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  1. Didn’t know it was possible to get the same player twice in the same pack?
  2. When do the Liga Nos TOTSSF cards go out of packs? And which minor league is next to replace it?
  3. Bloody typical that I pack Reus, Sommer and Haland today just after they go out of packs...
  4. Thanks @Timmo. I’ll see what (if anything) I pack over the next few weeks and then maybe build my hybrid team around that. I’m making coins right now by selling all my rare gold Bundesliga players for 2300-2400 and picking up as many rare gold Seria A players as I can find for 1000-1200 ready to double up on next week, so I won’t be cash flush for a while
  5. Jerec? Maguire is a beast. He can feel a little sluggish when having to turn and chase quickly, but other than that nothing gets past him
  6. Packed De Gea and two shit TOTS (Petros and Muslera) but mainly it’s the league SBC grind that’s paid off so far. Now I just have to remember how to play FIFA effectively!
  7. After spending too much time and money on FIFA 18, I gave 19 a miss. But the recent PSN sale and the lack of football on TV lately tempted me back in. So after only 2 weeks, this is my team.
  8. Why didn’t the Avengers go back to 1970 first to get more Pym particles, before going off to get all the infinity stones??
  9. LiMuBai

    Trials Rising

    Anyone else’s inventory full? I have a gazillion of the same helmets/shirts/shoes etc and now I can’t get new stuff until I clear it out. The problem is; I can’t sell anything as it keeps disconnecting from the Ubisoft servers
  10. LiMuBai

    Trials Rising

    Huh.. no leaderboard replays on the skill games??
  11. LiMuBai

    Trials Rising

    I can honestly say I’ve never experienced slow down or judder on a Trials game before
  12. LiMuBai

    Trials Rising

    I’m on a PS4 Pro, and the loading times are still more than 30 seconds. The slowdown at the end of each race is still there, mostly when the smoke covered logo appears though. I’ve had a few instances of slow down during a race though, which I was not impressed with at all.
  13. Finally! Finally finished The Last Wish Raid. What an shitty soul destroying last section. Our “one last go” mentality started at midnight, and thanks to @FiniteLight‘s utter refusal to let us all go to bed we finally completed it at 1.30am. Thanks Guys, Well Earned! @KartoffelKopf @ph0rce @berties paw @Marmite
  14. Or you can try Titan melting pot and warlock well plus 3 fast shotguns (Ikelos) and that will also melt the boss in a matter of seconds. It also leaves 2 supers free for add clearance on the next section.
  15. I’ve actually been playing this with my dinosaur mad 6 year old son and he loves it.
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