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  1. Do these retailers still sell physical PC games? Would love to hear if anyone gets the PC game early and if the game has ray tracing implemented from the off. Interested in getting the game regardless but having a 2080Ti and hearing this game makes use of RT a lot it's definitely high on my list.
  2. Yeah I've been dipping in and out with this. Certainly worth a play. The other game I've been playing atm is Darksiders 3, playing both so close to each other I felt they shared some similar traits, especially graphically, a quick google shows they do have a connection in the developer department. As in they're both developed by the same developer lol.
  3. I was at Shelley's when Altern8 were making a music video outside on the back of a Bedfrord truck and although I loved their music we scoffed at the masks and glow sticks and all that stuff. I also appeared on the Fantazia One Step Beyond footage at Donington Park from 1992, though you can only really make out my Berghaus jacket thanks to the VHS quality. The BBC (I think) used some footage from that event for a documentary about ecstasy which showed everyone queuing up before the start and a shot of me and a mate (who looked a little out of it, my mate not me) and dozens of others waiting to get in. I always remember it airing around 6pm on a weekday unbeknown to me, and my mum, dad and younger sister shouting upstairs that I was on the telly and it was about drugs. The last large Rave I ever went to, I was fucking burnt out by then.
  4. Yeah it's similar to that one posted, though not exactly the same, mine doesn't have his saber drawn. He was pretty cheap. I posted about it further up but I added several other large pics and then felt it wasn't very relevant and clogged up the thread so nuked the post lol.
  5. amc


    I've recently began to drink coffee as much as I once did. I never graduated to beans and grounds back in the day but I did use a cafetiere and an espresso percolator on the hob. I've recently bought myself both a Dolce Gusto and a magimix nespresso with aeroccino. I know there are much better ways to enjoy my coffee again but at the minute these really fit the bill, I have nice shot from the nespresso in the morning then some frothy business or Dolce thing throughout the afternoon. Very convenient. I was recommended coffee syrup for my frothy concoctions, I don't take sugar in my normal coffee but I'm not averse to a touch sweetness beyond the milk in my latte. The one I was recommended is sugar free https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00GQJ4Q5Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I can tell. I don't really like it, it's the same with sugar vs sweetener. Can anyone recommend a nice syrup that doesn't use an artificial sweetener?
  6. Something something not even a fraction, something something break up, something something fill my new flat up with tat like there's no tomorrow.
  7. Watching it now on a 65" with the sub whacked up. Up to when it's kicking off on Jedha. Fucking chills. Donnie Yen man. It's a fantastic Star Wars film. I know this because when I watch it I get the urge to play with the action figures, like for the first time in 35 years. Something I only ever feel when I watch the OT. It helps that I've got the full set if I go ahead. I'm 45.
  8. I built my Sazabi over a year ago now and have him on display but still need to decal him and his shield. Might make a night of it over the weekend.
  9. Initially hacked my PS3 many many moons ago, one of the first ways to hack I think. I used and ipod touch with some custom android read/write payload or something. Anyway I went back to my PS3 a couple of years ago after not being able to access it for a while and updated the old cfw with a newer one, rebug or something, I'm not at home atm. It was pretty simple to update the cfw, it was a couple of years ago now so have no guide links unfortunately. I then updated Multi man and downloaded a load of PS1/PS2 iso and put them in the relevant PS1 and PS2 folders. They boot from Multiman no problem. Load image, it boots you back to the xmb and you see the game disc and play. Mine is an OG JPN PS3 with full backward compatibility though so perhaps you may need to jump through a few hoops. Brilliant machine.
  10. I got this free with my graphics card. Played it for an hour then deleted it, and the bothersome Bethesda launcher. I shit for a minute when my Rage 2 shortcut was deleted by the uninstaller as well. Thought it was going to be another Bethesda fuck up but luckily it was only the shortcut it deemed to delete. Thought the game was shit. And I got it for free.
  11. I can't really say outside of ebay and Amazon but there seemed to be plenty of them on those two. NES was below rrp but the Snes was slightly above it. I did a pretty rudimentary search outside of ebay at the time and and as I say you can definitely get them from Amazon.
  12. For the two people that care, no ray tracing at launch.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I got this free with my new gfx card and forgot to preload. Doing that now ready for 6pm. This is currently one of a handful of games with Ray Tracing so looking forward to giving that a workout.
  14. So I bought one of these the other night, then in a moment of madness went mini retro crazy. I have a means to play the games on these probably better on several devices but fuck it. It'll be the first time I'll have ever played any C64 game and apart from DS/3DS etc remakes I've very little knowledge or experience with the NES. I had an Atari VCS in about 82 but after a few months got bored and sold it a while later. I bought a Snes just before I bought my Playstation, mainly for Starfox and Stunt Race FX and sold that to fund my PS1, which became my gateway drug into gaming. I've been playing Adventure for the last ten minutes and I'm actually enjoying it....for now.
  15. Had a bit of an episode just now after buying a PS1 Classic for 25 bones. I found myself throwing a Snes mini and Nes mini in with it at the checkout. I'll be back in here to mod the arse out of it once it's delivered. Oh, and I can't do this mini console thing by half, I'll be getting the MD and PCE minis when they launch. What's that C64 one like*. Lol. *Scrap that, just bought one of them an all for £35.00. I was supposed to go on an expensive night out which got cancelled so I'm spending the money I've saved on some fun tech for the bedroom TV.
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