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  1. If DF only did game comparisons between Sony and Xbox games picking them apart to announce what one had the most frames and bestest gfx you would still be on shaky ground - it’s been called out but your stance is 100% victim blaming but worse still you have no sympathy for them, that’s just baffling.
  2. To be fair if edge stuck to their (outside of Destiny) rules of not reviewing demos, remakes and DLC there wouldn’t be anything to review on the PS5 other than a couple of PS4 up res jobs so something had to give.
  3. Looking forward to reading the reviews, Astro score must reflect that it’s not really a game more an experience - my mate reckoned he got the Platinum in under 6 hours and is unlikely to go back to it. It kind of shows how much better Eurogamer scoring system can be - it’s an essential play to experience it but it’s not on the same level as your big Mario games as a full game - Edge have to compare it to the best in the genre when considering a score.
  4. Sackboy must be utter garbage if it got a 6 next to LBP’s 10..... Strong month for games tho!
  5. What i don’t get is the first time I played the campaign it was silky smooth 60fps with RT and I did a few missions fine until the first crash, last time I tried the campaign it felt like it was struggling to hit 30fps and after a few quits it was better but not as good as the first time I played! MP seems fine with RT off so I’ve been playing lots of Nuketown but I would like to actually play the campaign as it seems very good and I generally don’t bother with them so typical the time I do it’s flaky as fuck
  6. Im not too fussed tbh, gaming is what I bought then for and happy with them for that and I only tried them yesterday with Disney + to see if I could get Atmos going with the headphones and what it was like!
  7. Dirt 5 is very much bro dude like FH4 and I’m not a fan of it on either but on FH4 I can ignore it easily enough but I guess I don’t follow the structure of the game and do what I want most of the time and dip in and out of the races etc. Something like A combination of TDU + FH + FH2 would be perfection for me but saying that I loved FH3 and love FH4 thus far!
  8. In game I find the sound level is ok but I have to say playing something on Disney + and they were pretty quiet even with them on max.
  9. Finally someone has done the big one, the only game we all care about... Before @gooner4life cries there is a note in the comments that the res is the same on both, for some reason the capture had PS5 as lower res. Its pretty much parity with the PS5 dropping more frames as you would expect. No ray tracing on either, obv
  10. Im in a roller coaster of emotions at the moment and your post was a red rag to a bull - I wish I was in a privileged place tbh and I guess I’m hyper sensitive to stuff that winds me up at the moment with what I have going on and the wider issues we all face at the moment. I even explained these posts to my other half, she looked at me funny and well life is too short isn’t it...
  11. I keep nearly buying this around the £30 but saw on HUKD a link for £20 and in the comments £15 for the base game, at £15 it was too good a price to not take a punt on it.... jus waiting for it to download now so at least the code worked. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dirt-5-amplified-edition-xbox-one-series-xs-argentina-ps2036-via-vpn-using-code-at-eneba-all-for-gamers-3603958
  12. I pretty much post in here daily and have since the thread started, I 100% picked on your post as I thought wow, what an arsehole so you are right I guess... Ohh I did sell my spare Series X at cost and made someone’s Christmas presumably, between that and my donations to the food bank I’m surprised I haven’t been knighted... Just fucking own it, it’s greed and nothing less.
  13. Give it a rest, you want to rip someone off and pocket the profit - I think it’s a cunt move at the best of times but to do it in public on a forum where loads of people are desperate to get one is another level of twattery, call me an arsehole all you want but all I’m doing is calling you on it and the pathetic excuses for simple cold profiteering. I’ll not derail this thread anymore.
  14. Pay it forward, I’ve had a horrid year too (understatement of the decade tbh) and could have profiteered on my series x consoles but is rather make someone’s day than be part of the 2020 toilet roll racket mindset. I mean, maybe pay for childcare before you buy a console if we are stopping to personal insight critique....
  15. It was a distraction from the broken hardware and software talk...
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