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  1. Right, I've went and bought one of those over the top but comfy looking swivel gaming chairs. I've mainly bought the thing to use with my steering wheel setup and GT and Forza but I was pushed over the edge when I remembered people mentioning using one whilst in VR. I've read several things were people have claimed having the ability to swivel etc really helps with motion sickness. Hopefully this is what helps me get right into my PSVR. My PS4 is stuffed with great VR games that are thrilling to play but can bring on the dreaded nausea. I've tried a couple of things to help get my legs, anti nausea pills, playing a little every day to try and acquaint myself with the immersion but in the end it would still get a hold. The last game I played was Wipeout VR and it was incredible, fucking awesome and the type of experience I'd hoped for for over 20 years...but it blew my head off after 10 minutes and it's scared me off playing. I'm not going to give up and like I say I can game comfortably in a good few games but certain titles send my head spinning. Yeah I could just except it and only play games that I'm fine with but that thrill of Wipeout or GT with a force feedback wheel is something I really, really want to experience, and not be buzzing one minute then spinning the next. So swivel chair is coming and I've ordered some ginger tea.
  2. I have been eating nothing but bananas, prunes and tinned soup all week, bar a meat and potato pasty on Monday which was a bad idea. This was due to feeling ill all week. I woke up very late this afternoon due to this sickness, whatever it was, and I was starving. I felt like I hadn't ate for a week...well erm, yeah. Anyway I had a few things in but fancied some real junk carbs and sugars and well.. And no it wasn't too much (got loads left tbh) and it didn't make me feel ill again. Was just what the Dr ordered.
  3. Haha, love the stream of consciousness as you play. Good stuff.
  4. I've just had this guy's impressions of the demo show up on my Youtube and fucking hell he makes it sound like the shit. I bought the original back in the day but I never really got into it but seeing this chap talk about the game so enthusiastically and seeing the insane visuals it's definitely jumped up a few places on my must play list. He may have been a little hyperbolic but it was actually great to see someone be so positive about a modern game.
  5. Does Virtua Racing have its own thread? My love for the game goes back to the dawn of my addiction to games and playing on my Switch whilst sipping Rum this afternoon has been stupendous. It was an epiphany back in my pre game bothered days and playing it here, today, on my little beautiful handheld has been such a fucking joy. It looks so simple, so unsophisticated but my god does it demand a deftness of touch and concentration. Trying to come 1st on all but the beginner track is a lesson in suss your surroundings. A lift off the accelerator here, a brake there. Stunning, and more importantly, fun stuff. I've also just finally twigged the great Power Drift over on 3DS as being a rollercoaster ride as much as a traditional racer for some more fantastic Sega arcade fun. Great afternoon.
  6. I find the DS4 great for my PS4 playing but subliminally I'm relieved my Xbox one controller seems to be the de facto for PC gaming when firing something up.
  7. Hylian you are posting on RLLMUK. We are all Dinosaurs who remember RRP. I'm a Diplodocus for example. Texan bars.
  8. I wonder how they arrived at the name Pufnstuf? I remember watching the film at some point but the series was before my time. I'm sure I've watched a documentary on the Krofft's and I think there was mention of LSD influences and probably some stuff getting puffed. As for the this film, again, it looks utter shit.
  9. I loved the Banana Splits when I was a kid. It's linked in my memory to six weeks of sun and fun on my Chopper. I'd have been up for some clever horror take on my favourite summer holiday show but after that trailer I can honestly say I'm never, ever, going to watch that piece of shit, not even when it inevitably arrives on the Horror channel a month after its release. Atrocious. What next, a Red Hand Gang drama that shows them get back together after 40 years and chronicles Frankie's divorce, J.R's financial difficulties and Joanne's crack addiction.
  10. I'll have to get stuck back into BotW then. I've had it since launch, played several hours and loved it, then...god knows why but I drifted away. it felt wonderful to play too. Perhaps it's because I bought it on the WiiU only for me to buy a Switch a short while later and deciding not to buy it again on that due to sinking several hours into my WiiU copy. And another game that gets mentioned in the OP, Majora's is also finally back on the cards for me. Bought it back on the N64 and although I was Zelda mad at the time I found it tough going. Just bought it for my New 3DS XL due to enjoying and finishing 3D OoT a little while back and thinking it'll be perfect for portable gaming like what I'd found OoT to be. 2020/21 gives me plenty of time to finish both.
  11. I take it that goes for steering wheels too. I like my G920 but I'd have just stuck with a pad if it had been made redundant with scarlet, no more new wheels for me.
  12. Wonder if the Elden Ring is a reference to the Sun and the voiceover is referring to some solar disaster?
  13. Christmas next year. I'm off on to Ebuyer to build my new 2080Ti PC without regret after the stream.
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