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  1. There‘s a PS1 racing game called Burn Out(not sure if it was released outside of Japan). Maybe you were thinking of that?
  2. partious

    My new C64 platform game

    Thanks a lot for the reply, it`s interesting to hear that people just hadn`t really thought of it as a mechanic. It seems so obvious in hindsight Even as a player it`s getting to a stage where games are so bloated/time consuming/flashy that there`s a desire to go back to basics. Being able to make new games for real retro hardware is the ideal but the skills involved are just completely out of reach for an adult with no real programming experience. Stuff like pico-8 and other "fantasy consoles" seem to offer a far gentler alternative. Playing some pico-8 games recently I realised that the constraints of the format seem to encourage the devs to focus more on making the core gameplay fun. Often not having the freedom to keep adding more and more ideas/mechanics/stages to a game seems to result in a game that while simpler, is more fun to play. That said, the fantasy console stuff can`t compare to the feeling of actually playing on the real retro hardware. Looking forward to seeing more of your game.
  3. partious

    My new C64 platform game

    Looks great. I was wondering something while playing the pico-8 version of Celeste recently.Is the dash/warp mechanic actually possible on something like a c64(or other real 8 bit computer/console)? It seems to be popular in retro influenced modern games, but I can't recall seeing it in any old games. Was that due to technical limitations or was it just that people hadn't thought of it? I notice you don't seem to have included such a move, so I'm thinking maybe the hardware doesn't allow it? Apologies if this is a dumb question
  4. I personally think that most games are far too long and the fun generally runs out long before the game finishes. I think the stats suggest that's true for a lot of people. That said, even if the devs knew that most people weren't completing their games I'm not sure they'd choose to make them shorter if they actually want people to buy them at full price. The most important thing with most games is to initially get someone to buy the game and regardless of whether people will actually complete the game after buying it, gamers have been conditioned for years to equate number of hours with good value for money when considering a new purchase. It means that a grind-heavy game filled with stat levelling and/or with a bunch of repetitive side missions is considered an acceptable full price purchase, but a game with no padding and an exciting 5 hour campaign but a lot of replayability is something that people think only warrants a budget price. I suspect padding out a game doesn't cost that much relative to the initial heavy lifting involved in making the foundation etc so the suggestion that a game that's half as long should cost half as much seems flawed to me. I reckon 10-15 hours is the threshold where people will accept that a game is full price and I'd imagine a lot of games have been padded beyond what is actually enjoyable to reach that number of hours. A lot of games that would have once been 10-20 hour experiences are now 60 hours thanks to unnessessary open worlds and ubiquitous "rpg elements" (ie stat levelling systems). I blame marketing and games journalists. Back in the early 2000s nearly every arcade style game that came out seemed to be marked down because you could play through it on novice/credit feeding in an hour or whatever. Then "linear" (as opposed to open world) became a dirty word in games journalism. I think it's pretty interesting. Is there any other entertainment medium where just having a higher number of hours for someone to sink in is seen as such a plus?
  5. I have the old ascii pad which is great for 2d games but I'd be tempted to buy a new DC controller if it has a decent analogue stick. As much as I still love the DC, the original controller's analogue stick is really quite unpleasant to use compared to modern sticks.
  6. partious

    Super Mario Maker 2 - June 2019

    The number one feature I want from this is a category to contain those levels where you stand on a platform and the level plays itself, stupidly hard levels (much easier to make a hard level than an enjoyable one) and other gimmick based stuff, so that I can avoid playing them. Or even better, tags and an ability to completely opt out of seeing any of those gimmicky levels or getting them in your challenges. Clearly people enjoy the gimmick levels or they wouldn’t get so many likes, but I probably enjoyed 1 out of every 15 stages I was randomly given in the Wii U game because of the prevelance those 3 types of level.
  7. This sort of narrative is a bit naive. It's ok to like Mario and Zelda more than COD but Nintendo aren't some worker cooperative. https://kotaku.com/nintendo-of-europe-will-lay-off-320-people-this-month-1627924242 I'm not saying Activision's behavior is ok (I don't think it is), but did the Rockstar working practices stuff before RDR2 stop anyone from buying it? Does nintendo laying people off stop people buying Mario etc? People on forums love to get worked up about boycotting games they probably had low/no interest in anyway, Fallout 76 or the latest COD but the unfortunate fact for those workers is that gamers buy games they want to play, regardless of how the companies treat their staff. I'm sure the companies are well aware of this.
  8. partious

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    I can only think of two games I've played in the past few years that were greatly improved by patches. The first is Assassin's Creed Unity which I bought at release and rinsed (don't like AC in general but I loved the Paris setting) and in those first few weeks you could gradually witness the game going from a bit of a mess to something closer the state it should have been released in. That game made me realise that buying AAA games at release is a mug's game since you'll be dealing with issues that will be fixed a couple of months later(when the game will probably cost half as much too), and I haven't done so since (apart from Nintendo stuff). That said, the other was the wii u Mario Kart 8 patch that swapped the order of the post race "watch replay" and "next race" options
  9. partious

    Collecting old magazines

    Yeah, I was interested in reading through more mainstream type old gaming magazines at one stage but reading/skimming a few of them put me right off that idea. Like you said, so much of their content was speculation/hype/previews/tips/walkthroughs etc, all stuff that I have zero interest in reading now. Even the interviews etc just read like empty PR fluff most of the time. Stuff like retrospectives and interviews done years after the fact etc are a lot more interesting, which is why I think stuff like Retrogamer or certain Edge features etc have more longevity/value as something to keep on your shelf.
  10. partious

    Collecting old magazines

    I like buying and reading old Japanese magazines. I have every issue of USED GAMES (which was sort of like a japanese RetroGamer Magazine) and the follow up YUGE (no relation to Trump) but not the original issues, the later releases that had a few issues together in each volume. I debated which ones to buy when I was picking them up but went with the collections for some reason I can't remember. I have a few issues of Gameside, which was the follow up to Yuge and then Game Gene which was a reboot attempt that went for a couple of issues a few years ago. I guess the market isn't there anymore (there seems to be a fairly constant release of low quality , "one fluff paragraph and a picture of every game on the system" type retro system low effort encyclopedia crap lately in bookshops though). I have some issues of Game Hihyou which was a great magazine launched in the mid 90s to be an alternative to the glorified press release quality writing in stuff like Famitsu etc. They were against advertising and the resulting conflict of interest so the magazine had none. I have a couple of old famitsus and the like, but the mainstream magazines were always pretty useless in terms of anything worth reading (although it's worse now because of the direction the Japanese market has gone in the last 2 decades). You get a decent self published book once or twice a year but the maintream games writing is beyond awful. Japan had some great magazines in the late 90s but the state of games jounalism in Japan now is pretty lamentable. It really makes me appreciate the continued existence of stuff like Edge/Retrogamer or even English language game websites and youtube channels that have a semblance of effort put into research and presentation.
  11. Will be interesting to see how many hyped 2019 AAA games make the "best of the decade" list due to being fresh in people's minds only to be forgotten a couple of years later. Anyway great thread, thanks for all the effort. The only games in the top 20 I own/have played are Wipeout VR and Hollow Knight but I still really enjoyed reading all the write ups.My game of the year was Rise: Race The Future but I was too embarassed to vote for it.
  12. partious

    Stormdivers - Housemarque Does Battle Royale

    Can't help but feel that if they'd focussed on tweaking the arcade style games they had a proven track record with in order to make them stand out more to a general audience in terms of graphics etc they might have ended up with more financial success than this game seems destined for. They might have had to reduce the team size if the market wasn't there for the scale of game they were making but that will probably happen anyway if/when this bombs. Maybe even a Switch port of Nex Machina,Resogun etc. They almost seem like games that might appeal to people in handheld form, but who knows. Not as popular as Fortnite I'm sure. Not sure I'd say I "feel sorry" for the company. The regular staff, sure, but this seems to me like one of the most misguided moves I've seen a game company make. This game had zero hype etc before Apex Legends came along, but I guess it will be used as an example of just plain old bad luck, as opposed to an idea that was misguided from the beginning. (If Stormdivers doesn't bomb I'll gladly eat my words.)
  13. partious

    Music that was too good for the game it was in.

    Terminator on mega cd is an excellent game
  14. Sim racers. Well, it's not so much that I hate the games themselves, I mean, I dislike them and I get precisely zero enjoyment from them and therefore don't play them but I could say that about a lot of other genres too. What makes me feel animosity towards them is that I have to read the opinions/sneers of the people who like them whenever a game in my favourite genre (arcade racers) is announced/released. Whenever any arcade racer is announced/released, the youtube/internet comments will be full of sim racer people saying "looks like a mobile game" or "looks unrealistic and stupid". Years of reading this has given me a chip on my shoulder about sim racers and their fans. People whose perfect racing game is a game where your car looks like some real car, controls like some real car, the environment looks like some real track, there are some realistic weather effects etc. Probably own some sort of expensive basement cave setup that makes their gaming experience as "realistic" as possible for the one game they play. It's a shame that arcade racers involve cars really because it makes them a target for these sim people who I don't really think of as game or gameplay fans, more just car fans who can't afford a sports car and want to digitally recreate one. Nothing wrong with that, just stop shitting on arcade racers If you try to talk about arcade games people start mentioning Driveclub and Forza Horizon. Yeah thanks but I was talking about arcade racers not "almost a sim but not quite" games. I've recently noticed that flight games seem to suffer from the same thing. I noticed a lot of comments on Ace Combat 7 videos lately with people saying some aspect of the game is unrealistic and therefore the game is stupid and some "realistic" pc sim is better etc.
  15. partious

    Stormdivers - Housemarque Does Battle Royale

    That arcade is dead letter didn't do them any favours in terms of publicity. They'd have been better off saying nothing. I'm a big fan of their games, bought Nex Machina twice (pc and ps4) etc. Their games have great gameplay and mechanics but pretty boring artstyles. They seem like a company of great engineers who are less interested in the art/aesthetic side of the games. Unfortunately a compelling arcade experience should be a combination of catchy tunes, cool art and compelling gameplay. It's not the early 80s anymore where gameplay is all you need. Compare their voxel art style to the aesthetic of something like Cuphead, an arcadey game that people went nuts for. I think they might have been better off hiring some artists instead of chasing after that sweet battle royale money. Also, this game looks boring and again the artstyle is meh.

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