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  1. Add me to the Snipe Elite converts list after playing it for the first time on gamepass, just finished the first level and had great fun - I can already think of how much better I could be knowing the systems better on another play thru! I always assumed it was the same sort of game as on the iPhone so to find it as open as this was a shock, I thought it looked alright too and is silky smooth - really fun to play and easier to get into than Hitman for me.
  2. HDMI should handshake even with a input switch but some do hold it even with standby so powering on and off will depend on the telly and even how the PS5 deals with a handshake - worth a try and obv safe.
  3. Xbox live beta, Moto GP at Mugello - absolute perfection
  4. Dont do this while either device has any power to it, it’s the road to blown hdmi ports.
  5. Have we given up on VAR complaining now and just accepted its shite? Im not sure if the ball for Liverpool’s goal was further over the line than the non goal Spurs scored against Man U back on the day
  6. Coil whine is literally vibrations and you can do plenty to prevent it - it costs money and I would say Sony have gone for the cheap option but obv I know nothing about it and can’t comment as it’s not positive towards Sony. Much like the poor airflow stuff you can get very in depth views on this from independent people on the internet and some brilliant YouTube stuff full of people testing with full diagnosis equipment that I’ve based my comments on....
  7. If you’re about tonight then we are about, I’m sure @Pistol will join us later on as is tradition so jump on in!! we tend to play duos from 2200 ish until late night @Pistol jumps in and we turn into an elite squad team.....
  8. Ive been doing it since the series x launch, a little before and in on £75 with aim of ssd upgrade or big chunk off it! I haven’t bought anything I wasn’t going to buy but have defi been influenced to buy something while the punch cards have been active - I’ve not bought them directly on the Xbox either always finding a cheap code! I’m amazed it exists, my other half thinks it’s funny I do the searches etc each day but when you end up with ‘free’ things for barely any effort it seems too good to be true!
  9. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    That felt like redemption but you can equally argue it’s the first time in a long time we have been able to put out a fit almost full strength starting 11! My word tho - Kane, Son, Bale and Ali all on at the same time whilst brief was
  10. You know the rules, all gas cans and petrol pumps must be shot at all costs!
  11. Yeah defi, I play regularly with @Pistol and a mate of mine - always need a fourth if people are up for late night sessions that we tend to have!
  12. It’s a discussion forum not a love in, you can be critical of things as you know as you were hardly gushing with praise about your account being hacked - we are consumers not being sponsored (well maybe you are) to own and report on these devices so calling out stuff where it’s not good regardless of brand loyalty should be the norm not attacked.
  13. I’ve only had gamepass since November but thus far I have played more games than ever as I tend to flick between a few FPS games I play with mates and often ignore single player stuff so it has been pretty revolutionary for me as I found most PS+ games I just added to the collection but didn’t ever play! I find the concept interesting and it hasn’t affected my buying habits as such because I wasn’t buying those games before but can imagine for many people it will make them more hesitant to buy a game as it may be on gamepass or ps+ soon....
  14. Given this isn’t official surely it’s not right, 7 months after launch you can add some storage to the minuscule amount you get on launch!? The fan ramp will 100% be needed for the hdd as pointed out by all the strip downs due to how inefficient the cooling design is particularly for the very fast and therefore hot NVME upgrades.
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