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  1. I know, dropping points against Man city and Arsenal is bad but the Newcastle result is haunting me now!
  2. On the fucking ball City
  3. I think they at least know the fan was out on the wrong way round in the wind tunnel now so there is hope!
  4. Bloody hell, two Nintendo seals of approval - this is gonna sell like hot cakes!
  5. Are you running it through any kind of switcher? Mine has never not worked and I assumed I work dance issues as using it via CEC etc and that’s flakey as fuck,
  6. Solo - 3.5/5 It was fine but I don’t think I needed a backstory or maybe just this wasn’t going enough - some good stuff and really liked Donald Glover but it never seemed to really get going.
  7. I finally got around to watching it tonight, I liked it - a solid 3.5/5 film but I’m not sure it’s anything other than above average and that’s a shame - parts of it were great and I loved the look of it (I don’t get the too dark complaints, audio track was very quiet tho - very Atmouse as many Avenger films are) but I’m not sure I learnt anything I needed/wanted to know about Han/Chewie/Lando and perhaps I preferred the mystery of the character until now. I do feel like it needs another viewing so that’s something.
  8. It’s not broken, every part of a current car would be against the rules if we used your reading of the rules Interpreting rules to gain an advantage is pretty much the strap line of F1 and there is nothing in the current rules preventing them from doing it as it’s completely open - it’s a tactic they nicked from Ferrari back when they were competent.
  9. Slicks prolly a bad tyre choice there...
  10. A quick google and it was actually Monza last year:
  11. I thought I had replied.... Its not against the rules, the rule isn’t how you (and Ferrari twitter fans) interpret it and it was clarified many times to that effect by Charlie Whiting a few years back.
  12. Well done Leclerc, good to see he got some proper celebrations after the understandably muted celebrations last time out.
  13. They may as well let Hamilton past Bottas now, waste of points giving them to him - make he sit for 25 secs to let Hamilton past and have a good long think!
  14. Who has Vettel spin on lap 7 on their bingo card? Heavy penalty for that, absolute shocker joining back.
  15. Yup, first track with DK is gaming nirvana and I could spend all day just TT on it, I have done many times in the past and am reigning Edge forum champion
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