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  1. I bought this on Friday for my Switch with the intention of playing that night because I'd just finished Symphony of the Night on Vita. Well it turns out have I fuck finished, that was the shit ending and now the castle is upside down. I also have Salt and Sanctuary being slowly chipped away at and now I'm a little reluctant to start another stat deep 2D game. I'm desperate to play this but got to finish one of those two off before I do.
  2. Is the Switch the way to go for this? Considering I've just played Symphony of the Night on Vita more than any game I can remember lately. Skim read a few things saying it was slightly iffy compared to other formats. Does the fact you're able to play in handheld mode negate any negatives. EDIT* Well I'll soon know as I've bit the bullet for Switch.
  3. amc

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    Cheers. I'm off to ask some more moronic questions in the Dead Cells thread. Basically is Switch the way to go.
  4. amc

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    Does anyone have both this and Dead Cells? Going to treat myself to a game today but can't pick out of the two. I can play on anything, PC, PS4 Pro, One X and Switch. I've been deep into Symphony of the Night on my Vita so was edging towards Cells on Switch but at the end of the day I'd rather have whichever's the better game for now.
  5. amc

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    I sold a fucking ton of ntsc N64 stuff for peanuts years ago. Boxed JPN machine (modded by my own fair hands with a hot knife to remove the bits of plastic for USA games) with several boxed pads, Zelda MM, Conker, etc etc. Makes me cry at how much some of it goes for now. I was laughing to myself after pulling a fast one at Game or whatever when they gave me a tenner for my boxed as new Chameleon Twist and not noticing it wasn't pal. Looking at prices for that it turns out I was the sucker. I remember importing PilotWings and thinking the machine would be pumping out close to film quality cgi in its lifetime after clocking some of its textures, the mountains etc, but it didn't seem to get much better than that gfx wise. Imo.
  6. amc

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Come on then @Indy @ S.E. spill, who r yer. I'm guessing Inderpal because Indy. Love 34's Mario cover. Two of my least liked mouthpieces have their photos in letters there. Always skipped Chris Crawford's column, a bit too cerebral for me at the time.
  7. amc

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Reading that this beast was coming to something called the PSX was some major levels of excitement. I'd copped a few races at some arcade somewhere and to think I'd be playing it in my bedroom in the not too distant was mind blowing. In Edge's usual fashion they had some insider soundbites talking about how Sony's machine could pull it off without breaking sweat (not quite arcade perfect obviously but it was pretty freakin awesome all the same). Gonna have a read through the issue now with a coffee.
  8. amc

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Those covers are mint.
  9. amc

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    I have every issue digitally, not many specials though. And to echo the past few posts, I too had to ditch the majority in a move. All in lovely binders as well. Still have my Edge chocolate bar up in the loft though, probably a biohazard by now.
  10. amc

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    Having recently had an epiphany with Symphony of the Night I'm all in for more 2d goodness. I loved Salt and Sanctuary but it took a 20 year old game to blow my mind and want more 2d stuff. I definitely think the style suits handhelds more for me, both those games mentioned were on my Vita. No chance of that so here's hoping for a Switch release. "ianwuk" I'm buying Dead Cells at the weekend "ianwuk"
  11. amc

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    Edge 1 for me. I'd became interested in games the year before after spending all night on a twin sit down of Virtua Racing after a night out. Me and a bunch of fellow night revellers pulled into a service station, Keele I think, which had hundreds of cheesy quavers dancing outside their cars. We went in and saw this beautiful machine. I wasn't really interested in games at the time but after twigging that switching it off then on threw it into free-play we played till the sun came up. Fucking awesome night. It was an epiphany and I was a videogame convert. I sourced Indy 500 and tried it on my sisters Amiga. Wasn't what I wanted. I became close to a friend specifically because he was a gamer and who loved his Megadrive, he told me nothing could play a game like Virtua Racing at home but some new shit was on the way that would. Can't remember if he was talking about the Mega cd or 3DO lol. Anyway he liked his mags and after a while, knowing my quest to play fast 3d at home he showed me this mag called Edge he'd picked up, which I borrowed and never gave back. It blew me away, it was showing images I'd been dreaming of being in games and hinting at big things. Things that I'd been praying for since that night on V.R. Reading the first issue with its great writing that took games seriously really kicked off major excitement in me for gaming and where it was going. It did became my Bible for those early 3d years, I know that tagline was a little pretentious at the time but pre internet that's what it was, and they knew it. Once I'd glimpsed Ridge Racer in its pages, and don't even start me on fucking Wipeout, that was it. Probably helped keep me out of a lot more shit that was going down in my social circle, having an in the home hobby and a magazine that kept me excited to fall back on. "coming the pub Mac?" "Nah not tonight, I'm playing Tekken and reading my new copy of Edge". Mac avoids coked up knife fight. Serious. That whole period, lets say late 93 through maybe 98 was fucking brilliant (it still is but technology is de rigueur now). It was like we were on the cusp of Blade runner shit. Powerful machines were on the rise and they were geared toward gaming and Edge was there throughout, giving peeks of Japan, the States and er.. Guildford and what was going on and coming up (or not, as someone has mentioned, Taos). It got me fired up for gaming as a whole subculture. Being nerdy and in the know felt cool. Loved Edge and still buy it today. Digitally of course.
  12. amc

    Game piracy in 2018

    People saying they haven't pirated for years, well I'm the exact opposite. I recently bought a decent Alienware laptop with a 1060 graphics card and have finally delved into the world of emulation. Specifically Dolphin and oh my god does it look stunning. The only game I have aquired has been F-Zero GX. Hooked Up to my 65" and a Xbox one controller it feels like magic. Rock solid 60fps and some of the best racing committed to silicon. Just my luck that the time I'd actually have a use for an easy rom site it disappears and it's time for pop ups, dead links and malware .
  13. amc

    Game piracy in 2018

    Cool. Yeah I can see how something you enjoy can lead you to delve into its workings. Pity they don't float your boat as much as they used too. I can be quite up and down with gaming but it always pulls me back.
  14. amc

    Game piracy in 2018

    Serious question, and honestly not meant as any type of dig, but do you play games @mushashi. It's just that I always see you post plenty but it's always, or nearly always as far as I can see about the business side of gaming (Obviously this would be the case in this thread lol, but in general I mean). Like I say don't get me wrong I often like reading your posts, you seem well researched but I wonder if you like playing stuff. Anyway carry on, the industry does have some fascinating machinations beside the gameplay part.
  15. amc

    Xbox Game Pass (Subscription Service)

    Tell you what's good about this for me is when a game I have already on disc gets put on. No more getting off my arse to put the disc in.

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