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  1. Your retro youtube videos

    Latest video is a sort of request from a couple of guys on twitter! Zombies Ate My Neighbors Series POW! https://youtu.be/EuT9dS79oy0
  2. The whole Variety article is quite a good read.
  3. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Yeah you could, but the converters aren’t cheap. Still the savings you’d make on buying MVS would offset it
  4. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    That's an idea!
  5. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    So yeah ... £162 of your finest English pounds later....
  6. Your retro youtube videos

    Bloggo recruits long time friend Jolena to help tackle a "version" of Golden Axe. Why? Who knows?
  7. Fighter Bomber had me and my brother hooked for ages on the Amiga. Great times
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    When they both arrive I’ll post pics!
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    You lost by £100. On one game? I’ve spent a huge £160 on the two I have on the way
  10. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    I’ve bought two AES games this week... I’m developing a (minor) @kernow problem
  11. Master System Appreciation Thread

    snail maze meets late 90s punk
  12. Your retro youtube videos

    Bloggo looks at four more C64 conversions of Konami games!
  13. Retro Freak 12 in 1

    I’ve had a Japanese Retrofreak for over a year and has been very useful for YouTube capture in the past. The build quality is excellent. It doesn’t get much use since I got an OSSC though
  14. Your retro youtube videos

    Oh and I finally did a channel trailer.... I'm pretty proud of this
  15. Your retro youtube videos

    Busy weekend, I've prepped 3 videos for future weeks and published this

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