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  1. Not sure if I'm allowed to link to it directly, but if you search on YouTube for 'Tech James', this channel has great videos explaining how to setup and configure Autobleem on the Playstation Classic. Also, if you use Reddit, have a look at r/PlaystationClassic and r/classicmods HTH
  2. Heads up, there is a new episode tonight, Surviving America's Most Hated Family, BBC2 9pm. Synopsis for the episode: 'Thirteen years since first encountering one of America’s most notorious hate groups, award-winning film-maker Louis Theroux makes a long-anticipated return to Kansas to spend time with the Westboro Baptist Church - a hugely-controversial Christian ministry that for years has picketed at military funerals and other high-profile events with deliberately provocative and homophobic placards.'
  3. In an interview with The Treatment on KCRW, David Fincher announced that the new season will release 16th August.
  4. Trailer for Season Two which starts on HBO 11th August.
  5. Sean Murray had his discussion at the Develop:Brighton this morning, well worth a read. Unfortunately nothing about the upcoming Beyond patch.
  6. There are some streams I watch for longish periods of time, for example shroud for his incredible skill levels, ezekiel_iii and peeve for indie and quirky games and their persona. But the person I watch the most in regards to 'Lets Play' is CohhCarnage, even if I'm not super interested in the game, its his interaction with the community, him discussing the game mechanics etc. Here is an example (unedited) of the beginning of him playing a game, of course spoilers if you have not played Judgment. If you want to se different games him playing, here is a large list of all his completed playthroughs.
  7. Slight different angle for the latest video. A look at how E3 has changed over the years:
  8. Had a look and the only place I can see this to (legally) stream is on Amazon Prime, costs £2.49 to 'rent'. HTH
  9. Just seen that the boys have done a six-part podcast series which is exclusive to audible. Not listened to it yet, as I don't have an account, but if anyone is interested you can create a free 30 day trial to have a listen to the series.
  10. Wonder if anyone can help with a issue Im having with RetroArch. It has been working fine for ages but today (after I replaced the battery) its not playing ball. Everytime I try and launch it now, the UI main screen appears but I am unable to move about or click anything and there is yellow text appearing in the bottom left of the screening, showing FRAMES and the number is constantly building up. I've tried rebooting the hardware, closed and re-opening the software, deleting RetroArch and re-downloading the VPK (the Vita option on the official site) and installing it again. VitaShell and h-encore (HENkaku) are the latest versions. Other emulations are working fine on the kit, but for some reason RetroArch is being weird. All Vita games are loading fine, after running HENkaku. This is what I see, only way to come out of it, is to click the PS button and hard close the app: https://i.imgur.com/eHJuLiy.jpg Checked AutoPlugin and there are no new updates I need to get. Any help would be grateful
  11. Thanks, yeah its an original Vita.
  12. It was much easier to replace the battery than I expected, maybe twenty minutes to do. The only fiddly part was connecting the battery cable to the board. In the end I practiced with the older (removed) battery cable and then was able to do it. Have just put the Vita on charge fingers crossed it is an improvement. All in, cost me about £15. Here is the kit and the Vita opened up and the older battery removed. Feeling chuffed that I was able to do this, was rather hesitant and even queried with some local electrical repair stores for quotes on doing the work, but pleased I decided to venture and try it myself.
  13. Funny you ask that, I've just finished watching this recap video:
  14. OK cheers, I'll give that a try first. It thankfully doesn't drain straight away, just lasts about forty five minutes now from a full charge.
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