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  1. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    To be fair he was getting shot at
  2. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    Oh. My. God. We need ghost squad and HOTD mother fuckers edition!
  3. Ohh aye but I’m on a mission, the glowing colours one isn’t doing my visibility much good at the mo! No one remembers the second place
  4. Impressive work K-fizzle! I’m aiming for level 100 this season and putting the hours in but miles behind you, Lynx unlock is the goal and while I’ve done every weekly challenge so far my pesky job/family/sleep are holding back progress
  5. Shimmyhill

    Battlefield V

    Good to hear frontlines being 8v8 was a bug!
  6. Shimmyhill

    Battlefield V

    Can we just all go back to BF4?
  7. Shimmyhill

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I had, and posted in this thread, real issues with Astro bot being blurry and have no idea what fixed it bit something happened and suddenly it became pretty stunning to look at with clean gfx but a lack of AA - maybe concentrating on that affects the IQ your brain is reporting!?
  8. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Liverpool are one of the better teams at it, they basically threw the FA cup game with the team they fielded who were not particularly capable at the back but will play the same way from youth team up (I assume they do, Spurs do under Poch and it’s why we have had decent success with youth players breaking into the first team) so even their rubbish players will be expected to do it but as you say will get found out on occasion. Sometimes I wish we just had a camera looking down onto the pitch! Watching Spurs at their fluent best is something else from the high press, playing out at the back and recycling of players to cover others is brilliant and shows what an influence training and a decent manager has over players and a team. I’m sure it’s the same for the other top teams and the default argument to field those odd people who don’t think managers make that much of a difference
  9. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I know you watch Sunday league and not the prem (bar Liverpool games ) but all the decent sides in it and Europe play out from the back and it is statistically proven to give you a higher percentage of possession fromgoal kicks/keeper having the ball. I often watch Norwich games and it’s the biggest difference you see between quality players and teams - playing out under pressure.
  10. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Nah, just the three - Wilson just missing out in a double hatrick in his first derby!
  11. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Guaranteed back to face you lot, comes off the bench to score with his first touch to seal a 9-0 win
  12. Shimmyhill

    Battlefield V

    This is one of those special patches that doesn’t seem to have fixed the majority of bugs and introduced a load more - who needs to see their gun or sites when firing anyway Ohh and @FishyFish AA guns are for shooting infantry not planes, 3 miles away and behind walls is no obstacle for the ‘forget about planes’ AA gunner of twat.
  13. Shimmyhill

    Battlefield V

    Seems the patch has also removed all EU servers.... we have had one game of Frontline that is now 16 players and having to go on a US server to get a game. Love Dice patch days
  14. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I think the point is (other than Man U fan trying to get Liverpool fan to bite) is what’s the point in moaning about one that went against your team when a nano second later someone will post one that went for your team - these things even out and Liverpoool this year have had a lot of luck with decisions for them.... Spurs not getting a last min pen being one that grates with me still Im sure VAR will fix everything and all the games will be perfect from an officiating point of view just 120 mins each is all.
  15. Shimmyhill

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Pogba should have been sent of yesterday - one out of three correct is still one right ehh

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