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  1. Watched the first two episodes of this tonight, incredibly silly but really good fun.
  2. I had no opportunity to preorder yesterday either so will also be keeping an eye out for one on launch or earlier
  3. Am up to date with this too and really enjoying it, really funny in places. Quite sweet on occasions too, Any scene with Nate in it steals it for me, throw in Coach Beard at the same time and it’s even better.
  4. Watched #Alive yesterday, Korean zombie type affair. Nothing overly special but an enjoyable watch. 3 zombies out of a horde of 5.
  5. Afternoon, Have got Redd visiting with the following fake paintings of anyone wants them Famous Basic Serene
  6. This is the perfect antidote to 2020, this has become a life goal now to do something like this in my more twilight years.
  7. Qite a few of us used to go to one in Stratford, near the bus and train station. Was in some sort of community hall if i remember correctly. Probably some of my fondest memories were in that pace, going almost every week regardless if there was anything to buy or not. overall though we probably built about half a dozen computers using bits sourced from there plus numerous upgrades; RAM, cases, motherboards, hard drives, the lot. Got to know quite a few of the traders too which gave it a nice atmosphere. When consoles happened used to go and get playstations chipped fro
  8. The Itcher 3: Wild Hunt Legend says he roams the land hunting down people with rare and unique skin conditions who have plenty of coin to toss at him.
  9. Redd’s visiting today, only fakes remain: - warrior statue - jolly painting if anyone needs them I’ll open up, bring a ladder
  10. Not quite sure what the point of the Dreams are but here’s our code: DA-9014-7884-2201
  11. Ahh thanks for that, really useful... so my planned 24 months would come down to just 8... thats a bit of a drop
  12. ahh figured as much... Anyone want to buy 2 12 month gold passes in that case
  13. Hi, My Ultimate is due to expire in August 2021, if I buy 2 more years of Gold and add the codes to my account will that automatically convert to Ultimate or do I need to do the £1 thing again? Cheers, Indy
  14. So this is the basic space for my classroom, anyone got any suggestions for a suitable custom designs that’ll make good flooring? not sure what constitutes good classroom flooring lol but open to suggestions!
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