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  1. I was too young to really grasp what was going on but I remember squeezing my Mum’s hand til it was numb in the cinema during all of those Close Encounters opening scenes from the initial blinding desert to Roy’s first encounter in the truck. That 25-30 mins was intense as fuck as a kid (yet still didn’t quite prepare me for the visual/sonic onslaught of the Superman opening credits), it was complete sensory GBH and having re-watched it again a couple months back for the umpteenth time those scenes still are.
  2. Pixote It’s been a while little friend, C4’s Red Triangle being the first time (when I was just foolishly expecting some late-night bush that wasn’t Porky’s), then again in my late 20’s with a mate who was an arty foreign movie buff and last night it popped-up on a Chinese streaming site I was browsing and thought it would be a good test of my spoken Portuguese, which I’m currently brushing up on. Yeah, fuck City Of God et al, Pixote is the Great-Granddaddy of all those motherless, bleak, adolescent in the slums, reality-based movies. Hope to see you again after a couple of decades of recovery. Prepare to be bruised and stay bruised.
  3. Really liked the change of pace and ominous atmosphere at the shame it didn’t live up to the build-up. It was gagging for a set piece, or maybe just I was. Where’s the memorable dialogue?/10
  4. Wish Disney would stop with this live action reimagining shit
  5. Night Lore Skool Daze Cauldron 2 Back when my imagination filled in the gaps.
  6. Ewan McGregor’s American accent is as unsettling as ever.
  7. It’s corny as fook but what I’ve been doing is fast forwarding past the ‘saved by the bell’ bits and skipping to Kreese Johnny and Daniel scenes...and even that’s pretty comical seeing Ralph Macchio do his best Roger Moore eyebrow to express emotion, he was an awful, awful actor when he was a kid and nothing’s changed really. Don’t think I’ll be back to Golf n Stuff/10.
  8. This runs amazing on PC. I needed some mp mass zombie carnage in my life. Ultrawide fix until the update: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=33112
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