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  1. LyonJacques

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy

    Beru Dondarrion
  2. LyonJacques

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    You Don’t Mess With The Rohan
  3. LyonJacques

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    Where Sméagols Dare
  4. LyonJacques

    Tolkien - Biopic of some guy

    It’s a war movie! Full Mithril Jacket
  5. LyonJacques

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah sorry guys I am KarminiX, didn’t notice the thread bump. Not too worried about xp so whenever is good for you!
  6. LyonJacques

    Pokemon Go

    Pretty large if it’s centred on Excel - from the west they start appearing at Bank junction and from the southwest Borough High St/Borough Market, so probably well into Bromley, Dagenham and Stratford too.
  7. LyonJacques

    Pokemon Go

    Yes this time around I’m using pokegenie. My strongest are all old catches: 98 Vape 96 Exegg, Vape 93 Gyro, Jolt, Seadra 91 Gengar, Golem after that they drop off pretty quickly. Weirdly the game keeps recommending I use a rhydon that rates at 32% and some similar pinsirs - is there a sound logic behind that or are the game recommendations borked? Also the eggs that had been in cold storage for 22 months all hatched as gen 2/3 Pokemon, I always thought egg contents was set on acquisition but maybe in that time they got wiped...
  8. LyonJacques

    Pokemon Go

    Hey all, like many of you I originally changed my Apple store region to get in on Go before release. Had great fun over that first summer, but I gave up on the game in Oct 2016 (just after buddies, before streaks etc) at Level 27 with 131 in the dex, there were a few more I could get by walking but the gameplay was so thin, it just felt done. But I’ve been coerced back onto the poketreadmill by endless pestering from my young nephew who has his first phone and wants people to trade with! So a week ago I restored the app and jumped back in. And after nearly two years out coming back is brilliant! Having two whole generations (that I never experienced on the Gameboy/DS) to catch meant everywhere I looked were new encounters, and my dex has jumped to 258. And that’s only 67 johto/55 hoenn so still plenty to look for! Also new candy, new gyms, raids, friends*, quests, alohans.. it is a so much better game it is barely comparable. Plus there’s now a stop and a gym in range of my living room It changes hands at 3am so it’s not free money! But it’s good for lazy raids The downside is all my best Pokemon are hopelessly retro and behind the curve (gyros, vapes, classic exeggcutor). I feel totally outgunned out there! *Feel free to add me if you want some grotty London landmarks, I’ve already sent a few requests your way: KarminiX 057534406444
  9. LyonJacques

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    I found one the first place I looked - Waterloo station - this game is a piece o’ piss!
  10. LyonJacques

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    So mediocre.
  11. LyonJacques

    Football Thread 2017/18

    That's also last season's top three goalscorers all gone in the same window How often does that happen? Is that a first for a non relegated/bankrupted club?
  12. LyonJacques

    Ghost in the Shell (2017)

    Re the on the nose dialogue: Anyway once I had adjusted to its portentous live action manga campiness I found it wonderfully entertaining, and it reminded me very of other enjoyable portentous cyber tosh such as Johnny Mnemonic, Freejacketc. Though Pantu's camera eyes may have made me more susceptible than usual..
  13. LyonJacques

    Justice League

    Maybe these posts had something to do with that, you fucking idiot.
  14. LyonJacques

    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

    It wasn't rubber just super strength - Supes also ripped off the back of Batman's head like a soggy pumpkin.
  15. LyonJacques

    Pokemon Go

    Hang in there bro, it'll happen. I'm mid way through level 26 and had resigned myself to never seeing one, but today he hatched from a 10k egg - after two in a row had given me Jynxes

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