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    The Spurs Thread

    I dunno, played ok first half and then couldn’t compete with one of the best teams in the league - I’m not too down on this one, 3 points from Chelsea and City is a decent return - Palace is the worry and if we dont beat a terrible Arsenal side then we can start to worry….
  2. I have this setup, 1tb on the X and 1tb ssd - tbh ive filled them both and thinking really i should get a 2tb ssd and then pickup the internal card when ive got enough points (£150 atm) I just like having games there, i dont play most of them but i just deleted flights I’m and of course its a reward activity this week….
  3. I have this thing with the Double Decker chocolate bar, I’m not sure if I like it but I keep buying them to try and decide if I do or not… Cruis’n USA was the same in the arcades, I’m pretty sure it was a bit crap but I kept putting money into it and even bought the N64 game…. Im not falling for it this time…
  4. With this new update how do you turn on the 3D audio for TV speakers!?
  5. I got this today ( thanks @HarryBizzle) and while I’ve barely played it my good it’s a looker - straight to performance RT and it’s stunning, I’m almost tempted to keep it until we move and I’m back on an OLED…..
  6. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Honestly mate, you sound like an AFTV fan…
  7. Love it @Pistol - Graham fell down a troll bridge last night, I laughed as id just avoided it
  8. The reason I never liked Schumacher wasn’t simply because he was a ruthless cheat but far worse he never admitted he was cheating….. at least with Senna he told you pre race he was gonna take you out and then took you out The Schumacher Ferrari years will be forever tainted by the fact they had an unlimited budget and testing, its like the dominant Chelsea years…. no one really cared they won it as it was pure financial doping - the narrative that Schumacher took a struggling team and turned them into world beaters is hardly a fairytale and more akin to a Russian billionaire story. Hakkinen was a better driver who simply wasn’t as driven as Michael to win at (literally) no cost and at least Hamilton has done all his wining in a mid range funded team
  9. Xbox UI/UX is very functional, looks and feels like a windows pc so does its job but eww… PS5 looks flashy and slick and just a bit classy - its utter crap to use of course but it just looks more premium! Two pads and a charging dock seeentialm and a lead to update as its still 1898 in Sony land
  10. You’re moving up the skill based matchmaking so its harder to win but far more rewarding when you do - keep at it!
  11. Got the update, nice to see they have put in about 5% of what the UI should have launched with….. hopefully themes and folders within the year ehhh?! There is a fair bit to like about the PS5, but my word its a frustrating beast - The UI looks all slick and amazing frankly until you have to do anything or any system its sat on top of like having to plug your pads in to update - what the actual fuck is that about!? Or the 65gb I had to free up to install a 9th Apex patch, I’m aware that’s a PS4 folly but it feels like the SSD is actually about 300gb in use as you have to reserve so much of it for ‘system stuff’ and always keep 200gb free to update a PS4 game Rant over, I quite like it you know - and it defi feels more next gen than the series X - maybe as its a prototype that doesn’t look finished and has an unfinished Ubi and awful ux, its somehow almost endearing but then i like Italian cars so character is a thing A genuine positive is how fast and quiet it is, its defi louder than the series x but its a pleasant noise you dont hear and if you do its fine - it feels like a PS4 done right…
  12. The sprint race is dull as fuck, the teams have too much too lose - car, engine etc etc. If they want it to be a spectacle then they need a sprint race engine and set of uber sticky tyres that can last the race distance and let the drivers have at it with less reason to have another procession. However I think its all shit, F1 is meant to be the pinnacle of motorsport and the constant need to slow it, even it up etc etc is making it a spec series with huge restrictions on innovation. I get the need to be greener and maybe more relevant to the marketing bods but its lost some of the magic - dare I say that the cars are too reliable, there is less risk-reward. I have no solutions to any of this of course
  13. Yup, I fired up my PS4 to wipe it today and I miss the Tetris theme ive had for ages - Im not sure they have really improved much with the PS5 UI (other than speed obv) in terms of using it and they have removed so much! bring back themes and folders at the very least!
  14. Played some duos with my pal it it was like World Cup lobby’s so when he wasn’t about had a few, Jesus - shouldn’t all the sweaty kids be in school!? However, just got me a day one dub! \
  15. Its a bit of a buggy / laggy mess this morning - assume the servers are getting hit but thus far the overriding feeling is ‘what the fuck was the 24gb update for?’
  16. All the Norwich ones have them, whoop whoop - will defi give it a try!
  17. Really enjoying this and very much sidetracked from the main campaign now -had some fun clearing out a bandit camp and then finding a quest to do that 10 mins later!
  18. Decent price? I do fancy picking something up but not for RRP!
  19. Shimmyhill


    What a finale to the final that was, bravo - how on earth does she have so much poise at 18 in those circumstances.
  20. Thought tonight was the last night was going to be on but gonna hold off and play tomorrow evening instead - nursing a hangover so pleased in a way!!!
  21. Half the team missing and a sending off more likely the cause of that performance than xG catching up - awful performance of course but massive hang over from internationals / isolating / injuries.
  22. Lets hope the two sides of this debate dont end up meeting in public, we dont want any mukkers fighting and getting charged with battery…
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