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  1. I think shutting down the servers for a game while the console it's on is still current gen is a bit scummy, especially when the company doing so is the console manufacturer. Maybe with annual cash-ins like Fifa people know what they're signing up for but as someone who bought Driveclub and Driveclub VR I'm not impressed with Sony's decisions here. It comes across as unnecessarily penny pinching but I suppose PS4 performed well enough that they don't have to care about their image for now.
  2. I predict it's going to be the return of Segata Sanshiro for a low budget/low effort twitter/social media marketing campaign (probably Japan only so don't get too excited). Either that or an announcement that Segata Sanshiro will be making an appearance at some sort of small scale fan event in Tokyo to celebrate Sega's 60th anniversary.
  3. Do they email the code immediately? Edit: Bought some. They do.
  4. Anyone know where I can get US eshop credit online with instant delivery of the code? CDkeys seem to only have UK topups.
  5. Started playing Ni No Kuni and I'm liking it. Tried searching but I can't find a discussion topic for the game, including the ps3 version. Surely there's one somewhere? Edit: found it, title was written "ninokuni" so it wasn't showing up in my searches.
  6. Played A Short Hike on Humble a few months ago and I'd just like to agree with the "it's lovely" comment.
  7. In that case Snack World or Yokai Watch would probably be very good choices and help your study a lot without being too high a mountain to climb. You don't need a particularly high level of Japanese to play and understand a lot of games.
  8. Yeah from the video I watched it seems like it could be a good one for learners, compared to Ni No Kuni which seems like it would require a higher level. (I'm saying the following in case you're interested in learning more Japanese and not to be a pedantic asshole). When wa is a particle you use the ha hiragana は and the o particle is written を(spelled on the keyboard as wo), so it's 私はちょっと日本語を話します Good luck
  9. I bought Ni No Kuni so I checked this. Unlike most of my Japanese games, it doesn't show up as "purchased" on the UK eshop, so I guess they're not linked. I assume that applies to Snack World and the other level 5 games too.
  10. Yes, 1000 yen, same as Ni No Kuni. Metacritic score doesn't seem great... Maybe I'll just buy them all to have a bit of a backlog of switch time sinks.. Only Level 5 game I've played was Danboru Senki W for Vita and I enjoyed that at the time..
  11. Yokai Watch 1 and Snack World have the same heavy discount. Definitely getting Ni No Kuni for that price, will have to look into the other 2.
  12. Also, I bought Need For Speed (2015) in a psn sale last week and that's taking up a lot of my gaming time
  13. Like everyone else I was pleased with this month's selection having recently bought a month of plus to buy some games in a sale. Just completed Sonic Forces. I've had a soft spot for 3d Sonic games ever since Adventure but this is clearly one of the lesser ones even by the standards of the series. Lost World on Wii U got panned, but at least it tried something different. This is just a phoned in inferior repeat of Generations. Anyway, the gameplay is as deep as a puddle, the cutscenes are aimed at kids so whatever, has a super lame theme song so that's a plus. The end boss was quite tedious and annoying. Not sure whether I'll play Shadow of the Colossus, played it on ps2 back in the day and I like the setting and atmosphere a whole lot more than the gameplay.
  14. I admire the optimism but this is without a doubt the most conservative/least "crazy" console gen Sega have ever had. Sonic Mania and a couple of farmed out small scale VR games are just crumbs. They're basically the Yakuza and Sonic company who occasionally farm out an old IP for some sort of low budget game now(even Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing got scaled back to just Sonic this gen for some reason), which is pretty sad when you compare to even the ps3/360 era.
  15. I've paused every month since the change (only signed up for Spyro and Crash Bandicoot) but I thought they got rid of the whole waiting for games to unlock thing? Also, people mentioning xbox gamepass. They aren't really comparable are they? I had psplus for about 5 years, paid a few hundred quid into it, unsubbed and now I have zero games to show for my money. If it was humble monthly I'd still have the games.
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