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  1. I for some reason watched the entirety of this, finished it earlier this evening. Ropey dialogue, some really bad actors, PS3 level CGI and a weak plot. Really good soundtrack though and some cracking fights. Bring on season 2?
  2. Do you have a link for that please?
  3. The flirting in this episode was too much, had me actually lolling... great writing
  4. I think the latest episode is probably one of my top 3 episodes of this, so good.
  5. odd that theres no dedicated midnight showing at Cineworld o2, only as part of the double bill... booked anyway!
  6. It was very good, tonally quite different from most of the others.
  7. We ended up buying some random brand set from amazon as he just couldn’t wait any longer which seem to work ok. We bought a 3m 3.5mm extension lead but that seemed to have stopped the mic from working, will have to have a word with amazon support to get that sorted.
  8. Thanks for the heads up... I’m guessing any headset will then work with that? (sorry if this has been covered to death in here already)
  9. Hello, Can someone recommend a set of Bluetooth over-ear headphones suitable for a 10-year old please? Have had a quick look on Amazon but there are so many random brands difficult to know whats good and what isn't. Cheers, Indy
  10. Indy @ S.E.

    Pokemon Go

    Where is the best place to get a gotcha from, eBay? Any trusted sellers that can be recommended?
  11. Indy @ S.E.

    Pokemon Go

    Got around 8 shinies in total today, iv’s weren’t great but evolved two all the way through to metagross and two to metang. Always get at least 6 in Greenwich Park, fully recommend it to people local. Best 10k hatch was... beldum
  12. Indy @ S.E.

    Pokemon Go

    Sorry, missed this... is 12 ok?
  13. Indy @ S.E.

    Pokemon Go

    The username should’ve given it away... sorry. Do we both need to do a lucky egg at the same time?
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