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  1. It blows my mind how some people can see the coercion of Brendan for the horrendous wrong that it is yet others see it as a bona fide admission of guilt. The split between the judges, some calling out the unlawful and disgusting pressure applied by the cops and others having no problem with their tactics in getting the confession, is crazy. I mean surely the fact no adult accompanying him during the interview is unlawful, is it not? But yeh that split in opinion, and not just with the law makers, the public too. It's like some right wing vs leftist undercurrent or something. How anyone with an ounce of empathy or sense could sit and watch that frankly shocking confession video and not see the coercion and seeding of wanted answers from a child with learning disabilities boggles the mind. Of course there is a large dollop of not wanting to open the floodgates or rock the boat with convictions but it seems deeper than that. People are fucking weird and fuck those bent cops.
  2. amc

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Brilliant. So glad I hung fire for a few days.
  3. Yeah man she's great. So I wonder what will happen to his previous Lawyers who got a lot of admiration after the first series. They seem to be under question for being rather lacklustre in their defence approach in the initial trial in the new series. Will the tours and praise now dry up. Kathleen is far more on the ball and thorough. Shame as they seemed like Bulldogs at first but in hindsight now seem a lot less so.
  4. amc

    What games did you complete? 2018 Edition

    Games I've managed to wrap up this year are Horizon ZD+Frozen Wilds What a game, absolutely incredible from start to finish. Great story, stunning graphics that created a world I never got bored of exploring. Just deleted it as I'd spent so much time on the game, close to 140 hours just pissing about mainly. So close to basically everything being completed, every data point, every Hunter trial etc but I'd spent so long and neglected so much I had to purge it from my Pro. A+ Killzone Shadow Fall Looked pretty nice, didn't really pay much attention to the story but it seemed fairly generic. Could be a bit of a slog at times but had some good levels and action mixed in there. Tbh couldn't wait to get it done. B Bloodborne +DLC What can I say, well I can say I fucking loved it, every minute. The story was a bit convoluted for me but the action, graphics and atmosphere were right up my street. I love the Soulsborne games and flipped on this iteration. Just magnificent A++ Salt and Sanctuary Vita Great attempt at a 2D Souls game. I say attempt because some things really grated, such as a lack of a map and a pretty shallow story. Lot of fun though if you get your head around it. A- Infamous Second Son Had a great time with this, really enjoyed the powers you had. Whizzing across the map with great HDR lit particles flying all over the shop. Story was daft but served its purpose. Could be a real looker at times and damn good for a launch or near launch game. Sucker Punch made the PS4 sing. Another game with shit on the map I had to clear so it began to outstay its welcome towards the end. Pretty short though so no biggie. Good fun B+ Rise of the Tomb Raider Brilliant fun for the first several hours then gets very samey. Bobbins story as well. Looked beautiful and I had a lot of fun most of the time but I couldn't wait to purge it from my machine. Another one that I could have spent many more hours looking for loot caches etc to the detriment of other games. A- Titanfall 2 Short but very sweet. Loved the action and the story went up a notch once you get to that bit were you gain a new and fun ability. Fast and exciting piloting BT shooting the fuck out of everything with Tone. Loved it and hope EA see the light and go with another. A+ I only came back to gaming in 2016 from a hiatus and then only jumped into this Gen early in 2017 but just checking the games I've completed is a little bit of a shock. Not one One X or Switch game completed, although Doom should remedy that in the next day or two. I have so many games that need attention, BoTW, Mario Odyssey, Nioh, Gears 4, Doom, G.O.W etc. I've started lots but been so deep into games like HZD and Tomb Raider plus hundred of hours across the Forza games, GT Sport, Driveclub. I've realised I need to chill on getting all the silly shit on the map. I need to do main quests and important stuff and stop looking for Rat bones and Badger skin. Anyway, time for Zelda. I wanted to wrap up Horizon before really digging in and so off to Hyrule I go. Fucking love games.
  5. amc

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I've just cancelled my Amazon pre order due to finding out my MS account has £8.00 in there somehow, probably due to cancelling EA access a while back and getting some sort of refund. So that almost pushes digital to the physical price (yeh I know it's still 60 quid but I'd probably only use that for some indy title that I'd get to play on Game Pass at some point) I try to go digital as much as I can but frigging hell they make it hard for new games. What's the justification on charging more than retail, is it they don't want to piss the retailers off, is £59.99 the RRP and so the official MS, Sony etc digital stores just stick to RRP at launch? Oh and can you pre download the data for release time unlock?
  6. amc

    Is crunch required?

    Get on Rocky there.
  7. amc

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Was really into this but it lost me towards the end. Not sure why and I'd say it's decent overall but I just can't put my finger on what soured me near the end.
  8. This has to be a Switch purchase over the other consoles. Starfox trumps HDR/4K or whatever improvements the Pro/X may have. I take it you can complete the game using only Fox? Shame the toy only attaches to the joycons.
  9. amc

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Had to get this after all the great impressions. I'm picking it up tomorrow so I'll have to play some VR tonight to get myself acquainted with the helmet again before it arrives. Hoping it goes easy on me as it can kick my head in sometimes but this has got to be the game that makes me get my VR legs, finally.
  10. amc

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Pre ordered for the One X. In fact it'll be my first launch day purchase since G.O.W, despite holding fast on Spider Man this was to strong a pull. I promised myself I'd finish the best of my backlog before I'm there at launch for a game but fuck it. Anyway here's to finding out it's better on Pro. Although if it is it'll be the first in a while.
  11. WTF with all these actors he's hired. So fucking desperate to be in the movie industry again and think he's some kind of director. Yeah I know that was his schtick back in the W:C days with the FMV but it's fucking disgusting he's living out his fantasy with backers money. It's got fuck all to do with quality and everything to do with ego. Just release a game you knob.
  12. Been enjoying Medal of Honor infiltrator lately. Really good fun and pretty bloody tough. Will need to look into some more GBA titles as after buying the machine on release day I basically wrote it off, what with not being able to view the screen very well. I went for an SP but only played Warioware for any length on that. Daft really because I know the machine had some classics, played a few thanks to my 3DS getting Ambassador titles. Now's the time I think for some low spec games, been having loads of fun thanks to my 8bitdo SF Pro and my S9+ and hacked Vita. Loving playing games that I missed due to only becoming a gamer in the mid 90s. (had a VCS in the early 80s but only got the bug around the PS1). Any recommendations welcome.
  13. amc

    Aquaman - 14th Dec

    Looks daft as hell. The cgi looks pretty ropey but it could be some silly fun. But yeah that cgi.
  14. amc

    PlayStation VR

    Haha snap. I'd never sell it though. Just need that one game to give me my VR legs then I'll hopefully jump back in and finish a few other games off. Hoping Astro Bot is that game.

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