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  1. Dusted


    That new track with Marshmello (!) is an absolute stinker. Like an Ed Sheeran cast-off...
  2. Anyone tried Fe yet? https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Fe-1255196.html
  3. I've always loved God - My Pal. Heard it on John Peel in the late 80's and rushed out to buy the 12 inch that weekend. The other tracks were/are pretty shit but who cares when the main track is so great. Good article about the band here: https://www.theguardian.com/music/australia-culture-blog/2014/may/20/australian-anthems-god-my-pal
  4. Had a blast for 10 minutes on one a few weeks ago. There was a pretty tight FOV, the control mechanism wasn't all that (pinch and bloom) and there was noticeable judder for me. That said I really enjoyed the experience as it wasn't as jarring to the system as full VR. Seems like its a technology looking for a reason to exist and at almost £3K a pop, I don't suspect we will be seeing it in consumer form that quickly.
  5. Was at Sick Records this morning and got the two I was looking for (Big Star/Clint Mansell) plus a bit of other stuff that I already had held over. Business was brisk and they had a bit of good quality stock still available. I passed Head at 8.30 on the way over - small queue of 30/40 still outside the shop. I reckon I spent about a third of what I normally do this year - the list wasn't that interesting.
  6. Dusted

    vinyl lovers

    More like 18 months. I've been buying in it since it opened. Kenny and Matthew are great guys.
  7. Drifting seems a lot easier now (or its racking up points quicker). I just 3 starred all the drift events I had opened to me.
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