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  1. Yeah, miles better than the get along gang episode last week. Hints of Fett the space arl arse. More of that please.
  2. Think I prefer some Max Rebo to get me in the Star Wars mood rather than Rennie Pilgrim breakbeats. That stuff on the sail barge in Jedi was more my idea of future funk. I'm in the mood for a dab of whizz at about ten mins in though. Hip.
  3. Gave this a go late last night on my bedroom Series S, supposedly only to gain myself 500 reward points for getting an achievement in game. Long story short, I flew past he achievement and continued to play until my eyes told me to stop, shattered. What a lovely chill game. The gameplay and world are a delight. It's gone from a game I hadn't given a second thought about, to one I'm looking forward to getting deeply into. Only thing is, I started on the Series S and although it presents a lovely image, there is definitely some poor frames rearing their ugly head. I also have a PC hooked up to the bedroom TV, a 3060, and was wondering if it's one of those wonderful play anywhere releases that MS likes to grace us with from time to time? I've put a couple of hours in so if it's not cross-play I'll continue on the S but I'd love to try smooth those errant frames, on both my 3060 and 2080TI for living room fun. Anyway, it's a great game and one I'm going deep on regardless.
  4. NV control panel, manage 3D settings (situated at top left of left side menu), DSR factors, then uncheck all the boxes in the drop down menu.
  5. I've been playing both Sega Rally Revo and Outrun 2 C2C (with rumble patched in) at 8K down sampled to 4K all afternoon. They look beautiful and run flawless. This is great for older games, really cleans up the image, C2C looks particularly sweet. Man, I wished they still made games like this, and as much as I like Horizon or stuff like Cruis'n Blast, they aren't the same. As I say, this is great for older games. Off to MyAbandonware.com for a peruse for some more gold.
  6. So did this get a 60fps increase on PS5 (well, I know it did, now, but only since about an hour ago). Might install it and give that Valkyrie another bash. Maybe 60fps somehow transforms me into less of a shitty player. Probably not. Need to bone up on everything that got a boost, knew about GoS, TLoU2 and FF7 but seems like plenty more benefit. To Google.
  7. Ooh, a native Dualsense control option with it's own menu. I'd love to play this, it looks incredible and I'd be able to whack it up at 4K and 60fps...but I absolutely rinsed it on my PS4 Pro, well, still got that bastard hard last Valkyrie to beat but combed every inch of the world and completed everything else. Too many games that need playing to go back to something I (almost) fully completed. Sigh.
  8. I don't think anyone with any character development nous had much to do with squeezing Fett club 7 into the show, definitely marketing. Suppose Star Wars has always been fairly compromised by merchandising and demographic choices, right back to the OT, but at least old George tried to keep it fairly relevant. The choice of that lot in this reeks of on high wanting an in with the kids or teens. "We've got the middle aged man buying toys sewn up but we need to boost metrics amongst the youth" "What's hot that we can plonk in?" cue a room full of desperados brainstorming and somehow coming up with that bunch. I mean them being young and having bright scooters is the only in that I can figure, it's certainly not the Vespa angle, maybe they thought that would help with the oldies digging it. Don't see them appealing to any group in a big way. It's pure marketing and I wouldn't be surprised if they have a finger hovering over the mass tat production button. Think they won't bother to press it once the feedback from all demographics is in. Hope they didn't waste too much on Black Series scooter moulds. They had an across the board money maker in mini Yoda and would very much like more of the same, they want toys to be desired by the kids and not just muppets like me who'll probably be dead before their sales forecast spreadsheet's final page (it's laid out in decades, probably) Just wish sales of merch etc didn't compromise artistic endeavour in such overt ways. Needs more finesse and CIA tactics of insertion to win big with people, not just some obvious checklist. Or god forbid, great ideas and stories that enamour people.
  9. You just know there's gonna be an episode where he rides around on the Rancor looking all badass and weak willed idiots like me will start whooping at the screen and proclaim how awesome the show was, despite it being pretty turgid for most of its runtime. Only, I'm not going to fall for it this time. I just don't dig Morrison as Fett. As with most SW side characters, they're best left to the imagination, the personality you gave them when twatting two pieces of plastic together and shouting pew pew. I'm glad people are enjoying the show and know I sound like a miserabilist, sorry. I think I'll keep any future expectations in check for anymore D+ shows about legacy characters. The idea sounded cool but I like the thought more than the execution. Fett to me will always be a stoic badass with not much onscreen development and who died in a daft way. American accent an all. Not some polite dimbo with the whitest teeth in the outer rim. I won't bung up the thread anymore. Enjoy.
  10. I finished both SoC and CoP, definitely two of the most atmospheric games I've had the fortune to play. And the only games I've ever fully finished with a mouse and keyboard. Absolutely loved them. SoC melted my Core 2 Duo and 7900GS and CoP my six core Phenom and 6870. Good times. Have Clear Sky here on a very capable machine and a Corsair lapboard for couch play. Not sure if I'm going to try finish it before the new game, though think that's been delayed so probably a good idea now. Hopefully become the third game I complete using mouse and keyboard.
  11. Don't think much of this so far. The Mandalorian was great, had a lot of the Rogue One's about it (an authenticity) but this feels like the opposite to me. As someone mentioned earlier, it feels like cosplay and a bit tepid to boot. Not a fan of Morrison's take on the character. I'd always imagined him with that sly American accent from Empire "he's worth a lot to me". Those few short words aligned with my take on him being a space arl arse. It's all a bit lovey dovey here. I get why but it isn't my ideal. Tough shit. Those kids on the gleaming scooters seemed straight out of some jazzy west end song and dance show, all clicky fingers and sparkle. Not exactly Tatooine. Fed up of that as a location as well, while I'm whinging. I'll keep watching because I'm Star Wars mad. Might warm to it. Fuck knows.
  12. I remember them getting Cyber Sled in there and I whigged out, excitedly phoning my mate and telling him to drop everything and get his arse down as they had 'virtual reality'. He set me straight that it was 3D and "not fucking virtual reality" after he indeed dropped everything and got his arse down. I was newly back into games and hadn't yet bought my first copy of Edge to get the knowledge. We had a good few games against each other, mind. Looked and sounded incredible at the time.
  13. Took it out about two hours before hand. Turned the central heating off in the kitchen a bit before. Was delicious.
  14. Just decided, gonna cut the cheese and have a Returnal session. Stilton that is, with some water biscuits, grapes and a bottle of Port. Happy Christmas.
  15. It just felt so limp. I've read that perhaps Lana didn't really want to make it, hinted at in the WB meta reference too, probably. If that's the case you can certainly feel any lack of passion for the whole thing in the final product. I know parts 2 and 3 get a bit of stick, I quite like them tbh, but at least they had a ton of passion put on screen. This just feels like a vein of meh runs through all aspects of the production. Should have let it lie.
  16. Just started watching and had to stop to make a coffee, whip some cream and heat a couple of mince pies to be getting on with. Had to post at how completely cheap the film looks. I'll echo people who mentioned the weird Netflix look and how terrible doing slow-mo in post comes across. Only early doors but pretty sad to see that a film that's over twenty years ahead in technology and technique to the first, looks so poor in comparison. I dunno, was hoping that this would at least look great. Had a bad feeling from those trailers tbh. They did look rough. Back to the film.
  17. Oh I know. It's a problem stemming from the HDMI alliance/licencing not having cast iron rules for what the term 2.1 entails. I don't know the machinations of how they operate so may be fair enough that they're so lax, or whatever the term appropriate for their operation is, maybe they just like getting paid? Must be a herculean task, I suppose? But can definitely see some of the less prestigious brands happily touting HDMI 2.1 in bold whilst obfuscating what their sets are capable of with regards to the standard's parameters. I mean, it can be pretty tough nailing down what a lot of top end sets have with regards to myriad standards and technology. Even LG sets need a fair bit of homework with regards ALLM, HGIG, yadda yadda. Don't fancy tackling what a 2.1 Bush or Cello entails down the line. Won't need to mind. 77" C1 . They're not going to be doing anything illegal as you say. Just a bit dubious.
  18. I think it's down to the HDMI 2.1 chipset in the PS5 and the problems within, think it's a bit funky. Being 2.1 compliant doesn't necessarily mean VRR capable, or that all of the things stated within the 2.1 spec sheet are guaranteed to be included in certain devices stated as having HDMI 2.1. It's a checklist that some iffy manufacturers can dance around which features they'll include from said checklist, yet will still be able to claim as having HDMI 2.1 inputs. Not saying Sony is one of those manufacturers but there will be some more low key brands claiming such. I mean the PS5 states it's VRR capable so it should be available at some point but they're definitely having issues with the chosen chipset. Think they want to launch it with hopefully most/all of the issues ironed out.
  19. It looks stunning, same as it did on PS4. I've just had to knock a race down from Elite. It was killing me, no ship could change my only coming 4th. Oh well, Elite back on for my next race. Just watching the ships flying around after my last race, the game is stunning, absolutely beautiful on the eyes with all the neon and track effects, then the ships. I wanna hold one of the models in my hands. Their design was never beaten.
  20. I went back to this tonight. I'd completely walked away from it a few years back, nothing to do with the quality and the fun, just that thing with games, the allure of the new. I'd had a damn good go at the thing, mind. Plenty of golds and that but also plenty of spaces for medals. Anyway, playing it on a PS5 on a monster TV with Hue lights flashing all over, a banging Spotify playlist (Plump DJs, The Chemical Brothers etc, all the big beat stuff) and decided I needed to rectify some of those empty spaces. What a mad fucking rush of a game this is, did they do something to this for PS5, yeah, pretty sure that's a no, it sure looks pretty though and the Dualsence is perfect. Honestly went to another place earlier trying to get to zone 60 on one of the 2048 etc zone races. It might be due to the syncing pulsating lights or the massive TV but I definitely went to some other realm, one I've been to before, mainly with Wipeout going back to the first. Just sort of zone out lol and start driving on autopilot, it's awesome but it didn't get me to 60, scraped a wall and came to. Managed 49. I'm on this for the rest of the night, it's such a rush and after a few laps you go from thinking 'that medal is impossible' to 'I'll smash that' Really, really glad I've got back into it, and it might be in my head but I'm sure the image is clearer more crisp than on my Pro in the bedroom. Even if that's just in my head the PS5 pad deffo feels like it's more suited to the game. Classic.
  21. Redeem your coupon then hit buy, it'll apply the coupon at checkout so that price in your screen grab minus a tenner. You can make sure before you complete the sale as it'll show you before it takes payment.
  22. Just caved and bought it. Got another tenner coupon after the purchase. Leave me alone Epic, I already have a backlog that would reach around the world, either by breaking it down into a string of zeros and ones or manifested as end to end retail boxes. Off for a peruse.
  23. I had the top left bumper become screwy, as mentioned up thread. I'm well out of warranty. Found a similar video to the one posted here and had it sorted in about 10 minutes. Still have the plastic piece here in the pad's zip bag thingy, just in case it's needed in the future. Was worried about the no screws and needing to pop it using a knife but it was really easy and luckily caused no damage. As awesome as the pad is it's deffo got a few sketchy bits going on, had to mess with the back flippers a while back too. All working sweet now mind. What the fuck is going on with game pads though, it's like they all have design flaws built in. Already jumped to my spare Dualsense as I could feel the one that came with the PS5 beginning to wig out a little, getting twitchy etc. Suppose they pack in so much tech now that corners are cut or something.
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