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  1. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Yup, hoping this is a real possibility now PSG are out of the CL and the club will implode. Lamela is all but gone and likely to Roma, defi Italy tho. Mason shouldn’t even be considered if we have any ambition, it could also be the end of his managerial career so I don’t think he would take it tbh.
  2. No, it’s all shite on Xbox - you have to use the app and I don’t even get YouTube as a share option on iOS so current workflow is to save it to my phone, edit in iMovie > export another file to phone and then upload directly in the YouTube app. Its so far behind day one PS4 ability and currently worse than day one Xbox one ability - completely baffling why it’s so poor and no noise about it!
  3. I don’t think it’s changed but there is no skill based match making on duos and squads only solos, bots are just to fill space if not enough hoomans are about - Duos does seem to have a fair chance of really good players being in every game where squads feels the easiest to farm dubs should you wish. I had a duos game yesterday I think that I was about to report for cheating but turned out they were Faze and just that bloody good!
  4. I kinda get that but they usually run after the launch don’t they? I know I’ve done a few for big points but bought a code on Eneba etc.
  5. People pre order digital games
  6. The stories i read seem to think it’s not going to be a party char replacement but integration into the chat/forum section and PlayStation, if so a shame as having discord would be a huge bonus over the awful party setup.
  7. Elton cost me 5 points on my guessing, got the rest tho!
  8. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    He is just incredible in full flow, sure Utd are down blah blah blah but those finishes were just a class above 90% of players in the league - I’m hoping he will stay as Levy needs some ‘cheap’ good news….
  9. It’s all around my odd work pattern really, are you more late night or any day time play
  10. VAR farcical again today, at least something in football is consistent but my word straight forward stamp to the head should have been an easy one to give but they did get their proven to be wrong lines out to rule out a really well worked goal
  11. Nah, the club were very clear they had a 5 year plan to get back to the prem and they got promoted in year 3 and therefore could not spend any money - going down and up is financially decent for them and likely allowed them to keep Cantwell and others and there was never any talk of Farke going, this plan has been stated on tv by the purse string controller!
  12. Their best player is on loan from Spurs…
  13. Clearly the fastest car despite the quali results, even better that it was hampered by the wind - I still don’t think anyone else on the grid wins today in the Merc tho…..
  14. Always good to see Red Bull lose when they have the best car
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