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  1. partious

    Agony. Brings all the gamergaters to the yard

    I think something like Hatred is more honest about the reality of violent killing than something like TLOU2 (going by the trailer) or Uncharted etc. Hatred may be an unpleasant game but at least it manages to genuinely disgust most people in its portrayal of killing. We see trailers for Hatred and we think "this is gross, killing people with guns isn't amusing" then (most of us I assume) don't buy/play it because we don't want to play games that turn simulated gruesome killing into entertainment . It's honest about what it is and everyone accepts it's a gross murder sim so its existence doesn't really bother me. TLOU 2 trailer gets praise for looking like some sort of touching human story about 2 young women in love. It ticks a few progressive boxes in its story so people praise and defend it as something deep that is pushing gaming forward. Unfortunately the gameplay seems to be about a young woman sneaking around like Rambo, infiltrating camps and killing 20 or so people in various gruesome ways in close combat in the space of a couple of minutes. It's complete nonsense and it downplays the reality of violence and conflict by showing realistic looking violence in a completely unrealistic manner. We might think "ooh that's gruesome" and wince a little when Ellie stabs someone in the eye but the reality and gravity of killing has been downplayed. It's this incongruity between serious seeming cutscenes about realistic seeming characters and the gruesome cartoon nonsense that makes up the gameplay that annoys me. If a game treats itself as over the top mindless action in the cutscenes and also in over the top violent gameplay I find it a more honest thing to engage with than a game that wants to be a grown up story in cutscenes but relies on the same lazy old repetitive third person near constant shooting and stabbing in the actual gameplay. Whether accidentally or not, Hatred actually made people think about what a crass form of entertainment simulated gory and graphic portrayals of the killing of people is, as opposed to games like TLOU or whatever which give these glimpses of nuanced stories and realistic characters in cutscenes but then have those cutscenes attached to gameplay where we sneak around stabbing people in the head or bashing their brains out in ridiculously over the top and farcical numbers because Naughty Dog are content to just make every game a third person violent shooter/head stabber. It's ok though. We only stab and shoot bad men and women (which means everyone on the other side) so there's no need to reflect on the thrills of excitement people derive from this simulated ultraviolence. It's why their other big series is about handsome wisecracking swashbuckler Nathan Drake who travels the world looking for lost treasure, getting into scrapes and of course using various high powered firearms to mow down/headshot hundreds of third world henchmen. Naughty dog make good cutscenes, but trying to push their gameplay beyond lazy constant violence and making something that doesn't feel at odds with the tone of the characters and what we see in cutscenes seems beyond them. I'd be far more interested in a story about Ellie in TLOU2 where she was not a young female Rambo leaving behind a bodycount of hundreds but just a normal young woman trying to survive in that world. Whether it was just about sneaking around or what I have no idea, I could see such a game having space for occasional violent confrontations and then having to run away or a couple of unavoidable killings, which might actually have some sort of resonance whereas the hundreds of killings in the actual game (assumption based on TLOU and the E3 trailer) are just a farce. Naughty Dog have hundreds of paid employees who could think of something to do in their games beyond constantly stoving people's heads in with bricks, shooting them dead with a bow and arrow/gun or stabbing them in the face. I'd like to play a game that felt like an Indiana Jones esque globetrotting adventure in search of hidden treasure that didn't involve constantly taking cover behind low walls while shooting dozens of people dead with a machinegun. I'd like to play a Tomb Raider game that was about raiding tombs, a sense of discovery and unravelling mysteries and a feeling of being on a grand adventure and not about killing hundreds of people as another female Rambo. If it's too difficult to make a game about a young woman in a post apocalyptic world, a lighthearted globetrotting swashbuckler or a tomb exploring/raiding lady where the vast majority of the gameplay doesn't have to revolve around killing large numbers of people with guns and knives, because otherwise the game will be "boring", then I think that says a lot about the (lack of) potential of gaming as a storytelling medium.
  2. partious

    All things Yakuza!

    That's a shame, 0 is 4000 yen on the japan store. Kiwami is only 2000 yen, might try that first. I played (and quite liked) Ishin a few years ago when the ps4 came out first. I have no experience with the main series though. As an aside, how bad an idea would it be to just go straight to 6? Want those fancy graphics and if I play in order I somehow doubt I'll play 0-5 and then 6 within the space of the next decade or so, if they are each similar in length to Ishin.
  3. partious

    All things Yakuza!

    Anyone know if those uk psn versions allow you to play entirely in Japanese (menus/text/voices)? Thinking of getting zero and that is a lot cheaper than I can get it for in Japan, but I want my Japanese practice
  4. That loop happened to me once a couple of days after I installed cfw. I tried going through the steps a few times, it kept looping so I gave up and went to bed. It was fine the next day and hasn't happened again since so I don't know what to say. I reckon you're right about the wii being more stable, probably due to being a simpler system in general. Since the loop problem seems to be a hdd data issue, the wii not having a hdd would work in its favour. I find the actual process of navigating the menus and playing stuff on ps3 far more straightforward/streamlined compared to the wii's mish mash of apps,load homebrew channel then load app and then load game, the need to use the wiimote to get at apps and games that don't require it etc. Maybe there are ways around these things but I just find ps3 cfw nicer to use. That said, I wouldn't put cfw on any console I was dependent on for digitally purchased games. I see it more as a fun thing to mess around with on a second/spare console. Not related to ps3 but I recently learned you can now hack the wii u to allow it to play gamecube games on the gamepad as a handheld (as opposed to portable) gamecube, which is something I always wanted nintendo to do but they never did (despite gamecube games being speculated about for the entirity of the wii u's life).
  5. partious

    Tomb Raider (2013)

    I'm mainly an arcade game fan, but what it comes down to is that people play these cinematic games because they enjoy the experience. You seem to be suggesting that any game that isn't about overcoming a well designed gameplay challenge using player skill is somehow what's wrong with modern gaming on some objective level or that the relatively shallow gameplay of aaa games with a cinematic focus is some sort of well hidden secret. 90 percent of my gaming time is arcade games that are at least 15 years old. That said, I recently played and enjoyed Until Dawn on PS4. It probably has the most shallow gameplay of any title I've ever played, and is very close to just being a collection of mildly interactive cutscenes, but so what? Like I said, I enjoyed it. Would it have been better if it had a bunch of puzzles you needed to complete to progress the story and a well thought out combo system etc etc? I certainly don't think so. Sometimes in the evening after work and everything else you just want to turn your brain off and play through a fun story. At times like that legitimate challenge is just a chore and offputting. I think this type of game is closer to the experience of sitting down to watch a tv show or movie than it is to playing a traditional challenging game. I think stuff like modern Tomb Raider or Uncharted are one small step above that, but still the same idea. The gameplay is shallow and inclusive, there is little in the way of offputting challenge and you can tell someone exactly how many hours it takes everyone to complete the game. People buy and play those games because they enjoy the experience. Games can be challenging or just a fun cinematic rollercoaster. If you don't like the latter you can focus on the former style of game. Sure, a lot of the big budgets go to the latter these days, but that's capitalism for you. Edit: reading over this I realise it looks like a "don't say negative things about this game" post. That wasn't my intention. I just think most people who buy and play this type of game know what they're getting and that is to a large extent what they want from a game. In that case I find it hard to argue that there is something "wrong" with the gameplay of these games, even if it isn't my preferred type of game.
  6. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    Smash bros is the one nintendo game I don't like
  7. I also don't like smash bros
  8. partious

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    This is schoolyard stuff, clearly posted to be read by the named person and the same type of comment would be treated as bullying on this forum if it was directed towards a different target.
  9. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I didn't think you were being pedantic at all, I like the look of Racing Apex and I'd never heard of it before. I'll definitely check it out. Wipeout on psvr is fantastic. If it was the only game on psvr I'd feel like the hardware had been worth buying
  10. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    Hadn't heard of racing apex, that looks like my cup of tea. I have wipeout and psvr. It's excellent. I rinsed horison chase on my shield a couple of years ago. I am on board for any sega themed racer sumo make, although like others I'm a bit disappointed at some of the choices they've made for the new game. Transformed was one of my favourite games of last gen. I prefer it to mk8.
  11. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    I'm sure that looks like a great substitute for the games I listed if you're not a fan of arcade racers. I must admit wipeout on the psvr is excellent though, so kudos to sony for porting those
  12. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    My favourite genre is arcade racers too. Hey don't worry that there's no more Outrun, Sega Rally, Burnout 2 (the best burnout and extremely different from the EA ones), Battle Gear, Ridge Racer, Split Second, Pure, F-Zero (maybe tomorrow?) etc etc though, we have GT Sport and Forza Horizon 4 also the indies have us covered. I hear 90s arcade racer is coming out sometime in the future maybe!
  13. partious

    E3 2018: Playstation Conference - NO FFVII

    Good post. We had Kirby's comment about TLOU 2 dismissed as a "hot take" a few pages back too. I don't know what the difference between an opinion about the depth of gameplay in a particular game and a hot take is but it's something I've often seen people lazily use on neogaf in the past to shut someone down without bothering to actually engage in discussion too.
  14. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    My comment is that there are far fewer colourful and fun games without realistic violence made with a decent budget and production values than there were 10 years ago, not that there are none. It's just scraps these days, compared to 10 years ago when it was still a big part of the industry. You've listed about 10 games from this gen. Shall we list the names of the games from gen 6 that fit the description and see if it's more than that?
  15. partious

    E3 2018 and not a f*** was given

    If you like third person action games heavy on cutscenes and stabbing people in the head, 2d metroidvanias and realistic/semi realistic driving sims If you like arcadey, colourful 3d games the best time was clearly gen 6

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