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  1. Fusty Gusset

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    This runs amazing on PC. I needed some mp mass zombie carnage in my life. Ultrawide fix until the update: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=33112
  2. Fusty Gusset

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    TF?! That's bananas. Preordered.
  3. Fusty Gusset

    Your Favourite Music Videos

  4. Fusty Gusset

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

  5. Fusty Gusset

    After Life - Ricky Gervais

    His safe space for lazy race gags is usually Chinese people. To be fair he's not the only one.
  6. Fusty Gusset

    Devil May Cry 5

    Welkies. Shame on Capcom, they did an awesome job with RE2, it's despicable they overlooked this beautiful game - I'm sure they'll do official 21:9 support at some point.
  7. Fusty Gusset

    Devil May Cry 5

    I dunno if there's any Ultrawide PC gamers here but there's a great fix that works a treat: Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18SsIuxw_wRPs5bm63JOEtY5dal1f4IHy/view Instructions: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/displayimageformodaldialog/?imageurl=https%3A%2F%2Fsteamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net%2Fugc%2F996890407482292963%2F16D61CBCE1E89EB0B8A5F186008B541B844797D0%2F
  8. Fusty Gusset

    The Alan Partridge Thread

    That felt really cheap cos it’s material from one of his audiobooks. Chinaman Square though, yeah that’s something.
  9. Fusty Gusset

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    This game makes me want to get a better wheel.
  10. Fusty Gusset

    Anthem - 1.10 released 23 April: Will There Be Loot? (no)

    I got it free with my Nvidia card and I'd still be happy to have paid for it. I dunno how long it'll keep me going but I've had some great moments so far.
  11. Fusty Gusset

    Banana Splits are coming back

  12. Fusty Gusset

    Anthem - 1.10 released 23 April: Will There Be Loot? (no)

    It should be with me in the next couple hours
  13. Fusty Gusset

    Anthem - 1.10 released 23 April: Will There Be Loot? (no)

    Well, I was looking forward to this. All the shit in-between the shit was quite fun for me.
  14. Fusty Gusset

    The most beautiful song you ever heard


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