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  1. It's supposed to already be up and working on the Japanese version of Prime. This Reddit thread has people showing screenshots of their episode listings on the site showing it, plus discussing how they are using VPN and creating Japanese account son Prime to watch it. Think i'll just wait myself
  2. I think its because he does a show on IMDB site (plus hosting at events for them) who are owned by Amazon. Sure it does help to promote his new film too Just had look at some info for him and yep, he sure does like working with them
  3. Nice new video from Alt ShiftX, doing a character recap prior to the new season starting this week:
  4. Senior Film Critic David Ehrlich at IndieWire, has put together his best film of the year. I may not agree with them all, but I always adore how he cuts together his look back on the year of film each December. If you haven't I recommended going back and viewing all his previous years videos. He really is a top notch video editor. Can see the full list and read about them here
  5. New State of Play next Tuesday at 2pm
  6. I was going to mention that (as I use it myself) but checked the T&Cs for the offer and you had to claim the first three free months before 24th September 2019.
  7. Had a quick look and seems like CDkeys looks the cheapest for a year subscription at £14.99. But also found this , you can try the service for free for seven days, but remember to cancel it prior to it expiring as it will automatically change to a 1-month membership otherwise.
  8. The next batch of Switch Online games have been announced (for the US, assume we will get the same), they release the 12th of this month: SNES: - Star Fox 2 - Kirby Super Star - Super Punch-Out - Breath of Fire 2 NES: - Crystalis - Journey to Silius Can read more here I'm still patiently waiting for Earthbound and Super Smash TV.
  9. Been officially confirmed now, will release 31st March, can read more here
  10. They may have seen it at a Film Festival, bene shown at a few in the UK so far this year. Or they could be based outside the UK, film came out in the US in November. Just guesses
  11. Teaser trailer has been released, film launches May 2020:
  12. I see Sainsbury's are launching a new vegan range next month called Plant Pioneers . Loads of the listed products sound great. Expect a real big push my all the major supermarkets and stores like Greggs to really put their products for Veganuary.
  13. Teaser trailer for season ten, which releases in January:
  14. Had a look, for Chapter Two at least, it was done by a collection of people (the twitter thread lists them all:
  15. grounded_dreams


    Could see Nuno Espírito Santo being a good selection, also Brendan Rodgers but highly doubt they would be able to get him atm.
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