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  1. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

  2. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    I’m getting firewall zero hour for my birthday (collecting tomms but not allowed to play for a couple of weeks ) as it’s £45 in BF sales with the aim controller and from all the reading and YouTube reasearch it’s essential for the ‘full experience’ Moss, I played the demo and well it was fun to play but looked awful - really bad contrast between backdrops and character with zero AA and 240 looking res - is that just in the demo as it gets such praise esp for how it looks!?!?!
  3. Shimmyhill

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Speaking of VR on this.... I played it in VR for the first time since release (lots on demo) and it seems loads better with no blurry text and I immediately got a better score on the first set of levels on normal journey (s rank too) This game is special in VR with headphones on
  4. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    Honestly I bought too many games too fast, play and finish Astro Bot as it’s incredible but I keep getting distracted by other games! I love Rez so it’s essential and quick to pickup and play esp if you have had it in the past - I would stick to AB, Rez and some demos until AB has been finished!
  5. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    Firewall zero hour bundle is 45 squids a bunch of places for Black Friday, should I go for it - people on here still playing it??
  6. Shimmyhill

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    But essential too somehow, it’s GOTY in 2D so GOTY and next with VR for same price
  7. Shimmyhill

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Nah it defaults to 100 on DV cinema so need to drop to 50 - I had assumed 100 was right but it burned my eyes out so went looking and Rtings and various other sites confirmed you had to drop to 50! This is on a LG B8 so your mileage may vary depending on model and picture mode!
  8. Shimmyhill

    Which console should be released as a 'mini' next?

    Hopefully someone will do a decent PlayStation with the right games next...
  9. Shimmyhill

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Youcan zoom in on the left stick in play!
  10. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I paid £8 for it on the Indonesian psn store, rude not too!
  11. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    I was pretty smug on my initial playing thinking it didn’t do anything to my feeling sick levels until I spun around and looked down in Rez and actually lost my footing as my legs just gave way I generally find I get pretty hot and lose the ability to focus when I’ve had too much so easy tells to stop, it’s not a barrier at all and imo I find the general bluryness/low res the biggest issue in the early days of using it - the immersion is incredible esp with a decent set of headphones.
  12. Shimmyhill

    PlayStation VR

    My move controllers are still is the box but then i went mad and have far more VR games than time to play them and that was before COD, RDR2 etc came out. I am happy I bought them as I really want to play superhot and will pick up the batman experience and that new lightsaber rhythm game looks banging! For me worth £50 and that’s as someone who owned 2 move controllers earlier this year but sold them
  13. Shimmyhill

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    My sister is hosting but I will do a ham and a roast meat of some disc on the day too as frees up oven space!
  14. Shimmyhill

    The Smoking and BBQ thread

    Anyone would think summer is over with the lack of action in here.... My Traeger is on and a pork shoulder in and I’ve just been to the butchers and picked up a rack of ribs - they only had one left and it was marinated in bbq sauce and while I had some rub prepped this is a test for me as not done ribs properly before! Having checked my books and watched some vids there are at least 3 million ways to do it but 3-2-1 seems a popular method, these ribs don’t seem as big as an American slab so will they be ok that long or is it worth doing 2-2-1?
  15. Shimmyhill

    The 2019 Xmas Sandwich Thread

    Lidl Christmas sandwich tested and it’s not bad, it’s not great either but I would have again 3/5

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