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  1. amc

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Does anyone know if that first reveal trailer with the giant bear beast was an ingame scene and if present? That (along with its STALKER vibes) really got me hyped. I'll be picking this up on One X so I'm hoping they sort out that black crush problem.
  2. I really like the art style. I think Link has got a bit of the old Pogles Wood vibe going on.
  3. Yeah I thought the same. I asked a little earlier, what's this like, is it a fun game? I see it got decent scores but read a few things calling it a bit simplistic. I have it here on my PS3 ready to play but with so much amazing shit flying around at the minute I don't really want to start a dated duffer. I s'pose the proof is in the playing. I might just set aside an hour and see if it clicks.
  4. amc

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I absolutely loved the first Crackdown. Jumping around at such heights was just brilliant fun. I rinsed it to death and I'm pretty sure I got every last orb, which was massive fun leaping around and hunting them out. Unfortunately I think it had a stigma around it from day one, especially in America were it was treated as basically a freebie game that you got with the Halo demo. It was sidelined and didn't really get a fair shake, despite selling well, again on the back of the Halo demo. I think those of us who took the time to actually play the game for a certain amount of time, some arbitrary point were it just clicked and you realised "hey this is massive fun, this is actually a brilliant game", well we fell in love with its sandbox joys. But sadly like I say a large portion just saw it as that game you got with a mega hype demo and many didn't really give it much play. I suppose the new game's prolonged gestation etc has only added to that mindset, that it's not a well regarded series. Plus perhaps misunderstanding the visuals, again if you played enough of the first game you came to realise that they fitted perfectly and probably allowed that world and game to exist. You just can't get crazy real life type fidelity if you want to create a world of that size and height that you can leap about in and throw and blow shit up with chaotic abandon. Even on today's machines I'd hazard a guess. But again those who didn't come to that realisation from playing and succumbing to the originals charms, well, the visual style and need there of just flies over their head and this gets called dated. I think it looks a marvel and dig its aesthetic, same thing I thought about the first, but then I think I understand the need for its presentation and what it allows.
  5. amc


    I've been away from PC gaming for several years so my monitor knowledge is fuzzy, plus a lot of new modes, G-Sync, high refresh rates etc have came along whilst I was out of the loop. The game seems to be setup correctly, I've stretched the game screen to the ends of the picture around the play field, marquee? and set the game to full screen 9:16. I have no idea if that's correct but it looks the best, just the strange lag going horizontally. It's probably something I can fix in Nvidia control panel, turn G-Sync off, mess with the refresh. I'll twig it. Thanks.
  6. amc

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    Anything that reminds me of STALKER is a buy for me. I completed the first many moons ago on 360. I was coming off of finishing one of the STALKERS, not sure which one was new around the time of METRO's release but I've finished all three of them and came to METRO from the one closest to its release. Anyway, coming from STALKER I think I was a little disappointed with its mechanics but felt they nailed the atmosphere, definitely had a cut down STALKER vibe. I'm trying to remember playing the game, did the end involve a very high tower? So with STALKER being a fading memory I'm looking forward to jumping into this type of world again. I should have played the second one before this, maybe I still will as it's up on Gamepass, I think. I remember the master race getting worked up at some fabric effects at the initial release of Last Light, how some new card could render the fabric in a very realistic way or something. It did look tasty if I remember correctly.
  7. I'll be all over this. I miss Burnout or even a Burnout like experience massively. @CrashedAlex what's the agenda, is it a race against Ai for 1st to the finish line or is it a survive to the finish line or maybe both?
  8. amc


    Got Mushihimesama for a nice price on Steam. Lovely game, gets my heart pumping even though I'm shit. One thing though, when I rotate my screen and run it in tate my ship feels a bit sluggish when going left and right, fine going up and down. Must be something to do with my refresh rate or g-sync being enabled or something. Can't be my I5 1060 6GB as I can run the game great on my mini Pandora 5s arcade bartop, in none tate obv. That thing runs on some mediatech toaster chip. Hope I can sort it because it's glorious in tate mode.
  9. amc

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Just watched the DF video. My Xbox One X and me are so pumped for this. Looks fucking great.
  10. I only started playing the Zelda games with OoT and never got into the portable games on DS etc. I don't want to be one of those guys but I'm desperate for something new to dig my teeth into on my Switch that's not Pokemon/AC/Party etc. Great games they may be but they're not for me and although I'm plugging away at stuff like Gungeon and Dead Cells, I'm itching for some Nintendo style adventuring. I love the look of this, kinda looks like 3D Dot Game Heroes, not the art style just the DoF and similar viewpoint. I know that game cribbed a lot from Zelda so swings and roundabouts. Anyway I'm in like Flynn for this and as an aside did anyone ever play 3D Dot? I have it here on PS3 and it may be a nice appetizer before this.
  11. amc

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    A prettier and a more of the same Crackdown in 2019 shoes and pants. Day one. Well day -1 as it's coming down the NZ tubes as I type.
  12. I finished this last night. Have close to 100 hours on the clock but was still a little surprised by the ending. I've done almost everything at the challenging difficulty bar the Valkyrie queen who is definitely gonna get it today. The game was superb and being a bit of a misanthrope the totally one player oriented gameplay was right up my street. Graphically it's phenomenal and one of the few games I wish I had an even larger TV. The awesome lighting and textures would stand up to being blown up to 100" no bother. Overall I had a brilliant ride but like I say I wasn't expecting it to end there, especially after Kratos looked at the last frieze and what he saw.
  13. amc

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Hey MrDo71 if I do this can I change it back to the UK later and still play the same download or do you need to stay as NZ for playing the game. Ta x Edit* And if anyone is feeling friendly please add me to Xbox live as I'm pretty lonely on the old Xbox with zero buddies and would like to try multiplayer with some good guys of rllmuk, when it's up and running of course GT is TbigMac74 . Woe is me
  14. Well that doesn't sound great. I hope they pull something together because visually the world looked stunning. Has anyone played the VR game they slipped out?
  15. amc

    Just picked up a PS Vita....

    Yeah I fucking love my Vita. PSP Ridge Racer 2 PSP Outrun C2C PS1 SOTN PSP Motorstorm Arctic Edge Motorstorm RC Puyo Puyo Tetris WipEout 2048 Salt & Sanctuary TxK BS COTM PSP Gran Turismo Darkest Dungeon And many many more. Would like to give a shout to two games that I really enjoyed but which have better releases etc on other machines and that's Killzone Mercenary which looks and plays fantastic on Vita but obviously is more suited to its TV console kin. Also found myself thoroughly addicted to Sky Force Anniversary which has now been supplanted by SF Reloaded on Switch. In fact as I type this I feel the call of nature and as my Switch is in its dock and my Vita is floating freely on my couch I'm taking it into the holy of holies with me for a quick round of Everybody's Golf.

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