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  1. sid

    Edge #325 - Settle your scores here ;)

    Yes it’s amazing
  2. This is absolutely stunning
  3. sid

    How would you make a good Superman game?

    i would place the player in control of the baddies. create situations where an AI superman can't solve. more strategic, xcom style
  4. sid

    The Arcade Ten

    Rtype the newzealand story outrun Super street fighter 2 tetris arkanoid turtles ivan Ironman Hypersports (?) Daytona
  5. Buffy the vampire slayer , Xbox mmmmmm
  6. Anyone find the jump button being laggy? On switch
  7. I wasn’t criticising his spelling
  8. Shut your filthy whore mouth. For your eyes only or gtfo
  9. sid

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Yeah pretty much got the same opinion. take away the casino shite, and some of the leia wankery and all good.
  10. you spelled mopping wrong
  11. sid

    Game piracy in 2018

    Literally all they have to do is make digital significantly cheaper eg 35 new game not 45.
  12. Any tips for the blue flame boss, keep getting slapped by the exploding dudes. just a case of grinding a bit and levelling Ophelia ?
  13. loving this so far, what a great little game superb summer effort !

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