjust.html
  9. Ok it just refuses to attach :/ I'll upload online and post URL.
  10. Recently my mum passed away. She lost a 5 year fight with breast cancer. I need to put together an order of service for the funeral. The family would like a picture of her on the front. I have an image of her but have limited Photoshop skills. I'm looking for someone who could help by removing the shape of her figure out of the photo. I've attached the image. If someone was able to help I'd be truly greatful.
  11. Anyone checked new Snoowgoons - Kraftwerk? Would post a few tracks but can't figure out how to embed youtube vid?!
  12. Liked it. Gonna order the CD.
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