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  1. Two Pint Hospital - simulator for those who can’t handle their alcohol
  2. Shameless plug! One of the videos I did with Microsoft is in one of the 10 point articles today, 15 minutes of fame!
  3. I have flown through the two towers of Tower Bridge, mission accomplished for today.
  4. I had the same but have put it down to the regular dodginess of reward cards hitting first time, I'll try again tomorrow and see if it activates then
  5. Are you using Twitter for these alerts? If so, which ones are you following? My cousins after one but I haven’t had much luck so far.
  6. Rurouni Kenshin 1 - 3.5/5 sae that there were four movies so figured it would definitely have a proper ending so started on it today. Bit slow, heavily stylised, some quirky funny moments but then some absolutely banging swordplay in the last couple of fights. really liked this and hope the remaining three are of an equal or better standard.
  7. I did the same thing a few months back; opened, cleaned, new thermal paste and new fan unit with a liberal dousing of compressed air. Quite easy to do. Has kept it relatively quiet now, it only flares up when the boys doing a mad Fortnite session and its been in use for a couple hours. Didn't get a chance to try the drift fix, its my pro controller that has drift, not the joycons.
  8. Supposed fix for drift issues without replacing parts, I think i have a pair that drift in the cupboard somewhere so will dig it out and try it later this evening. Go to 5:55 to see the magic:
  9. Not sure if it’s real, feels a bit fan made. Either way the end is in sight!!!
  10. Been on a bit of an anime trip recently: Godzilla: Singular Point 13 episodes of god knows what the hell they were talking about, I don’t really know what was going on or what they were trying to do. Insanely science heavy. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Only 4 episodes, felt like one of those YouTube montages where they show all the cut scenes from a game. Records of Ragnarok This is more like it, good story, good action and pretty well paced out rather than out and out action like Baku for example. Looks pretty similar to that visually too. Only about 4 episodes in, they’ll never finish the story in the remaining 8 or so episodes to will be a couple more series at least I hope.
  11. I’m finding Day of the Tentacle really good for getting the daily 50pt achievement reward, it seems to throw one your way every 5 minutes or so.
  12. sure, no problem... let me know a couple of times that work for you and you can pop over.
  13. hola, I posted them off to you earlier today, haven’t they arrived in your mailbox?
  14. No worries, I have sent you a friends request On its way
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