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  1. How about Monza for my selection
  2. Sounds good to me! maybe with regards to the car swap it could be limited to 1 car change in the first 3 rounds just in case someone tries something they cannot get on with???
  3. Really enjoyable race last night. I messed up my pitstop and got stick in the pits for 2 and a half minutes and had to re-pit too but loved it all anyway. I have a headset that works now so will need the discord details for the next race please. Oh yes and bought the new dlc too!!
  4. Apologies to WillMill for our first race shunt my fault my internet messed up and dropped me from the server. Second night race was brilliant though.
  5. Hope I have done this right. Switched from the Bentley as I was struggling with it in the first two rounds hope this one is a bit easier to get set up.
  6. I think I like watching the after race videos as much as I enjoy the racing. Great stuff!
  7. good race guys. I hope I managed to stay out of everyones way when they lapped me
  8. I have added as many of you as I could to Steam if I have missed anyone please add me Thanks
  9. Great fun. not sure why I ended up starting from the pits and my stop go was for a braking error. I hope I stayed out of everyone’s way I tried to stay off line. Unfortunately ran out of fuel as messed up the pit stop I hadn’t tried pitstops before.
  10. Yes please I will give it a go. thanks
  11. PC Cheers sounds like i better get as many laps in as possible I will give the Lambo a go later
  12. Just bought this. Is there a best beginner car ? Very new to driving games so any tips?
  13. There are loads love 80's movies a couple that havent been mentioned Slipstream Trick or Treat Delta Force Action Jackson Flash Gordon Cannonball Run
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