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  1. The Quest Link will work with a 1070 all day long. Can't comment on the software side as I've never had a Rift S, although I was a little confused setting up my Quest on my phone due to already having a Gear VR. Sorted it now but it definitely seemed a little amateurish and left me with two separate apps that don't seem to acknowledge each other yet both do the same thing. That's on Android of course.
  2. Hmm yeah PC. Can't recall anything popping up and downloading, if it did it was in the blink of an eye. Had an early night anyway so haven't played to be able to notice any improvements. Like I say it mainly played lovely as it was but, well, who doesn't love a patch nowadays.
  3. Seen that as being reported as working. Probably should have went for that myself and saved a quid. If no joy with the one I've went for I'll be trying that one. *Oh my mistake, it's the same price. Seeing reports of the Link working with a lot more cards than Oculus have verified, stuff like 780s etc. Not optimal experiences but still working. It's definitely a case of Nvidia Gysnc/Freesync and non verified monitors working fine. Bodes well for my 1060.
  4. Think Hardbattle already has the Quest and was talking about a laptop. I think for VR and the Quest specifically you need to be looking at either a 1070 or 1660 powered machine at least. If it has either of those then it's pretty likely to have an up to snuff cpu. Check on reviews for thermals and throttling and from my own experience bigger is usually better on that score. Ultra thin models seem to throttle pretty severely. I have an Alienware R3 and can game all day without throttling but then that's because it's a tank with great cooling. It's a pity that Oculus aren't verifying the 1060 6GB in that as it'll run a Rift S pretty well and has all the needed ports to do so. I'm sure musashi will be along to call you crazy for not buying a desktop and blabber about thermals and hair dryers but that guy chats a load so ignore. Just look for good reviews. Will have my cable tomorrow and although I'll be gaming on a 2080Ti with my Quest I'll certainly be giving my laptop a whirl and report if I'm successful with a 1060 laptop gpu. That would open up a lot more purchasing options if it's a goer.
  5. Does anyone know how patches work on Origin Premier? I've just launched the game and looked for a version number to check but can't seem to find one, it also doesn't mention if it's been patched and simply says up to date, that sounds hopeful but not a certainty. Surely they will have these patches live from the off on their own service. If anyone knows the version number after the patch and where to find it on the PC release that would be nice. It plays great but I did notice a couple of instances that seemed iffy whilst playing last night. Would be great to think it's patched before my session tonight.
  6. Don't Valve have something to do with Boneworks? Shit like this in the HL universe at the fidelity being reported will be mind blowing, hopefully game changing. Can't wait.
  7. Went for this 10ft cable as read reports of it working fine. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B017COHTJ6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Comes tomorrow so will report back. Reading peoples impressions over on Reddit has got me pumped, it's getting awesome feedback and people are confirming it works in Steam VR so HL Alyx seems a done deal. Really hope that it works with my laptop 1060 6GB. It would be amazing having such a portable VR setup for visits (of course the Quest is already an awesome VR setup for visits but extra choice will just make it even more awesomer). Have read reports of people having luck on RX580 cards so although Oculus aren't claiming compatibility people are having success. Perhaps it's similar to Nvidia Gsync and how they don't provide any compatibility confirmation for a non certified Freesync display. I've had perfect luck with that on a couple of Freesync non certified monitors. Fucking love the Quest.
  8. I'm out of luck with having a compatible cable for Link and the Anker cable that's a goer on Amazon has sold out of the 10ft job, only the 6ft left in stock. That's too short so I'll be spending the day reading and searching for alternatives. On another note I recently bought the boxing game that everyone likes and boy is it a workout, great fun. I don't have much software due to waiting for this PC Link and exploring cross-buy but I'm still blown away buy the initial setup stuff. The shooting game with the stretchy laser gun has taken up a good chunk of my playtime. Quest Link will almost certainly be compatible with Half Life Alyx.
  9. I have an Alienware laptop here with an I5 and a 1060 6GB that has all the ports and is certified for VR. Unfortunately the Quest PC Link, atm anyway, is starting at a 1070 for laptops and no AMD card support. Luckily I have an I9 2080Ti desktop but I would have liked the option to hook it into the laptop, especially when visiting people. It's probably only a matter of time until they include the 1060 laptop cards, maybe the 9 series and definitely AMD cards. So at the minute if you are looking to pair the Quest with a PC the starting point is a Nvidia 1070 for a laptop.
  10. Threw down for a month of Premier for this. Have to say I'm liking what I'm seeing atm. Looks very tasty in places, especially at highest settings and 4K HDR. I've gone for the highest difficulty as all the talk of DS comparisons has egged me on to think I'll be able to play at such a setting. What with well over a thousand hours spent on From's Souls games. Will probably knock it down at some point if it doesn't have the level system of those games, seeing as in reality I'm pretty rubbish at them but have managed to finish them all (yeah including Demon's and Sekiro) by simply farming to fuck and leveling like crazy.
  11. PC link Beta is go. My PC is well in spec so hopefully one of my fairly long USB 3 type C cables will allow me to give it a whirl in a bit. Not sure whether to buy a supported cable or the official Oculus one when released.
  12. You do get an update to help track those pink boxes but I'm pretty sure it's unlocked well into the game. I'll have to go back and finish this but it overstayed it's welcome several hours ago.
  13. Yeah I'd watch shit like this every week 'till the day I die. Great fun.
  14. They'd use some form of AI upscaling I'd think. Fuck knows if it actually does a good job and what type Disney may be using...if indeed that's how they are doing it.
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