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  1. partious

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Yeah man, that's pretty deep. Like many of the best Star Trek stories, it makes you think
  2. partious

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Thinking about that, my idea for this new show is old man Picard reflecting on the fact that he is the last Picard and his family's utterly pointless death. The first few episodes will just be him moping around the vineyard post-retirement, looking at photos of his brother's family and remembering Rene's dreams of being in Starfleet, while spiraling deeper into depression. Eventually he'll hear about some recent experiments in time travel on some classified Starfleet communication that he listens in on for something to do during his copious amounts of free time (his access to such things having not been revoked despite him being retired). I'm pretty sure that they already had the technology for time travelling in Star Trek anyway, but that's boring, we need a super secret new thing for a bit of drama He'll then naturally go rogue on some "borrowed" ship with... oh let's say Geordi and Riker, and travel back in time to prevent his entire family from dying pointlessly in a house fire. They could do it like Back to the Future 2 (or that tribble episode of DS9....), Picard sneaking around the vineyard trying to covertly enter his brother's house in order to change the smoke alarm's battery while the events of "Family" play out in the background. (I'd imagine a 24th century smoke alarm battery is good for at least a few decades, so it should still be running fine by whenever Generations was set).
  3. partious

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Unfortunately, Picard's entire family died in a fire for some cheap emotional impact in Generations
  4. partious

    I've made a game - Yoxall VR

    I've played it a bit and my initial impression is good. I wouldn't pay much attention to the reviews. The gearvr reviews have always been awful, sub google play store game review level idiocy/entitlement. I think it feels a bit like an old vfd game in terms of the gameplay, movement and sounds. It controls fine with my ipega bluetooth controller. As a fan of old simple arcade games and the aforementioned vfd games, it definitely had "something" that made me want to keep trying. That said, I was trying to figure out the mechanics/rules but don't feel like I quite understand and it's stopping me from properly playing the game. Perhaps you can explain them An "enemy" orange block sometimes seemed to make a beeline for my area as soon as the game started, whereas other times it left me alone to do my own thing. Is there some sort of logic behind the enemy behavior (based on what I do) or just random? How does "attacking" work? Any time I hit an orange area I died. Why do some of the blocks inside the area I've drawn not get colored in sometimes? Are the powerups just points? Is it just a case of expanding my area slowly and hoping for the best? Is there a more agressive style of play? I think I "killed" the enemy a few times inadvertantly when he made contact with my area. How does this work? Is there a method of attacking/not immediately losing as soon as I make contact with an orange block. Anyway, I like the game, but it could REALLY do with a better attempt at an explanation of the mechanics/goal. Best not to assume that people have played the games it's inspired by Without an explanation of the mechanics I can see how someone who randomly downloads it would just give up and move on as opposed to struggling to figure the rules out for themselves.
  5. partious

    Shenmue 1&2

    I find it interesting that they've apparently announced a date and are advertising etc in Korea but are still totally silent about it in Japan. You never know what kind of BS Sega are going to pull with their releases in Japan these days, Japan only Playstation exclusivity, release over a year after everywhere else, a game not existing on Steam in Japan despite being on it in every other region etc etc.
  6. partious

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I very much doubt it's a race mode(seems unlikely they could make such a big change in such a short amount of time), but if it is I'll almost certainly buy the game immediately. I imagine if they were actually going to go as far as to add a race mode, they'd be more explicit about it in order to build a bit of anticipation among the market in general/people who don't already have the game, since it would basically amount to relaunching the product. A vague "something big" hint on the twitter page doesn't do that. If it actually was a race mode, I don't know what they'd have to gain by being coy about announcing it considering the game has totally bombed etc. As it stands I expect it's something like the "replay saves" mentioned above that only means anything to people who already have the game. Who knows though. Game marketing departments can be pretty inept.
  7. partious

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I think this is just is just something like crash mode from burnout with no racing mode/option, but I think they are also releasing a racer at a later stage. Not interested in the crash mode game but the engine/graphic style etc makes me hopefully that the game might possibly be closer to burnout 2 than to the later ones.
  8. partious

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Could someone tell me a reliable site for buying UK psn credit where you can receive the code immediately (from outside the uk), other than cdkeys.
  9. partious

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I don't like simcade and I like online racing if the game is good (wouldn't say no to a Switch port of Outrun 2 Online for example). Right now the only arcade racers I'm looking forward to are Racing Apex and 90s Arcade Racer if it ever comes out (which is doubtful, but the gameplay videos look nice). I love Sonic Transformed and I wish the upcoming game was just a regular racing game, without the team thing (at least give the option of racing as an individual). With the proliferation of indie games and the acceptance by at least a proportion of the gaming market that not every game needs cutting edge super high def graphics if the gameplay is good, it feels like the gaming market has matured a bit in the past few years. I wonder if we'll ever get to a stage where big companies putting a smallish team of passionate about the genre employees on games with modest goals and production values for niche markets like arcade racers becomes more common. If Sega had a small team make a 90s style arcade racer for Switch, with model 3 level polygon graphics etc and rock solid 60fps or Namco made something similar based on their 90s arcade racing games, that would be pretty exciting, and surely even if they didn't sell, they wouldn't go out of business. The optimist in me hopes that as time and the eras that people are nostalgic about advance, we will start seeing more indie 3d arcade racers. Then again, I figure this might be wishful thinking and maybe arcade racers sell even worse than I think they do. Considering Sega won't even port the likes of Outrun 2 or Daytona to current gen, never mind make new games, I guess that is more likely.
  10. partious

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I love arcade racers but I didn't buy this game, mainly because it wasn't an arcade racer. Unfortunately, the audience they were chasing when they made a car driving game without races and finish lines also didn't materialise. As a big fan of Sumo's previous games, I also worry about the upcoming Sonic racing game. Where have companies got this idea that removing straightforward racing and replacing it with a bunch of more immediate (yet random/pointless feeling) objectives is going to be more successful than a straightforward arcade racer? They are making games that don't appeal to the core fanbase of arcade racers (who are basically completely starved of any games for the past few years) but also the alternative audience that is supposed to make the loss of sales to that core fanbase worthwhile doesn't seem to actually exist... I hope this won't make companies even less likely to make an actual arcade racing game in the future. I think the arcade racing drought has been going for so long now that the first company that releases a lowish production value arcade racer with quality gameplay and reasonable price on the Switch etc will do well. The big companies aren't set up to make a game that would sell just well enough to make back its modest costs plus a modest amount of profit. For whatever reason it's always all or nothing with the big companies. I think going forward we'll be relying on small indie teams for arcade racers, just like shmups and metroidvanias etc. I'm sure the guys who were let go will all be fine. They have in demand skills and years of valuable experience in the industry.
  11. partious

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Great post, thanks a lot. Despite the heavy discount, reading your comments (particularly the parts about the levelling) has really turned me off getting it. Levelling in anything other than a jrpg is one of my pet peeves in modern gaming and it seems particularly antithetical to satisfying shmup gameplay. I want a repeatable challenge that I can overcome by learning patterns and getting better at playing the game, not by levelling up a character/ship/weapon by playing boring easy stages 100 times. I haven't kept up with modern shmups. Is levelling in shmups a common enough thing nowadays?  Also, the anime story popping up mid level and being distracting/hard to follow because you're trying to concentrate on the game reminds me of Astebreed, and that was one of the things I didn't like about that. I don't want levelling or intrustive story/cutscenes in my shmups.
  12. partious

    Far Cry 5

    I haven't played a far cry game since the original years ago but this is tempting me solely due to the setting. Watching a couple of trailers, I kind of feel like maybe it could help fill the Justified shaped void in my life, but I'm not sure, the gameplay is just running around machinegunning hundreds of people right? Or can it be played in a more grounded way? Is the story any good? Is there much of a plot, or is it more of a "here's an open world, have fun" kind of experience?
  13. partious

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    There's a shmup on the Japanese eshop called RXN which is currently heavily reduced (999yen vs normal price of 4212yen). Anyone know if it's any good?
  14. partious

    Nintendo Switch

    Or you could just not release the game in Japan to be on the safe side, like Snake Pass
  15. partious

    Are games fun?

    Yes, and unfortunately an ever expanding number of games exploit that in a very lazy way with the illusion of "getting better" at the game, when in reality you are just pushing up some numbers on a chart the more you play, levelling up a character and making the game easier the further in you go. Look at stuff like assassin's creed games. On the surface it's marketed as an action game about skillful stealth and close range combat. What you actually get is something where you start off as a puny weakling and by the time you've played a fair number of side missions etc you are basically an indestructable killing machine. Is it because you've gotten "better" at the game? Nope, your character's excel spreadsheet of stats is now just sufficiently levelled up so you deal out/can withstand 10 times more damage than at the start of the game. Badly designed gameplay or level design. No worries! Just level up and come back and brute force your way past it. I can see why it appeals both to the money people in game companies and also certain designers. Now imagine that the vast majority of big games in every genre that demands some sort of "skill" employ this sort of phoney system of illusory skill upgrades based on levelling a character and that is about where we are in 2018 and have been for oh... a decade or so. Is that satisfying. Well, judging by its ubiquity it seems many people are satisfied with the illusion of improvement, but if you actually liked the player skill challenge that older games presented based on memorising patterns and timings and getting a solid handle on the gameplay mechanics then no, it isn't remotely satisfying. I miss the days when levelling and grinding were mostly confined to rpgs and maybe some tactical stuff, because then I could just easily ignore them. Unfortunately now it's been bolted onto almost everything. Sadly, this is what most people want. It's not even confined to AAA megabudget stuff. I am in what seems to be the minority in that I prefer pre-SOTN Castlevania to SOTN and the other "metroidvanias" . I've read interviews with Igarashi where he flat out says "the old Castlevanias were too hard for a lot of people and we wanted to make a castlevania that anyone could complete". To me there is something intrinsically unappealing about a game that anyone can complete as it implies a lack of genuine challenge (beyond simply putting in the time to level up). This is a minority view, but I think it's one of several reasons why some of us are really not satisfied with what most modern games are offering, the lack of skill demanded and the dumbed down drudgery that makes up the time sink gameplay of many modern games. The drudgery exists/is necessary because well , we can't just give you all these stat upgrades for nothing now, can we? Just like we do boring shit for money in real life, we now do boring shit in games in exchange for stat upgrades. Is that fun? It's one step away from the garbage mobile games that allow you to pay real money in order to avoid the gameplay (maybe you can do this in recent aaa games too, I don't know). It's like buying a piano that gets progressively better at playing itself the longer you sit in front of it playing chopsticks. And the end of 100 hours, the piano can play Chopin and Debussy but if you sit down at another piano YOU can still only play chopsticks. At least there's Nintendo and Indies

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