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  1. what an absolutely stunning game, 4k60 is beautiful but it’s the gameplay that really shines, best combat in the business. knocks cod into a cocked hat that’s for sure..... Addictive as fxxk as well.....just so we’ll judged. I love the variety eg the scary stuff cranked up to 11 on the moon , then the cool missions for spider, hunt down the 6-7 bosses...
  2. How do I access the content prior to shadow keep and forsaken please ? I think I watched a vid whereby you could start it from the ship seller in the main hub but she doesn’t have anything.
  3. I found this vid really great for noobs like me ! Can already see this sucking my life away , absolutely amazing and so much content there for anyone who has missed it for a few years.
  4. Quick question on bounties then! I have to go to edz (?) to find 3 bounties but the locations they mention are not shown on the map how do I know where to go , or do I just go on patrol ?
  5. Ok thanks Starting to figure it out !
  6. Also be aware of a strange quirk of the PS4/5 versions i first installed the ps5 version, had a blast, then bought all 3 expansions. This triggered a download of the PS4 version as far as I can tell. so I’m pretty sure I’ve got both installed and was actually playing the PS4 version for lost of yesterday..... there is no fov slider on PS4 version. can’t wait to delete it and play the proper one
  7. Fucking hell this is doing my nut in, it’s been a while since I played this! i love the combat in destiny and the upgrading is superb. but I’ve played for maybe 4 hrs tonight and it’s been a bit frustrating. Definitely getting the hang of it now but I can’t work out how to track quests while playing ie make the waypoints appear. I know you press the touchpad....I know that you can track up to 3 quests. So I track 3 bounties (I need to do 5 for some guy in total to progress the main story). But nothing is showing on my map apart from things like starting a patrol.
  8. Just downloaded and bought all 3 expansions, looking to catch up and had a few noob questions: 1. it downloaded another 60gb or so after adding expansions. Is this normal, I expected it to be part of main game just unlocked. 2. Does the new content just appear in the director? 3. Can you play it in any order or is it locked until you hit a level. 4. Can you play with randoms for a fire team now? 5. I’ve not played for a couple of years , any tips much appreciated!
  9. while you are clearly having a dig, sigh, my point is that it demonstrates how sensitive you need to be with this stuff. saying it’s a million to one shot explains away why that’s not a viable military tactic while , lazy writing......while at the same time it therefore insinuates that she was clearly incompetent for relying on that tactic. This shits all over that film, therefore shits all over the wider canon etc, and that’s not great to watch as a fan. rewriting this stuff is like a pack of cards......it’s fine in small amounts but it needs someone with overall contr
  10. They can keep ‘fixing’ stuff over time though..... eg the ‘holdo manoeuvre’ is now (according to last film) a million to one shot that would never happen again....odds are so low that you’d never try it. Suggesting also that she was clearly daft to have considered it. it may always be canon but they can change the meaning or impact of stuff easily.
  11. Sackboy is amazing esp if you have kids dont miss it (and I hate lbp games)
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