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  1. Listen to the F1 podcast with Gordon Murray (and just in general as it’s fab) as he talks about this a fair bit!
  2. I got the extra button thingie today, it’s very nice but taking a while to get used too - lost a Fortnite solo win as I obv grip my pad in tense situations and had my build menu out due to button press!!! However I can defi see it’s going to be a game changer when used to it and hopefully doesn’t kill my hands like the elite pad did!
  3. Shimmyhill

    The Spurs Thread

    Son out for several weeks is a big blow, hopefully Troy gets a run out and Kane is imminent but typical of us to be about to face champions league game then Chelsea with no strikers...
  4. This seasons Spurs kits are legit brilliant so a crappy one next year is possible bu that one is as fake as the Adidas one doing the rounds...
  5. Im even less a fan of the sponsor....
  6. GG @Pistol last night, had fun and a squad win was welcome! People still playing this, do you have any issues with load in since the last patch?
  7. I made this yesterday and it was really bloody good https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/creamy-courgette-lasagne As with lots of the comments I used more garlic and cheese and added some leak
  8. 1917 - masterpiece, loved every moment and an easy 5/5
  9. I saw this last night but wanted to read the thread before posting what I thought, I hadn’t read or seen anything about this - even the trailer as it was straight after a JoJo Rabbit trailer so ignore it talking about that! I loved it, it’s in the masterpiece class for me and basically a lot of what @kerraig UK said reflects my feelings, it didn’t feel like a war film like Saving private Ryan but a human story of a tiny microcosm of said war that while heroic made fuck all difference to all but a few as we know what would have happened shortly after...
  10. Scary that I remember this thread when it was first posed @Davros sock drawer have you thought of a 2020 remix for a veggie version!?
  11. I thought the KFC vegan burger was actually really nice, easily the best veggie fast food thing I’ve eaten!
  12. There was an AWS advert on the F1 podcast too, most odd I thought and then you see this nonsense
  13. Star Wars RoS - it somewhere between a 3.5 - 4/5 for me, need to see it again but the back end was non stop nostalgia fuelled action and I loved it... Jumangi TNL - expected it would be shit, was really good fun - 3.5/5 Jojo Rabbit - trailer in star wars the first and only thing I had heard or seen about this, saw it last night and loved it - dark humour and emotions that hit you like a train combined with some great acting make this the easier 5/5 ever! Hunt for the Wilderpeople - got told to watch it as I liked Jojo, no idea wtf it was but really enjoyed x solid 4/5 for me
  14. Got to be worth a punt on Watford for the title next year, what’s Pearson's lad up to these days!?
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