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  1. Only just heard of Assault Android Cactus, games looks great. Will be nice to play another twin stick shooter Cheers
  2. Thanks for this recommendation, it scratches that Super Smash TV itch I had
  3. After more years than I can remember, Southend United have finally confirmed with the local council a move to their new stadium Looks like they had to massively scale back (again) their proposal for the site, now it will be a 14,000 seats stadium and the plans for shops, cinema and restaurant at the new location have all been scrapped to be replaced by housing.
  4. Picked these up which were all on my wishlist. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gato Roboto Aqua Kitty Udx Conduct TOGETHER! Good times
  5. Another wonderful episode, just love every single one of the story threads. Not a weak point imo. This shot freaked me out a tad though:
  6. I highly recommend Togo which is a far superior film in the same genre (plus has real animals). Its on Disney+ but it is out there to acquire if you do not have that option
  7. Here is their Patreon post incase anyone wants to read it. But as per @moosegrinder the price drops for us from the 2nd April: US: 20th March - 9th April Japan: 26th March - 9th April Europe: 2nd April - 9th April
  8. Only thing that changed for me is when I start a game, I then have to choose which profile to play it with (I always choose the default UK one). So its just one extra click when playing a game.
  9. Assume @bradigor has a US alt account on his Switch. Just a guess though I have a alternative account for Argentina as they have quite a few decent sales.
  10. Just the below from another forum about Pocket Mini Golf: 'The 100% discount requires that you own one of QubikGames' other games - of course, that includes the games that were given away for free around Christmas.' I've updated my initial post.
  11. Thats shame, it was showing like this for me:
  12. Pocket Mini Golf is free on the Nintendo eShop, when searching it will show as £1.79, when you click on the game for details, the price will then reflect the free price. Edit. Seems like you need to have already owned a QubikGames, which includes all those free ones they had over Christmas, to get this for free.
  13. Just seen that Pocket Mini Golf is currently free, when you search for it, the price shows as £1.79, but when you click on the game it will be free. This is done via a browser, assume it will be the same via the console eShop Edit. Seems like you need to have already purchased a QubikGames title, which includes all those free ones they had over Christmas, to get this for free.
  14. Just seen that Hard West is currently down to £1.79. Here is a review for anyone not familiar with it:
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