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  1. Really want an x now horizon looks stunning how do I go about getting one are there queues / lists / preorders or is it still crazy town regarding scalping etc
  2. Just going on all the negative yattering going on lol cheer up boys it’s a good time to be alive. So many games. Sheer fucking quantity is mind boggling
  3. Missed the presentation , what’s the short of it ? More cheap ass free games and pc ports instead of anything that’ll stretch the series x??? Inevitable
  4. Is all of that too much to ask for ? Is it ?
  5. Resi 8 audio is excellent, really immersive
  6. This is utterly rediculous I love it Story and characters are much better than 7
  7. Just bought it is it scary ? :/
  8. Just went to buy it but 70 quid nope
  9. They are listening to the community regarding save states apparently:/
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