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  1. Looks good, although I’d be tempted to swap sides and have Young at RB on his stronger foot. I got Gregoritsch (sp?) in the TOTS SBC. Meh...
  2. Also got Rodriguez from the TOTS SBC
  3. Just pulled Jordi Alba from a La Liga upgrade pack. Most of my team is untradeable now, but who cares? Still got 1m in the bank for emergencies/World Cup mode. The only tradeables I have are CR7, Otamendi and De Gea. Thinking of upgrading Otamendi to Ramos, but that would leave KDB off chem, and I love that card (I swap him and Rijkaard around in game). Saul has impressed me in the half dozen or so DKT games I played until I won it.
  4. Sounds like someone got Adan
  5. Saul. Happy with that. Means I can use Sergi Roberto now
  6. Yeah. Wanted Lukaku, got Sterling and Firmino. Wanted Ramos, got dupe Adan. He’s currently sat in my unassigned pile until tomorrow’s SBC. Finished on 18 wins from 27. That’s well above average for me, pity I didn’t have enough time to complete the rest of my games.
  7. Right... so how do you play against counter attacking park the bus 2 CDM bastards?!
  8. Bloody hell! Got an untradeable dupe...
  9. Just did 46 of those La Liga upgrade packs and got TOTS Sergi Roberto, 2 x Coutinho’s, 3 x Umtiti’s, 5 x N’Zonzi’s. Recycled all of the La Liga players back into packs until I had no players left. Worth it? Meh...
  10. Kept or sold? What’s your team looking like now?
  11. Just did 10 of those PL Premium Player packs and pulled TOTS Harry Kane and 2 x 84’s as my 3 rare players!

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